holosun X2 sight
Courtesy Holosun
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From Holosun:

Holosun takes pistol optics to a new level with the X2 series. Based on the popular V2 series, new technologies deliver major upgrades that increase control and tactical abilities in the field. The X2 series’ technological advancements are a major advantage for shooters looking for an edge.

The X2 series incorporates updated programming that improves performance and usability. The new Lock Mode is a key feature that prevents unintentional setting changes while the firearm is being carried. The Lock Mode is a critical element of the new design, and it ensures the settings are never inadvertently changed and are duty-ready at any given moment.

Adapted from our 2018-2019 L/M (Law Enforcement Model) pistol optics, Lock Mode has been incorporated with a new button configuration that combines for easier control of settings and prevents unwanted setting changes while carrying.

Holosun X2 red dot sight
Courtesy Holosun

X2 Series pistol optics also feature Holosun’s side mounted battery for painless battery replacement and our Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake technologies (depending on model).

HS507C and HS507K X2 Series are shipping now with all other models rolling out in the coming weeks. For more information visit www.holosun.com  or email us at [email protected].

  • HS407C X2
  • HE407C-GR X2
  • HS407CO X2
  • HS507C X2
  • HE507C-GR X2
  • HE508T-RD X2
  • HS407K X2
  • HS507K X2

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  1. Holosun is a part of Chinese Communist Peoples Liberation Army. Why would any Americans buy from them no matter how good the product is?

      • Got that right. The trijicon RMR is considered to be the best. But if you haven’t watched sage dynamics torture test of the 507T V2, it’s every bit as tough as the trijicon with better features like not having to remove the optic from the slide to replace the battery. It has better battery life than the RMR as well as features like shake awake. Trijicon has swung and missed with the SRO or the RMR CC. They better start listening to users as the holosun 507T is unobtainium right now because it’s highly sought after. I look at it like this, it will be very liberating when I shoot a Chinese communist in the face with my holosun hahahahaha!

        • Lol!! That is an awesome come back. I will purchase the Holosun and I’ll purchase again the Vision King Optics as well. I recommend them (Vision King) very highly. They compare in durability to many of the higher end American products. Just a little heavy weight wise. However the glass and the etched reticles are industry standard.

        • The SRO isn’t a miss – it’s hugely popular in competitive shooting.

          The RMR cc is just a rip off of Holosun’s 507K.

          I’m a TRUE Capitalist – I don’t care where a product comes from. I’ll buy the BEST product for a given price. Value is the intersection of quality and pricing. Holosun tends to kick Trijicon’s ass in this area.

          In fact, telling me I shouldn’t buy a certain product for reasons other than quality or price sounds a bit command economy mindset to me . . . Da, Tovarishch?

    • Because when the nearest competition is double the price, people go cheaper. And the further the price tag rises, more people will look to solid alternatives. How much do you think an RMR is to manufacturer? Im willing to bet its under $300 to include manufacturing cost all the while retail is $650+ for a type 2. Is it really surprising that people don’t want to pay for a name?

    • Simple, Americans no longer give a damn about their own country. They will pour money into the hands of an enemy power with atomic bombs atop missiles pointed right at them. Worse, they vote for domestic enemies like Trump no matter how many actual Republicans and Conservatives warn them he’s a fraud.

      On the other hand, lots of Americans give a very big damn about being able to appear as if they give a damn about their own country. That’s what counts, being able to lie to themselves convincingly.

      And hell no, doesn’t matter what goodies the Chi-Coms produce or how much we may desire them, deliberately giving money to an enemy nuclear power is just flat out wrong, nu-patriotic and Anti-American.

      • With all the love going on for Chinese optics, it may be time to forgive Springfield and Rock River Arms. At least their motivations were based on capitalism.

        • Greed and corruptions are not endemic to capitalism. They are aspects of human nature. They exist in people of all political persuasions. Elements of free market capitalism do recognize and take advantage of greed though.

        • Okay, I get it, you don’t understand economics in the slightest. Most other voters don’t either.

      • “deliberately giving money to an enemy nuclear power is just flat out wrong, nu-patriotic and Anti-American.”

        Which is exactly why you’re supporting the guy that sold America on a strong China, hypocrite. You ever wonder why Joe wanted to go to bat for China? What did he get out of it? What did we get out of it? Why was Joe always so wrong about almost everything?

        • I laughed at what he said both because it’s true and because he’s doing everything to support “the enemy”. Fucking idiot.

      • Enuf, How do you determine who is benefiting more from a transaction? Why do you think the US fiat dollars sent to the Chinese company is worth more than the tangible and useful Holosuns they exchange for it? Shouldn’t the Chinese be saying “why are we sending the fruits of our labor to make things less expensive in the US and all we get in return is fiat currency?” You talk like they are winning when we give them something we value less for something we value more. Why isn’t it treachery when someone from Texas trades with more socialist California (that is trying eliminate the rights of citizens in other states)? I am not at all sure of the answers to these questions but I am sure they are reasonable questions.

