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Robert Farago (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia came down on me like a ton of bricks yesterday. They took me to proverbial wood shed for criticizing a Black Rifle Coffee Company’s video; a production wherein an effeminate gay character offers the team oral sex and refuses to drink “non-hipster” coffee. A “crime” for which he was dragged off and [pretend] water boarded. A reader went so far as to call and warn me against making readers choose between veteran-owned and operated businesses and TTAG. For the record . . .

I hire vets, donate money and services to veterans’ organizations and appreciate their service to this country. And I stand by my criticism. In my opinion, the BRCC video was over-the-line. It depicted homosexuals as weak, deserving scorn and physical abuse. It portrayed gun owners in a negative light.

You’re free to debate that perspective here if you choose. I’m not writing this post to reopen the argument. I want to address personal criticisms leveled against me: that I’m running this website (along with my talented and dedicated team) purely for financial gain. That this “prime directive” colors and directs my editorial decisions.

TTAG is a profit-making private enterprise, owned by myself and two of my staff. We make money from advertising. The company that handles our advertising does so without influencing our editorial content. More to the point, I use the money we earn to pay our staff, cover expenses (e.g., ammunition, travel and accommodation), invest in new projects and . . . that’s it.

Like all brands, TTAG exists in its consumers’ minds. It belongs to you. Without you, TTAG wouldn’t exist. But I will not compromise my personal beliefs to conform – or confound – readers’ expectations. I will continue to tell the truth about guns as I see it – even if it means that the site alienates readers and, eventually, self-destructs.

You may consider my BRCC posts a mischaracterization of their position. So be it. But money’s got nothing to do with my views on this matter. I call it like I see it. Anyone who disagrees with me or any other writer on this or any other subject may comment to that effect, or submit an article presenting their contrary point-of-view.

All I ask is that you do so with civility and respect. The same respect I give you, our Armed Intelligentsia, by honoring the commitment I made one winter afternoon in the privacy of my own home.

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      • Going to start with BS libtardtalk with “homophobic”, “LBTBXYZ” and all the other identity group politics of the sodomy lobby?

        I, like 98%+ of the adults in the US, was not raped by an adult queer nor subjected to the mindmelt of a radicalized progressive public school system as a confused youth. Therefore I/we did not and will no go queer. The deviants want tolerant? Shut up and quit demanding SPECIAL TREATMENT Aand ENDORSEMENT of their DEGENERATE CHOSEN LIFESTYLE. In other words stay in the damn closet and get on with a productive life. (And stay out of the military it’s not a social club).

        • I think I love you. Can we get married and run off to an organic garlic farm together? I love Vermont, don’t you?

        • And yet YOU, as an ammosexual, demand special treatment. Bizarre attitude. Thankfully your kind is dying out quickly.

        • You sir, deserve the award for the most stupid post on the Internet today.
          Gay people don’t choose to be gay, they are born this way.
          Also you don’t want to give them special treatment, but demand it for yourself? Maybe you get that something isn’t right there.
          Also I have to wonder that a German is more tolerant than a person from the US. Aren’t it the Germans who supposed to be more prejudiced? Maybe you also should think about that.

        • Evidence, el-mac? when i was young and intolerant, i thought the same thing. but why would anyone CHOOSE to be gay in societies where such things can get you executed? And studies have shown that the percentage of gays in those societies is about the same as in free societies. and recently there have been studies showing a genetic link, with the hypothesis for the reason why there would be a genetic link being that the things that make females more fertile in a population also results in a small number of “misfires” (my term) in the form of gays. Apparently it happens to ducks, too.

        • Weird, I read the Constitution front to back and didn’t see anything about homosexuality. 2A defenders don’t demand special treatment, we just want our rights left alone…..and I don’t give a damn what you do in the privacy of your home that’s none of my business.

        • It’s your exact attitude that is why they need special protections. As soon as people who are not homosexual stop caring about what homosexuals do we won’t have any more problems.

        • Special protections? What do you mean “special” protections? They get the same protections everyone else gets. It’s against the law to beat up a heterosexual, it’s against the law to beat up a homosexual. What more do you want? Double secret probation?

