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TTAG set a record yesterday. Thanks in part to Nick’s post on the New York City cops’ equipment and training, the world’s most popular firearms blog (that’s us) generated its highest ever number of daily unique page views (113,576). Yes, well, TTAG operates under the assumption that we’re only as good as our last post. We’re planning a Top Gear-like TV show, more moderated live chats, a new review app , SHOT show coverage and any damn gun-related thing we can think of and do while putting out a post every hour. What would you like to see hereabouts? More reviews? Less T&A? More T&A? More material on Facebook? Twitter? TTAG wouldn’t exist but for its Armed Intelligentsia (that’s you). So give it to us straight. We can handle the truth.

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    • Yes! Probably the BEST thing for our “cause” is to publicize (as much as possible) how guns are used every day for GOOD.

      • Agreed. More Defensive Gun Use stories.

        Personally, I hate facebook. So I give a NO vote to anything along those lines.

    • More DGU stories. We like it and learn from it. DGU stories, more than pro 2A arguments and statistics about how guns save lives, really penetrate deeply into people on an emotional level. Increasing numbers of non-gun owners and gun grabbers are landing here so therefore it is a powerful subject to publish on a daily basis.

    • Chris Dumm and I have been thinking about having a Portland Oregon TTAG Meet and Greet, perhaps at a beer pub in town. Any interest?

      • I’m a bit too far from there (NY State) and my travel slate is full this year.
        That said, I have a connection that might be able to allow me to go to a SHOT show. If I can arrange that, I’d certainly stop by and say “hi”
        In addition, I’ll offer this: any TTAG staffers living in or visiting NYC feel free to get ahold of me – I’d be happy to pop down for a meet and greet, or host at my range in the ‘burbs – only a 35 min train ride, or 45-60 mins by car.
        Anything else in the Northeast, I’m open to it…

        • is it paranoid to consider that this site and it’s poster may be on a watch list? would it be a big streacth for a gathering of posters from this site to draw official scrutiny? maybe not a conga line of vans, but who knows?

      • yes. a lot of interest. from the dhs, fbi, batfe and probably the cia. imagine all the unmarked vans lined op outside the pub.

      • With enough notice to plan a trip down from Seattle, sure. It would be even better if you guys could get Oregon to jump on the reciprocity bandwagon, but starting with a meet up is okay for now.

  1. Correct me if they have already been done, but reviews on items like 5.11 pants, Woolrich Elite Tactical CCW shirts, Hornady Superperformance Match Ammo, Silver State Armory 6.8 SPC 140 grain VLD ammo, etc. I could see an ‘Innovatice Ammo” section with chrono, accuracy, and ballistic gel info and reviews. Ammunition itself is an area of continued innovation in the firearms industry, and manufactures have already published data on duty JHP rounds and such – but is it the truth?

    I appreciate TTAG, the writers, and posters, etc. Thanks for keeping it real.

  2. Weekly hot chicks with guns feature.
    Seriously, how about a review of older guns likely to be found in gun shows and for sale that we might encounter?

    • Awesome ideas. The older guns guide would especially be useful.
      Talk about pricing, what to look for, common flaws, years made, etc.

    • The NRA magazine has a regular feature called This Old Gun which is interesting. Sometimes they feature esoteric exotic rare collectables but many times ordinary guns you come across from time to time.

      I love reading about the latest 1200 dollar hi-tech pistol as much as the next guy but most of us are going to spend a lot less on a used gun or three .

      I still think Starlet with Gun of the Week would be a popular feature.

    • “Weekly hot chicks with guns feature”

      Dude, you are busting me up lately with many of your comments. I like it.

  3. You guys have spent a lot of time doing reviews of training courses, which is good, but so far you’ve been focused on what’s in the NE (Sig Arms Academy, etc.)

    It would be interesting if you took courses with other instructors and facilities and hear your thoughts on those places. Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, Louis Awerbuck, Suarez, just to name a few.

