Virus Outbreak Protests Michigan
Protesters rally at the State Capitol in Lansing, Mich. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
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The problem, as I see it, is that you will never remember what the message that frustrated Michiganders were trying to convey, because of the ugly nature of some of the protesters. Honestly, I’m not afraid of guns and open-carry, I grew up with guns in the house and on the farm.

The problem quickly reveals itself when you combine guns, anger and ignorance. When you see people with long rifles screaming at the top of lungs, it shows the ugly side of civilization.

Some of my colleagues felt unsafe. I truly regret that part of it. Honestly I didn’t, because I trust the men and women we ask to protect us and the public. Having said that, what they put our Senate police, the House sergeants and the Michigan State Police through is an outrage. Our guys handled this day with poise and grace. But as an old bar owner, I know exactly how on-edge they must have been.

What is unforgivable, however, is the fact that the frustrated voices of the average citizen-demonstrator will go unheard, because of the noise these ready-for-violence protesters stirred up. To anyone reading, can we say that this rally served its purpose as you see photos of nooses and screaming people? To those that shouted angry messages at us from the Senate gallery, do you think you changed any minds?

– Ken Horn in Guns and screaming at Michigan Capitol drown out message of protest

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  1. I don’t buy the premise that protesting with firearms diminishes the message. In fact, demonstrating with firearms shows the politicians that WE are the “boss”, not them.
    Of course, the leftist communist “mainstream media” will put those who protested with firearms in a “bad light”, but they have always done this.
    No, protesting with firearms is exactly the right thing to do. A secondary purpose for doing so is to keep the “law enforcers” honest, as well.

    • The premise has some merit. The ignorant Joe, watching from the sidelines, may miss the message, and concentrate on the display of arms.

      Those in power, however, clearly heard the intended message. They know exactly why the protestors were there, and they clearly understood the message that “You’ll listen, and you will not brush us aside.”

      How many protestors for various causes have been entirely ignored, not even acknowledged? Protestors with weapons are noticed. Let’s not worry about ignorant Joe Sixpack. The people who needed to understand, understood.

      • “Those in power, however, clearly heard the intended message”

        Indeed they did, angry, screaming, protesters armed with serious weaponry are going to present a problem in the near future, better deal with them now because they are too unstable and unreasonable to be allowed the ownership and use of lethal weapons.

        And the fact that they were willing to march with confederate flags, Nazi flags and nooses shows they do not get the idea of American freedom and the responsibility of citizenship.

        As we would say in high school, smooth move, bowels…

        • Whaaaa!! People peacefully and lawfully exercising their God given rights make leftist shills like you uncomfortable.
          How horrible.

        • Proof that progressives and leftists (but I repeat myself) are totally impervious to any kind of protest.

          No, wait, that’s not quite true. The more you protest, the more excited they get. They’re like rapists that way. Protesting only proves that you need it even more.

        • Miner49er, please show the pictures of the Confederate and Nazi flags, and the hangman’s nooses. I keep hearing Whitmer and the Lefties saying this, yet I have not seen a one of these in any pictures I have seen of the protests.

          This is just another Leftie tactic of attacking the protesters instead of debating the question.

          • Did a search and found ONE possible confederate flag. It had a dog in the middle of it. So technically, it wasn’t a confederate flag as no confederate units had a flag like that. Don’t know what the context was of the display. I say that because the Left stream media also pointed out several Nazi flags and signs. Upon further investigations, one so called sign was really at a Sanders rally being held by a Sanders supporter. The sign was basically saying Trump and Pence were Nazi’s. The other was a sign with Heil Whitmer with a swastika. Anyone with half a brain cell could understand that was a protest against Whitmer’s Nazi like ways, not supporting Nazi’s. As usual, an attempt at deception by the Lefties.

        • Looked thru your video sipping about 20 seconds at a time. Saw tons of American flags, a lot of Trump and Gadsen flags, still no confederate flags. It struck me that while there were literally hundreds of American flags in that 58 minute video, the Lefties of course choose to focus on one possible bonehead that supposedly had a confederate flag there. I’ll be happy to go back a look again if you provide the timestamp of where you saw it in the video.

        • Stephan Craig. I mean what’s your agenda? Starting at the 2 minute mark you get a full screen image of the Confederate flag and it continues on. It’s not my video, it’s from the state’s largest newspaper. I don’t know why you’re lying. Everyone can view it and see you are a liar.

          • OK. I finally saw it once you pointed out where it was. Showed it for a total of 15-20 seconds. My point still stands. There was one bonehead out of hundreds of American flags, Trump flags, and Gadsen flags. No different than when the Lefties and Antifa show up with masks and flags with the hammer and sickle on them. The one difference is here there was one. With the Leftie protests there are many.

            And FU for calling me a liar.

            Like another here said, just keep poking the bear and see what you get.

        • Stephen Craig, your point was you had “yet I have not seen a one of these in any pictures I have seen of the protests” and one search that a child can do proved you wrong. And you still won’t admit you’re wrong. It seems that maybe you’re not a liar, just slow.

          • Keep it up Miner49. No, I did say I found it when the timestamp was given, and that it lasted on the video for a total of 15-20 seconds. So again, smartass, you are wrong. I also pointed out that there was one confederate flag among hundreds of American and other freedom flags. Maybe you are the one that is slow or can’t read English.

            It’s obivious you are a Leftie troll, so this is my last communication with you.

        • Stephen Craig and your butt buddy Hydguy, yep you’ve proved your both stupid. Blame Miner49 LOL

          • Ignorant Buttlucker:
            Your oral buddy Miner is obviously working your fingers through your rectum.
            You are both little wanna be intellectuals, but together couldn’t must an IQ over 1.

            And I have no idea who Stephen Craig is.
            But he sure is a lot smarter that you and a Miner.

        • Innocent Bystander
          I watched the video you referenced and saw one so called Confederate flag. I did see the same flag three or four times, but only saw one. I saw a good number of American Flags and Gadson Flags. Saw no nooses and absolutely no NAZI emblems.
          I saw a lot of weapons, but none that were aimed at or even pointed toward anybody.
          I saw a bunch of pissed off citizens exercising their fundamental rights.

          • Austin is not Texas, totally agree. Also love your moniker. I’m in central Texas, and you are 100% correct, Austin is not Texas.

          • IB and his boyfriend Miner are just old, sad, San Fran Queens who are no longer welcome in their community, or any other.

    • Sorry, but you are NOT the boss. I agree that you are supposed to be, but all the legislators need to do is ban guns and you will see how little power you really have.

      Armed Americans will never throw out current tyrants with a point of a muzzle. Those days are long gone. It will never happen

      • Really? Tell that to the Afghans who ran the biggest army in their region (USSR) out of their country and did so at the start with your basic 19th century weapons, later on exercising the time honored unconventional warfare doctrine of “Trade Up.” If

        I have a knife, I can GET a handgun. If I have a handgun, I can GET an AK47. If I have one AK47, I can GET many more. And from there on to RPG’s. Eventually some friends from the CIA will give us STINGERS to help with Soviet HIND Helicopters… but the end was never really in dispute. It’s not a matter of weapons. It’s always a matter if WILL.

