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House Democrats were mighty proud of themselves last night after Speaker Nancy Pelosi twisted just enough arms to get an “assault weapons” ban bill passed…the first since 1994. Given how well that worked out for them last time, you’d think they’d be a little more cautious about the electoral results, but some Congresscritters simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to crow a little bit.

One of those boastful buttheads was Illinois Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. The Chicagoan issued the tweet above shortly after the votes were tallied.

But in a 50/50 country, one with 100 million gun owners who value their Second Amendment rights, not everyone was appreciative of the Congressman’s legislative efforts. So when one fellow Twitter user let Rep. Garcia know that he has no intention of complying with an unconstitutional gun ban, well, the Congressman didn’t take it well.

This was Rep. Garcia’s response . . .

We’re not exactly experts in modern social media etiquette, but it seems that using the word “retarded” as a term of disparagement isn’t really as sensitive, caring, or inclusive as .gov officials — Democrats in particular — like to portray themselves.

Calling the dissenter a “fucking dipshit,” however, is probably a step up from the Democrats’ usual epithets of choice — terms like “racist,” “Nazi,” “violent insurrectionist,” and “white supremacist” — they default to for anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Jesus "Chuy" Garcia
Ill-tempered Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, D-Ill. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

It’s possible, of course, that Garcia’s social media accounts are handled by a pathetically snowflake-ish intern who fired off this ill-considered response (it’s since been taken down, of course). But it’s hard to believe an employee — even am utterly useless millennial twit — could have thought this kind of response on behalf of the boss was a really good idea.

Which makes us think this intemperate response actually came from Rep. Garcia himself.

Garcia’s great moment in Congressional leadership wasn’t the only current example of a House Democrat exhibiting an unusually thin skin for a big time politician. California’s Loretta Sanchez showed an equal amount of propriety, grace, and class earlier this week during the annual Congressional baseball game charity fundraiser.

Republicans in the opposing dugout should probably count themselves lucky that the bird was the only thing directed their way this year and not incoming fire from an angry lefty with an AK-47.

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  1. Good ol Jesús G. “Chuy” García was born in Durango, Mexico.

    Don’t you just love that we have Somalis, Palestinians, Indians, and Mexicans in Congress who are all working full time to turn the United States into the third world crap holes they left?

    Just remember: “Diversity is our strength!”


    • Unfortunately this clown took the same oath of citizenship that I did but it meant to nothing to him in that oath of citizenship he swore that he would take up arms in defense of this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic he is showing himself to be an enemy domestic.

  2. The worthless assault weapons ban in the 90s did not outlaw owning ARs or Aks…it only stopped the making of so called high capacity mags and military like cosmetic features (except for LE)…If you wanted a pre-ban product, you just had to pay stupid ridiculous prices for the items… This B.S. bill is a prohibition on mere possession of legally purchased firearms and magazines…That is unacceptable…Any enforcement attempts will most likely be met with violent responses…This Government will not ROB or STEAL my personal property…I am sure millions of people feel the same way…Those traitors are trying to start a civil war…

    • Still allows for “grandfathering” of guns and magazines legally owned prior to “enactment” of the bill with some really stupid restrictions for storage.
      “(v) (1) It shall be unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.
      “(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to the possession, sale, or transfer of any semiautomatic assault weapon otherwise lawfully possessed under Federal law on the date of enactment of the Assault Weapons Ban of 2022.

      • MAX,

        The “really stupid restrictions for storage” would seem to directly contradict some important parts of the Heller decision.

      • Pretty sure Ex post facto is still a thing. Though Obiden may have spewed an EO “fixing” it for guns/etc.

        • I’m pretty sure that Marbury v Madison still applies to any ‘law’ that violates the Ex Post Facto clause.

          The devil is in enforcing illegal orders; will the JBT’s run out of willing enforcers before we run out of ammo? Last I checked, Americans have several TRILLION rounds of ammo socked away! Also, the Jack Booted Thugs do not have armor for their pelvis/crotch, and many People of the Gun have watched Clint Smith’s advice about “Boom to the crotch, boom to the crotch, and let’s go to work!!”

    • It would seem nearly impossible to get the 60 votes they need in the Senate to pass this bill to the presidential desk for someone to tell Joey to sign it and even if it gets that far it will never pass muster in the courts where it will be immediately challenged as unconstitutional per Bruen and the Second Amendment.

      This is nothing more than vote pandering by desperate House Dems who STILL believe their low-information constituents will respond to this virtue signalling and provide enough votes for them to get reelected.

      And look for Congresscritters to be investing in the stock of gun safe manufacturers just in case.

