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Barely able to contain his glee at last night’s results, Danny Gross wasted no time in throwing down the Brady Campaign marker and letting it be known they’re ready to help a president no longer accountable to voters “make this the safer nation we all want and deserve.” Here’s the press release:

Washington, D.C. – Brady Campaign President Dan Gross today released the following statement in response to the re-election of President Barack Obama:

The Brady Campaign warmly congratulates President Barack Obama on his re-election victory . . .

Following the massacre at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater, we began leading a national conversation about solutions to gun violence. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, from across the political spectrum, have joined the conversation about guns by signing petitions to both presidential candidates asking for their plans to do something about this critical issue of national safety.

Prompted by a question from New Yorker Nina Gonzalez during the second presidential debate, President Obama discussed solutions such as banning assault weapons and background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill — solutions that he underscored are consistent with his administration’s belief in the Second Amendment right to own guns.

We were heartened by the President’s response and stand ready to work with President Obama and leaders of both political parties in Congress to adopt and implement effective policies to reduce gun violence.

Numerous polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans, including gun owners and NRA members, support sensible policies, like criminal background checks, that will save lives. The American public knows that we are better than a nation where mass shootings, like the one in Aurora, happen with such alarming frequency, and nothing is done about 32 more gun murders every day.

We are better than this and we look forward to working with President Obama and the new Congress to make this the safer nation we all want and deserve.

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    • My breath will have odor of Ardbeg Scotch on it very soon. Look to the disgruntled and misspelled comments and post election depression …

      • Mmmmm. Sounds good, but would rather have my 12 year old Bushmills 1608 Irish Whiskey for this.
        Save the scotch(Dewars) for a happy drunk!!!

        • As an Irish Catholic I usually hoist Jameson, but would surely not turn down your Bushmills… the spirit of universal goodwill, of course. Could you imagine what a bottle of Bushmills would taste like that was actually made in the year 1608? You would hope they perfected it right at the start rather than a long trial and error period.

        • Oh yea they did I would say from the taste and texture of it. Being of good Irish/Scottish/Quachita Indian heritage I do appreciate a fine whiskey.!!
          Would be nice to try an Irish whiskey that old!!
          Good Irish whiskey, good Guinness, good friends and good guns make life fun!!!

        • Do you drink scotch, as it has a very smokey taste that takes getting used to (to do justice to the scottish in ya)? Make sure you put the guns away first before breaking out the booze for your friends….if you are planning on downing ‘more than a few’. I wonder if the Quachita enjoyed alcoholic beverages, and if they did, what did they consume (that was indigenous, and not brought over from Europe)?

        • @pat…yes I do!!! Really enjoy a good scotch occasionally. Used to laugh about the irony of sitting in an honest to God Irish Pub, in West Germany, drinking scotch and Guiness!!!!
          Don’t really know what they drank(Quachita), my great grandmother was half Indian and half Irish. Her husband was Irish and died at 93, she died at 101.
          Never heard her talk about any of the tribe really drinking a lot .

  1. There is something weirdly androgynous and even feminine looking about these metro-sexual gun-grabber far-left liberal guys. From the neck up, he looks like a few of the dykes I’ve seen walking around San Francisco.

    I think I just figured it out. Gun grabbing biological males might be suffering from an excess abundance of estrogen in their bodies.

      • Tell me about it. It is interesting in the noting the inverse relationship, though I’m not sure if in the slightest way connected, to the massive decline in male testosterone levels the past fifty years. American society and politics have become more feminized. If the trends continue without a collapse I can only imagine the American dystopian society the future holds. If womyn imagine that it is going to be a peaceful and prosperous matriarchal wonderland they are in for some shocking realities.

      • Same here and it is scary for anyone who can look down the path realistically to see where this is all leading. I’m going to go ride my bicycle down to Wholesale Sports and take another look at the Winchester pump that I’m probably going to buy. This really sxcks. American society is so going downhill. If you lived closer to Portland we could go out for BBQ and split a good pitcher of beer.

        I need BBQ to cheer me up right now.

      • Let’s take a deep breath folks. The world is still spinning and we still have future elections and legal actions to wade through. As for an AWB, those of us living in California have had one forever. Same with bans on evil hi cap mags. I just have to carry more mags and reload faster.

