Housekeeping: Take the 2014 TTAG Reader Survey!


As the second quarter of 2014 comes to a close, I think its time to once again see if we (TTAG) are actually doing a good job. Sure our stats are amazing as always, but I constantly feel like there’s something more we can do to better tailor our content to suit our readership. In order to make that happen, every year I put together a short survey that lets us (the editors) understand who exactly our readers are, use that information to better identify what kinds of articles we should be focusing on, and figure out if there are any issues we need to address. So starting today and running for exactly one week I am launching the 2014 survey which can be taken here: CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE 2014 SURVEY. To sweeten the pot and provide an incentive for you guys to take the five minutes to fill out that survey, Optics Planet has donated something that will brighten your night a little bit . . .

OPMOD Gen 1M NOD, c Nick Leghorn

The OPMOD Armasight GEN1M Night Vision Monocular we reviewed damn near six months ago will be given away to one lucky reader who fills out the survey. There’s a field at the end of the survey where you can enter your email address, and once the survey closes we will randomly select one lucky participant to get the NOD. This field is optional — you can fill out the survey without providing your email if you wish.

A couple quick notes:

  1. The information you submit will be used (in an aggregated form) to produce a report on the preferences of our readers and the trends within that readership from year to year. This information will be published on TTAG for all to see.
  2. NO INDIVIDUAL RESPONSES WILL EVER BE DISCLOSED. Once the aggregated data is compiled all records of the individual responses will be destroyed.
  3. Text based responses will be anonymized and provided to the TTAG staff without any accompanying metadata.
  4. Email addresses provided will NOT be used to send you any emails beyond a notification if you are the lucky winner. We will NOT be compiling a mailing list. We will NOT sell this information to advertisers. And we will definitely NOT be trawling the responses for pretty girls and using the email addresses to try and chat them up. Unless they are really cute.
  5. The winner MUST be a United States resident due to ITAR regulations.
  6. All submissions must be received before the survey ends on Monday. Probably around 12:00 noon Central time, or later if I decide to sleep in.

CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY, and thanks for participating!


  1. avatar neiowa says:

    Google? You use the biggest data theft ring in the world?

  2. avatar Travis says:

    > TTAG 2014 Reader Survey
    > Thanks for taking the 2013 TTAG Reader Survey! Now go away.

    1. avatar Devin says:

      On the survey there was a question about carrying and whether you’re state allows it or not. One of the answer choices was:

      My state doesn’t allow it, but I carry anyway. Fuck tha’ police!

      That was awesome

  3. avatar Bigred2989 says:

    Survey should have said “Now GIT!” at the end, lol

    1. avatar Rick says:

      “kids these days with their Googles and their surveys. now git offa mah lawn!”

  4. avatar Steve Truffer says:


  5. avatar tom says:

    The grey-text commentary on some of the questions were the best part of this survey. Very nice indeed.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      Yep. I lol’ed at a few.

  6. avatar MothaLova says:

    As a paper pusher, my favorite question was: Desk Job, or Real Job?

    1. avatar Nick D says:

      I found that hard to answer. I’m an engineer, I spend half my day at a desk, and the other half in the field. WHAT AM I?

      1. avatar ProfBathrobe says:

        You’re an engineer? So you solve problems. Not problems like “what is beauty”, because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. You solve practical problems. For instance, how am you gonna stop some big mean motherhubbard from tearin’ you a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer? Use a gun. And if that don’t work, use more gun.

    2. avatar MarcusAurelius says:

      As a field tech, that was my favorite. Even though I often comment about needing to get a ‘real job’ that involves an office and being home every night, maybe with a gym in between.

  7. avatar former water walker says:

    Took it. And I NEVER take surveys.

  8. avatar John in Ohio says:

    Some of those questions didn’t really have a good answer for me; especially the conservative/liberal continuum and some of the “why” questions (home/self defense).

    1. avatar MothaLova says:

      OBVIOUSLY, you need to be more conservative. Problem solved. 🙂

    2. avatar Ardent says:

      I feel your pain, there were questions that I had to answer a certain way because there wasn’t really a viable answer for me, others I left blank. In exemplar, the hunting question; I used to hunt, I would hunt, but for at least the last 10 years I haven’t hunted. I don’t know if that makes me a hunter or not. Any survey will be flawed , and I give TTAG mad kudos for having so many ‘other’ and essay answers (glad I don’t have to qualify all that!) Still yet, crowd sourcing the possible answers to the survey might have worked better to get a clear picture of who’s here.

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:

        Same here with the hunting question.

    3. avatar doesky2 says:

      Liberalism is as dead as JFK and Moynihan.

      The two ends are Conservatism(Americanism) and Leftism.

      Dennis Prager contends that humanity confronts a monumental choice. The whole world must choose between American values and two oppositional alternatives: fundamentalist Islam and European-style democratic socialism. In this visionary book, Prager makes the case for the American values system as the most viable program ever devised to produce a good society.

  9. avatar Matt in Tx says:

    OK, I filled out the survey now, where is my NOD!

  10. avatar rosignol says:

    Addendum to survey: autoplay videos with audio must die.

    1. avatar Danny Griffin says:

      YES! I wish I would have thought of this for the “what needs to happen immediately” question.