        There’s something else to remember in this context as it applies to the USA: Right now, there’s about 23 MILLION veterans living in our country. Of that number, about 14 MILLION can walk into combat, TOMORROW. And so many will have special operations training and experience. Army Special Forces specific mission is to recruit, train and direct indigenous (civilian) forces to repel or overthrow an oppressive regime and historical events show them to be effective and successful.

        Finally, remember Eric Rudolf? The Abortion Center bomber? He bombed a couple of times, then lit out for the woods in Western North Carolina. His military background? He was an infantry pfc who got thru basic training and maybe advanced individual training before washing out on a bad conduct discharge.

        But he still managed to run a 400 man FBI TASK FORCE ragged in just a 40 square mile area for THREE YEARS, before being apprehended while “dumpster diving” for food in some tiny town. Sure, he had local help. That’s the very backbone of special operations.

        But his training and background was minimal. Now imagine say a thousand very pissed-off Army Rangers or even just a few dozen Navy SEALS in the same situation. Especially if local law enforcement or even elements of either State National Guard’s or the active branches of the US military might be in sympathy if not outright support. That’s all progressive politicians have between them and hot lead to end their tenure. In other words, progressives are usually incapable of acting on their own. They must exercise the power of their office to maintain control and if the cops or military are in sympathy for the opposition it could lead to a shortened term of office for would-be tyrants.

        You never really want to anger folks who can END YOU from the next zip code!

        • And the special forces are trained in teaching others the art of resistance.

        • (ExSoldier63) Matt Bracken is that you? If you not you must be reading his work. Good stuff!


          • Matt Bracken is an old and dear friend of mine. In fact, when he was first writing his Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy, he used to call me constantly and ask little details about army protocols and basic tactics (his being a SEAL OFFICER who saw action in Beirut and was there when the tower was bombed). So when he was finally done, he called me and cackled “Welcome to the official enemies list. See you in the Gulag!” I didn’t get it until I read the last book and looked at the little block of acknowledgements in the start of each book. There I am, right smack in the middle! He still giggles about that. If you give me an email address I’ll tell you my real name so you can look it up, just don’t publish it here.

        • Nice fantasy, but it will never happen.

          There is a HUGE difference between Afgans repelling an invading force and Americans turning against our government and the Americans.

          It would only happen if we are hit with an elephant, but we have not been, and will never be. There will only be one bite of an elephant at a time, never enough to turn the country to rage.

          If something like that were to happen, it would take a large organization. That will take massive communication which will be intercepted long before anything happens.

          • D, we sort of agree and then we disagree elsewhere.

            Let’s say (for the sake of easy math) there’s 100 Million folks who own guns in the USA. Moreover, let’s suggest that the Democrats win overwhelmingly in November and win not just the Oval, but the Senate and they keep the House. Like Virginia, they immediately pass DRACONIAN gun bans and start a turn-in program with threats to use the state national guards in order to confiscate everyone’s guns.

            I think that when push comes to shove, at least 90% of that 100 million will meekly roll over and crawl to avoid a midnight door kick from a SWAT team and guns pointed at the kids…

            Having said that, I also believe that the 10% of hard core gun owners that were either raised right or are former military and buttressed by the Combat veterans and special forces trained individuals among those will stand their ground.

            The days of battalions facing each other is long gone. There won’t be a need for huge armies, communication (as you seem to suggest) or even logistics. It will be a CLASSIC asymmetrical warfare exercise in the practice of insurgency. In fact, the organized large scale military is at the disadvantage in this environment.

            Tanks and fast mover aircraft will be hobbled in both the urban and rural environment. Tanks don’t do well in the cities and they’re very vulnerable unless closely coordinated with light infantry in a farm setting. This is because armor is at extreme risk from barbed wire as found spanning rural locales. The wire can’t really be seen and when hit by armor, it wraps tightly around the road and drive wheels.

            So tight, it has to be removed by a cutting torch. This is known as a “mobility kill.” The crew is stuck in place but still fully armed. So they have the firepower but in the end, it only takes one marksman per tank to watch it from a few hundred meters away for the crew to use the bathroom or try to eat or look at the treads to see what’s needed to get free…

            Aircraft will worry about collateral damage on civilian populations.

            As for wide scale trigger events this has been building for years. I have actually seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the little old lady body slammed by police when she offered her late husband’s old gun in a non firing grip when it was demanded that she surrender the weapon. That was the start, most recently. Even the national guard troops who participated in the gun grabs said it was like Fallujah USA and they didn’t like it… but they followed orders, didn’t they?

            I know folks that have been stockpiling 5.56mm x 45 by the PALLET LOAD. That’s about a quarter of a million rounds for each pallet. Plus, insurgents will typically, live off the enemy.

        • Valid points by EXSOLDIER63, with one exception. The SEALS aren’t gonna appreciate being dissed, and the Rangers will cry foul. Equating a thousand Rangers and a few dozen SEALS. Balderdash. Maybe a dozen or 15 to a thousand, but a few dozen is overkill.

      • Are you willing to bet your life on it? The sleeping bear might look funny, growling and showing his fangs from his slumber, but just keep poking it a little longer…

  2. If you’re a politician and there are citizens protesting your actions, the literal intent of armed protestors is to make sure that you FEEL UNSAFE. That’s the very point of the Second Amendment and we need to make sure that that point is hammered home in every way possible. Politicians should be absolutely terrified of infringing on the rights of citizens.

    • Many people (inclusive of but not exclusively the left) don’t realize this isn’t a game.

      • I’d say the left understands exactly what is at stake. Government troops have killed multiple left-wing protesters, shot down in cold blood while unarmed, see Kent state.

        In my opinion, the ones who don’t get the danger are the right wing conservatives, who have never suffered a casualty from protesting in Washington or at the state legislatures.

        As I’ve said before, unarmed 19-year-old hippie chicks have more balls than the average Covidiot POTG protester who doesn’t feel safe unless he’s geared up like chesty puller.

        • Or that the 19 year old hippie chicks are young and naive who under estimated those they were protesting. The geared up conservatives know those they are protesting are capable of anything.

        • Lesson that came out of Kent state, the military are trained to survive. Never throw rocks and bottles at armed military or you will not see social security.

        • The biggest question is what happens after the government starts shooting.

          The hippies couldn’t shoot back.

          The government machine they once protested is still grinding along — and now, decades later, those oh-so-brave anti-authoritarian idealists literally ARE the government they once protested. And boy, do they love having that government point its guns at everybody else.

          But if the government starts openly shooting at people who are numerous *and* capable of shooting back, that might be the end of the whole charade. It’s not likely (conservatives talk a lot but don’t act), but if it happened it’d be fatal.

          That might be the real reason why gatherings of conservatives haven’t been fired upon by government troops (another one being that conservatives aren’t rock-throwing savages). It’s also why the filthy leftists who once protested government authority are now using exponentially expanded government authority to attack their enemies in secret via red-flag laws, secret lists, and collusion with their fellow travelers in technology, media, and education.

