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Look at those two males who are men and both he/him dude bros crossing each other at the border. Hilarious coincidence.


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    • How do you feel about the new government prohibition on abortion? Get ready for the coat hanger shortage!

      • 🤔

        States rights.

        Live in a state that supports your values, and get/stay involved in selecting state legislators that support whatever TF YOU want them to.

        That’s the beauty of this country. Each state is it’s own little democracy, and can decide EVERYTHING not defined in the Constitution.
        The is a representative republic, and makes sure Constitutionally protected natural rights are NOT infringed by the individual states.

        If you don’t like your state, vote with your feet.

        • Tough choice- live in a state where you can’t afford to pay the exorbinant taxes and regulatory fees, or where you can still get an abortion IF you get knocked up.

        • Tough choice- live in a state where you can’t afford to pay the exorbinant taxes and regulatory fees, or where you can still get an abortion IF you get knocked up.

          They are BOTH the same place…

        • James, there are at least three huge problems with your advice, “If you don’t like your state, vote with your feet.” Starting with the smallest problem to the biggest:

          1) The Feds still ban marijuana and use it as a disqualifier to buy guns, so moving to a free state (if there are any, see below) doesn’t help you. I don’t smoke weed, so this doesn’t affect me — except for “random searches” and cops busting down the door of the WRONG HOUSE and killing its innocent occupants when they reach for their gun to defend themselves against a home invasion!

          2) There are only two free states remaining in America (New Hampshire and Vermont), and not everyone can move there, obviously — not just because both have cold snowy climates unsuitable for retirement, but both are expensive places to live, and they’re small states that can’t possibly hold 330 million people.

          The other 48 states? Over half of them (26 so far), the red states, are about to ban abortion or have already done so, and are becoming a cross between the Republic of Gilead (from A Handmaid’s Tale) and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Some of these states also ban marijuana, in addition to the Federal ban. Those aren’t free states. they are oppressive states with Shariah Law.

          The remaining states (blue states) heavily infringe on gun rights. Those aren’t free states, they are oppressive states that ban self-defense tools for the convenience of the criminal class!

          So how can everyone simply move to a free state as you suggest, when there are only two free states left in America (New Hampshire and Vermont), and both of them have cold climates that make them a bad place for old people to retire?

          3) Biggest problem: America is supposed to be the Land of the Free. Having each state decide which rights it’s going to trample on and which people it’s going to oppress (gun owners, women, cancer patients who need medicinal marijuana, etc.) turns America from the Land of the Free to the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), to the land of oppression! It’s not a free country if you’re forced to “vote with your feet” by choosing which type of suppression you hate the least and move there, until its legislature ALSO bans what you like, then you move somewhere else, until every state has banned everything! (Except maybe New Hampshire, the “Live free or die state.”)

        • My comment got stuck in moderation! Here’s the short version.

          You can’t “vote with your feet” because there are no free states left. Over half the states (red states) are about to ban reproductive rights (or already have), the other half of the states (blue states) place severe restrictions on gun ownership and self-defense, and other states ban grass, so there are no free states left — except New Hampshire, the “Live free or die” state.

          I also said that “voting with your feet” doesn’t work because America is supposed to be the Land of the Free, but it has become a hodgepodge of 49 unfree states (all except New Hampshire), so even “voting with your feet” is a case of choosing your poison, choosing whether to live in unfree states that ban abortion or other unfree states that heavily restrict guns or unfree states that ban grass. Not all 330 million Americans can move to New Hampshire. Even if they could, the Feds ban medicinal marijuana and make it a total disqualifier for gun purchases, even for cancer patients so there are no free states (not even New Hampshire) when the Feds are the oppressors.

          I said it much, much better the first time, but my comment got sent to moderation purgatory and never showed up, and I have no idea why.