    2. avatar lowhouse5 says:

      Make them stop now.

  11. avatar Accur81 says:

    Speaking of housekeeping, I’ve had several issues with your site.
    The mobile version (used on my iPhone 5 / Safari / private browsing) will not allow replying to specific comments. Sometimes the page will load with the mobile version, sometimes with the desktop version, and sometimes not at all.

    I also have issues with my 2007 MacBook Pro running Safari and software version 10.6.8 (which is the latest version that device will support). I’m not sure if you need more computing power for the site to handle all of the traffic during peak hours.

    Thanks again for the great content. I hope to have the time to add more.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      It is sometime the Google Ad Choices ads. Whatever the content server, it is slow as hell sometimes and makes the entire site slow. I have a newer machine but sometimes the entire simply lags

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        Crap, I forgot about that. I’ve the absolute WORST time reading or posting on this site. I am happily typing away when the site stalls and the letters do not appear. Or it locks up and a whole comment is gone. Sometimes more than once. Stories don’t scroll. I blame it on the Ad Choice also, especially the active content ones. I do not have this problem on any other site i.

  12. avatar Kevin L says:

    +1 to Accur81. Mobile responses please!

  13. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Now did you really read my survey answers??
    That’s the question we all really want to know??????…………..But in reality.
    I don’t care if you did or didn’t.

  14. avatar Sean N says:

    “Yes, please” is ALWAYS an option.

  15. avatar John Bergeson says:

    I forgot to include a couple of things in my survey comments which might be beneficial to TTAG, and the readers.

    The first item is, that sometimes when viewing the site on my Android phone using Firefox browser, the pages either won’t (stalling), or the page will take forever and a day to load. I am not sure if this is a problem with my phone or the site, but I have noticed this on my wife’s Android phone using the Android browser as well.

    Finally, I have been reading the site for a few years, and like it very much, and even more so since becoming unemployed which has given me a good amount of time to read the commentary below the articles. I usually don’t post on website comment sections as a rule because I don’t enjoy the virtual pissing matches between flamers and trolls that don’t contribute much to the story. In my opinion, TTAG, and most of the reader/commentators have done a very good job keeping the trolls under the bridge, and keeping the comments worth reading. I have learned much, and have re-thought some of my perspectives based on some things that I have read here. Kudos to all who keep it civil, conversational, informative, and most of all entertaining.

    If any one knows of any engineering work in Portlandia, send my and E. Got too much time in my hands.


  16. avatar Matthew says:

    I don’t care if the gov wants to look at this, all they are going to see is a bunch of law abiding patriots anyway, the people that make up the core of this country, the REAL army, the people who would die defending this land if something were to ever go wrong. Why would they want any trouble with true patriots? 🙂

    1. avatar Ardent says:

      +1 It’s not secret underground cells that are the threat, it’s some percentage of the population who will not accept tyranny and who will fight for liberty. They aren’t all even gun owners, even mostly gun owners, expect to arm libertarians and others who cannot abide by despotism and are willing to fight but who don’t see owning guns as worthwhile in the meantime.

  17. avatar Anonymous says:

    …but I constantly feel like there’s something more we can do to better tailor our content to suit our readership.

    If I could reach into the monitor and pull out a reviewed product for my own test purposes that would be great.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:

      That would require a Wonka-Vision plugin.

  18. avatar brentondadams says:


  19. avatar Al says:

    My Marlin 795 fits your definition for a modern rifle… Not sure that’s what you wanted, but that’s what you got.

  20. avatar Paul53 says:

    Surveys? We don’t need no stinkin surveys!

  21. avatar Mark N. says:

    Why do I have a “modern sporting rifle”? Because I live in California where Senator Deleon wants to ban “ghost guns”. Where Dianne Feinstein gets her new ideas for new gun control measures. Where the ghost of Senator Yee, hypocrite that he is, still has a bill pending to outlaw the “bullet button” “loophole” to finally rid this state of the evils of EBRs .

  22. avatar howard says:

    Surveys…? I never take surveys…except this one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. avatar Spitfire says:

    The end should have been “merica!!!”

  24. avatar JuanCudz says:

    Small quibble, there was no ‘I don’t own a gun’ options early on.

  25. avatar Jay1987 says:

    I filled it out. Now Kneel before NOD!!!

  26. avatar RocketScientist says:

    FYI, I have attempted to complete the survey 4 times now. Each time it has crashed while transitioning between pages (different pages each time). I click the ‘next page’ button, and it takes me to a Google Drive error screen (service unavailable or some such). Cannot go ‘Back’ to previous page, only option is to re-open the survey and start over again.

    1. avatar anon says:

      similar problems for me.

  27. avatar BigTex says:

    “$, or lack thereof” should have been an option to the questions about getting to the range, and taking training classes.

  28. avatar Raul Ybarra says:

    Two comments:

    1. By your definition, my Ruger 10/22 counts as a modern rifle since it is semi-automatic and equipped with 25 round magazines.

    2. Need. More. Israeli. Supermodels.

  29. avatar HiddenHills says:

    PLEASE get rid of the (DID I SAY PLEASE?) the stupid neon ads NEON GREEN ADS that FLASH and FLASH and FLASH like a STOPLIGHT!!

    it drives one cross-eyed while reading adjacent paragraphs.

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