    Bonus points if you send Farago. 🙂

  4. “a Top Gear-like TV show”

    This could be great. Top Shot, et al, aren’t harmful in my opinion, but I don’t care for the ‘reality’ format. One of TTAG’s best qualities is it’s smart writing. A television show (YouTube?) done in the same spirit would be a great alternative to all the contrived drama and silliness of reality shows.

  5. More news from abroad.

    Not all of us live in countries where the number of weapons almost exceeds the number of people and where guns are, for the law-abiding citizen, easy to get. Some of us live in double plus ungoodly “civilized” societies, where the red tape to get weapons is long, wide, thick and sticky at the same time. So it is with great interest that we read TTAG with gun news from the free world.

    (For example: in the Netherlands, they wanted to prohibit IPSC. Apparently they changed their mind. Gun grabbers in Switzerland try to disarm their populace every few years with referendums. In Germany they wanted to outlaw Airsoft guns. Or did they already do that?)

    Thanks for being awesome, guys!

    • I’ll tell you something that would be very helpful. Since April I have been attempting to rectify a mistake I made in the purchase of a handgun. I fell for an online offering, and made the ultimate mistake of writing a check to an unscrupulous business out of state. Rather than saving a few bucks and getting the handgun I wanted, I have no gun (was to be my first purchase other than those gifted to me) and no money, and said dealer refuses to return calls or e-mails. An article for the uninitiated detailing the proper methodology for ordering firearms and FFL transfers may help the next future firearm owner. Caveat Emptor.

    • I’ll second this. I’d like to see some international correspondents posting stories. Some stories about gun control in Australia, or hunting in Germany, etc. Just a little change in perspective would be nice.

  6. More: Firearm and ammunition reviews. Analysis of firearm-related events (e.g., Empire State). Interviews with gun makers and industry chiefs.

    Less: Non-firearm products (I don’t much care for clothing reviews). I don’t really care for videos, either, as it takes so much longer to communicate the same information as one of your well-written articles.


  7. I would like to hear a panel style podcast. 2-4 people discussing the news of the week for example DGUs, legislation, etc.

  8. I would like to see reviews of training classes from around the country. Not just the large classes like “Front site” or MAG40, but others offered that are affordable for everyone.

  9. You guys are doing great right now with the format that has sprung you to the top spot and congrats on that achievement!

    I would say to continue your gun, gear, and ammo reviews, they are the best on the web.

    Keeping up with current and upcoming trends in the firearms industries is a must s well.

    New releases from manufacturers that have not hit the market yet is also VERY popular and given your abilities to procure the stuff like nobody else is a giant plus.

    Your whole team deserves to be taken out to dinner for a group ” JOB WELL DONE” victory dance & drinks for this milestone…..and some pictures of the event with an article would be awesome to us readers!

  10. I’m gonna be a real asshole and turn it around, Mr. Farago, is there information you’d like that we as the readers can provide? State level gun politics? Local gun club info?

  11. more gun reviews , both old and new, ammo reviews , gear reviews… updates on any new gun laws……..

  12. So can I strut about like part of the team? After all, I posted the link to Nick’s post on another forum. lol. That being said, I would love to see more DGUs, gun/ammo reviews, and more wll researched deconstruction of gun grabing articles.

    • We’ve discussed that a couple weeks ago in housekeeping. If you look at the reviews since, they follow a better set of guidelines.

    • Yes please. This site needs more gun reviews with videos longer than 58 seconds. It would be interesting to have more than one take on each gun.

      I would also like to see interviews with LEOs who support the 2A and encourage citizens to conceal carry. I appreciate the sporadic news blurbs, but I want more than that. Too many times police chiefs and / or commissioners poop on our rights, so to counter that I’d like to hear from the ones who are on our side, and their reasons why.

  13. Nice! Way too include the masses in shaping the future of TTAG.

    How about more OTD articles?:
    Handgun OTD
    Rifle OTD
    C&R item OTD

    And seeing as new shooters are popping everywhere, concealed carry and shooting sports are becoming more and more popular; perhaps more articles geared toward new shooters. Keep adding readers by appealing to all of them. New and experienced alike.

