When TTAG hit the ‘net back in mid-February 2010, we had so few comments that Brad and I gave each other an electronic high-five for a comment that neither of us recognized as spam. These days there are so many genuine comments—and so much spam—that Dan and I have a hard time reading them all. But by God we do. Points are taken, flames are doused, comments are rescued and writers are plucked from those e-pages. Thank you from myself and the TTAG team for your wit and wisdom. We know that your observations generate content that puts food on our table. In return, we promise to [continue to] provide you with the latest and greatest gun news on the worldwide web. And now we return you to your regularly scheduled blogging . . .


  1. Congratulations RF. Thanks to you and your team of writers we’re motivated to comment. The bear looks cute. I wish you guys would identify the guns (when known) you include in your pictures.

  2. congrats to TTAG and RF and the rest of the crew, things keep getting better an better as this one of the best locations on the Internets for 2A info, news, and commentary.


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