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Nick’s at SIG this week doing SIGGY things. [Not shown] He’ll start crunching the numbers on TTAG’s annual reader survey when returns. Meanwhile, Mr. Leghorn’s asked me to “pimp” for more responses. Forgoing my Huggy Bear imitation, I’ve agreed to “inspire” TTAG readers to click here and take the survey. Your replies help us make better editorial decisions and provide demographic ammo for advertisers. Rest assured that we don’t keep any record of your IP or email address. No spam. Now how much [time] would you pay? Well don’t answer! A random respondent will win an OPMOD Armasight GEN1M Night Vision Monocular. To those who’ve already clicked, thanks! To those about to, thanks! Much obliged.

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  1. The survey was actually fun! I’d do it again, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the intent here. 🙂

    • Some questions needed more interactive response options. Often there is not ‘one’ clear answer to the questions posed, and several answers are on equal footing. More use of check all that apply and follow-up indentured questions would have been more precise in revealing meaningful data.

  2. I’ve agreed to “inspire” TTAG readers to click here and take the survey.

    Already filled it out….. but if you post some new KJW videos I’ll fire up Tor.

    It’s all about the incentives.

      • I filled out 100,000 guns and a million rounds of ammo, and a bazooka.
        My personal test to see how long the ATF will take to ring my door bell.

        Ok, so I was joking about the guns and ammo. And the bazooka. Just kidding!

        • That’s not much; if you’d included any of those “thirty .30 caliber assault clips per second” assault clips, then there’d probably be some cause for concern.

    • @Paul T McCain

      Since you’re (obnoxiously) jumping all over people:

      You “could of” gone to grade school and learned that there is no such grammatical construct as “could of”. Perhaps you’re approximating the sound of the contraction “could’ve”? Geesh.

      • oh lighten up on Paul.
        He is the nanny here. Every forum needs one.

        If only to make crabby old guys like me look good.

        PS: if you are worried about letting Google (and the NSA) know how many guns you have, its kind of dumb to b1tch about it on TTAG.

  3. That was quick enough. Why no employment option for reasons to own? It is what it is.

  4. BTW tell Nick to get an update on the MPX. I’ve been sitting on Google hitting refresh every ten minutes for a couple weeks now and there hasn’t been any new news!

  5. Well, that survey was a total waste of time. I mean, really, dont go there.

    I want to win that Opmod and
    the fewer of you gunbullies that finish the survey
    the better my chances.

    – Commander Kelly

  6. 1st time poster here. Finally registered after nearly 2 yrs of snooping in the dark shadows. Took the survey only because I am tired of the dark and I want that mono-thingy.

    • In my worse Jack Nicholson impression:
      “Snooping? … SNOOPING? … You can’t handle the mono-thingy!”

  7. PS: just for those as anal retentive on gun research as me, living in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, I have to check and recheck what I can and cannot do, gun-wise,

    (and for the record, thats how I know Bazookas are off the list of ok stuff…:)

    So, here is a good resource on using night vision for hunting.

    The standard disclaimers apply for double checking your own state laws, vs believing what you read on the innertubz.

    In my case I cant use this for hunting in CA, see this post for why:

    but it would be useful for checking the critters on your own private land.

  8. “TTAG 2014 Reader Survey
    Thanks for taking the 2013 TTAG Reader Survey! Now go away.”

    LOL…. Wait does that say 2013?

    • And for that matter:

      “instead of you company name”

      LOL does our posting section STILL have this illiterate dufus typo in it?

  9. I’d probably add some category that goes between “gun friendly” and “non-gun friendly.”

    I’m in Delaware, which isn’t Arizona/Alaska/etc. but also isn’t New Jersey/New York/etc. Some NFA items are prohibited, others are not. It’s technically a “may-issue” state with some silly requirements, but it more-or-less operates as a shall-issue state. There are some old local laws on the books, but since 1985 there is state preemption. And there are very few restrictions regarding open carry, which requires no permit. I need no license to purchase, and there’s (in theory) no registration.

    It’s not nearly as good as some, but also not nearly as bad as others.

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