        • As soon as people who are not homosexual stop caring about what homosexuals do we won’t have any more problems.

          That’s a big fat lie….just ask the baker, photographer, and florist who just wanted to not care about a homo wedding.

        • >> Weird, I read the Constitution front to back and didn’t see anything about homosexuality.

          Check out the 9th and the 10th.

        • @int19h I have and there is nothing about homosexuallaity, do you need me to read it to you?

        • Do you understand the meaning of “right”, “other”, “reserved”, “retained” and “people”?

    • What’s wrong with sodomy? Or are you not aware that sodomy involves using any other orifice, regardless of gender?

      Or did you just want to get in the first gay-bashing post?

      @RF: The modern gun community is becoming quite libertarian and accepts (but doesn’t necessarily approve of) alternate lifestyles. You won’t lose much support, if you stick to your libertarian-leaning principles.

      • @JasonM, in your world, clearly nothing is wrong with it…sodomy on bro. Watch out for those peanuts though…

        • Are against blow jobs? Personally, I welcome that kind of sodomy anytime my lady is in the mood. Which isn’t as often as it used to be.

      • I agree with what you’re saying but homosexuality is not a lifestyle. People are just born with different sexual palates, much like we’re born with different gastronomical tastes. It disappoints me to see so many people here who proclaim themselves to be champions on unalienable liberty, but can’t respect the the unalienable rights of others simply because they’re too ignorant to comprehend the existence of diversity outside of their homogenous podunk towns they’ve remained in their entire lives. If you truly support liberty, hold your judgements and respectfully let your fellow man live in peace.

        • You roll up blasting others for their ignorance, intolerance, and passing of judgment on others, then toss out this gem?

          “….too ignorant to comprehend the existence of diversity outside of their homogenous podunk towns they’ve remained in their entire lives.”

          Oh that’s rich. F you and the high horse you rode in on.

        • Yeah, Jonathan is right. You can be dismissive and try to assume superiority over those that disagree with you all you want. I find homosexuality vile and putrid. I don’t need to be further educated nor better sensitized to it. I have an informed and reasoned position that it is morally and naturally abhorrent. Unsurprisingly, snarky internet comments made in an attempt to shame or bully aren’t gonna change that. Btw, I live in a metro area (not even in old South!), have a college degree and an upper middle-class lifestyle. Guess your narrow-minded sweeping generalizations aren’t accurate.

        • Their “moral and naturally abhorrent” lifestyle isn’t harming anyone, so why in the world do you care?

          What goes on between consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes is their business and their business alone. It’s not surprising that they view outside interference in their relationships with just as much horror as we do outside interference in our private ownership of firearms.

      • Gay marriage leads to children of that marriage (IVF, adoption, surrogate mothers, etc.). Don’t be a bigot and argue that one mother and one father is best for a child.

        Gay marriage will lead to polygamy. Who are we to interfere?

        Gay marriage will lead to incestuous marriage. Modern medicine can avoid the genetics problems, right?

        Gay marriage will lead to pedophile rights. Heh, they were born that way!

        And we will all be forced to cater to, cooperate with, and accept them all.

      • @Grindstone, ah….and here we have reached the bottom of the TTagger sewer pit. Grindstone aka Grumpy. At least you are as predictable as a morning BM.

  1. Big thumbs up Robert. Kudos to you to call out idiocy from companies that is completely separate from our desire to see the 2nd Amendment upheld for all Americans. I can’t stand a lot of the LGBT agenda, but the answer is not gross stereotypes and the obscenity promoted by BRCC. We must be people of the truth, wherever it may be found, and like you said, disagree with civility.

    • The 2A movement is too much of a hot-topic issue for us to dissuade anyone from getting into it. If gays, blacks, Asians, Latins, women, and people of all stripes get in on it, our arguments will be so much more effective. Right now, we’ve got an image problem where the antis love to paint us all as OFWGs, even though that’s not true.

      • This exactly. Make no mistake, the fight for our right to keep and bear arms is by and large a PR war. Becoming more diverse will swell our numbers and help our image. Bringing anyone and everyone into the fold is the way we win. It pains me to see that some people are too stupid to see that.