        • Over half the states (red states) are about to ban reproductive rights (or already have)

          If opposing putting an end to the murder of a fetus right up to the moment of birth is your idea of a hill to die on you deserve to be “stuck in Nj”. It appears that your idea of FREEDOM is anarchy, you cite New Hampshire as the only FREE state yet they have restrictions on WHERE you can carry a firearm, laws against drinking and driving, theft, B&E, assault, they require vehicle registration, insurance and a license to operate a motor vehicle, they have speed limits, toll roads and noise laws. There is NO such thing as absolute freedom, but I can guarantee you where I am in FL it is just as free as NH (constitutional carry IS coming) and like NH we also have no state income tax (and abortion will still be allowed but restricted to 15 weeks) and it’s definitely a damn site freer than NJ..

      • There’s a bit of difference between a gun and an abortion. The use of a gun can, and often is, used for an act of defense. Abortions are always infanticide.

        • Sure there’s a huge difference between government bans on guns, sex work, alcohol, abortion, tobacco, or any other thing that adults want to do that the government decides it does not like. However the difference between those thing is not prohibition–they are all attempts by the government to prohibit something the government doesn’t like that people in a free market want to do.

        • Who the fuck are you to stand in judgment on a womans choice? IT’s blankety-blanks like you that cause the problems in the first place by not taking reproductive responsibility.
          When is an abortion not an abortion anyway.? Is the Morning After Pill an abortion after all it is an induced miscarriage?
          The indisputable fact is that abortiions are about the UNWANTED CHILD and those ‘unwanted children’ will now be born into a criminal and uncaring society, The unwanted child is far more likely to be without a father figure, is far more likely to suffer from child neglect, is far more likely to becomne criminalised , far more likley to be at the bottom of the educational ladder and be functionally illiterate , is far more likely to end up in jail and will undoubtedly be far more likely to have a reduced life expectancy and that’s just for starters.
          So where are all the supposedly morally superior anti-abortionists lining up to proved homes for unwanted children as they should be?.
          Do not get me wrong though. I disapprove of abortion myself and I think that people SHOULD be more responsible. This was my stance as a single MALE parent to a boy and girl. That they take responsibility for their actions and I dragged my daughter off to the Local General Practice Clinic as soon as she showed the usual signs, as Mother Nature Intended, of sexual maturity. Where reproductiuon is concerned in this day and age in a modern society with our knowledge of BIRTH CONTROL the questrion of abortion should perhaps never arise. But it does and I think that making abortion a matter of law withing certain parameters is not the way to go. EDUCATION and taking responsibility is!.
          To me though this is thin end of the Legal Wedge and smacks to me of POLITICAL leverage in a JUDICIAL SYSTEM that is supposed to be impartial and independent.

        • IT’s blankety-blanks like you that cause the problems in the first place by not taking reproductive responsibility.

          Says PAIAC the SINGLE father of TWO children.. Typical Left Wing Socialist tool you accuse, accuse, accuse THEN admit that YOU are exactly the very thing you condemn..

        • “..Who the fuck are you to stand in judgment on a womans choice?..”

          sigh….Once again you fail to understand that this is how our REPUBLIC is structured. SCOTUS simply said that ‘abortion’ is not a Federal issue and therefore the Federal Gov has no opinion or say. The decision goes back to the STATES via the 10Th Amendment basically.
          Please note; The States created the Federal Government, not the reverse. Wacko king George III surrendered to who? (That’s your homework for tonight)

        • “Who the fuck are you to stand in judgment on a womans choice?”

          C’mon, Albert… Seriously?

          A woman’s BEST choice in the first place would be to insist on her partner using a condom, using her own birth control, or just keeping her legs crossed.

          Using abortion as one’s primary means of birth control, let alone sticking up for same, is ludicrous.

        • Using abortion as one’s primary means of birth control, let alone sticking up for same, is ludicrous.

          Not to mention WAY more expensive than a “Trojan” or some other means of birth control.

        • any other thing that adults want to do that the government decides it does not like.

          Oh, the government likes ALL that FUN stuff because they generate a huge tax base but those in power want to restrict/control just how much fun the common masses are having while they partake in their little fantasy world at will.