      • That word is a depiction for someone who is afraid of homosexuals and is used by the Left to intimidate anyone who questions anything do with homosexuality. I simply compared the ‘look’ of the male gun grabbers many of whom are feminine looking andro metro-sexuals to that of one reminding me of dykes which are a genre of the lesbian community. Dykes openly refer to themselves as dykes with pride and no shame so there is nothing wrong with my noting the physical resemblance. Go play Mr. Politically-Correct with someone else.

        • While this term is in the process of being reappropriated by lesbians, your usage of it is obviously derogatory. Unless you’re actually a lesbian (in which case I apologize and take back all my comments) let’s cut through the spin. You’re welcome to dislike whomever you like but but if we really care about furthering RKBA and not about cultural warfare, we should be concerned about how members of LGBT see our community. Especially as Jews, we should be more aware of feeling marginalized.The little flame at the end of your post is unnecessary and uncivil.

  2. IF the government really wanted to create a safer society, they would arm the citizens. Since this is not their end goal, I can only assume the government does not really care about my safety. There have been several empirical studies headed by self professed liberals which showed twice that gun control does not prevent crime. This has led me to conclude that the government has ulterior motives for disarming the populace.

  3. How many of those “32 a day” are caused by so-called ‘assault weapons’? How many of those “32 a day” are licensed gun owners, who obtained that weapon through currently-legal channels?


    (…crickets chirping…)

    • We actually have a pretty good idea.

      First of all, FBI Uniform Crime Reports show that criminals killed more people with their fists and feet than with all long guns — which includes shotguns and run-of-the-mill rifles as well as military style semi-automatic rifles. In other words criminals used military style semi-automatic firearms all of about once last year to murder anyone. (And we all know it was the jackass that shot up the movie theater in Colorado.)

      As for who are murdering with firearms — various entities including government agencies assign blame for about 80% to 90% of murders (where a firearm was the weapon) to gang/drug activity.

      So there you have it. There is no “public safety” problem with military style semi-automatic rifles. This year one mentally ill person used one of the millions of those rifles in citizens’ hands to murder someone. Outside of that one incident, I doubt there are more than a handful over the last decade.

      Military style semi-automatic rifle bans are a solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.

  4. Hmph, you know what happens with a more alarming frequency than “mass shootings, like the one in Aurora”, death by bee stings in the United States.

    What the hell do I have to do to work for the Brady Campaign to be the one person there that can put some real common sense in their so called “common sense gun control laws”? I’m gonna apply for a job there.

    • Good luck. IF they even sense (or suspect) you’re not one of them, I think you’ll be out of the job before you can say George Washington. Open your mouth and feed them logic, they’ll freak for sure and out the door you’ll go.

  5. The Brady Bunch are desperately grasping for relevance. It’s pretty pathetic how they issue their one-sided press releases trying to jump on the coattails of President Obama and their nominal supporters in the Democratic Party.

    It’s pretty telling that nobody from the DNC, much less the President’s office, is willing to work with them on a joint statement or press release. It’s also telling that they’re forced to rely on the weakest debate tactics to make their point, because they know that the facts aren’t in their favor.

  6. Things are going to get dicey out there given the Administration’s voiced support for the UN’s small arms control agenda and the potential for several Supreme Court Justice appointments during the next four years. Regardless, they’re clearly underestimating the potential backlash resulting from any attempts made to usurp our Second Amendment rights – the fuse is already lit and rapidly burning down toward the powder keg.

    • Oh, goody, my favorite debate technique. Implicit threats of violence.

      Could you please jump straight to the good part where you threaten assassination of an elected official? That’s where this line of thought logically ends up, and it’ll save us all a bunch of time if you just go there straight away.

        • More leftist/gun-grabber projection. Like I always claimed, they’re all closet sociopaths and violent at heart.

      • AlphaGeek:

        I made no threat of violence or advocated anything worse. Do you actually think that attempts to usurp our Second Amendment rights won’t be met with protest? Two years ago, when the State of Connecticut moved toward banning so-called high-capacity magazines, hundreds of citizens assembled in Hartford to voice their opposition. Our objections resonated with the legislators and the proposed bill died in committee. As slappy said, the usage of the term “powderkeg” is a metaphor. I’d be the last one to advocate
        what you suggested.