        • To Miner49er
          Historically American soldiers have never fired on civilians who had the same firepower they did.
          And they never fired on people when they were outnumbered and in a hostile area. What happened 100 or more years ago doesn’t apply now.

          The Bundy Ranch in Nevada and the Eric Rudolph hunt in North Carolina has changed everything. The civilians fought back with guns and with the intent that if the feds did anything they would be killed on the spot.

  3. The author of this article is missing the point. As stated in my post above, the “message” conveyed is that WE are the “boss”.
    It is interesting to note that nothing is said when democRATs trash places and disrupt meetings, nothing is said. There is never a negative response from the “mainstream media”.

    • “nothing is said when democRATs trash places and disrupt meetings”

      Unless you disagree, thousands of left-wing protesters, conducting civil disobedience campaigns, have been find in jail, some for extended period of time.

      Many have been willing to die for what they believe, perhaps you are familiar with the four NOM protesters who were shot down in Kent State sometime back. Protesters armed with signs in some rocks, shut down by 7.62 in 14s and 1911.45 far from government troops.

      Help me to remember the last time a conservative protester was shot down in cold blood, perhaps you’re aware of an incident that you can point to as an example of conservatives actually taking risk for their protest against the government.

      • Okay Boomer, can you give a more recent event? Many readers were not alive during the Vietnam War and consider that ancient history. Perhaps a more contemporary situation?

        • OK, how about 2016:

          “CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — A second night of protests over the police killing of a black man ended with another black man nearly killed by someone in a crowd.

          The protests started peacefully when hundreds of protesters gathered in Marshall Park in Uptown Charlotte around 7 p.m. Wednesday night after a police officer shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday. Police say Scott brandished a firearm when they entered the Village at College Downs neighborhood to serve a warrant on another man.”

          Here we have two shot, one by a right wing counterprotester and one by police who claimed he was “brandishing a firearm“.

          Interesting, in the recent protests in Michigan there were many people brandishing firearms, but no one got shot. Of course, the protesters in Michigan were white, right wing conservatives so they have little to fear from the police.

          Again, please remind me when a right wing conservative protester has been shot during a protest, thank you.

        • Ragdoll,

          Today is the 50th anniversary of the government killing of unarmed protesters at Kent State and not a word in the liberal-biased main stream media, isn’t that strange?

          And I’m still looking for the time a right wing conservative protester has been killed during a protest, can’t seem to find a single incident.

          Of course, that doesn’t stop the right wing conservative protesters from expressing their ‘fear’, perhaps some of those 19-year-old unarmed hippie chicks could loan them a testicle or two so they could more effectively protest for their rights.

          Friggin’ eunuchs. No wonder they want to carry a big gun.

        • “…perhaps some of those 19-year-old unarmed hippie chicks could loan them a testicle or two so they could more effectively protest for their rights.

          Friggin’ eunuchs. No wonder they want to carry a big gun.”

          And, like clockwork, the Leftists fall back on their strange obsession with our right-wing genitalia. You don’t seem to get it, obsess all you want, we still refuse to fuck you… 😉

        • “Leftists fall back on their strange obsession with our right-wing genitalia.”

          Well no, I’m commenting on your LACK of genitalia.

          • You are an expert on male genitalia, aren’t you. Many hours with your mouth on them has given you immense knowledge about every one out there, apparently.

        • Heidi, it’s just so precious when you go all Homo erotic on the forum. The comment was about the lack of fortitude displayed by the Michigan protesters, but you took it to some kind of gay sex.

          • Lol! Isn’t Minor cute..
            talks about the genitals of others, but cry’s when her proclivities are brought up.
            You and I_B are a match made in a gay porn.

      • Right, Because a couple hundred screening angry, fist pumping, rock throwing punks aren’t a lethal threat to 20 or so Guardsmen.

        So brave they we’re, throwing rocks and bottles, (that’s lethal intent BTW,) the hiding behind their girlfriends. So brave, So heroic. If only some stupid rich pandering hippy singer would make a song in their honor.

        Slightly off the Articles topic, I know.

        (also… they DID try to disperse the crowed with tear gas first, and gave multiple warnings. It’s not like they showed up, formed up, mag dumped, then said, “sweet, time for beer.” )

        • Well, they did do a mag dump and killed people who were on your way to class.

          The left wing anti-war protesters were willing to lay down their life and engage in civil disobedience in order to hold the government accountable for their illegal secret war in Laos and Cambodia.

          Not so much for the conservative protesters in Michigan, eh?

        • “ On Monday, May 4, activists awaited the noon rally to protest the guard’s presence on campus, as well as Nixon’s Cambodia invasion. But with the guard in control of the campus, the university announced the rally was prohibited. The students gathered anyway, facing off across a hilly green against a phalanx of guard soldiers.”

          So the university prohibited the gathering of the protesters but the students gathered anyway. Yes, they were exercising their freedom of us Wimberly and right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          Unlike the protesters recently in Virginia, the left-wing protesters would not allow themselves to be herded into free speech zones.

          Yes, you have to admire is the 19 and 20 year old hippies who were willing to stand up to a corrupt government, and hold them accountable for their illegal actions.

          And what a coincidence, today is May 4!
          Isn’t it strange how history comes together.

        • The protesters at Kent State were not heros risking their lives for what the believed in. Nobody thought the NG would ever do what they did.

        • I don’t think I agree, the government had been busting the heads of the antiwar protesters for years.

          Everyone knew the NG were carrying M14s with loaded mags, there was no question in anyone’s mind about their ability to exercise lethal force in defense of a corrupt government.

          And the killings did not frighten the left wing protesters, they continued to assemble and protest Nixon’s illegal war in Laos and Cambodia for years, until the US stopped their aggression in Southeast Asia.

          I do find it amazing, this is the 50th anniversary of the Kent state massacre and not one word in the main stream media. It seems our corporate masters don’t want us to take note of the sacrifice of the freedom loving protesters, they want us to move along quietly and don’t raise a fuss.

          • You should have stopped at ‘I don’t think’, because it’s obvious that you don’t.

          • As a former Infantry Captain, I have a pretty unique outlook on Kent State. I personally would have ordered my troops to unload their rifles and instead, FIX BAYONETS and assume a fixed aggressive posture with them facing the approaching crowds. Let the hippies impale themselves on those sharp points.

            OTOH, my feelings on the shooting are simple: They should have been strung up by their testicles. For INCOMPETENCE. If they fired 12 rounds, they should have TWELVE DEAD BODIES RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. Not 400 or 600 meters away and not even a part of the action! That’s criminal negligence.

        • Ex, from your suggestions, I believe you may actually have seen the elephant.

          Yes eight or 10 inches of shiny cold steel can be very persuasive, not to mention a good solid butt stroke. And nobody has to die.

          I can almost forgive the grants, young, frightened, with poor leadership.

          But there was an officer, unloading his 1911, clearly he was too frightened to provide the leadership the unit needed.

        • miner. the conservative protesters were smarter than the unarmed leftist. They brought their guns with them.

          As for your genitalia fixation. Envy will do that to you.

