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I see no reason why American citizens shouldn’t own “weapons of war.” We can, after all, own tanks and cannons. Besides, those muskets that the anti-gun rights crusaders insist informed the Second Amendment were “weapons of war.” Not to mention the fact that the Second Amendment protects Americans’ right to keep and bear “arms.” No “high-caliber rifles” or “shoulder thing that goes up” excluded. So . . . send a picture of your weapon or weapons of war to [email protected] with WOW (all caps) in the subject bar. PLEASE include a full description of your gun’s make, model, caliber and attachments. [NOTE: we understand that many readers lost their rifles in tragic boating accidents. For those who didn’t, rest assured that TTAG doesn’t release any information about our readers to any third party. And never will.]

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  1. United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939) was pretty clear that the firearms that are protected by the Second Amendment are ones suitable for military and militia use. The held short barreled shotguns were taxable under the NFA because they were unaware of any military use. I guess they did not know about J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry or WW1 trench guns.

    • Don’t soldiers use short barreled rifles? And silencers and full auto too! If Miller is still arguable, perhaps that should be the way out of NFA?

    • Miller was only sorta kinda a “ruling”.

      There were “findings”. but before the meat of the case was actually ruled on, Miller was dead under suspicious circumstances, lawyers didn’t make it to court due to lack of money(!), and lots of other very interesting minutae. It was remanded to a lower court for “further proceedings” and then just quietly died.

      Fascinating stuff, this might lead to you to interest in the more in-depth scholarly analyses.

      • I read something about this once or saw a documentary or something about it . Interesting , thanks for bumping my memory about this .
        Keep it up brother .
        Appreciated and God bless .

    • Oh yeah. I’m looking forward to this one. I just hope the paranoia eases off a bit so we can see some neat stuff.

  2. Dude, from my flintlock, to my lever guns, to my Mosins or Winchester 70 or my Remington 700s, to my 1911s to my M9s, to my ARs, I would be writing descriptions for days.
    Other than shotguns, 90% or more of the guns made in the last 200 years is a weapon in war or a direct derivation of it, including the most beloved of hunting arms.

  3. I’m sorry, but, I can’t show you my “main” weapon of war. As it is my brain and how I think. Only my brain surgeon and his assistants got to see it, back in 89.

    • That gives me an idea — I’m going to send in one of my many MRI scans. Turns out I do have a picture of my primary weapon system.

  4. Submission sent. 🙂 Anything to piss the anti-gunners off! If I’m not already on a list somewhere I’d be disappointed anyways.

  5. As a man of peace I own no weapons of war. I am full of love and tenderness for my fellow human beings.

    Besides, president dumbo ears has assured me that the .gov will protect me and mine from the bad guys of the world. Who am I too argue with a harvard law professor?

  6. I would be more than willing but I lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident….in the Sonoran desert.

  7. 6 Lee-Enfields, 3 Mausers (one sporterized), 2 Mosin-Nagants (91/30 & M44).

    Bayonets available for the LE’s, the 2 military Mausers, and both MN’s.

    I wouldn’t want to get hit by the 8×57, even with ballistic protection. 154g FMJ @ 2960fps is going to really hurt.

  8. Matchlocks: originally designed for military use.

    Flintlock muskets: originally designed for military use.

    Flintlock pistols: originally designed for military use.

    Revolvers: originally designed for military use.

    Muzzle-loaders: originally designed for military use.

    Repeating rifles (Henry Repeater) : originally designed for military use.

    Bolt action rifles: originally designed for military use.

    Pump-action shotguns: originally designed for military use.

    Semi-auto pistols with fixed magazines: originally designed for military use.

    Semi-auto pistols with removable box magazines: originally designed for military use.

    Semi-auto rifles with fixed magazines: originally designed for military use.

    Semi-auto rifles with removable magazines: originally designed for military use.

    Propeller-driven airplanes: originally designed for military use.

    Jet aircraft: originally designed for military use.

    Helicopters: originally designed for military use.

    Just in case anyone’s keeping score. This talk of “weapons of war” is idiotic.

  9. You’ll spill the beans once the enhanced interrogation begins. All of your IP’s are being recorded, and no countermeasures can save you. I am immune due to my tin foil hat, it’s analog.

  10. No guns, boating accident.

    No tank, it’s in the shop.

    No canon, lost it in the divorce; f*cking b*tch.

    • Don’t forget the atlatl. It is one of the original weapons of mass destruction. We need to get them off the streets. Spears are bad enough, and no one needs the extra deadly power of the atlatl.

      • I hear that people are now using 3D printers to make untracable “ghost”atlatl. Only hightly trained professionals such as the police and military should be allowed to ue the deadlty assault atlatl.

      • that’s a strange coincidence. I happen to be looking at my chakte kok atlatl and 7′ turkey feather fletched darts. I need to get out this weekend and throw.

  11. Sadly, I have no weapons of war. No. I didn’t lose them in a boating accident. I sold them because they were antiques! They were: M1 Garand, Argentine 1891 Mauser, a 1935 Mauser Luger, and a Russian SKS.

    Oh, wait! I do have one weapon of war! It’s a .30 caliber M1 Carbine. OMG! I own a weapon of war!!! Please excuse me while I go commit hari kari. lol


  12. After watching the attached video and many others I can only laugh at the antis that still cling to the belief the us mere civilians would prove no match to the modern military. I doubt there has ever been a better equipped and trained civilian population in history. Given that many of the us “civilians” are actually former military (myself excluded) there isn’t a better guerrilla insurgent force on the planet. There are countless former Special Operations soldiers whose job was to train indigenous forces that aren’t really all that supportive of the feds and would whip us mouth breathing rednecks into shape. I am with TTAG and every gun owner I know when I view a politicians view on the 2nd amendment as the “canary in a coal mine” view of their mindset. It isn’t actually about the guns per se…y’all know what I mean.