        • In that case, apologies for misinterpreting your intent. There are plenty of commenters round these parts who would have had a very different meaning in mind when using the exact phrases you did. Perhaps if you’d used the word ‘protest’ in there somewhere it could have clarified your position considerably.

  7. Desperation!!! Numbers actually show Americans support gun ownership. Plus, the Brady Bunch is already on record as giving Obama An “F” for no action taken on restricting gun rights.

    These guys are grasping at straws.

  8. “Numerous polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans, including gun owners and NRA members, support sensible policies, like criminal background checks, that will save lives.”

    They are such ****ing liars. We already have criminal background checks yet they love to tell the American people we don’t to try to confuse them and stir up support for stronger gun control laws.

    • The want to stop private sales. That is their agenda. Actually, the gun grabbers have two items on their list. 1) ban private sales 2) bring back the AWB

      They will lie and can lie because the base will not check the facts. When you give gun grabbers the facts, they say pro gun groups are liars.

      This is just a small bit of what is happening in congress. Neither side willing to give or compromise and only believing whatever truth they have made up.

      Expect this BS for the next 4yrs if not more or until they get what they want. We already know Obama is on board. Look for something after the mid-term elections. At that point he has nothing more to loose and we all will be under the crush of new taxes and Obamacare.

  9. Don’t think we will see any movement on gun control on the Fedreal side untill 2015, I believe the House will be lost in the midterms then all bets are off and civil war is a real possibility

    • I would tend to agree here. I think it really depends on how the economy is doing. If we are still stuck with high unemployment, and prices on fuel, electricity, and food rise, people will be hurting. The hungry, unemployed will turn to some sort of crime to get what they need. We need to keep an eye on crime rates, or attempted crime as this is a strong warning flag.
      Unfortunately you have more takers than producers, so until people are hit in the face with social unrest, high unemployment, high taxes, and the inability to get ahead in life, then no one will want to force a change.
      Civil war doesn’t need to be with guns either. It could be done by the states exerting it’s individual sovereignty over any federal laws. This of course adds to the partisanship in the government but they will be doing this to protect their citizens.

  10. Of course gun owners support sensible policies to prevent violence, they just have a vastly different idea of what’s sensible. I don’t know anyone that actually supports gun violence of wants more of it. Now if they would just drop the witch hunt and focus on even deadlier things, like bee stings.

  11. Always loved the fact that people like this call for the elimination of gun rights when, in fact, the 2A was created to defend this nation from wannabe-tyrants like him.

    But, we all know how this is gonna go down. Restrictions including another AWB will pass, people will be all piss and vinegar and ranting and raving, but not a damn bit of real resistance will be put forth. Y’all will lie back and take it, just like you did during the Clinton AWB. The American spirit is dead, even in those who claim to have the most of it.

  12. OK… so what’s our RKBA “Action Plan” now that the Great One has re-ascended to the throne? All I’m hearing is “oh crap, he got re-elected” and “oh, look at the anti- crowd gloating”

    • What action could there possibly be? We’re dealing with a despot who fancies himself an emperor above the rule of law with no regard to lawful procedure, a pathetic populace more interested in free phones than freedom, and a gun lobby too timid to make any real strides.

      Action plan? Enjoy your guns while you have them so one day you can tell your grandchildren what it was like to be a free gun-owner.

      • Silver, I can’t even count the number of A zone hits in your comment, so I’ll just score it +1.

        While I expected the election to go the way it did, it was still appalling. People don’t want freedom. They want free sh!t. And the Party of Free Sh!t will give it to ’em, no matter who the government steals it from.

      • id hate to say it, but silver, youre undoubtedly right. ill be surprised if my grandkids inherit anything if these kleptocrats keep up what they do best.

        Like the Romans. Americans are drowned in entertainment, low expectations, bread, and trinkets. Freedom? nope. Its too uncomfortable to fight for.

      • Emperor? Nah, I think Obama imagines himself as being more like the chairman of a marxist world, the messiah of a new world religion, the creator of the universe.