      • To Miner49er
        “Help me to remember when the last time a conservative protester was shot dead.”

        Federal agents shot dead an unarmed man in Oregon at a mine BLM protest three (?) Years ago. This was covered on TTAG back then. I guess you missed the discussion.

      • Help me to remember the last time a conservative protester threw rocks at police or army. Conservatives usually know the stakes and don’t attack armed men with inferior, but still deadly weapons like bottles and rocks.

      • Always the race card with you. How many buildings have white protesters burned in their own neighborhoods?

  4. I can see the OP’s point.

    Context is everything. In the Virginia protests I think it was entirely appropriate for Virginians to show up at the capital “up in arms”. It was – or should have been – perfectly clear that if any hothead fired the first shot the problem would have been immediately resolved with extreme prejudice within seconds. And, so, nothing happened; except that the protesters cleaned up their empty coffee cups before they left. The whole nation recognized that the guns were there as a prop – the whole protest was over guns! And, it demonstrated that civil order has nothing to fear from a militia composed of the “body of the People”.

    Now, suppose the protest is about an ordinance banning picnics in the park. Does it make any sense to show up “up in arms”?

    It is – or ought to be – RARE that protesters need to make the point:

    ‘The last thing that I’d ever want to do is hurt you.

    But remember, it’s still on the list!’

    When used indiscriminately it’s decidedly counter-productive.

    • Guns are part of every pro freedom protest now, regardless of the specific issue.

    • MarkPA,

      Sure, I get your point, but many of these protesters were there because government action had put them in perilous financial straits.

      Protesting with arms because the Governor’s orders caused you to lose your job, your income, or put your small business in jeopardy seems appropriate.

      The prolonged, stringent micro-management of the Governor and seeming dis-regard for the financial health of the citizenry, combined with her refusal to listen, and her absolute dis-regard for the US constitution, seemed very much to warrant an armed protest.

    • “Now, suppose the protest is about an ordinance banning picnics in the park. Does it make any sense to show up “up in arms”?”

      When the government enforcers show up to the park to either eject or arrest, they back their demands with the threat of guns.

      So yeah, maybe protesters “up in arms” isn’t out of place.

      • RAGNAR, good point. As there are only two ways in which you get people to comply through either coercion or force. But, all coercion needs to be eventually backed up with the ability to use force in the case that coercion doesn’t work. During the COVID-19 events so many Governors, Mayors and other Government Officials chose to go straight to the threat of force, and the improper application of force via Police to get compliance with their edicts and mostly unconstitutional laws. Had these “leaders” acted responsibly, like true leaders who can use persuasion and coercion to gain compliance there may not be a need for protesters to show up armed. So, they set the stage themselves, and asshats like Whitmer now want to play the victim card, along with the racist card, yada, yada. Although, by way of the corrupt media these scenes don’t have great optics. I believe they have the desired effect, and I am surprised they have not been more ubiquitous.

  5. Once upon a time, I saw things like this author.

    Virginia earlier this year proved me wrong and I see that sometimes, when being polite and nice fails, it’s time for more aggressive methods to demonstrate the resolve of our opposition to anti-gun, anti-freedom edicts from our so-called leaders.

    “Honestly, I’m not afraid of guns and open-carry, I grew up with guns in the house and on the farm.” Yeah, where have we heard that before.

    “I’m not racist. I have black friends and a black Lt. Governor!” says Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

    “I’m not anti-gun. I own a gun,” sayeth John Kerry and half the other gun grabbing Dems wanting to take your guns while they keep theirs.

    No, without the guns, there would have been no coverage of the protests. And you all can debate whether a tree falling in the woods with nobody around really makes a sound or not.

    • The left doesn’t have a problem with guns as long as they and their paid employees have them.

    • The events were peaceful also. Some brain dead commenters on that article were clutching their pearls screaming about terrorism and foaming at the mouth that people were protesting with guns. At the end of the day, the police didn’t stomp anyone’s face, and the psycho leftists didn’t bash some old lady in the face.

      Also, the only Swastikas I saw in pictures were placed over Witmer and were not flattering for her. They were not in support of Nazism. Nazis are lame boogeymen to scare leftists journalists and college kids into rioting on campus. I’m sure there was a Confederate battle flag, because there is always going to be, “that guy”. He is usually a moron and nobody wants him there, yet there he is.

    • “Some of my colleagues felt unsafe . . .” Sorry but our freedom and liberty is more important than your need to feel safe.

      Armed uniformed cops at a political protest are there, in part at lest, to demonstrate the state’s ability to monopolize power, authority, and violence. But when the purpose of that monopolized power is Illegitimate that is exactly what the 2nd Amendment is intended to oppose. There was a time when I thought the optics of armed citizens at a political protest was counterproductive. But it’s useful to recognize that armed citizens at a political protest demonstrate a different kind of optics. When armed citizens show up at a political demonstration—especially when they are clearly armed with the kinds of weapons well suited for opposing governmental tyranny—their very presence challenges the illegitimate purpose of the armed police to establish state authority and/or prevent the protest from happening. We saw this happen at Bundy Rance and now seeing it happen again outside the Michigan State capitol.

  6. From the article
    “Don’t ever threaten me, ‘cause that’s when the ‘ol bar bouncer comes out in me.”

    Well Senator, these people feel threatened by their government and this is the bar bouncer coming out in them.

  7. Firearms are exactly the right “tool” to use when protesting your liberties being stripped away. Period.

    • This^ I think it’s perfectly responsible to give them fair warning to let them know exactly what’s going to happen if they continue with their Unconstitutional and tyrannical actions.

  8. nope.
    don’t agree with this article at all.
    the point is that politicians should be afraid of the populous.

    • And if the politicians were doing their jobs according to their oaths and in compliance with the constitution, they would not have been afraid and there would not have been a protest. Amazing how honesty can prevent many problems.

  9. Better to protest with a holstered gun than with a brandished rope, eh Governor!

  10. Let’s see…protesters should leave their firearms at home and trust the police who are dedicated to the jackasses who are the cause of the protest.
    Obviously the citizenry is fed up. Singing Kumbaya gets you nowhere with jackass politicians. Instead of whining about people exercising their 1st and 2A rights focus on the root cause of the protest…jackass politicians. Where there are no jackass politicians there are no protests.

  11. The message IS getting through. Quite clearly. There is plenty of proof of this all over the place. This is just another ploy to get people to disarm themselves and ‘let’ the democrat left have control. How can anyone watch the events in Virginia and NOT think the message is getting through? People on both sides are getting the message. That’s why we just witnessed a massive run on guns and ammo.

  12. This “more in sorrow than anger” sanctimoniousness is worse than the one who said she was wearing body armor. That, I believe, was honest – misplaced, maybe, but honest – fear.

    This one … this person understands why the protesters were armed and is twisting their message.

  13. Ah yes the old “guns are never meant to be seen” in a civil society straw man argument. Let’s just say that if the protestors showed up with pitchforks and shovels would the pearl clutching author be so all concerned about safety? So people showed up with ARs and whatever else they could cobble together. No shots were fired and everyone went home okay. I agree with others and I never thought I would ever say this in a million years, that this is exactly the one and specific reason why we need a second amendment.