      • Quote:”Cliff H July 31, 2022 At 09:28
        It would seem nearly impossible to get the 60 votes they need in the Senate to pass this bill to the presidential desk”

        Dems are already talking about a process called “reconciliation” to get bills through both houses. A bill then only requires a majority, not 60%

        United States Congress
        Budget reconciliation is a special parliamentary procedure of the United States Congress set up to expedite the passage of certain budgetary legislation in the United States Senate. The procedure overrides the filibuster rules in the Senate, which may otherwise require a 60-vote supermajority for the passage by the Senate.

        So, attach this bill to some budgetary bill and presto, it passes.

        Be Prepared !!!

  3. If this was a republican saying these things, you can bet that this would make headlines across all media platforms. But since Chuy is a Democrat, this won’t even make a blip on the local news.

  4. “Weapons of war have no place in our communities…”

    Um, you swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution upon taking office in the U.S. House of Representatives. If you were born in a foreign country and applied for citizenship here (required for a person to be a Representative), then you studied U.S. History and were informed of the reasons and process thru which the United States was formed in the first place. And that, sir, means precisely that “weapons of war” were indeed intended and even protected by the Founding Fathers’ wording of the Second Amendment.

    Traitor Ya friggin’ dipdong.

    • Had it right the first time, traitor is correct. If the government won’t police them on it’s own, then it’s up to the citizenry to take care of business.

  5. Doesn’t matter if it wasn’t him who sent the tweet. If it was an aid he picked the person. It’s his team. I know it’s asking a lot of a Democrat but man up and own it.

  6. I know I won’t be complying with this, and my guess is neither will the vast majority of other gun owners. But ANY ATTEMPT to enforce this steaming pile of BS will absolutely trigger a 2nd American Revolution!!

    God knows, we should’ve refreshed the tree of liberty decades ago, and now we need physical removal of all the commies if we are to have a hope of saving this country!

    • It’s reached the point where it almost seems like the Dem/Progs WANT that Second Revolution in the mistaken belief the military will blindly do their bidding and then leave them in total power and control with a perpetual “State of Emergency” that allows them to rule with their preferred iron fist.

      I believe they are blinded by their ideology and lust for power and cannot see the folly they have attached themselves to.

      If there is anything that could almost certainly initiate a non-nuclear WW III it would be the United States castrated by a civil war that pulled our intention away from international events to focus all our forces inward leaving the rest of the world to fend for itself.

      Seems like every hundred years or so these types of fools pop up again and want to try the same totalitarian takeover.

      Not this time!

      Molon labe, Dem Congress, if you’ve got the nerve.

      • I think anyone can see it is the wrong time to push for anti gun stuff for the Dems. Stupid and self defeating actually. This implies to me the zealots have excess influence.
        Fanatics of any sort are highly destructive. Their fanaticism can be used to justify any act.

      • democrats (communist party USA) have been promoting violent revolution since the 1960. BO talked about it during one of his campaigns. They actually do want it.

        Be Prepared !!!

  7. The Dem’s are headed into an abyss from which they will not survive.
    The whole party has been nothing but tyrants engaged in racial & class hatred for the last 160 years.
    FJB and the loons who really did vote for him.

  8. Some day in the future ( I do not know when), it appears We The People will be forced into demonstrating to the totalitarian and tyrannical Democrat Polis why the Founding Fathers gave us the 2nd A. It looks like the Dems are trying hard to bring that about as soon as they can too.

    • They do not understand the citizens living in what they call “fly over country”. They do not understand our values, loyalty to the constitution that our founders gave us and they have the incorrect opinion that we will line up the sheeple did in other countries and surrender our firearms willingly at their say so. I think they will have a hard lesson to learn in the future.

    • In Thomas Jefferson’s letter of 1787 to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams, postulates on the newly drafted Constitution and what it will mean. One of his statements succinctly deals with our situation today, and I quote: “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.!” Our Founding Fathers dealt with a plethora of issues, and provided guidance accordingly; hoping it would never come to this!

      “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

  9. If democrats are insulting their constituents this way publicly in social media I wonder how they are treating the 5 democrats who objected to and voted “no” on this bill.

    Gotta make you think – democrats really don’t care about people if their first response to some objection to their stuff is an insult.

  10. Foreign born and foreign raised people should NOT be allowed in any elected position in the United States government or in any state or local government in this country.

    • I know several foreign born individuals who would make great politicians who would support the Constitution. However, they are too smart to wade into the cesspool of politics but you can be assured they will be at our side if it is ever required.

      • Same, and they are maximum level patriots. Few tick the bar harder than those who immigrated fled from oppressive tyrannical totalitarian regimes.

