A law enforcement officer walks as people are evacuated from a shopping center where a shooting occurred Saturday, May 6, 2023, in Allen, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
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By Jake Bleiberg and Rebecca Boone, AP

A gunman stepped out of a silver sedan and started shooting people at a Dallas-area outlet mall Saturday, killing eight and wounding seven others — three critically — before being killed by a police officer who happened to be nearby, authorities said.

Authorities did not immediately provide details about the victims at Allen Premium Outlets, a sprawling outdoor shopping center, but witnesses reported seeing children among them. Some said they also saw what appeared to be a police officer and a mall security guard unconscious on the ground.

A 16-year-old pretzel stand employee, Maxwell Gum, described a virtual stampede of shoppers. He and others sheltered in a storage room.

“We started running. Kids were getting trampled,” Gum said. “My co-worker picked up a 4-year-old girl and gave her to her parents.”

Dashcam video that circulated online showed the gunman getting out of a car and shooting at people on the sidewalk. More than three dozen shots could be heard as the vehicle recording the video drove off.

Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd said eight people including the shooter died at the scene. Nine victims were taken to area hospitals, but two of them died.

Three of the wounded were in critical condition in the evening, Boyd said, and four were stable.

An Allen Police officer was in the area on an unrelated call when he heard shots at 3:36 p.m., the police department wrote on Facebook.

“The officer engaged the suspect and neutralized the threat. He then called for emergency personnel,” it added.

The White House said President Biden had been briefed on the shooting and the administration had offered support to local officials. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has signed laws easing firearms restrictions following past mass shootings, called it an “unspeakable tragedy.”

Video shared on social media showed people running through a parking lot amid the sound of gunshots.

More than 30 police cruisers with lights flashing were blocking an entrance to the mall, with multiple ambulances on the scene.

A live aerial broadcast from a news station showed armored trucks and other law enforcement vehicles outside the mall.

Ambulances from several neighboring cities responded.

The Dallas office of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also responded.

Allen, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of downtown Dallas, has roughly 105,000 residents.


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  1. I’m hearing this is a gun free zone, any truth to that rumor?

    In the supposed video of the shooter, I see at least 3 vehicles that could have ended it early on, but I guess most people don’t think that offense is the best defense.

      • Weird thing is, on my laptop, the word isn’t hyper-linked.

        On my smartphone, it was…

        • Be Your Possess Boss,

          So, I’m guessing ALL of you morons are grammatically challenged… Or you just don’t speak gooder english…

    • The black pickup was the right equipment and in the right position to end it very quickly; I am certain the driver did not sleep well last night.

    • Fuckin guy that took the initial video was backing away, he had a direct shot at a short distance…

      • Could have been a EV, Tesla have rear facing cameras that record all the time you can only see playback, not live view. Someone should have run the prick over.

        • It was not an EV, cell phone video through the windshield guy admitted to “getting the hell out of there”..

      • Damn straight. I would have absolutely made a hood ornament out of the prick. I might drive a little Honda Fit but his body wouldn’t be any match for it.

    • I live very close, had lunch there recently. On their website they say no weapons but this isn’t a traditional enclosed mall with 30.05, 30.06, 30.07 signs on the main entrance doors, because there are no main entrance doors. It’s a large, outdoor outlet mall. Are there signs on the individual storefronts? I have no idea, frankly this is a place where that doesn’t matter to me. There is a lot of sidewalk areas, lot of walking outside – if you conceal properly, no one is going to know but you.

      I saw that parking lot video and others. Really frustrating and scary because this is my backyard.

      • Same here. I was out there last weekend.
        Surprised an EDCer didn’t take cover and fired on him. Easy target, no conceal or cover.
        Those who make the conscious decision NOT to EDC are FAR braver then me.
        They’re willing to die for their anti-gun beliefs.
        Give them a 👏 for their bravery, and a prayer.

    • Without any kind of training, the first reaction for almost anyone, if they don’t just freeze, would be to duck. Whatever form “ducking” might take based on their situation. The person who makes a split second decision and acts on it would be exceptional.

      • Agreed. If I was in my car and had my wife along, I’d be backing out of there.

        If I were alone in my car — I dunno.

        • If I ever wondered who tended to be the most honest with themselves you two just answered that. Also basically the same if my family is there their safe escape is the first priority if they are not well most of NY is auto felony if you carry in stores unless they explicitly allow it so some motivations are different from the get go.