  14. I have to agree with the author in that I think the real message was watered down and the whole focus was that some folks were carrying guns as well as a few intimidating/threatening posters. If you’re protesting something – make your images about the issues. You don’t have to brandish a gun to be the “boss”. The point can be driven home they are elected officials and can be un-elected as well. I’ve got an arsenal of guns, build them, gunsmith them and have grown up with guns and hunting since I was a kid. I also contribute heavily to 2A groups who are unfortunately continuously in the courts fighting to keep our right intact. I’ve one the activist thing when I felt I needed to and never have I felt it was appropriate to be wearing my AR with full camo. We had power in numbers and clear messages to push for change. I do think it was appropriate for the folks in Virginia that were protesting the gun control laws since that WAS directly about the message. Though I still scratch my head about what message a few folks with full camo and body armor were trying to convey. Maybe they just walked out of the woods and decided to protest – I don’t know… The media with its liberal (anti-gun) bias is just waiting for opportunities to paint all guns owner as belligerent “gun crazies”. Unfortunately, some folks IMHO who don’t have alot of common sense just wanted to bring attention to themselves instead of sending the real message.

    • MrMaxx,

      Yup. All varieties of gun owners showed up. Some with concealed firearms, some openly carrying, some with a long gun slung across their backs, some in full camo, with multiple weapons looking battle-ready.

      We are wonderfully diverse!!

    • I would agree that looking like you just stepped out of the Vietnam war does little to advance the 2A cause when on domestic soil and not at war. But that does not change the underlying message that we have a rights under the Constitution that we will fight for as Americans. It should be considered though that we do have a strong respect for those that serve in the military and some people will not only show it but might actually be veterans themselves. I don’t think I would look down on a vet showing up in camo.

      With that said…anything can be takin to an extreme. People on both sides have done that. But make no mistake about it. We have a constitutional right to guns and a natural right to self defense. Government imposed tyranny is to be put down. We have been doing that since before there even was a USA. The know nothing liberal left would have the meaning of what we are as a culture, twisted and convoluted into a nation of slaves.

    • Mrmax-The body armor is necessary because the patriots were going to be in contact with state thugs, who are armored. It is not smart for Citizens to allow those who mean us harm through tyranny of law to be better kitted up, which is the purpose of the 2nd.

      If one of the cops drew on the protestors, then the cop would be legal to drop as an imminent threat of bodily harm. We carry guns for just in case, that is the same logic with wearing a shield.

      • Those folks you reference as “state thugs” are clearly there for the protection of the state employees on the premises. Thugs are not governed by rules of engagement, though the officers that were on duty clearly are. Protestors can be passionate without being belligerent – and I am speaking from experience. Excessive belligerence coupled with threatening behavior can quickly turn a protest into a riot. That does not send a positive message to anyone and can unnecessarily get people killed. IMHO, if you are already looking at the officers who are being paid to keep the peace on these premises as “state thugs”, then I take it your mind already sees the present government as lawless, authoritarian, and dictatorial. Why anyone would want to choose to live in such a perceived state is beyond me. At that point, the choices are: move to another state that is more accommodating to your beliefs about state government or remain in the state but do something in promoting and campaigning for your chosen candidates for government office to get them elected. While one could choose armed insurrection, I don’t think there is widespread backing for such an approach in Michigan nor do I think the outcome for a group attempting it would be a good one. I can tell you truthfully, there is a reason I do not live in California even though I have had the opportunity to do so. Just my opinion.

      • So when he is a conservative right wing protester been shot by the police during one of these protests?

        Many left-wing protesters have been shot by the government for protesting, yet they continue to stand up and advocate for the rights.

        Today is the 50th anniversary of the mask or can’t state, win for an armed students was shot dead by a corrupt government.
        Those 19-year-old coeds sure were brave to stand up to a repressive government that was taking their right to free speech, freedom of assembly and right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. They refuse to be heard it into a free speech zone and stood their ground.

        Perhaps some of those hippie chicks would be willing to loan some testicles to these POTG protesters so they could stand up for theit rights as well, instead of playing dress-up soldier and shouting about Muh Rites!

        • I apologize for the text errors, speech recognition software isn’t quite up to speed yet but I’m sure everyone knows what I’m saying.

        • Yeah, we know what you are saying. The same tired BS about brave (but stupid) hippie chicks with huge gonads and racist anti-leftist lean of law enforcement. At least for third time in this discussion. You can stop now.

  15. The State never has any hesitation and in fact it’s standard procedure to make a show of force, at any kind of demonstration, using uniformed and armed enforcers. That protesters my be intimidated by numbers of armed police at a demonstration is never seen as a problem. It’s why they do it.

    • I agree with that assessment. When does the government NOT send it’s private army to engage people with signs?

  16. ‘…when you combine guns, anger and ignorance.’

    The primary source of ignorance in Michigan is the governor. That’s why the angry people showed up with guns.

  17. She better get a VP nod because recall is right around the corner.
    Of course Joe would need to win……

  18. As if politicians care what people think. You need to be loud and confrontational in order to get the attention from Mount Olympus. As is the message didn’t go unnoticed, but Whitmer couldn’t care less…

  19. Anyone see the goon squads over the weekend beating & arresting US citizen’s for the “crime” of being outside?!? Do ‘ya think they’d try that BS if they were strapped? Bundy Ranch ANYONE😃

    • Oh come on, cloven hooves Bundy was a welfare queen who wanted to use the taxpayers‘ property for his own personal gain.

      His case had been heard in federal court by Reagan appointed, USAF veteran judge who ruled it Bundy was stealing grazing lands that he had no right to. Bundy only held title to a total of 140 acres, but he claimed thousands more without any right.

      It is sad that so many POTG support welfare queen Bundy, bewildering.

      • Whatever you think about Bundy, the fact remains that he had enough guns on his side to get his way when push came to shove.

        The side that has sufficient firepower and is most willing to use it wins — and that side doesn’t always have to be the government. Lesson learned.

        • He was in the wrong, and might does not make right. To suggest otherwise is to take the side of the outlaw in the terrorist.

          The fact remains, he was a welfare queen trying to take the taxpayers property, just another drone wanting free stuff from the government.

          So tell me, are his cattle still grazing on our lands?

        • Are your cattle grazing there? I know my are not. How is it our land if we can’t use it? It’s government’s land now and only government can do with it as it pleases.
          Might might not make right, but it sure can chase away unright.

        • I didn’t say he was in the right. I only said he got results. The almighty government backed down.

          No idea where his cattle are these days, or if he even has any. If it’s *our* land, then for my part, he has my permission to go ahead and run cattle on it. But it’s not our land at all; the government took great pains to prove it.

      • Bundy was paying leasing fees for grazing rights, but he sent the checks to the state and not the Feds. The state could have forwarded the checks to the feds. The BLM were running other ranchers that had legitimate leases off the land so Harry Reed could lease the land to a Russian owned company the was mining plutonium and removing it from our country. The Bundy ranch opposition messed up his plans, ” follow the money “.