      • As an OFWG, I also resent having my opinions stereotyped. I’m as much about liberty in the pursuit of happiness as those groups you might consider to be more enlightened, but just to make my point I’m not going to get all butt hurt about it.

    • Excellent point.

      You don’t have to approve of homosexuality (and I suspect many TTAGers do not, for religious reasons) to accept that gays are people who have rights, including the right to keep and bear arms and the right to basic civility.

      • @JasonM, interesting that you seem to think disapproval of sodomy is somehow always linked to religion. Every stop and think that some people whether religious or not just simply disapprove of it because it is disgusting?

        • So don’t do it.

          You don’t want to be negatively judged because you own guns, yet here you are flinging invectives merely because you think being gay is icky.

          Or so you say.

        • I’ve yet to see any kind of disapproval of sodomy from somebody that didn’t also include something about the bible / god / abomination.

        • @El Mac believe me, I hear about it every time I log into certain gun-related forums and websites that I like to read up on.

        • I used to be religious, and also anti-gay. When I stop believing in god I soon stopped caring what other people do with their private parts. I actually do think that buttsecks is gross, but I also think papayas are gross. I do not think that what I find gross should be the basis of policy. Therefore I don’t have a problem with gays, gay marriage, papaya distribution or consumption, or gay people eating papayas.
          I support gay marriage because I think it’s wrong to deny people the benefits such as power of attorney, I nheritence, etc. because of who they chose as a partner.

        • Anyone that cares aw much as you do about how other people get off clearly has deep rooted issues.

        • @clickbroom, I could care less how someone chooses to get off. As you would know if you had read my posts before farting stupidity out of your keyboard.

        • While there are non-religious homophobes, when you look closely, their perception is always shaped by their culture. And in Western culture, including US, homophobia is undeniably historically linked to religion.

        • Nothing much. I don’t care why you’re a bigot. Just pointing out that you’re wrong as to the reasons.

    • Ditto.
      Whatever one’s sentiments might be on any other issue, they ought to have little-to-nothing to do with enumerated civil rights.
      We should be doing whatever we can to attract support for the 2A; offending anyone doesn’t support our cause. All it does is drive away someone who might have been willing to listen to our message.

      The gays have a group – Pink Pistols – who supported the cause of the 2A in a Heller Amicus brief. They promote the RKBA among their constituents. We ought to welcome them to the community of PotG.

      • I think if the NRA or one of the other big organizations had a huge “diversity” blitz of testimonies, range trips, and so on that featured LGBT folk, blacks, Asians, Latins, and so on, that’d help enormously. Noir is a huge step in that direction but more is needed.

    • Same here. If you exist, prepare to be made fun of, period (myself included). I’d take a fun world where some people might get offended (myself included) over a dreary existence where everyone has to apologize for everything they do.
      I don’t care that they made the video, and I don’t care that Robert was offended and demanded an apology out of them.

      • Exactly…this thin skinned bullshit paranoia circa 2015 is just flat sickening. Friggin high school all over again.

        • Meanwhile, we all freak out (and rightly so) when the antis say we’re all a bunch of angry, OFWGs with tiny penises.

          But it’s ok if ‘tards with affiliations to both veterans and the second amendment (and be extension representing both) make something public that can be construed as hate speech (I hate that term) and pro-gay bashing. Yeah.

          Makes perfect sense.

          How about we advocate that everyone just not be a-holes to each other instead of picking and choosing who can be angry little trash to whom?

        • “How about we advocate that everyone just not be a-holes to each other instead of picking and choosing who can be angry little trash to whom?”


        • @TheBear, yep…..shonuff…his name was TheBear…..hey, wait a minute! That’s you!!!!

      • I think RF’s original point is that this sort of humor makes the gun rights movement look like a bunch of homophobes.

        Remember when he banned misogynistic comments about Shannon and her crew? It wasn’t because he didn’t think you have a right to make sexist jokes, but because MDA searches for those comments, blows them out of proportion, and pretends they represent the entire gun rights community. Same idea here.

        • Waitaminit. No, nonononono. RF posted the BRCC commercial. If he was overly worried about MDA, et al picking up on this stuff he would have not brought it up. Most people probably would have never even heard of BRCC otherwise. I think he knows some of those groups troll this site.