        • For me it would depend on the circumstances. Because I have thought about this. Because of all the riots that have happened over the last 3 years. You cannot outrun bullets in your car or trying to run fast.
          And there’s no guarantee that the criminal gunman won’t turn in your direction and start shooting. Your best option just might be to hit the gas at full speed. And aim directly at your target.

        • Man with no name: The “I dunno” for me would be “probably not.” I have several dependents, not just the wife in my vehicle. All my armed self-defense training has been: Get the hell out of Dodge unless me or mine are being attacked. Get at least this: Almost every single adult in that mall could have taken some personal responsibility for their safety and been an armed self-defender. That they chose, key word “chose,” to be unarmed and untrained is NOT my problem.

      • Never thought of myself as exceptional, three years of reacting to individuals trying to kill you instills a certain set of reactions which evolved into no matter what the situation, eliminating the threat is primary and running away, hiding or surrender is not an option… Having experienced the probability of getting hit vs not is helpful as well, shooting into a crowd is easy, hitting a trained moving target that is shooting back, not so much…

      • Hell dude when I was 16 I rolled a my brother in law’s Ford Falcon, it was a trip sitting on the headliner with the radio still playing, doing stuff like that is second nature, when our 468CI BBC Nova launches it will flatten your boobs. I find it disgusting for the driver of the truck who by law had a green light and a clear shot at the perp to drive away.
        If I am going to die and the Good Lord is willing I will die trying.

        • But the truck driver had a chance to leave the are and assure his own safety. Intervening may not have prevented any deaths and may have added his to the total.

          If I had the chance, I’d run, too. I’m no hero.

          If I had no other choice, I hope that I’d defend myself. I’ve done that in the past with the display of my gun, but no situation ever came to violence.

      • As we witnessed in the Parkland and Uvalde Shootings, Training doesn’t do squat if you’re not willing to take the risks defending others or yourself.
        It takes a Mindset, and a willingness to be a “Sheeodog” and not a Sheeple.

    • Considering this wasn’t a body armor free zone, perhaps you could explain why people were not wearing body armor.

  2. Another “I’m mad at the world for being a Leftist Scum ™ loser jerk-off”?

    • The guy in the car could have taken him out EASILY. Instead he backed up, the coward.

  3. White male with and AR15.. checks all narrative boxes, hence this will be covered by the news… if it was an immigrant or another non black rifle this wouldn’t be reported

        • Waiting for moderation? Please, what bad words did I use? I merely pointed out another intentional mass casualty incident in another location.

          WordPress has more triggers than a Pr0gressive Karen.

    • And someone else ran down and killed at least 7 with another 3 injured in Brownsville TX. And this was not an accident.

    • Mauricio Garcia was the alleged gunman. His parents allegedly needed a translator when LEO’s descended on his home. The MSM has labeled the alleged killer as a “neo-Nazi white supremacist”

  4. Gun free zone. Lucky the cop was there and was willing to use force. This could have been much worse.

    Why I stay away from gun free zones.

    • Took cops 6 minutes to arrive on scene, just luck that an off-duty cop was nearby…

      • … and that cop was willing to use force. Could have been another Uvalde.

      • An officer with the Allen Police Department was in the area on an unrelated call when he heard shots at 3:36 p.m.

        You would be correct…

  5. Biden supporter, doing what programmed to do. These things are not random, train derailments, 9 chicken farms burning, dairy processing plants blowing up,1.2 million people without fresh water in Philadelphia….

    • It’s called the planned demolition of the country. Cause enough chaos and the populace will be screaming for government to do anything.

      Classic communist revolutionary tactics.

      • Just a little few hours ago. an auto “accident” killed 7 people and seriously injured 9 in Brownsville, 2 miles from the border. I’m pretty sure they weren’t Swedish exchange students. If Biden wants to ban guns, what is he doing about illegals crossing the border killing Americans at a far greater rate than AR-15, and then what about Fentanyl killing 100,000 Americans a year.

        • I wonder how long it will be ’til the destructors in power call for “an end to immunity for car manufacturers”, and “universal background checks for gasoline purchases”.

        • Mentioning the same event up the page put my post into moderation timeout.

        • Fentanyl doesn’t kill people unless they use it.
          Blame the person not the gunm

    • To build back better you have to tear down what was there.
      Our Great Illustrious and Most Benevolent President Joseph Robinett Biden knows what he is doing.
      With his wisdom and foresight He will make make america like He wants it, like it should be, for the benefit of its civilians and the future of its children.
      JRB 2024 – Until death do us part.

  6. “The Dallas office of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also responded.”

    Sure, add something useless to the mix.