  20. Today is the anniversary of the National Guard firing on protesters at Kent State. Maybe Mr. Horn should keep that in mind when discussing armed protesters.

    • The US recognized Red China in 1978, so how can you say that the U.S. thought Red China was good in 1970(Kent State shootings)?
      Yes, Nixon opened up Red China in 1971(may he be cursed forever), but it is quite a chore to ignore a country that has as large a percentage of the world’s population.

    • “the integration of a foreign culture of Africans, on White culture.”

      Another sad racist, who ignores the realities of history and science.

      African Americans died at a much higher rate in Vietnam, they were drafted disproportionately to wealthy white folks. Just look at Donald Trump, with his five draft deferments or Dick Cheney with his five draft deferments.

      And what is sad, poor white folk were drafted disproportionately as well, yet they are the most racist of all because they believe the rich man’s propaganda about black people taking their jobs and raping their white women.

      As a great American philosopher once said:
      ”I joined up on my birthday, because they draft the white trash first round here anyways”

      • Funny, but you don’t mention Clinton fleeing the US to go to England. No surprise there.

        Oh, and there were lots of black men who also got multiple deferments.

        Once again, you throw your ignorance out there for everyone to see. You just can’t help showing everyone how stupid you are.

      • Bill Clinton received a real student deferment, he didn’t need to pay off a doctor to certify his bone spurs.

        And these multiple black men who received deferments, how many of them started a war of lies in Iraq like Dick Cheney?

        We have a word for war mongers who evaded service, they are known as chickenhawks.

        • Ah, the libtards got a ‘real deferment’, but any conservative was gaming the system.
          No, he ran away after promising to go the the U of Arkansas and enroll in ROTC to avoid having to actually appear before the draft board, and he had several powerful family friends pull the strings for him.
          As usual, your stupidity keeps bubbling to the surface, pecker whisperer…

  21. I agree. When I saw articles and videos about the protest in Michigan, I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. I was distracted by that guy carrying an FN FS2000. I mean…who even has one of those aside from that guy?

    • It sounds to me like you missed the message. I’m not sure why it even should matter that they had that specific firearm.

      Some people are distracted by the woman in the blue dress and drive their vehicle through a light pole. Some people are just easily distracted.

    • Verendus,

      The only reason that specific photo was taken was because the FN stood out from the crowd and made for sensationalistic journalism. Meaning that to the non-POTG who don’t know an AR from an AK, it looks like a militaristic space ray gun, a plasma rifle somewhere in the 40-watt range.

      • We now find that at least one of those Michigan photos have been doctored. What to believe now?

        – American Thinker, May 4, 2020 Anti-lock down demonstrator falsely accused of holding white supremacist sign.- Rose Tennent,

  22. Somehow, these sanctimonious anti gun editorials fail to mention that just a few demonstrators armed with firearms effectively deter attacks from Antifa.

    Compare what is occurring in Michigan today with what has happened in Illinois since 2016. There is far less political intimidation in Michigan than Illinois.

  23. Being polite and playing by the rules hasn’t really worked for years. It’s the reason why so many voted for Trump; we’re tired of having our say but no one listening to us because they know they don’t need to.

    It’s time that that changed. Sad to say but note how the Christians got locked down and arrested while the Muslims continued their prayers in much closer contact with little to no hassle.

    Why? Because the politicians are rightly afraid that Muslims when they riot will do damage and injury. It’s as simple as that.

    It is regrettable and contrary to the reason why this country and western Civ has done so well up to now.

    Might makes right and you have to demonstrate your might no and then to make sure your point of view is respected. The founders knew this and clearly stated that now and then the tree of liberty must be watered and fertilized with the blood of tyrants.

    It’s the only way to get their attention. They no longer fear the citizen because the citizen has not offered much real resistance. And they’ve been allowed to get away with a lot over the years because of the wishy washy Republicans. (and I’m talking to YOU Mr. Bush)

    • And who can forget the Jews in NYC that are still refusing to comply with public health orders.

      The irony of calling DeBlasio a Nazi.

  24. Sounds like like many Democrats are like many so called pro-2A Republicans do not like us exercising our rights. Sounds like we need a new party to represent us at the local, county, state, and federal levels. We have not made much progress with 2 supposedly pro-2A Supreme Court justices. We need to form a new party that really supports our views, but that could also be programmatic because pro-2A views are all over the place. We once went to school with our firearms and now we don’t because many saw it as a bad thing. We lost our way over the last 75 years and we are just holding on to what is left of the 2nd Amendment that has been watered down by Democrats and Republicans. Just remember it is a election year, but we usually do not have many choices at the election booth most of the time.

  25. At least in Michigan they still have open carry, Illinois does not have open carry since 1949 and along with the 1968 FOID (Firearm Owner’s Identification card) Act and only recently got concealed carry in 2013. If you don’t exercise your rights, they will be taken away. We in Illinois have to have the FOID card to to legally possess or purchase firearms or ammunition in Illinois or handle a firearm in a gun store we want to look at. Illinois was the last state to pass a law that allowed for concealed carry of pistols only. Illinois original handgun carry ban was enacted in 1949, with the ban revisions being enacted in 1962 and FOID Act of 1968. The pre-existing laws forbade concealed carry, and generally prohibited open carry in Illinois. We don’t have any 2nd Amendment rights in Illinois, but you do in Michigan. Go Michigan and exercise you rights while you still can.

  26. We all need to remember. “The right to PEACEABLY assemble, for a redress of grievances.”

    That said, I see the merit in “never go looking for a fight, but always be prepared for one,” mind set.

  27. I agree with the article. Most people (voters) think this situation was terrible and full of gun nuts. This type of demonstration does nothing to attract people to our side. Regular people that aren’t into guns but support them start to push back when they see stuff like this.
    What’s next? Burning state flags or firing in the air? A bit third world… 2 cents

    • Agree. Especially when it over something like staying home so you don’t get sick. My friend died from this thing. He was 64 and healthy.

      They really should be protesting the SBA for their handling of the PPP and EIDL.

      • You are 100% correct, the PPP program was corrupt in design and implementation.

        That was the reason for the rush, they wanted to get it in place without any oversight or controls so they’re wealthy corporate masters could ponder the taxpayers stimulus funds.

        Shake shack, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, receive $10 million in emergency funds, the LA Lakers receive 4.6 million and they’re $1 billion organization.

        The wealthy control America and they are the real enemy of freedom.

        • “The wealthy control America and they are the real enemy of freedom.”

          Now think about who exactly “the wealthy” are — the truly, fabulously wealthy, I mean, not just fast food chains — and which political party almost all of them cleave to.

          • Exactly correct. In fact if you study those ultra rich folks and the memberships they hold in certain organizations you’ll find that the overwhelming majority support a socialist government and restrictive social framework.

            Group membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and The Bilderberg Group who are the most prominent that support and push a so called World Order under the U.N. which would entail socialism as the economic model.

            That should inform you that the definition of socialism is NOT what you presumably were taught in school. It has nothing to do with “income redistribution.” It has everything to do with income consolidation and control. The ultra wealthy LEFT will control and dole out to the poor peasants just enough to keep them quiet but never enough to consider or plan for Revolution.