      • As I understand it the feds just dropped the ball into the states courts. Abortions were not made illegal.

        And I’m going to be brutally honest here. If a woman dies from her efforts to murder her child the world is better off without her.

        • Yeah, tossing Roe v Wade only kicks it back to the states who will have to make the choice to make it illegal or not. The DNC is talking a big game about trying to making it legal with a federal law but they know that the kid of no limits abortion they favor isn’t popular. Especially given that abortion has historically been used as eugenics against the black and other minority communities.

          Seriously everyone needs to read the writings of the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger. She was a ranging racist and founded PP for the sake of technically cleansing non-whites. It’s pretty sick.

        • Dog. I have read some of sanger. She was one sick witch.

          She appeals to the wealthy white libs that are afraid of non whites.

        • Oh they’ll be able to butcher their baby in ILLANNOY or Commiefornia JWM. Or any # of states & Canaduh. It’s their religion to sacrifice babies ala Baal or Ashtoreth.

        • It’s called Eugenics and like slavery, etc.
          it is attributed to the democRat Party.

          Some people are throwing tantrums because they assumed the USSC would forever be on the side of throwing aborted babies into trash cans. The abortion mills kept moving the goal post from 6 weeks to 6 months to 9 months and a day, etc. Now the rules are set by individual states. Depending on the state someone who insists on having an abortion may have to travel further than just around the block.

        • “If a woman dies from her efforts to murder her child the world is better off without her.”


          I’m not sure I can agree with this 100% without some level of context for the individual situation but that, as a flat statement, is a strong move.

        • There is now abortion prohibition in about half of the states in the US with more to come. It will be a crime in those states (just like cannabis in Idaho or guns in Washington) and the government will then try to enforce the prohibition just like it does with guns, drugs, and sex work. And the prohibition will work about as well as it does with those existing prohibitions and with the consequences to health and public safety.

        • So a victim of rape or incest should have the death sentence? I bet you’r a guy who thinks hat he shoulkd not be in some kind of control over his reproductive potential. Leave it all to the women as bloody usual. Ask yourself this- Is the ‘Morning After’ pill an abortion or not and is the intention to make THAT illegal as well? And is a woman who uses it to be subjected to the DEATH PENALY and would you pull the rope, make the lethal injection or pull the switch on the Electric Chair.
          Morally I see no difference between that ‘pill’ and a physical abortion any more than I see the moral difference between eating a bloody cow a pig a chicken or A ELFIN DOG. When indeed does a fetus become a fetus? The use of CONDOMS was banned by the CATHOLIC CHURCHES up to quite recently after all.
          Then there is the question of the ‘BACK STREET abortionist’ that will inevitably return with all the risks involved.
          How will you stop women from going to other States or indeed abroad for abortions?.
          If you are going to go down the road of suggesting or approving Death Penalties for women who have abortions then you really do have to consider the same for the irresponsible other half of the reproductive equation.
          Why does it always have to be the women who carry the reproductive can??

        • “If a woman dies from her efforts to murder her child the world is better off without her.”

          Next step on the slippery slope, death for miscarriages.

          This is the “less government intrusion into personal life” that all the conservatives go on about.

          “Missouri reviewed data about Planned Parenthood’s patients, including their periods, to identify failed abortions
          By Yasmeen Abutaleb and Emily Wax-Thibodeaux 
          October 30, 2019

          Missouri’s top health official said Tuesday the state monitored detailed personal information about Planned Parenthood patients, in some cases reviewing women’s menstrual cycles, with the aim of identifying those who had failed abortions.

          Randall Williams, the state health director, said his goal was protecting patient safety. But critics called it an invasion of women’s privacy and demanded his resignation and an investigation by the governor.

        • jwm,

          It’s easy to forget, but mothers that choose abortion are usually victims as well. They’re victims of our culture and propaganda. Our laws have an effect on our worldview. I remember learning about Roe v. Wade in school in the seventh grade. Kids learn about it earlier now due to the endless propaganda and 24/7 “news” being pushed on electronic devices. The neocommies are freaking out because they can no longer hide behind an unconstitutional ruling which was based on an argument of lies. Now they’re going to have to defend taking an innocent and defenseless human life. Their main argument seems to be $$$. Take a defenseless life, and you’ll be rewarded with more money so you can have a nicer car and the latest iphone. People will see through that.

