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From Primary Arms Optics . . .

Primary Arms Optics has just launched their first SLx HUNTER Rifle Scopes, starting with their 3-9x40mm and 3-9x50mm SFP models. The SLx HUNTER 4-12x40mm and 4-12x50mm SFP Rifle Scopes are expected soon and are currently available for pre-order.

Crafted for the true outdoorsman, the SLx HUNTER 3-9x40mm and 3-9x50mm SFP Rifle Scopes improve your visibility and precision without compromising on weight. The 3-9x magnification range, combined with high-quality lenses, offers a clean, crisp image for optimal performance.

Both the 3-9x40mm and 3-9x50mm scopes offer the same quality feature set, including a lightweight 1-inch body diameter with a bold Duplex-style reticle. The 40mm model offers superior mobility for extended hikes, weighing only 15.3 oz. The 50mm models offer slightly enhanced exit pupil and light transmission, weighing only slightly more at 18.2 oz.

Like all Primary Arms scopes, each optic is hand-inspected for quality and performance at Primary Arms’ Houston headquarters by trained optics staff. Both scopes come with Primary Arms Optics’ comprehensive lifetime warranty, so you can count on them for your most challenging hunts.

“Light, strong, and reliable, our new SLx HUNTER Rifle Scopes are an instant classic and unbeatable value,” says Stephen Morgan, Primary Arms Optics’ Product Marketing Director. “No matter where the hunt takes you, these 3-9x rifle scopes give you the tools to chase almost any game.”

Primary Arms Optics SLx HUNTER rifle scopes

Fans of Primary Arms can also look forward to the upcoming release of the SLx HUNTER 4-12x40mm and 4-12x50mm Rifle Scopes. These two optics have many of the same outstanding qualities as the 3-9x model but with a larger magnification setting for extended sightlines.

To learn more about the new hunting optics, click here.

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  1. I once had a PA red dot. Cost around a hundred bucks. I used the red dot one time. Then put the rifle in storage. Didn’t fire it or mess with it for several years. One day, I pulled the rifle out and turned the knob on the red dot to adjust the dot brightness and the entire knob unscrewed from the housing (Glue failure). During my accidental unscrew of the knob, the wires on the back broke and the red dot was useless. I called PA and asked if they could repair it. They said no, and told me they could give me a discount on a new one, and I said, “Uh… no thanks! Bye!”


    • Well you see that’s what happens when you place a 6.5 Creedmoore next to a 03A3, they got in a fight and the the Creedmoore lost an eye.
      It’s why I never put my 9mm’s next to a box of .45’s the 9’s all wind up dead.

  2. So far I’m having pretty good luck with Bushnell. I put a 6×18 on a .300 wthrby, everyone said it wouldn’t last, it’s still working after 500 booms.
    I used a one piece bridge, maybe that helps?

  3. Bushnell has been around a long time. I have been using Vortex and they are clear and affordable and there is special pricing off and on.

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