    • I’ll refund your two cents. The only thing keeping the tyrants from passing more laws is armed protest.

    • I disagree. No one was hurt, on either side, there was no incident of mishandling or negligence. That shows to everyone that the regular people, not just “highly trained professionals”, can carry rifles responsibly and make sure the protest stays peaceful. Which it did.

  28. Time for the people in Ken Horn’s district to replace him in the next primary for his office.

  29. The only thing worse than displaying physical anger and an available firearm is if you put alcohol into the mix. If the crowd was civil, let the speakers practice the 1st, then the public could see that firearms are not dangerous.
    I do not want any more laws written, I do want people to practice self control.

  30. Apparently you’d have to be black, riot, & burn the city down!
    It worked in Baltimore, Los Angeles & other places.

      • The only reason there isn’t violence from the tyrants, is because we’re armed.

        • I have to agree and would go further to rebut the original post who offered that “violence is in fact persuasive” by saying: Much less so when it’s MET WITH similar or superior violence.

  31. I have to agree. Wandering around a protest with a cross-body slung SCAR isn’t sending the best “message.”

    No to send a really EFFECTIVE message, I’m very Old School. I much prefer Pitchforks and lit torches along with barrels of hot bubbling pitch. Maybe several bags of feathers….

    • I had to go look up the term FUDD! LOL here’s a good further explanation:

      After reading what may be the worst piece of Fuddish propaganda I’ve seen in decades, I decided it was high time to pass on a few tools to help spot a Fudd when they intrude into the public discourse about firearms.

      What follows is my Top 10 list for successful Fudd spotting:

      1. All Fudds have a common mantra: “You don’t need an AR to hunt deer.” Even though the rifle has become the most popular platform for taking all kinds of game, they don’t care. To the Fuddistas, an AR, regardless of caliber or build, is still just an Evil Black Rifle.

      2. All Fudds fail to understand that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. I’ve read it more than a few times. I’ve yet to come across any verbiage about hunting.

      3. All Fudds have an inflated sense of self worth. They believe their opinions carry more weight than anyone else’s. After all, most serious Fudds were once published authors. They wrote for hunting magazines, when people actually bought hunting magazines. They were treated like kings — offered free guided hunts and African safaris that cost more than most pickup trucks. All the guns and gear, which were provided free of charge for the hunts by the magazine’s sponsors, they kept. Now that most hunting magazines are struggling, and the free safaris have dwindled, the Fudds are looking for other ways to gain notoriety and to return to the Golden Age, when people actually read what they wrote.

      4. All Fudds must proselytize. They cannot sit idly by in their man caves and polish the knobs of their bolt guns. Given time, every Fudd will have to share their warped opinions about hunting and the Second Amendment, either through a column or an interview. Most Fudds will out themselves. This, friends, is a good thing.

      Sign up today for The Gun Writer
      5. All Fudds are terrified of anything tactical. ARs scare them. AKs absolutely terrify them. That’s why they want semi-autos banned. They hate the fact that the AR is the most popular rifle in the country, and they will never, ever admit it has become “America’s Rifle.” To the Fuddites, the AR is just a passing fad. The same can be said for their gear and accessories. It’s easier to find a Bigfoot on a unicycle than a Fudd with a red dot on a handgun.

      6. Most Fudds are old, white dudes. I’ve never met an African-American Fudd, a Hispanic Fudd, a young Fudd or a female Fudd. True Fudds are carryovers from a bygone age. Their numbers are dwindling and they know it. That’s why they’re trying so hard to win people over to their side.

      7. Most well-known Fudds began as outdoor writers — not gun writers. They’re used to writing 150-inch stories about stalking some unique horned critter no one has ever heard of, in a country where no one will ever go. If they lower their standards to actually review a firearm, it’s either a bolt-action rifle or a revolver.

      8. Fudds have no tactical sense or skills. For the Fuddites, there’s no better EDC handgun than a two-inch belly gun with a five loose rounds in their pocket, which also contains a few dollars in change. (Try loading a handful of dimes under stress, boys.)

      9. All Fudds go to the range for one reason — to socialize with other Fudds. They shoot an average of 5-10 rounds per hour, run their sucks incessantly, hog busy lanes and are quick to criticize anyone who’s rifle doesn’t have a wooden stock, or who’s a female shooter.

      10. All Fudds are whores when it comes to product reviews. Every rifle they review is the greatest rifle ever, until their next rifle review. Same-same for their handgun reviews. They talk about things like “stopping power” and “hit potential,” to avoid provable facts or anything of tactical interest. In truth, they operate as extensions of their magazine’s advertising department.

      • “whores when it comes to product reviews”

        It seems you’ve been reading the gun reviews on this website…

      • “I’ve never met . . . a young Fudd or a female Fudd.”

        I’d be happy to introduce you to a few.

        Pro tip: all the female Fudds are named Karen.

  32. The media were going to slander them all as psychotic Nazis anyway. There’s no winning. Disregard the politics of respectability, because they don’t respect you and never will.

    • Completely agree Ark. Who the hell can’t see that these people lie about and slander us and treat us all like psychopaths, no matter what. So, fuck em.

  33. The open carry of long guns is our inalienable right as American citizens. We need to do it more often. But do it smartly. Open carry protests in Virginia, Texas, Michigan, and Florida were justified. And they were peaceful.

    I’m glad we’re having this discussion. It’s part of the “right to BEAR arms”.

    And no you don’t walk into a Walmart or a Twin Peaks business carrying long guns.

    Make a protest sign part of your EDP. Every Day Protest carry.
    People don’t know their rights because the education system has avoided ON PURPOSE teaching them.

  34. The message hasn’t been lost at all. The real message being conveyed here is that people have had enough of the legal trickery and constant oppression of the anti-gun crowd on the left. The pro-gun side has been preaching calm and to be respectful and law abiding for decades in this fight. What have we gotten for our efforts to remain civilized and reasonable? We’ve been ridiculed, treated with disdain and contempt, and legally put in jeopardy simply for owning certain guns and magazines that are legal.

    People have had enough of it. Now with the covid-19 situation, the left has doubled down and used the pandemic to finally put a stake in the heart of gun ownership. That’s the last straw for many people. That’s why we had the massive rally in Virginia, and the people carrying long guns in Michigan. Its called sending a clear and unequivocal message to the corrupt Democrats who are trying to remove our rights and destroy the Constitution.

    That isn’t going to happen. There are between 150-200 million gun owners, and 500 million guns in the hands of the public. While the vast majority of those people are law abiding citizens, when push comes to shove, they will stand up and be counted. The left can laugh and present a confident face but its all a facade. Inside they are quaking in their boots, because they know that if the people rise up in protest, they’re done for. They make noise about how they’ve got the police and the military, etc., but does anybody with an ounce of sense think those cops and soldiers-who come from our civilian ranks-are going to turn on their family and neighbors? Don’t be naive.

  35. Au contraire, vato.

    I think the fact that some protestors were armed is the only reason they were taken seriously.

