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Whitetails should be scared. Very scared. Two-legged critters up to no good have reason to fear Hornady’s new .45 AUTO+P Critical Duty ammo. The 1911 in the video looks like a Mississippi bullfrog sitting on a hollow stump, but that’s the way a 1911’s gotta roll when it has to satisfy the FBI’s urban barrier penetration protocol. Out in the sticks, Hornady’s .50 caliber MONOFLEX ML looks plenty damn penetrating, deer. Back on the mean streets . . .

Hornady’s new pink-tipped 90-grain .38 Critical Defense Lite offers adequate bad guy penetration, less handgun ouch and a donation for breast cancer cure. Hornady’s Critical Defense line also expands (so to speak) to .410-caliber kick ass (firing a 115-grain slug and two round balls), a .32 H&R Magnum/.327 Federal load, a 32 NAA cartridge and 30 Carbine (for the M1).

Superformance adds a 12 and 20-ga shotgun slug to put the fear of God into moose. The Heavy Magnum Coyote load does the same for, well, you know. If all that seems to much for delicate shoulders, the SST Lite will git ‘er done with less trauma. And when you’re done blasting this and that, Hornady’s got a new hot tub for your firearms. And some new bits and pieces for re-loaders. [NB: unrelated information.]

These are the best of days for ammo makers. In many cases, they literally can’t make their products fast enough to meet demand. It’s good to see that virtually unlimited market for mainstream ammo hasn’t stopped the Hornady family from pushing the envelope in terms of new technology and niche products. Now if they could just become our official ammo supplier, I might just break even this year . . .


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  1. Good stuff. Definitely Not for the hunting adverse though. I think they showed at least 25 kills in that 18 minute video! I’m a huge Hornady fan and I love seeing their ads, they’re always top quality

  2. I very much appreciate that they offer the Superformance slugs in 20ga. Sure do love the new 20ga Weatherby semi-autos we got for fall turkey season… and possibly home defense.

    • No kidding. I’d love to have one but there’s no way I could fit it into my already overcrowded shop. I’m still tickled pink with the one I have.

  3. I’m so god damn sick of everything being about breast cancer like its the only cancer in the world. My Dad is homebound with a matter of a few months left due to leukemia courtesy of a certain defoliant sprayed all around him in while stationed in Udorn. Ammo companies should buck up and start representing the diseases our vets have gotten in the course of their service.

    Rant off.

  4. I want Critical Defense lite in 357 mag. Don’t laugh. I want a 357 load designed for snub nose revolvers that has more oomph than a 38 +P but not the muzzle blast and recoil of a full power 357. Gimmie a 125 grain bullet at 1150 – 1200 fps, which would be roughly the same as a 9mm or 9mm+p. Perfect load for a 357 LCR.

  5. Its like they read my mind for that coyocte load. Just the other day, I looked at the box of Hornady turkey loads on my ammo shelf and thought “bump the #5 up to BB or better and I could do some clobberin’….”

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