  2. Fairly simple. Freedom of speech, and freedom of choice. Read TTAG or don’t. I certainly don’t agree or even care about some of the postings, but I read the site anyway.

  3. I must have missed that post, not that it would have interested me.

    I don’t condone either gay-bashing or glamorizing that particular segment of society.

    I suppose the company that produced the video is aiming at a specific target audience. Let ’em have it.

    I say stick to your guns 😉

  4. Yeah, there was a lot of judgmental intolerance being thrown around in the comments to that article yesterday; reminded me of the usual tones and presumptive assertions I usually expect from the anti-gun crowd.

  5. I hate that P.C. culture has divided people so sharply about so-called “offensive” humor that we have to reflexively defend even shit that isn’t really humorous just because someone complains about it. I’m not offended by the content of BRCC’s ads, because whether it’s a good or bad one, I can recognize a joke when I see it. However, I do think the ads are very childish and unfunny, because I’m also not a twelve-year-old.

    • I think it’s less about the ad and more about the fact that those who made the ad are representing groups that will be tangled up with the backlash.

      It’s like… imagine how pissed off and flipped out half the readers here would be if some trans, greenpeace person made a commercial featuring hunters and gun owners getting tortured.

      • Oh, I get that part. What needles me is that every time someone tries to make that very salient point, several people will always admonish them to “get a sense of humor,” as though were all obligated to laugh at stupid, juvenile bullshit.

        Again, I know the guys at BRCC are kidding, but they have no cleverness or wit to their approach, and when you try to mock something without wit you just end up looking like a bully. It’s been pointed out that black or white, gay or straight, religious or secular, it doesn’t matter; People of the Gun are all in the same boat, and divisiveness within the ranks hurts us all equally. We either hang together in the fight, or we’ll end up hanging separately on a gallows.

        • I tend to agree with you.

          Wit and satire are generally the dividing lines between poor taste and humor just not landing if/when people get offended.

  6. Good for you. If gun rights aren’t decoupled from the religious right we will lose them. There is no place in an armed society for bigots.

    • @Aerindel, it has nothing to do with the “religious right” (whatever the fk that is) and everything to do with a mental abnormality…two dudes cornholing is just nasty.

      • Here’s the thing: Why do you keep thinking about “two dudes cornholing”? That doesn’t generally cross my mind. Homophobes seem obsessed with the intricacies of homosexual behavior. Why is that?
        To me, obsessing about a sexuality that you vehemently claim to NOT be a member of is what’s “abnormal” here.

        • @AndyNC, well see, here’s the thing…Cornholing…that’s kinda what sodomites do. See that? Scratch the surface and you will see the truth.

        • Why do you keep thinking about “two dudes cornholing”? It doesn’t generally cross my mind.

          That’s the difference between you and El Mac.

        • @AndyNC, I reckon because RF and TTAG keep bringing it up….Like I’ve said, it’s excellent click bait. Right?

        • I’m pretty sure “homophobia” is a phony little made-up term, along the lines of “ammosexual”, “gun fetishist”, and “assault weapon”, meant to marginalize opponents and lend a mantle of legitimacy to one’s own bigotry.

          Turns out the self-loving PC POTG are not above sinking to antis’ tactics in discrediting others. How shameful.

      • So, something being nasty is wrong? So your plumber, garbage man, septic service man, etc are wrong for participating in their chosen lifestyle?

        Am I to assume you believe in forcibly trying to punish and prevent their behavior?

        Your authoritarian is showing.

      • Your statement seems to infer that you think all relationships are only about sex. If that were the case, marriage becomes pointless. Loving relationships are not just about sex. I am attracted to my wife for more than just her sexual organs. She thinks and acts in a manner that I find attractive.

        Do you think that maybe homosexuals are so different that men only like men because PENIS!? Complete nonsense. Love is a much deeper emotion than physical attributes alone.

        I sometimes wonder what the perfect woman would be like for a person who makes statements like yours. She must be the most dull and boring person alive if all you care about is where you’ll put it next.

        Offense intended to those offended.