    • You can also mention that illiterate goatherds with AKs and RPGs have done pretty well against modern armed forces for the 15 last years or so. We left, they’re still there. It’s not so much the weapon as the political will to use it.

    • I sent my pic in of all the “WOW” I have. It’s pretty much a meager “historic” collection. Of the weapons I photographed it amuses me that the only one of the collection I can’t actually carry is the 16th century replica rapier. The anti’s like to say that we should be limited to the “arms” of the day. Ok…so why are there still knife laws, bans on cane swords, bans on swords, shuriken, nun-chako, etc. I think that the 2nd amendment community should start hammering them hard on historical weapons and force them to show their true agenda. It will serve to show their disingenuous intentions and distract them from real issues as they clutch their pearls and make for the fainting couches over rapiers and blunderbusses. I’m not joking. “They” say it only meant arms of the times…fine…I’ll carry those. Don’t say a damn thing about my period “peacemaker” or “coach gun”. Sure I’ll look like a steampunk hipster jackass but I will be legitimately armed and beat them at their own flawed argument.

    • …………….and the US is also owned by the citizenry so actually , every tank , ship , plane , bomb , missile , gun and bullet belongs to me and you and a girl named Sue . If SWTHTF and we were to find ourselves at odds with our commander in tights , I expect there would be a few states command control of the US bases within their own borders and take a stand .
      All the more reason to stay constitutionally strong and protect diligently , State Rights , constitutionally protected and mandated . Root out progressives and back strong conservative libertarian people for political offices and by all means for President of the armed forces .

  13. Offhand I will name 3 of my “weapons of war” my Winchester 1907 semi auto 351 Win. (OMG a semi auto from way back) as well as my Winchester 1894, 1895 and of course M-12. Repeating weapons and all. Oh the shame …NOT

  14. Damn internet ate my completed edit b4, so I will add it here. 2A does NOT say or limit the type of weapon and those M/F a-holes can kiss my a$$

  15. Since posting some not quite pc remarks my computer is running slower with multiple incidents of being monitored can someone pass the tinfoil please? Actually in here more than most sites.

  16. I suspect that no later than January 1, 2017, California will re-ban ARs, AKs, and similar rifles, and probably Garands and M1 Carbines for good measure (and if those go, the Springfield M1A is surely in the banner mix). So those don’t count. Or never existed. Or something. So the closest I can get to WOW is 3 replica Colt black powder pistols (1851, 1861 and 1862). I’d like to see them try to ban those!

    • M1 carbines are already banned because they have “scary” features and are classified as “assault weapons”. 10rd mags don’t exclude them. They have to be grandfathered like all the rest.

  17. Having read a little about wars, I’ve always found it funny that people think they cater to specific weapons.

    Wars are driven by things like politics, hate, need, or faith, but never tools. When they happen, any sharp stick seems to suffice.
    ….Not for the anti-guns tho, because they believe you need special sticks. Sticks that can’t possibly be used for anything else.

  18. Gun Control supporters continue to perpetuate the notion that we are living in unique times. Unique times in which the ‘civilian’ population have an unfettered access to ‘weapons of war’. In reality they are only partially wrong.
    The American population has always had access to military arms that not only matched the capabilities but often out did what was available to regular troops. It has been common for the Military to return their rifles or ‘weapons of war’ to the civilian population that filled its ranks with Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines through surplus programs.
    What is the fascination with these ‘weapons of war’? Quite simply many that have fought for this country have built up a lot of trust in the firearms they, and those before them, carried into harm’s way. Ultimately, many people who did not serve often fall back on the, “if it’s good enough for the military, it’s good enough for me” principal.
    Throughout our history the popularity of particular actions and rifles can be traced directly to their success in combat. From muskets, lever actions, bolt actions and semi-automatics; down to even the caliber they fired, we have a rich history of adopting military arms and calibers to civilian use.
    Don’t believe for a second that we are living in a unique time where all-of-a-sudden civilians have an unprecedented access to ‘weapons of war’ because it’s false. We’ve always had access to the latest and greatest developments in firearm design and technology. The question that begs asking then is: what has changed?

    • “What has changed”.? A nation of courageous and G-d fearing people that believed that an individual was responsible for their actions, not some collective societal guilt.

      A people that believed that government was a necessary evil to be kept small, with a small and weak military, except during a declared war.

      A people that believed the people in a community, with their local charitable orginizations, usually through a church, were the ones to relieve the suffering of the poor and the afflicted, not government.

      A people that believed the collectivist communistic hive mind was the ultimate in evil, without an ounce of legitimacy as compared to free market capitalism.

      A people that believed that the only honest money system was one based on gold or silver.

      And last but not least, a people that believed the first line of defense, in minor crime or in war, was a well trained and equipped with the best military weapons of the time, citizen militia.

      This is how far we have fallen from what had made us the greatest, most properous and free country in the world.

      Can we reclaim that which had made us great, that had made us exceptional? Probably only after the collapse that is, in my mind, inevitable.

      • ThomasR , Again I commend you on your common sense insight and views , well said . I too believe that the reboot is close at hand but I do think if Americans were able to , by some miraculous moment of sanity , elect Ted Cruz as our defender of the constitution , we may buy some time and maybe even reverse coarse .
        God bless brother Thomas , stay ready and keep telling the truths , God is real , Lucifer is real and Jesus Christ is the way , the truth and the light ( Life ) .

  19. I just received a letter from the US OPM. Apparently, my personal information from when I applied to certain three-letter government agencies was hacked and stolen. If I can’t trust the NSA/CIA/FBI to safeguard my information, no offense, but I wouldn’t trust the contents of my gun safe to a gmail account, especially when my email address is my name.

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