  36. The message displayed to 95% of the country was that a bunch of nuts were out protesting stuff they don’t understand

    And this overshadows the larger idea of the protests and does not really represent most people in them… but the nuts will never understand or care about that.

    • I feel like that is most protests anyways. I mean, even BLM was a mixed bag of fuckery. Teacher strikes and airline pilot strikes… nobody really cared and most people who showed up just wanted to get our their own message. At least at these armed ones, the main message is “our force is greater than yours” (exchange force with schwartz if you must). And even if it’s not, it would be as soon as force was used against open carriers. Military would be called in quick, and hopefully, they would not answer the call. That alone would make the government shit bricks and it would only take one LTC to say “nah, fuck that”.

  37. They got their point across alright.

    You can tell because the Leftist governor is screaming “racism!” to deflect. But…but…they had Confederate flags and swastikas!

    • yea, all 10 people out of the hundreds (thousands? no? not yet?… k)

      I think if world history has taught us anything, speaking to you liberals now, it’s that racism does not represent the majority. If it did, why are slaves free? Why is nazi Germany not a thing anymore? and so on and so forth until beyond my historical recollection.

  38. It strikes me that the optics issue doesn’t revolve around the guns but rather around the screaming and obvious anger. Realistically I think this is a fairly minor issue in most cases because the powers-that-be are going g to do what they’re going to do regardless. Peaceful and calm means pushovers, angry and loud means lunatics and both can be safely ignored.

    I would also however point out that nothing happened. No riot, no police overreaction, just some yelling. How interesting that both sides seem to be restrained enough not to cross the line (though they may walk right up to it) when both sides are armed.

  39. Every protest should be armed to the teeth.

    “And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.“ Thomas Jefferson

    • Despite the whole virus thing… I am starting to feel like I live in an amazing time. Where can I setup my tiki bar? I like that politicians office… I think I’ll take that one.

      • Me too… I am very eager to be part of the big hawaiian festival in the inuit shelter. I have my aloha shirt freshly pressed and ready to go!

        • lol… I wore a uniform once. I just can;t bring myself to making a new one with a more hawaiin variety. I think I’ll stick with neutral colors. Or white… so I can blend in to the white house. ba dum tss.

          • You must be a fudd or commietard, because you obviously do not grasp the concept of sarcasm (or humor). When the boog starts I will be wearing civilian clothing and blending into the local population like a motherfucking tree frog in a rainforest. All comments about aloha gear are purely for the memetic warfare!!!

  40. The message isn’t for the public; it’s for the lying scumsack politicians. That message is pretty basic: We The People are sick of your BS, and we are done asking for you to respect our liberty. Do what we tell you to do or we will drag your bodies through the city before hanging them from the streetlamps!

    All we asked was to be left alone; but you couldn’t leave well enough alone. You’ve brought this on yourself!

  41. I agree with the OP. Sure I get I have the right. However gun people need to wake the F up. Anti-gun is growing everyday.

    Scaring people with your taticool/ready for war look does not help the gun cause today in 2020. It does help the anti-gunners. This is just a FACT. I do not like it, I believe I have the right to do it but I am not STUPID either and understand that it is hurting out cause more than helping.

    I think the only time you really should protest with your guns is when it is about gun rights. These protests have nothing to do with guns, it is all about getting back to work.

    • Except for one thing. The “message” isn’t for the public. The message is for the politicians who are the target of the protests! Antigun people are gonna be antigun no matter what. And they do not have increasing support of the people! If what you’re saying were true, then how is it that 2 million NEW gun owners joined the gun community in April? and then 2 million NEW gun owners before, in March???

      Everyone who’s not new to the gun community need to grow some cojones and get with it; all of our rights are under direct assault because of this PLANdemic which is being used as a pretext for quarantining the Bill of Rights! So if protesters are showing up to protests armed because they know this is the only way that the politicians will pay attention, THEN STOP WHINING AND SUPPORT THE PROTESTERS! Also, going heavily armed in large numbers insures there will be no heavy-handed police state retaliation against the protesters. I say that because in Commiefornia, people are protesting largely unarmed and the jack booted thugs over there are arresting people just for the act of protesting!!

    • They are literally trying to pass gun laws because you are on lockdown. Wake up dude. Look at all those countries who got locked down and they had nothing other than compliance. Meanwhile, in America, the spread of the virus has plateaued and people won’t allow the government to lock them down. When politicians start using a pandemic to justify their tyranny, it’s time to grab the guns. Actually, if every protest was armed, the government and it’s tyrant law enforcers would probably not result to killing innocents as much. Keep in mind that the only reason it’s been so peaceful is because the tyrants know what happens when they fire shots. Nothing short of a war would break out, and all it would take is one single military unit to be like “nah, we side with civilians” to put a stop to the governments fuckery. America has learned a lot of lessons, and allowing the government to gain more control is not going to play out well here. It’s bad enough the Democratic party is pretty much running on the fumes of gun control now days, but throw in a pandemic and governors trying to limit people’s right to defending themselves… I think I have made myself clear.

  42. I think protestors with guns used the wrong symbols, unless they were protesting the closure.of.gun shops and ranges. If that wasn’t what they were protesting, then it makes as much sense as people carrying pink triangles, rainbow flags, and pictures of aborted fetuses. The VA protests made sense since gun laws were the central topic. 1200 miles away, I hear people say that it stupid that MI won’t let you buy seeds at Walmart, but they said it was also stupid for armed protestors. You may see guns as a symbol of freedom, but many don’t. Saying “I will literally fight you over this,” is a poorer argument than “This shutdown is costing me and my employees our jobs,” or “You’re stopping me from paying my mortgage/rent.”

    • So… not fighting for your livelihood is equivalent to what in your opinion? Freedom? Self reliance?

      And so you are aware, there have been numerous states trying to pass gun control measures while locking people down. It was never about the virus. The government saw an opportunity and it took it. It’s a way to create sides, ie. voters. It’s a way to pass laws. When people start dying, the economy changes. The history of war proves that. What easier way to do it without actually going to war?

      The fact is, it’s about jobs, freedom, gun rights, and all of the above. It has remained peaceful because the protestors are armed. You didn’t like unarmed BLM movements terrorizing local communities, did you? Or the police showing up in droves and using force to control them from getting their message across, did you? So look at these armed protestors as the most peaceful protests in years, because they are. The presence of a gun on a civilian is literally the backbone of the freedoms you currently enjoy. 1,000 years ago, replace the word gun with swords, or bow and arrows etc etc… 10,000 years from now, replace guns with solar powered lasers or something. But you can’t replace government with anything other than people utilizing greedy opportunities to control others and attempt to fast track their own political agendas.

    • See my comments elsewhere on this page. The presence of guns has nothing to do about the subject of the protest as much as it does with sending a message to the tyrants that we will not tolerate their stepping on our inherent Rights anymore and that we will use force to defend those Rights, whatever rights that might be. This is not about symbolism for the benefit of the public. This is about telling tyrants we will fucking kill them and drag their bodies through the streets if they keep being tyants!!

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