  7. RE: “The White House said President Biden had been briefed on the shooting and the administration had offered support to local officials. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has signed laws easing firearms restrictions following past mass shootings, called it an “unspeakable tragedy.”
    Lowlife media: biden good…Abbot bad.

    By the number of most probably defenseless victims apparently restrictions were not eased enough.

  8. … police and FBI agents are talking with the shooter’s family THOUGH A TRANSLATER…

    • Prayers for the victims😞What’ll happen if we “find out”the shooter is an illegal alien???

      • Nothing… There is no such thing as an “illegal alien” according to Bribem’s administration… They are “undocumented migrants”…

        • The story will be buried faster than the Cleveland TX shooter by the illegal. Hear much about him any more?

        • … and it would be safe to presume that 1% of the 18,000 PER DAY that resume crossing the border are undesirable nutjobs, does anyone else see any danger with contining FJB’s open border ” policy ” on Tuesday?

        • “does anyone else see any danger with contining FJB’s open border “

          The openly stated goal is to replace Americans with a more compliant population. They’re playing the long game. Unnecessary deaths along the way is just the cost of doing business. Actually the extra deaths help them justify more authority over us. Their style of “criminal justice reform” works the same way. Their actions (and words) tell us they have zero regard for life. They only care about power.

    • Where as this “code of conduct” is not legally binding when it comes to carrying a firearm, it is quite clear that those that own this establishment do NOT care about their customers’ safety. Owners and management of these places can see the horror for themselves what happens when no one is armed. it is so plainly obvious that it took a good guy with a gun to defeat a bad guy with one. Yet patrons will still go there and spend money.

      Go armed or don’t go.

  9. Following the woman, yes woman, who murdered defenseless people in Nashville, by his writings the Louisville perp took it upon himself to go on a murdering rampage on the behalf of giving Gun Control a boast following Nashville. He was demonstrating how easy it was to buy a so called Assault Weapon. The Louisville perp took his demonstration further than the spaceman giffords’ failed attempt to demonstrate how easy it was to buy an Assault Weapon.

    And soon after Louisville there was the upset biden import who did a home invasion in Texas resulting in mayhem, death and a 4 day man hunt. And now what appears to be another biden import has went bananas and messed with Texas…Something one should never, ever do.

      • Really?

        Where in that comment did she say where she lived?

      • aq…The only state you really need to worry about is your perverted state of mind.

        • Haha good one Debbie. I’m not a perv though.

          Geoff, not gonna elaborate because she does not want attention drawn to it.

    • And the Buffalo supermarket shooter had expressed the same intentions in his screed.

  10. I did not shoot anybody in Texas. I will not accept being punished for the crimes of another.

    I do not care what the fascist .gov says.

  11. There are many more to come soon!!… we are way behind following the orders of the world economic forum and the United Nations in eliminating the gun rights from the pee-ons.. I believe are RINOs will cave in Soon..

  12. Who the hell was driving that car with the camera? They had the PERFECT weapon and they cowardly backed up. I would have ran his ass over smashing him against the wall and then running over him again. The shooter had his back to him! What a COWARD.

  13. Texas?! how are most people not strapped in texas…yeah guy in truck had best shot at stopping him the quickest, but with the corrupt “justice” system, who knows what would’ve happened to him…but in texas there’s good chance he wouldn’t have gotten screwed by d. a.

    • Time to throw the what ifs out the window when the video shows the truck driver had a cut and dry legal defensive window opening, fear got the better of him and allowed the shooter to proceed uninterrupted.
      The driver had a two ton projectile and failed to fire it. That’s like holding a firearm and running off. Thankfully the off duty didn’t drive away.
      Watching the video again had the truck driver did what he should have done the timing looks right for the truck driver to put the hammer down and slam the perp against the slowed vehicle in front of the perp. After a few shots the busy perp would have never heard or known what hit him.

  14. This might have been a cartel/sicario hit. Since we don’t already have Trump/MAGA pics of Joe Six Pack, but a tactically decked out shooter with gang affiliated tattoos and a MSM silent on race we know this will not be fully reported.

    His parents are in NE Dallas (known Hispanic part of town) and asking for a translator during the questioning with police.

    Stay Frosty and keep your head on a swivel. Cars are also useful weapons, so mow down a shooter if need be.

  15. Cross currents in Texas…

    “Seven people were killed and at least six injured when a man crashed his vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians in Brownsville, Texas on Sunday.”