    Thanks for the excellent work TTAG team!

  14. 1. Well run site with thoughtful, ably written commentary.
    2. More T&A can’t hurt.
    3. Hadn’t heard of Jessica Alba. Definitely more handsome than a firearm.
    4. Beauty and utility combined?

  15. Lots of great ideas above. Nothing I can add, except Congratulations on the successes of TTAG and best wishes going forward!

  16. More gun, gear and ammo reviews. Less complaining about politics and pretending that people are taking our guns away.

  17. 1. More gun reviews
    2. More gun reviews
    3. More gun reviews
    4. More pictures in gun reviews
    5. Less profanity in gun reviews (doesn’t bother me much, but for the kids…?)
    6. Almost forgot: more gun reviews

    Suggested guns to review–no, I list too many guns. You decide. 😉

  18. I definitely cherish the firearm/gear/ ammo reviews. RF’s post’s about AR’s ( how-to’s, builds, ect.) is definitely my absolute favorite series.

  19. Stuff I think you ALREADY do great (in no particular order)!
    1. Gun Reviews
    2. Shot show and NRA convention reporting
    3. Manufacturing news from the guys that make our “toys”.
    4. Spot lighting A-hole politicians.
    5. Gear reviews (like knives, lights, sights, etc.)
    6. Detailing experiences at schools, training centers, ranges, etc.
    7. Showcase safety thru the IGOTD

    Stuff that I personally would like to see more of?

    1. Older gun reviews, especially if some large police dept trades in a large wad of weapons when they upgrade and they become available to the buying public.
    2. Showcase more gun use in hunting, trap shooting, skeet shooting, bullseye competition, bowling pin matches, etc. (You know, some of the “fun” stuff, besides the serious side of gun ownership)
    3. Going along with the above, can you guys cover some of the bigger shooting competitions like the Grand American Trap shoot, Bianchi Cup, etc? Maybe get some interviews/tips/techniques from the top competitors?
    4. Going with the above, info on the when/ where/ and how to enter these shoots?
    5. Reviews on cases/containers to transport firearms safely and securely.
    6. Some more on reloading of ammo, equipment needed, safety practices that must be followed, etc.
    7. Sometimes more photos would be really great, especially when reviewing any equipment.

  20. More gun reviews. More DGU stories (the new DGU Week in Review will do so much to help us). More podcasts. More challenges like Nick and Tyler’s 24hr bug out bag thing. More contests between readers. Some more ammo and gear reviews, but don’t lose focus. Keep calling out the Brady Bunch, MAIG, CSVG, etc, and keep giving me feel good stories like GSL using the Chicago gun guy back program to sent kids to NRA camp. Tone down the political rhetoric a tish, sometimes this place turns into a right wing echo chamber and loses focus on the core mission. And no T&A, if I want to look at pics of girls, I’ve got other sites for that. I come here for the guns.

    Oh, and a pony. I want a pony for my birthday too.

    • Less political rhetoric and less religious rhetoric. As in no gun-unrelated political rhetoric and no religious rhetoric.

      I don’t mind the alerts of women using guns, even if they’re incredibly attractive. Especially if they’re incredibly attractive.

  21. I wouldn’t mind seeing some more organization for the gear review link at the top of the page. Gun reviews are organized by type (pistol, rifle, shotgun, other). Could we see the same type of thing for the gear reviews (holsters, scopes/sights, gun parts, gear bags, clothing, etc).

  22. I’d like to see CCW specific stuff. Not necessarily holsters (although that’s OK too) but more along the lines of the pros/cons of specific carry methods. Reviews of real life incidents as well with emphasis on where (home, office, shopping, etc…) and when (time of day, day of week) incidents occur. How much time do we have to get to our gun during these incidents?

