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From Holosun

Holosun has listened to consumers and delivered once again. The SCS-MOS (Solar Charging Sight) is a pistol-mounted reflex sight that features an internal solar rechargeable battery. Not only does the optic self-regulate intensity to ambient light like all other Solar-Safe Holosun optics, but the solar panel also recharges the internal battery.

The SCS-MOS was designed from the ground up to match the form and style of the Glock MOS platform with serrations on the optic body that fit flush with the factory Glock slide serrations. It also features a low-profile deck, so standard Glock iron sights can still be used with the SCS-MOS attached. Potentially, this optic can function indefinitely with the correct lighting requirements. Holosun’s latest Auto-mode system adjusts reticle intensity instantly and includes an override function.

The SCS-MOS boasts a grade 5 Titanium IP67 rated housing and features our Super Green (540nm) LED technology using the MRS (Multi-Reticle System) to give users the choice between a 2 MOA Dot Only, 32 MOA Circle only, or a 32 MOA Circle with a 2 MOA dot. For best zeroing, a 30+/- MOA travel adjustment with 1 MOA click adjustment can be set by adjusting the windage and elevation on the top and side of the optic housing. The SCS-MOS is parallax-free with unlimited eye relief for the best possible target acquisition.

Having a large optic window is important and never more so than on a pistol reflex optic. Built into the 1.93×1.03×0.91 housing is a 0.77×0.58 window. This is a massive window to housing ratio and has helped keep the weight down to 1.3 oz. The window has been coated with various filters and anti-reflective properties to keep visual acuity. This helps to reduce glare, limit streaking and improve clarity when acquiring a target.


Holosun has taken the wants and needs of its users into account and has proven they are listening. A solar charging optic from Holosun has finally hit the market that eliminates the need to change batteries. With the SCS-MOS, a user never needs to worry about battery changes or having left a powered-off SCS optic idle for too long. A battery life indicator provides remaining battery life when powered on, and the internal battery can last for up to 20,000 hours in a worst-case scenario. From the safe to the range, the SCS-MOS adapts to any situation.

For more information click here: SCS Product Information


• Multi-Reticle System (MRS™): 2 MOA Dot w/ 32 MOA Circle, 2 MOA Dot Only, 32MOA Circle Only
• Self Adjusting Reticle Brightness
• Grade 5 Titanium Housing
• Glock™ MOS Footprint (19/23, 17/22, 34/35, 45)
• Solar Charging Internal Battery
• 20,000-Hour Power Reserve
• IP67 Water & Dust-proof Rating
• Travel Range ± 30 MOA
• 1 MOA Windage & Elevation Adjustment Per Click
• Window Size: 0.77 x 0.58
• Weight: 1.3 oz
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• MSRP:$435.28

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    • Ask your electric utility (or Joe Obiden). Eurp greenies are already learning that you can’t run you Edison car or Ipad on Unicorn farts and BS.

      • With the tiny solar cell they include on Holosun products, it will probably take 40,000-60,000 hours to fully charge.
        More efficently, Holosun should have used (or I hope used) supercapacitors.

    • If the sun goes out we will know your centrifugalator modifications went awry. Two hours later and we will realize it didn’t really matter.

  1. Nice. I’d love one for my p365xl. But the closest thing to this rds that I have is a HS407C-X2, and I’m pretty sure that only works in solar after the battery is dead and does nothing for the battery itself. Not upgrading any other rds’ but I’d do it for the daily p365.

    • Nope. The panel takes over in a light source. The battery takes over in subdude lighting 👀 or when you go on manual adjust. Not assuming genders here…

    • Holosun, Vortex, SIG and Primary Arms are mostly made in the Holosun factory in China. Some have Japanese stuff and fewer US made, Berry Compliant stuff.

      Expect to see most of this stuff sourced either to the US or Vietnam in the future, as China is collapsing and its people are dying out. Their labor costs has risen by a factor of 15 and productivity only by a factor of 2, since 1992.

  2. Every gun hating greenie should be celebrating the adoption of solar technologies on firearms

  3. The SCS has a two year battery reserve when on. So carrying it under a shirt or leaving it in the safe shouldn’t be a big deal. Also the battery takes 6 hours in the sun or under bright light to charge from dead. The internal battery is rated for 10 years, before it needs to be changed at the manufacturer.

  4. Cool form factor. Too bad the chinks can’t QC worth a damn. Pre-ordered one, and it sh*t the bed on the 2nd mag from a G17.

    Seems that the LED shifted and lost focus, except on the very outer edge, making it kind of hard to aim. Sadly, not the only one I’ve heard of with the same issue.

  5. And what exactly is the point? In any effective self defence situation you’d better bloody well learn to point and shoot and very quickly I can maybe understand why you would want this kind of thing on a long Gun but even there it’s not much use for hunting is it.? Most engagements with a handgun, whether in self defence or not, take place under 15 meters and if you cannot stand a reasonable chance of some kind of hit at that distance and quickly then you really should get a damn sight more practice in. By the time you’ve lined up with pretty much any sight with a hand gun you are already on the way to the morgue. That’s why the pros go in gun-in-hand. NO thises tghings are for only one purpose – For the DELIBERATE, and mostly with malice aforethought, killing of another human being. . Believe me you do not have time in a combat situation to stand with outstretched arm lining up any kind of sight -as least with and kind of effective handgun engagement you don’t.

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