        • “victim of rape or incest”

          As a general rule, I don’t reply to British dacien. I’m replying to this because I keep seeing people repeating this without thinking about it. It’s either rape, or it isn’t rape. If it isn’t rape, then you’re talking about people engaging in consensual incest. Are you people saying there should be an exception for those who choose to engage in incest?

      • There’s no “prohibition” about it. The new ruling means it’s up to the states, and many states rightly decided it’s illegal to murder a baby.

        • Ron by definition when something is illegal that thing is prohibited by the government and called prohibition, or as jwm calls it “a morons wet dream.”

      • Most coat hangers
        I think to keep women from having to abort babies all human males under age 89 should be castrated.

        • “Or adults could use contraceptives and be more responsible.“

          You are planning to prohibit contraceptives as well, your statement is a lie.

          Once Justice Thomas has his full say contraceptives will be banned in America.

          Here’s where they’re headed, outlawing contraceptives for married couples, laws against particular sex acts between adults and same sex marriage.

          “In a concurring opinion, conservative Justice Clarence Thomas indicated that the Supreme Court should reconsider previous rulings that established the right to contraception, same-sex marriage, and protections for same-sex relationships. 

          “We should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergfell,” Thomas wrote.
          The three cases are fundamental rulings that established key reproductive, sexual, and civic rights for Americans. Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) established the right of married couples to purchase contraception without government restriction. Lawrence v. Texas (2003) established that criminal punishments for those who commit “sodomy” were unconstitutional. Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) ruled that the right to marriage was guaranteed to same-sex couples. The targeting of these decisions by Thomas indicates claims by conservatives that the interpretation of the due process clause and “right to privacy” used to overturn Roe v. Wade will be limited to rulings on abortion access are not to be believed.”

        • miner. Look in the mirror. You did this. You and your cronies have run roughshod over our rights for generations.

          You made it acceptable to curtail human and civil rights. Your man in the oval office just signed more legislation into law that violates the rights of every American.

          Don’t whine when your own weapon is turned on you.

        • Miner,

          I’m not hearing any sort of legal rebuttal here. It’s either Constitutional, or it isn’t. The era of judicial activism is over. If you want something to be a legal right, then make it so with through the legislative process. You guys really do hate democracy, don’t you?

      • They only affirmed that abortion is not a Constitutionally protected right this does not in itself make abortion illegal, but it does open the door to the individual states to make that determination. There will be states that prohibit abortion outright, others will introduce limits (if you don’t know you are pregnant within 15 weeks then you ain’t a woman) while others will allow unlimited (even post-partum) abortion and companies like Amazon and “family oriented” Disney will pay for travel for the purpose of acquiring an abortion..

        • New York is planning to legalize abortion all the way up until the moment of birth without question. This was said openly and on the record by the mayor of NYC.

        • This was said openly and on the record by the mayor of NYC.
          That’s been on their agenda for quite some time but when did NYC get a mayor? All I’ve seen is a party boy in various clown suits, regardless he does not speak for the people of the state and come Nov neither will the “Queen” pretender and no conservative Governor will ever sign that into law. If they plan on getting that one passed, they better get after it.

        • “but it does open the door to the individual states to make that determination.”

          So what you’re saying is, the Left is terrified of democracy.

      • You idiot. It goes back to the states to be subject to legislative process. I don’t want to breath the same air as abortionists so I choose to live in a sane local. Gun rights are fundamental constitutionally protected and not subject to the legislative process. Again, you are an idiot, stay away from normal people.

        • FDW not saying I disagree with JWM that prohibition is a morons wet dream. Some governments like to prohibit guns, others alcohol, some sex work, others types of sex. They are all prohibitions and they all work about as well. Enjoy breathing the prohibitionist air in your locale!