  23. First, congratulations that your collective hard work is being rewarded.

    The thing I see no one above has mentioned they would like more of is more political talk, and for that I am incredibly grateful. I would ask that you try to refrain from posting “red meat” to the narrow-minded (who post idiotic invective like ALL Progressives are trying to ruin the world or are at the root of all evil or who are clearly racist or misogynistic) readers who are definitely NOT representative of any Intelligentsia. Any issues or problems we have are way more complicated than “it’s all the fault of the “others,”” whomever they may be. Further, it fails to recognize, however much an inconvenient truth it may be, that many gun owners are not necessarily politically conservative.

    I’d also vote to create a more artful term than “gun grabbers,” as I think it lumps many people together that do not all share the aim of firearms confiscation. More nuance needs to be recognized here. I’m hoping to convert some of those people.

    Last, I endorse any (Brit) Top Gear inspiration, and, although I have an AMG in my stable, I’d like to try out for our version of Captain Slow.

    • Don’t like gun grabber? You’re not the first. Trouble is, it’s accurate and concise. The vast majority of professional “common sense” gun control advocates – in their heart of hearts – would like nothing more than outright confiscation.

      But we’re open to alternative descriptions. Care to offer one up?

  24. love articles about milsurp guns from around the world. less t&a. i know that hurts, but we’re crusaders for gun rights and we need ti include everybody, especially women. they have the numbers we need. guns can no longer be a club of just ofwg’s. our rights are doomed if so.

  25. More emphasis on DGUs (even the ones without happy endings).
    More emphasis on the psychological and legal aspects of self defense and how to prepare and/or train for them.
    Fewer posts about idiot gun grabbers and the stupid drivel that they write.

  26. More banning!

    There’s some obstinate gun-grabber posters here that need to go back to the rumpus room while the adults are talking.

  27. 1. More gun reviews.
    2. More scope in the reviews, ie brands besides Sig Sauer / Glock etc.
    3. Less politics
    4. More about technique

  28. 1 – More firearms & gear reviews & video reviews. There are many moron sout there doing reviews that are full of fluff and non-sense. Some professional text and video reviews would be great. Example – I really want to buy a Sig 938 for concealed carry. I’m a skinny guy so I want something small, my sub compact xd 9 just is way too big. I’m concerned though because in reviews I’ve seen the 938 consistantly shoots very low and fails to eject much more than I’d like. I know that TTAG would do a more thorough review and indicate some fixes. I still think it’s the best in it’s class and size, granted your pay for it, but these shortcoming concern me that I’m going to regret the purchase. I’ll like to see a video comparison with multiple people shooting the top micro 9mm’s to see how they stand up against one another and which one these random people would choose.

    2 – Politics are ok, and it’s good to hear about some.
    3- I love the self & home defense write ups.
    4 – More training videos on reloading, cleaning, proper shooting techniques, etc.
    5 – Love the Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day Stories, always a good laugh and a remind to be responsible.

  29. 1) Less to zero posts covering anti-gun nobody-types (which gives them publicity that doesn’t help our cause) who have written or said something outrageous, ignorant, and irrational somewhere. Reporting something about the 2A that a judge, politician, or major social leader has stated is ok.

    2) Knives are a common tool to partner with guns for the hunter, soldier, cop, and civilian. I’d like to see more posts about knives.

    3) More reviews and news about revolvers as not all people are into semi-autos.

    4) Interviews with some of the movers, shakers, and interesting people in the pro gun movement. For example, the pro-gun educational and research organization JPFO has some fascinating articles to report.

  30. More DGUs! I also like the anti-gun screeds you post from the various anti-2A “intelligencia”. This is a great site.

  31. I have zero interest in anything to do whatsoever with Facebook or Twitter. I realize I may be in the minority, but rest assured any media that you publish that is Facebook only will not be read by me. Twitter has some use for “breaking” stories, but you don’t really do that here, so I don’t see the point for this website.

    The DGU Week In Review is the single best recurring story I have seen lately. I’ve already used it twice within the last month to back me up in a “discussion” about the frequency and efficacy of armed defense of self and others.