        • Nope!!! Obummer is the love child of Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakan, and a little Napolean DNA thrown in for good measure??!!
          Why else would he look and act the way he does!!

  13. “President Obama discussed solutions such as banning assault weapons and background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill”

    I support the banning of background checks….. 😉

  14. I would like to point out to everyone since it hasn’t been EVER mentioned that we already have an assault weapons ban and have since 26th of June, 1934. I am tired of people who are chosen ignorant that scream we need to ban assault weapons. In truth what they want is to pan any and all semi-automatic rifles that look like the current military main battle guns, M16A2 and M4’s. Which produces 2 major problems for the country. It first goes against the 2nd Amendment that gives the states and the people the right to defend themselves. Through the right to bear, keep, and carry arms; also for the stats to create a well formed militia that has good kit. Secondly that would also mean the banning of almost all lever action rifles, bolt action rifles, pump shotguns, and basicly all semi-automatic rifles since their designs come from the military’s once main battle firearms which are the assault rifles. That would also include almost all of the black powder guns even if that are not considered firearms.
    The current gun control laws don’t work, and I also believe in common sense laws. But who decides it’s common sense? The person sitting behind a desk who’s only experience with any and all firearms is the TV? Or the people that have used and do use firearms for hunting, protection of self, family, property, and friends, and active/retired/reserve military/police/malitia’s. Background checks are good, however trying to ban something that already is banned is just plain stupid, and banning something that looks similarly because it looks like what they have seen on TV. What needs to happen to lesson gun violence is first education of the whole country, even the children on the science behind firearms and practical operation, plus Identification. Then continuing education in the school systems of firearms and daily reports of crimes committed with guns on a daily basis that encompasses the country at first. It has to be done and parents should have no choice. After remove the majority of the wasteful and worthless laws the fear mongers and gun grabbers have invoked or instigated over the last 40 years. Leaving the laws that make common sense like background check. Then do the hardest thing this country is so squeamish about doing. Increasing the severity of the criminal codes and the punishments there in. The death penalty should be reinstituted nation wide and all on death row and with life sentence should have sentence of execution carried out. Then make execution for any crimes where a murder has taken place and make the death penalty the only penalty chose. Basically start showing the criminals and would be criminals that their crimes WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANYMORE… Then copy the tent camp prison that is in Arizona and make it the basic footprint for prisons. In my closing statement I only have this to say “Kinder Gentler works well with children NOT criminals, they only respond to that which will show it’s dominace to them.”

  15. I am not sure about Obama’s effect on gun laws as he hasn’t said but two things so far. I. He is a sportsman and hunter and gunowner. 2. He wants to prevent the criminals and mentally ill from having access to guns. Nothing else so far. I am sure that if the election had went the other way gun prices would drop like a rock and a lot of people in the gun industry would be out of work. I was buying AR15’s during W’s decidership for under $500. Obama has been better for the economic stimulation of the gun industry then any other man in recent history. So…….You had better buy more guns at three times their value as Obama may take them and I need a new bass boat.

  16. Considering the people involved in the administration, can any of
    us seriously say that a flat out unconstitutional law/regulation
    won’t be passed. I think they powers that be will kowtow to
    the Brady bunch a little more subtly, but I wouldn’t take a
    flatout assault on the 2ndA off the table yet.

    • From our government’s perspective, why not try it? The state of Illinois flatly denies citizens their right to keep and bear arms. And they are successful with 10s of thousands of state police, city police, county sheriff deputies, and prosecutors that actively enforce their unconstitutional laws.

      If Illinois can deny citizens their rights in the entire state, why couldn’t the federal government do the same thing?

  17. I own a few guns, & the way I C it is, if they take our gun rights from us, they will go door 2 door taken them, by “FORCE” so “WE THE PEOPLE” can’t fight back at a “CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.” I’m tired of pay’n tax’s & not having rights R a say so. I honesty think will will B going 2 war on our soil. Because people kill people not guns, I’ve owned many guns N my life time, & “NOT THE FIRST TIME HAS ONE KILLED ANYBODY” I C a war N the neer future. Because I’m not giving up my guns,


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