  16. If the shooter is a Hispanic/Mexican whether legal or not this will be played as justifiable rage against white racism/supremacy. Should the shooter be Anglo/White, it will get played as some sort of MAGA white supremacist murdering those not like him. And of course if the shooter used some scary black rifle it will be a talking point for the anti gunners. None of these matter a whit to those killed or wounded. Some damn fool decided to commit the ultimate crime and perhaps a spectacular version of suicide by cop. Blame every and anything except the actual person behind the gun. Demand the rights of millions of people who committed no crime be revoked. Demand the usual erosion of rights for the public and scream about the greater good etc.
    Many ask why no one used their vehicle to stop the shooter and claim how they would have done so. Honestly doubt they would have. Any somewhat sane person is going to react to danger by getting out of the area. A few who have been trained to run to the sound of the guns may have gone on the attack. As a few who may be armed would have returned fire. But human instinct is to survive and protect themselves by trying to escape. Don’t blame the guy videoing as he exits the area for doing so. Just natural survival instinct kicking in.
    I’m an old man. Been trained and have been through combat. Have used deadly force more than once in my lifetime. Likely I would have made sure those around me were able to get away then defended them and myself if possible to do so without endangering other lives. Of course the chances of me being in a mall or other free fire zone is fairly slim.

    • But you were a PRO and know the score and I very much doubt that you are one of those GUN OWNERS who’s sole purpose in life seems to be getting the chance to slot somebody. You know the reality and so do I.
      There is no point in trying to make POLITICAL gain or making quite frankly ridiculous connections about a shooters supposed POLITICAL leanings or none at all.Mental weakness has NO POLITICAL LEANINGS.

      • Albert. time for your medication. I did not know that the Royal Air Force stull used muskets.

  17. Either another angry Tranny in Transition or a gun control advocate staging a massacre to justify more gun control laws.

    publish the manifestos!!!!

  18. Unfortunately you simply can’t run over a criminal. Because Libertarians Liberals and the Left disagree with that. They don’t believe in repealing the laws that stop the law-abiding, and property owners from killing criminals dead on site.
    They would prefer you to be a good witness.

  19. Here on TTAG we talked about a case (in S.F.) involving a good guy with a car. Who used his vehicle to pin a criminal he had watched attack and beat a pedestrian. And was attempting to run away.

    And “the smartest people in the room” all said, that he should not have used his car as a weapon, to stop that criminal. They said, “You should just be a good Witness”. So a criminal uses a knife or some blunt object to attack somebody. Instead of a using gun. So since they only used a knife to attack somebody, you can’t run them over, to stop them from attacking some else correct???

  20. Lots of heroes here. Let’s face reality. A CCL does not make you a law enforcement officer. It’s meant for defense. Your first priority is to get your family and yourself out of harm’s way, and I suspect most of us will do precisely that.

    If there’s a free shot, fine, but let’s get real here. Most of us aren’t trained for this, won’t be carrying the equipment for this, and there are huge legal liabilities involved (e.g., miss and kill the baby in the background).

    • You are correct in that the license does not transform someone into a law enforcement officer. Otherwise, no one would need anything other than that.

      There are two issues with this though. THAT in itself is not even in question. No one is saying it does. Having that kind of response suggests that you think that only cops should be allowed to protect human life. Well, most of them kinda suck at that to begin with. I don’t really blame them for that but it’s simply reality.

    • I had this conversation with a friend of mine who carries. I said I might not take a shot in a crowded room like a theater while people are running around. He said he would always take the shot because he’s really good at hitting targets. It depends on the situation, but imagine another victim running in front of the intended target. You won’t be defended the same way a police officer would if he accidentally shot someone. Plus you might take an innocent life.

    • “Most of us aren’t trained for this”

      That’s only because you’re not willing to put in the time, effort and resources. Yes I know Everyone has limited resources. I do too. I would suggest everyone try shooting out to 25 yards. Which is the longest distance most gun ranges have.

      The bottom line is it seems that these public shooters are more often using long guns. So if you want to protect yourself, you need to consider being able to hit a Target at a longer distance.
      And don’t expect to get a kill shot on the first trigger pull. The best you can probably achieve is to force them to break off their attack. And that is a success.

      Most successful defensive uses of a gun, result in the attacker not being immediately killed. But they are wounded or frightened away because someone used a gun against them.

      I counted 35 yd the distance that a typical Walmart shopping aisle has.


      • Albert, seems your medication is making you more delusional. Maybe it’s time to see the doctor again and have him either up the dosage or change the med.