    I think you’re treading the T&A line just fine. Some people are going to be clutching their pearls at the merest mention that attractive women exist. As a reader, if you haven’t figured out that a line like “…than Behati Prinsloo knows about oil changes” is going to be a link to a pretty girl, then you’re not paying attention. I find it personally interesting at how many of the pretty girls that RF chooses happen to be South African. Specific note: Some may object to the post about Jessica Alba yesterday. While the actual hard news value is debatable, it’s not a story I would/did see anywhere else, and I’m not going to object to a couple pictures of that astonishingly attractive creature, even more so because it was an unexpected surprise on this site.

        • I quit reading the RKBA website, because they just about all went to FB for responses. And I realize that TTAG and RKBA are pro 2A websites, but not everyone that follows these sites are of the same belief. I don’t want my identity posted for all to see. And no I’m not paranoid, I just don’t want some anti or alphabet agency reading my comments. I like it just fine that the editors here know who I am, and that’s the way it should be!

    • @ Matt in FL

      I strongly agree about the DGU week in review and I hope someone is archiving all of that data for future research.

  32. Hey how about a nice search function so that I can look for not only posts but comments and comment authors? Or am I missing something?

  33. State by State gun legislation ticker, with links for getting active in your respective States would be nice. 24/7 Grabber-Watch.

  34. More articles per page. It would make browsing new content faster. Also, (if we had say… 10 per page) it would soothe my OCD. 7 articles per page just eats at me lol.

  35. Reviews and contests, I like the gun giveaways, they are fun and drive reader/membership in an alternative way other than traditional adverts.

  36. Probably this has all been suggested before, but 84 comments is a lot to read in 5 minutes before a meeting…

    Twitter would be a good venue for TTAG, I think. (Are you already there and I just haven’t found you?) Tweeting should definitely be in your future.

    More reviews of firearms and gear.

    And more defensive gun use stories. Those are a lot of fun. And educational, too.

    A Top Gear type show would be SWEE-EET. I’d be there for every episode.

        • What exactly do you guys tweet? I always thought that a service like that would be good for emergency purposes, so that a large number of people can be contacted quickly, but beyond that, I must admit I don’t get the fascination with it.

  37. Actually, I want to reiterate to PLEASE don’t integrate with Twitter. The reason I say that is that when you integrate WordPress with Twitter, it adds a comment every time someone retweets your article, similar to how it creates a Pingback when someone links to it on WordPress. I’ve seen WordPress blogs that indicate they have 43 comments, but when you scroll down and look, 41 of them are simply auto-generated Twitter pingbacks. That would really suck for two reasons: first, I don’t want to have to scroll through all that, and second, getting an email every time Twitter generates a pingback would be far beyond annoying.

        • I think you’ll be fine so long as you don’t make Twitter or Facebook exclusive content. I have no Facebook, and use Twitter as an aggregate for news feeds. Keep everything organic to TTAG, no “for more check out our FB”

  38. DGU stories and pro-gun writings, avoiding rants, should be the meat of your content, publicizing the benefits of responsible gun ownership. Debunking the ridiculous claims of gun grabbers is always fun to read about. Maybe a column where readers can contribute their experiences with local gun “buybacks.” How about a crazy story comparing crime statistics in a “no gun area” like Chicago, Baltimore, LA, or Hawaii, with a place where people cling to their guns and their religion??? Defensive ammo comparisons would also be welcome

  39. no T&A please, you want to be a serious site, correct. Especially when you have people with young daughters looking to this site for guidance on training.

    No religious crap, no political name calling crap.

    No more OMG segments, boring and silly

    Yes we are pro 2A and 1A, but we should also be pro critical thought and commentary, like the reviews are.

    More reviews.

    • Yes, none of this religion stuff. I get it, most gun owners out there are religious, but many are not. If I wanted religious dogma I can watch the 700 club. I come here for everything related to guns, not god.