        • Amen, only those lacking knowledge in how a global economy works writes stuff like “it’s un-American to purchase from China.” LOL! nothing is 100% made any damn where these days. I am sure some of the parts come from Europe and the United States. A global economy is like unto yeast in bread dough.Once the yeast is in it, it’s in all of it. It is the World that we live in. In the words of Run DMC “it’s like that and that’s the way it is! Huooah!!”

        • Not relevant. Fiance the R&D and production base of the Chicoms/PLA if you are an America hating Quisling.

        • Neiowa you are an economic imbecile, you don’t know enough to evaluate the issue and your “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” style patriotism makes your decisions even dumber.

      • @enuf

        Today is the day!….It’s never too late to reevaluate some idea or thought.

        All you need to do is really look at the election results and ask ‘WHY?’

        Put down the anger, the ‘never trumper’ mindset, the fear, everything… and look at reality with an objective lens, not talking points.

  2. I prefer affordable quality, no matter who makes it. If the actual Nazi regime was making Holosun, at their current msrp, I’d buy their products. When Americans stop demanding $15 dollars an hour to work at Taco Bell, maybe I’ll be able to afford a Trijicon.

    • Get real. It’s the economy demanding that much for simple jobs now days. Cost of goods, beit from the cheapest place you can buy then (wal-mart) and cost of living are too high for an individual to afford now days. Back in the “nazi” days, that store clerk could afford a house, car, retirement investments, now they can’t afford a studio apartment. I am all for applying yourself into a trade far more than going into debt over a piece of paper, unless that piece of paper will net you far more than a trade (which in most applications now days, it will eventually depending on the specifics written on that piece of paper), but your assumption that entry level work deserves less than $15/hour now days is just boomerish as fuck and stupid. I think you’d even be surprised to learn how many people in those entry level jobs actually make $15/hour within 6 months of being there. Clearly, you are just out of touch. Buying American made and supporting American businesses thus employing Americans can easily be achieved without taxing people to death or killing companies… it would just simply kill outsourcing and importing – like most companies do because our economy has allowed itself to be controlled by foreign trade. So maybe start paying those entry level jobs a higher wage without having to raise the fed minimum wage, start more businesses at home and cut the competition out. Maybe you failed economics back in jr. high too…

      • If a man of woman makes less than they believe they are worth, they are free to go to a different employer that recognizes their value or start their own business that pays them more. If no opportunity exists that they prefer more than what they currently have, then they have set their own value.

        I see no reason to put a gun to the head of employers and extort them to pay more than labor is worth since we don’t put a whip to the back of workers and demand they work as slaves.

      • That simply isn’t true. When I was a kid, minimum wage was $3.35 (through 1989 – a CPI-based inflation calculator says 2.1x or $7.03 today). Many examples substantiate the CPI, or demonstrate how technological progress has exerted a force in the opposite direction:

        -My parents bought an entry-level subcompact that year for $8900; one can easily get a subcompact for 2.1x that in 2020 – except it will last longer, have 1.5x the horsepower, better mileage, power everything, stability and traction control, side-curtain airbags, etc.

        -My parents’ monthly mortgage payment on a $100K house was nearly $800 (at 80s interest rates). At today’s interest rate, that inflation-adjusted home ($210K) would cost $921 a month.

        -$249 would get you a [small CRT] TV in ’89. Today, that same NON-inflation adjusted price will get you a 55″ Class 4 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV at Best Buy. 2.1x that will get a 70″! I doubt the richest person in my county owned a 70″ TV in 1989.

        -My first computer cost ~$2200 (non-inflation-adjusted) around that time, and had the same processor and memory as a $15 flip phone today. A laptop of comparable capability would have cost twice that, and weighed twice as much as my (far more capable) $499 laptop today.

  3. So what make lock mode anything new….?
    If you’re carrying during the day your going to need a brighter setting where as at night your gonna need a dimmer setting. So unless you only carry at one time of the day what point does it serve? My EO-Tech turns on at my last setting & stays there……I see no big deal or no problem to fix!


    Stop buying this crap. Of all things you have a choice to buy American made on…

  5. Vote Trump or kiss your ammo goodbye.
    Taken today from Bidens website:

    “End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.”

    If you think ammo is expensive now just vote for China Joe Biden. Try 100.00 bucks a box or more is what I am hearing. Extra taxes for ammo to support his gun control programs. No longer will you be able to buy ammo or parts or magazines online. No inexpensive accessories for your Glock or Sig. New laws limiting gun ranges. Gun manufacturers will be sued out of existence because they will be open for frivolous law suits it’s the guns fault you know.

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