  22. The most recent news report says this was a 33 y/o Hispanic male who may have been a security guard. His computer had neo-nazi materials on it, and he had an acronym for a neo-nazi group on his tactical vest. Actual association is unknown, Described as a quiet guy who exhibited some strange behaviors, suggesting he may have read neo-nazi material but had no actual affiliation. He had an AR style rifle and a handgun. It was reported that he fired 60 shots, and his vest had numerous (perhaps 6?) spare mags. Photograph of the deceased shooter suggests he may have also had a bullet proof vest, but that is unclear. Although blurred, it was easy to ascertain that he died from a head shot.

    • “Described as a quiet guy who exhibited some strange behaviors, suggesting he may have read neo-nazi material but had no actual affiliation.”

      Saw one reference where he reportedly “wore his guard uniform a lot”.

      An angry LE reject, perhaps? Just enough of a criminal record where he was unemployable as a real LE, maybe?

    • he may have read neo-nazi material but had no actual affiliation.

      No very likely he would have been accepted into a neo-Nazi group as the PRIME requisite for those groups is Aryan AKA White… The only use those people have for a Hispanic is target practice or beat-down practice…

  23. i find it curious that they never call the mass shootings in Chicago, “mass shootings”?

    • I’m sure that they’re counted in the totals from GVA that the media likes to harp on all day — but don’t you dare mention that, you racist! That’s (D)ifferent!

      4 wounded in shooting near ‘O Block’ in Grand Crossing —
      Gunfire erupted Wednesday in the 6300 block of South Calumet Avenue around the corner from ‘O Block,’ a notoriously violent stretch that includes the Parkway Gardens apartment complex.
      — May 3, 2023


      • I worked in this neighborhood for too many years. CWB Chicago website reports a heck of a lot more of the neighborhood crimes than the MSM

  24. 600,000 mass shootings a year and this time a cop was in the right place at the right time.
    Theres no need to be armed, we have law enforcement.

    • The far right today are occupied by ss/antifa and the rest of the fascist ‘left’.

      • Pretty sure groups like antifa, BLM, LaRaza are STILL far LEFT entities, far RIGHT is for the anarchists…

      • Only if Clinton News Network and the All Bribem Channel corroborate… BUT, having clown boy post it DOES somewhat add to the credibility of the assertion…BWAAAAAAA-HAAAAAAA-HAAAAAAAAA-HAAAAAAAAA-Haaaaaaaaaa-Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

    • “MSNBC …”

      … lies. They lie just as you lie. And just like you, they repeat their lies.

      How can a brown person (that’s the term that you use when lying about us hating illegal immigrants who are Hispanic) be a “white supremacist?”

    • That’s right clown-boy, ALL far-right Supremacists are named Mauricio GARCIA… I want to thank Joe “The Big Guy” Bribem’s LEFT wing MSM mouthpiece “MSDNC” (oh, and YOU) for pointing THAT out… Moron…

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, Now, MSNBC is a “reputable” news organization? Only in a Leftist’s dreams.

  25. THere must have been several score of people within shooting range and if I am any judge many of them would have been,, this is AMERICA after all, armed and just waiting for the chance to slot somebody.
    So where were these BRAVE BRAGGARDS then? Bloody paralysed, or just shit scared more likely, when the going get’s serious.
    It took an OFF duty Cop to react.

    • Albert, isn’t it time for your medication? Seems you think that the criminals you are referring to are the dregs of society, much like you. For your edification, most Americans don’t walk around armed.
      But then you live in la-la land helped along with your meds.

      • most Americans don’t walk around armed.

        And therein lies the problem, if everyone who COULD carry a firearm DID carry a firearm this shit would NOT happen…

        • MADDMAXX, While I agree with you, the problem is that you can only bring the “horse to the trough, but you can’t make ’em drink”?

        • If we got AlHorse to the trough, many of us would be tempted to hold his head under water until …

    • All Americans are armed and murderous, albert? Let’s try another stereotype. All brits are inbred and Gay.

      See how that works?

      • All brits are inbred and Gay.

        Like His Royal Clown in Chief who couldn’t handle a hot young honey, so he dumped her for Mama figure Camilla…

  26. america was created by kicking the forces of english royalty-***holes out, for good.

  27. The last info on this Scumbag I received, indicated he spent 3 months in the US Army, before being MEB’d out due to Psychiatric Evaluations. That tells us two things, One, yes he was a Nutjob. Two, somebody(s) at DOD Screwed the Pooch. If his Psychiatric issues were bad enough, the Army wanted him out of there, then they were bad enough for a phone call to put him on the “No Buy List.” Nor should he have passed the background check at the Security Firm he worked for to qualify for using Firearms.

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