      I mentioned more gun reviews in another comment, but I’d like to see more gear reviews too. There’s a ton of accessories out there, I’d like to see them tested and evaluated.

  40. Also, as others have said, lots more DGU stories. I also find them educational. Discussions on here, as logical as they usually are, frequently rely on speculation and conjecture. It’s nice have authentic, real world, scenarios to study. What works, what’s useful, what’s probably not all that useful…

  41. I really like the gun reviews, but would it be possible to list the reviews in alphabetical order by brand to make it easy to search? More importantly, the reviews of gun gear are great, but it would be much more helpful if those were arranged in a list like the gun reviews. I was trying to find the review of the Trijicon Aimpoint (which I bought based on your review–its awesome) and found that it was faster to find your review through Google. Keep up the great work!

  42. MORE gun reviews, with a more diverse lineup (more brands and models.)

    Giveaway contests, especially if it is guns (of course within legal limits, under legal age? FFL not good? Fail filters at FFL? onto the NEXT in line to win!) TTAG swag? well, no problems with BATFE there.

    A known system to assist in submissions for DGU, IGOTD, etc.

    • Ralph,
      I understand TTAG would pay you what you’re worth, but there is a minimum wage law.

  43. More gun reviews. Such as, how about something from Dan Wesson? I am unaware of any of their products having been reviewed on this site, and they have a nice set of 1911s specifically aimed at the CCW community.

  44. Oh, I have another suggestion.


    Cornbread stuffing with sage can be first!

  45. I’d be quite disappointed if the non sequitur bikini models went away.

    On a more practical note, I’d specifically like to see: more gun/equipment reviews (but especially gun, seems like we’ve hit a slow patch for those), more positive DGU reports (not just lumped into one giant week-in-review post), and continuing in-depth coverage of the FF scandal (which other sites seem to have forgotten about).

  46. Please no Facebook or Twitter junk.

    More firearm self-defense stories.
    Stories about firearms being used for good.

    Provide contact links for politicians dealing with any firearm legislation.

  47. More discretion with who you choose to give a platform. When you respond to posts that are beneath you, you bring yourselves down to that level. Who cares what a college kid wrote in his school paper? It wasn’t even anywhere near a coherent or logical argument. Mikeb? Really? Some random idiot in Italy who doesn’t have any clout anywhere?

    Responding to and tearing apart idiotic arguments made from politicians, authors who reach people, noted personalities, whatever…that’s the worthwhile fight. When you shoot fish in a barrel by responding to every drooling idiot who spent 3 minutes making a blog or posting a tweet, you’re just preaching to the choir.

      • 100% less mikeyblotsanumbers. He has one horn and one note and has tooted it to death. He adds nothing substantive. Other antis post occasionally and can string a semi rational series of words together. Mikey gives the appearance of a pet troll that is used to drive up comments and page views.

  48. Perhaps a weekly column called “Blast From The Past” that highlights an old newspaper article, editorial, video, or whatever from yesteryear that has to do with gun control, DGUs, and other second amendment issues.

    A lot of younger shooters, myself included, are too young to remember the arguments made in favor and in opposition to guns in the 80s and early 90s. Nor was I ever affected by the AWB.

    I guess my interest in seeing such a column here was spurred by finding this old interesting op-ed by the late Christopher Hitchens that he penned in 1994 for The Nation:

    Oh, and the DGU that you guys featured yesterday which was actually years old but still very interesting!

  49. How about a sort of “Learn from my fail” series? Lots of us are newer to the firearms scene, and a series of common mistakes people make or have made might be helpful. Many of us would like to contribute more but don’t have enough depth in our knowledge and pockets to do gun reviews, etc. up to the high standards that reviews here are held to.

  50. Write more articles that introduce readers to some of the organized shooting sports. Foghorn has written already about three-gun. Some other activities could be IPSC, IDPA, Cowboy, Action Pistol, bullseye, silhouette and the several shotgun sports.

