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Do you live in California and own an AR? You’re probably aware that your rifle’s magazine release button is verboten. Well, if it work, anyway. So to convert a normal modern sporting rifle to an anti-gun state-legal fixed magazine gun, Hogue has just announced their new Freedom Fighter kit (MSRP = $49.95). Here’s their press release . . .

Henderson, NV – Hogue Incorporated is proud to announce the Freedom Fighter, their AR-15 fixed magazine solution. “Many shooters are now required to convert their AR to a fixed magazine,” said Hogue owner Patrick Hogue. “When installed properly, the Freedom Fighter blocks the magazine release until the rear pin is removed and the upper receiver is lifted upward and away from the lower receiver.”

The Freedom Fighter contains a drill jig, drill bits, bushings, springs, pins and the set screws necessary for three installations. To ensure proper operation, a qualified gunsmith is recommended for installation as modification to the firearm is required. When the jig is inserted into the mag well a hole is drilled into the lower receiver creating a tunnel to accommodate the Freedom Fighter plunger pin and spring. The pin is retained with a set screw. Once the rifle is reassembled with the Freedom Fighter installed, the pin will not allow the mag catch to operate unless the upper receiver is swung open putting the firearm in a “disassembled” configuration.

The patent-pending Hogue Freedom Fighter will keep your firearm looking completely original after conversion. Once installed, it is simple to return the firearm to detachable magazine capability. The Freedom Fighter has an MSRP of $49.95 with a refill kit for three additional installations available for $29.95. The installation video is viewable at

All Hogue products are manufactured in family-owned and operated facilities under the direct supervision of the Hogue family. Hogue, Inc. supports local dealers and encourages customers to purchase Hogue products locally. For more information please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or visit to find a Hogue dealer near you.


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  1. I don’t think that word (freedom fighter) means what you (Hogue) think it means! But it looks like a good solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist.

    • It means you get to keep your rifle, without becoming a felon, and easily convert it back to standard mode.

      People who’s home is controlled by tyrants must do what they can to remain free. Should they “just move already” and let the State push them out of their homes? Or should they stay and fight the good fight?

  2. Or save your $50 and put it towards a new house payment in a state that isn’t such a crap hole like California.

    • You people with it easy give up so quickly. Shame on you. Must be easy to be so compliant with the government where you live. You should be thankful for people who stand where they are and hold strong. It is the harder path, and the right path.

    • By all means, quit your job, leave your family & abandon all of those you have ever known to start a new life in a free state because you are too much of a coward to stay & fight for your Constitutional rights like James Earl Hoffa.
      Get real, this is my America & my oath as a Veteran does not expire. I will not give KommieFornia to the leftists.

  3. I don’t understand the point of these gadgets. It’s like none of these guys have any imagination. The outfit that came up with the modern-day stripper-clip to load through the ejection port had the right idea. Why in god’s name would you break open your gun when there’s a better alternative. Unless the thing is patented, I think every company imaginable should be making them. These guys would have been better served inventing a way to charge through the ejection port too.

    • Mag still has to be fixed if that’s the way you’re going. Not able to be removed unless action is open. So you’ll need both this and the loader.


        This gadget does not require removing the magazine, pulling pins, or opening the gun. It allows you to stuff 10 rounds into the fixed mag through the ejection port without taking any other action.

        Not sure if cali allows 30rd ‘fixed’ mags, so the Houge piece may allow for more dynamic capacity than the Mean Arms’ piece does, but the MA piece is likely quicker either way.

      • There is a magazine called the DFM Magazine that can only be removed from the top of the receiver. That magazine coupled with one of the new ejection port loaders is a decent solution as well for those that don’t want to drill in their receiver or bother pulling the rear pin to reload.

  4. The press release should not say ‘proud to announce,’ maybe it should say ‘unfortunately we have to release this new amazing product to fix the problem of your choice of housing’

    Still quite a clever device and if you have a rear pin that’s quicker or easier to remove I bet with practice your mag changes could be adequately fast

  5. Just go featureless and you can have a normal mag release like the rest of free America. Hell, go side charge bolt action and you can keep all the scary stuff on there too. Just my 2 cents.

    • There might be some debate about side charge bolt action being California Compliant.
      Read this discussion on About 2/3rds down you find this comment:
      “Warning possible DOJ conflicting issues
      I was just informed by my Brother who had a discussion with the owner of a local Gun shop, that there may be some legal issues with a bolt action non-semi auto AR, apparently some DOJ lawyers believe that it can be made semi auto too easily and there is a fine line on the subject……so he said DO NOT go shooting it where anyone could deem it illegal…. until the DOJ has defined the wording, It is best to speak to someone like the NRA or someone in Calguns who knows the law on this subject, apparently they will still consider it an Assault weapon….. even though it operates manually…….
      Last edited by kbstingwing; 02-10-2017 at 4:29 PM.. Reason: important wording ”

      …and some discussion that follows. This may be resolved, but I am not finding anything to verify that.

      Link to thread:

      It would be good if this is CA compliant, but cannot trust CA DOJ who likes to legislate by rule making.

  6. I bought and tested the MEAN ARMS loader. I ran into one problem. IF you are using a California Legal ten round magazine with the shortened magazine body, the MA Loader will reliably seat nine rounds, but often leave the tenth loose in the receiver. Sometimes it will feed the tenth round and sometimes jamb it or try to double feed the tenth and ninth round. IF you use a 20 round magazine with the longer magazine body that is not blocked for ten rounds, the MA Loader reliably feeds all ten rounds into the magazine. The “catch” is that eventually the larger size magazines will be illegal in CA.

    I used metal body ten round magazines and plastic body ones. I found the couple of times all ten rounds fed were with the plastic body magazines. When I tested with a metal body, unblocked 20 round magazine all ten rounds fed perfectly into the magazine.

    The MEAN Arms Loader works well but, you have to evaluate the trade-offs.

  7. The way I comply with Bullshit Laws is to Move out of the Place that Has them! You only encourage them if you live there and Pay their paychecks! Move to a good state that protects your Second Amendment!!!!

  8. I don’t know about CA laws but in NY we can go “featureless” (e.g. Thordsen FRS, Spur Grip, etc.) and still run the gun like we’re s’posed to (i.e., reload when empty). Yeah, a lot of guys have gone fixed mag and loaded up on all the evil features they want. And some have regretted it. You see a lot of fixed mag rifles for sale. They don’t realize what a PITA it is until they have to do it every 10 rounds.

    It’s also a serious (IMO) safety issue. Can’t just drop the mag and clear if there’s a malf.

    Personally, I can do without a muzzle brake, telescoping stock and even the pistol grip, as long as I can reload or clear the rifle without partially disassembling it.


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