    • Oiga, vato, according to my spouse (1st generation US child of lawfully admitted immigrants who later naturalized) ese pinche baboso mamón is probably paid by the Cartels to undermine the USA. Chuy is just another Tonk who made the big time and wants to keep what he perceives as his…the power, the glory, the bribes…a steady supply of votes for him and drugs / EBT cards for his paisanos in the infierno known as Chicago.

  11. “Honest officers. We was huntin’ up in the Blackwater Delta and hits a snag. Sunk the boat right by a big gator hole. Thet ole; gator went after the pig we shot and we was able to swim out. Couple a fishermen picked us up and got us to the landin. If’n ya goes up there watch out fer that big gator. An’ if ya finds the boat, never mind the rifles, but would ya mind fishin’ out my motor? ”
    We have a square mile of land that backs up to a couple thousand acres of forest land and farm fields. I have a fair scrap iron pile behind the blacksmiths forge and workshop. Good luck finding any hidden disassembled or buried firearms. Bring heavy equipment and lots of shovels. And, since most of the local LEO’s are friends and hunting/shooting/fishing partners, I would likely receive warning if the Feds start sniffing around. I have no desire to start a fight with anyone. No matter how stupid or misguided they may be. And, I realize I am no match for younger fitter men in a fight. So likely would not win. But, I could make things extremely costly for anyone who chooses to bring a fight to me and violate the oath they swore as Law enforcement or military personnel.

    • Don’t be so glum, I have it on good authority (my late pops) that old age & treachery will overcome youth & enthusiasm most of the time. I tell people to beware the old sheepdog/war-dog, they lived long for a reason!!

        • I predict the soon resurrection of Simo Häyha, Rafał Ganowicz, Larry Thorne, Chiang Kai-Shek, Carlos Hathcock, Otoya Yamaguchi, and even General Patton (who wanted to extend WW2 so we could destroy soviet communism)!

          This is my all-star team of Physical Removers, with my latest draft pick, Kyle Rittenhouse! Professor Hans Hoppe will be the coach.

        • Seems the censor algorithm here doesn’t like my joke; it’s being held. We’ll see if it goes up.

        • Might wanna add Eli to the team, merely a suggestion. 8/10 40yd while closing.

    • I feel sorry for Beverley Dean.
      Middle age lady masturbates in public is a pretty strong indicator of mental illness
      The only victims are those unable to shake the images burned into their minds.
      Harmless nutter.
      The other perverts I’m sure UK courts will release quickly. Too bad the victims had no possibility of self defense.

    • None of them could be you, Albert the Poncey, Fake-Limey subject – none of them are ugly enough, and none of them look stupid enough.

  12. You (Garcia) may not be interested in war; but war is certainly interested in you ( him ).

    If he had the brains to internalize and understand that, he would also understand why our communities and streets are precisely where weapons of war need to be.


    “If you don’t understand weapons you don’t understand fighting. If you don’t understand fighting you don’t understand war. If you don’t understand war you don’t understand history. And if you don’t understand history you might as well live with your head in a sack.” Jeff Cooper.

    • EVIL

      To prevent crime, good men must study crime-
      and be prepared to fight criminals.

      To prevent tyranny, good men must study politics-
      and be prepared to fight tyrants.

      To prevent war, good men must study war-
      and be prepared to fight criminal tyrants.

      To survive you must understand
      those who would destroy you
      and how to fight them.

      Because you cannot prevent evil
      without an understanding of evil.

      Clifford T.A. Heseltine, ©1999
      Permission to quote/reprint granted, with attribution

  13. LMFAO
    Oh the power of ‘social media’

    You can call it semantics all you want. It wont change the fact that such a large number of people in the US have no clue as to the reality of just what the US really is and why it even exists. THAT is primarily due to our public education system being completely under liberal control. Most people get VERY poorly educated. People ARE getting lied to and they don’t even know it.

    It isn’t that Trump needs to go away. It’s that Twitter needs to. Facebook, TikTok, and instagram need to go away too. Just like Hillary Clinton.

    All this other BS that gives us articles like this just becomes MORE noise to drown out the facts. So follow your social media blow hards. Most of them are just followers themselves. It really is ‘the blind leading the blind’.

  14. These wannabes in the House don’t even know what an “assault weapon” or a “weapon of war” is. For their edification weapons that are semi-automatic have not been used by the military since the 1950’s

  15. If weapons of war have no place in our comminuties…then I await for EVERYONE to give them up.

    No police, no secret service, no security guards for congressional candidates.

    To quote the movie Zombieland, “Nut up or shut up”.

  16. It seems the governments worldwide wants to disarm the peasants.
    If they cared about crime they would sanction criminals. In the UK criminals are very careful to avoid using guns as it brings strong sanctions. You can rob, rape children, sell drugs, with trivial sentencing.


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