  51. More diversity. I know that’s a bad word for some folks, and I don’t mean it for PC reasons. Understanding the 2A, supporting the 2A, and collecting / studying / shooting firearms are things that people across the racial, sociopolitical, and gender spectrum do, and it helps our cause (and makes for a more interesting site) when you reach out and hear from them.

    Actually, you guys are doing a pretty good job of that already – some female writers showing up, and I love MrColionNoir’s videos – and I’d like to see you do more. I don’t mind OFWG – I’ll be 50 next year and am not as slim as I once was – but we have to have a bigger tent because we ARE a bigger tent. This may mean hosing down some of your more… well… insert-the-adjective-members… but so be it.

  52. What I’d like most is more gear reviews and more Ask Foghorn pieces. I’d also like more DGU stories. I also appreciate when there’s mention of a 2A-relevant happening / event / vote in my neck of the woods, because sometimes I otherwise don’t hear about it until it’s too late. TTAG would be a good aggregator of local happenings all around the U.S.

    Political rants and anything religious I could do without.

    Thanks for one of my fave websites!

  53. I think you guys are doing a great job . This is my favorite web site . If I’m up early enough I usually try to catch anything new if it’s up before I go to work . I definitely
    catch up when I get home which is usually about 8pm . I really like the reviews ,I would like to see more of them plus DGU . No facebook interaction ,I have zero interest in facebook .

  54. Alright TTAG, here’s what you gotta do.
    1- Expand the website, add a forum, add as much as possible, GROW!
    2- Stop thinking as yourself as a blog. Some whiny teen ranting into a web log is a blog, YOU are a news organization. I don’t come here for one guys opinion, I come here because there is a dedicated TEAM of people working to keep us informed. You aren’t just someone’s blog, you are “The Truth About Guns!”
    3- Expand to consume others in the field of firearms media. Google censored guns off of their shopping website to make it family friendly, in time they might do the same to youtube. There are plenty of good folks on YT who have the TTAG philosophy, good information, honest information, etc. And you post their videos here anyway, so collaborate with them. Ask them if they would like to do a written review to go along with their video one, and gather it all here in this NEWS SITE. Expand the base of stuff being tested, and get more heads together.
    4- Accept FPSrussia into the fold. Not all gun owners are into the sport, the rights, or this or that, some just like them because they are awesome. FPSrussia is not going to go away, and neither are the endless hordes of kids who only know about guns from video games. Just accept them, and use them to catapult everything about guns into the mainstream. Invite FPSrussia over to do a review or something.
    5- Less T&A. I love Trisha, and I love Alice, but gun-unrelated eye candy is sexist and alienates women from the whole shooting thing. Stories about celebrities and guns are cool though, the more celebrities with guns the more mainstream we go. Do you have any IDEA what would happen if Kim Kardashian open carried?
    6- Remember we aren’t all religious or conservative, I’m here for the firepower.

    • On your #4 point,

      I’ll agree, Pull in the kids (and adults) that play the video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, or any of the other popular ones. (a free one for the PC and Mac is called Urban Terror) and spotlight the weapons and accessory tech used withing (sprinkle the title and the review with such keywords as the game titles and the brand and model of weapon/accessory. May want to mention if they are NFA items too, or if they are weapons that never made it past prototype stage, or other interesting trivia bits on them.)

  55. I know I’m gonna take a hit on this one, but… I recently read Seal Team Six. Great story. How about book recommendations? Hello? Anybody? Come on, I know you guys read.

    Oh yeah, more chicks with guns.

  56. How about a “The Truth About Guns” book with contributions by all of the main writers on this site? I have been looking around for books against gun control and there aren’t too many out there. With your vast amount of knowledge I think that you could put out a well written, informative, and entertaining book.

  57. I know this is going back a bit, but I’d like more awesome writing from William C. Montgomery – and no, he didn’t pay me to say that. A regular serial story like “Leaving Home” would be great.

  58. G. Gordon Liddy had a “Stacked & Packed” calender back in his radio days, maybe we need a fundraiser for a cause.

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