      • The only reason people like you @izzy can protest to Kill your babies is because your Mother didn’t Murder you in her Womb. Think about that and Thank your Mother for not Killing you.

        • Cookoo! Not protesting anything; simply agreeing with JWM that prohibition is foolish. An abortion ban is a prohibition just like any other. I don’t have to personally like the underlying conduct (eg doing drugs, paying for sex) to still recognize that a government ban on that conduct is foolish. You do realize most abortions are done by mail order medication? Good luck with another front in the War on Drugs!

      • Izzy opposes prohibiting murder. Got it. Let me know when I can start killing people who are annoying and inconvenient to me.

        • Isn’t that the definition of abortion ? Or do you believe a baby is only a ” living person ” deserving of the protections safeguarding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when the doctor slaps the baby on the ass and you hear the scream ?

        • William Robert (aka Billy Bob),
          The pro-abortion crowd’s position seems to be that some sort of magic happens as the baby is going through the birth canal. I’ve asked what the biological difference is, and the Party of Science always refuses to explain it. Apparently, it’s a closely guarded secret.

      • Can you show us this mythological “prohibition” on abortion?

        When you have to make up things to act angry about, your anger is not valud. You’re just crazy.

      • It’s not a prohibition on abortion. It simply acknowledges that abortion is a states’ issue, not a federal one.
        You can still get all the taxpayer funded abortions you’d like in most states.

        • You are joking right? Half the states now make abortion a crime, just like many still do for drugs or sex work. They are all prohibitions or government bans.

      • In response to Albert L J Hall, murder is murder is murder. It doesnt matter if the victim is a baby, your husband, your boyfriend, your neighbor, a traitorous politician- murder is murder. Self defense is much different from murder. To kill a baby simply because you believe the baby is inconvenient is a specifically evil type of murder.

      • The whole decision was about state’s rights. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that it was a bad precedent. Just like the gay marriage decision, it should be made LAW by the legislature. That’s the purpose of a legislature. I think it’s in the constitution, no?

        • Unfortunately, the Legislature is too busy spending other peoples money and holding sham hearings attempting to discredit a former POTUS AND, of course taking extended vacations, to deal with any meaningful legislation. I mean you really don’t expect them to adhere to a document most of them have never read, do you?

    • I don’t care about any of that political agenda bullshit and religious crap you are all using to further your arguments.

      Does this force a woman to have a rape baby? If so, it’s fucking wrong.

      Personally, I think it’s wrong in general. You really want some of these people to have kids? Lol. Ok then. How many of you are going to volunteer to adopt once babies start showing up in fire stations? Lol, ok then. There are worse things in the world than abortion, and hoping your responsibility fantasies will trickle down on people by forcing them to have babies they don’t want is naive and stupid.

      Above all that, having our government tell people it’s their right to defend themselves but not their right to their bodies is the most fucked up thing I’ve seen in a while. States are already a fucking mess with who can do what and where – another thing most people regardless of if you chose to believe it or not have little to no control over. Imagine being 18-21 now days and having some boomer tell you “don’t like it, move to another state”. Younger people can’t even afford to leave the house until an average of 26 in our country. Twenty fucking six! And you think telling them to go somewhere else will set them up for success? Would you tell your own son/daughter to move out if they didn’t like guns?

      Boom goes the dynamite.

      If the government does anything, beit state of federal, it should offer safe harbor to those that don’t want their children instead of telling them to kick rocks and find another state. They can safely have the baby and then it goes to adoption. As for abortion, the government needs to stay the fuck out of it and states making restrictions is tyranny wether you realize it or not. You want to teach them responsibility? It won’t happen the way we are currently going about it. Teach them it’s okay and offer them a path. The same as you would for any other opinion.

      • “Does this force a woman to have a rape baby? If so, it’s fucking wrong.“

        Don’t worry, if it’s their wife, sister or daughter, they’ll be the first to procure an abortion wherever they can.