        • +1K^ Marriage is a promise to love and care for each other long after sex has become a difficult workout, and in the sad event that one half of the couple is debilitated (which can happen at any age) [i.e., YOU PROMISE TO TAKE EACH OTHER OFF OUR HANDS AND OUT OF THE NECESSITY FOR OUR CARE] even if the pairing is or is not blessed with children. They whole point of the coupling is to bind pairs in Society. Those bound as a pairing in Society create stability in détente, hold our faces up to the light, fix our gaze on the horizon, and allow us to move into tomorrow [loosely paraphrased; TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012]

      • If you think it’s nasty, then don’t do it and don’t watch other people do it. Otherwise, shut up about what consenting adults do in private.

      • Mac, according to Dan Savage, one of the most famous militant homosexual rights activists today, 80% of homosexual men “cornhole” at least once. That means that 20% of them never, ever cornhole any more than you do (maybe even less?)

        Do you support acceptance for gay men who cornhole? Do you believe that straight men and women who engage in “cornholing” should be shunned or treated differently? Should people be required to disclose what sexual acts they engage in the privacy of the bedroom?

        • @Marco, I pity men that cornhole each other. That said, I’m not for bashing them or treating them badly per se…unless of coure they want to shove that cornholing shit in my face or my kid’s face or forcefeed that sickness to kids in school, etc. Taking people to court to enforce “cornholioism” on bakers and the like, no. For that, they are exposed for the sick fks they are.

        • We’re not talking about the bedroom, we were talking about a commercial where the activity engaged in was in a coffee shop.

          Can’t we all just agree that homosexuality isn’t new, that every way to garner greater acceptance has met with push-back when acceptance has led to homosexuals finally coming around to the notion that their quest for “Equality” forces the other half of the equation to equate themselves with homosexuality and there will forever be push-back there because of basic human nature and physics. I.E., the needs of one countermand the goals of the other. Do what you want, just don’t demand that I equate myself with it.

          Those requesting “gay marriage licenses” do so under the guise of requesting “equality” however, “Equality is the formula for sameness on either side of short, horizontal, parallel lines. It is, by itself, a formula that creates the same solution regardless of the direction of the calculation across it, and has its own Value apart from the things that are being equated.Equality, however, can only be achieved. It cannot be given or granted. Something is either equal to another or it can become equal to another. Something or someone cannot make something else its equal, nor does such a declaration make it so. Equal treatment can be attempted, but it cannot be exempt from bias, for this too is a request to be made equal.” [TERMS, J.M. Thomas, R., 2012, pg. 109]

          Those requesting equality with “marriage” can only achieve equality if Marriage is somehow lessened in stature to the position that the former occupies, because if they were equal, equality would not have to be asked-for. Man and Wife (male/female partnered marriages OBVIOUSLY simply do not want to be equated with the opposite). The reason is simple too. The needs of the one negate the goals of the other. Being confused with a ‘gay’ member of society, hampers a person finding a desired heterosexual SPOUSE and mate.

          Further, if “gay marriage” were an enviable position, if it were worthy of emulation by those taking part in Marriage (as previously and currently defined), those taking part in Marriage would be seeking equality the other way. This is just not so, and there is no label of “bigotry” that can stick to that. If what homosexuals had (were offering Society) was somehow “better” we would be beating down their door to get it.

          Homosexuals should instead, attempt, in whatever way they can, to create some immutable and lasting value worth emulation, and develop their own name for it. Anything else only forces Marriage to move-off to some other “term” where again homosexuals are not equal, or the Term becomes hyphenated to represent the same disparity [loosely paraphrased: TERMS, J.M. Thomas, R., 2012, pg. 109]

      • “two dudes cornholing is just nasty.”
        Duh….that’s why someone would have to be born that way…christ…you just proved the point.
        Have you ever seen an uncircumsized penis (and don’t lie…we all know you watch gay porn)? It’s pretty gross (sorry for those with one…but you know it’s true. 😉 ). No one would ever choose to touch that….so you can just admit you were born that way and no one will continue judging you. Let your fears rest. The world won’t care if you just admit it.
        Sidenote…sodomizing my wife is my favorite past-time….not hers, but that’s neither here nor there.