        Read your Bible, women should submit to men! Of course, the Bible does not prohibit abortion. In fact, under Jewish law, the so-called baby is just water for the first 40 days and does not become a living soul until the first breath of life, as God himself and noted in Genesis.

        Welcome back, America! The dark ages have missed you.

        • Seems there was a pro abortion insurrection last night at the Arizona capitol. I say we need investigations, tribunals, mass arrests, and non stop 24/7 news coverage of it for the next few years. Democrats need to be held accountable for this unprecedented attack on democracy.

      • Regarding abortion, there’s the legal argument and the life argument. They are separate arguments. Roe v. Wade was a legal abomination. Liberal legal scholars have admitted as much. The case was argued based on lies and the decision was nothing more than unconstitutional judicial activism. Yesterday, the Constitution was restored. Should the Constitution mean anything, yes or no?

        With that out of the way, you can make the case for or against abortion. That usually comes down to the question of life. Our generation has been inundated with pro-abortion propaganda. There’s a better understanding of science now compared to fifty years ago. The idea of “having control over your body” assumes there isn’t another life growing in one’s womb. I’ve asked this question before, and I’ve never gotten a decent answer: what is the biological difference in a baby before and after passing through the birth canal, and how does that factor into the definition of life?

      • I believe all states allow abortion for rape, incest and the life of the mother. It was that way in the 1960 that I remember. The big controversy back then was would the Catholic hospital choose the baby over the mother if there had to be a medical choice.

        • not anymore! welcome to the new america where women get raped and are forced to now illegally buy abortion pills on the dark web because some idiot lawmakers prohibit abortion even in cases of rape. these idiot lawmakers say women can’t get pregnant if there was a rape. what idiots.

        • Yes from what I’m seeing, even a miscarriage gets denied medications now. And that’s something I’ve been through with my ex wife. It’s not easy. Nobody deserves to be denied treatment.

        • “Intersex babies are a reality. (Babies born with bits-and-pieces of both sexes.)“

          Would you quit annoying them with your ‘science’, it gets in the way of their religious delusions and makes their head feel all squishy.

        • A) Virtually no “trans” person you will ever meet is intersex. Is Ellen Page (in the top photo of the meme) intersex? No. She’s a mentally ill woman.
          B) The existence of unfortunate genetic mutations does not negate the existence of normal mammalian binary biological sex.

        • miner. I don’t claim a faith or religion. Unlike you, who’s faith is big .gov.

          How’s that working out for you now?

        • “Would you quit annoying them with your ‘science’, it gets in the way of their religious delusions and makes their head feel all squishy.”

          Chromosomes determine sex. That’s science. Do intersex babies not have chromosomes?

        • Miner there’s a HUGE difference between an actual intersex hermaphrodite and trans. Trans is simply you feel like being one sex or both, hermaphrodites actually have BOTH sexual organs.

    • The top image is of actress Ellen Page who is currently under the delusion that she is a man.

      • So much so, that she convinced the writers of her current show The Umbrella Academy (from which this article’s screenshot was taken for the meme) to have her character “transform” into a male, complete with the name “Victor”. It happens quickly within the span of a single episode and is curiously accepted immediately by all the other characters. Uh-huh…

        Ellen was actually very cute years ago in her debut acting role in the movie Juno. Too bad.

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      “You ain’t no maleman your a male lady.”
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      My sister ran off and I had to bi sex ual , my cousin wants paid.
      I know your not a girl because when you fart the left leg of your panty hose swells up.

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      Your not the mail man your a male woman.
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      I fe male today.

  1. Top one looks like a female (or a very feminine guy).. Anyway it’s pretty cool that they all appear to use antique and classic cars for their clandestine journeys.

    • The top image is of actress Ellen Page who is currently under the delusion that she is a man.

  2. ” Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.”
    “Reverse, Reverse!”
    Sir we cant, we’ve lost reverse gear.
    “Abort mission, Abort Abort!”
    Guy in marijuana car gets a misdemeanor if caught.
    Guy in mag car gets life+20.

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