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Today’s pocket dump features a Heckler and Koch USP stainless with a DeSantis holster and a Benchmade blade. Instead of focusing on the gun, here’s a question for you guys: what holster do you use and why? Do you use a soft holster or a molded holster, one with serious retention, a holster with a thumb break…? Let’s see those holsters.

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  1. I use the exact same DeSantis Mini Slide with either a Glock 19 or 26. I like the holster because it has an exposed muzzle so both guns fit (but not at the same time). Plus it holds the gun high and tight and easy to conceal.

  2. N82 Pro for my carry pistols. Really dig the retention and the twist release. Comfy as hell. It protects the pistol from body moisture very well with its suede, neoprene, and leather construction. Big fan.

  3. DeSantis Gunny Sack. I prefer shorts nearly year round, even in the dead of winter, so this fits my need for concealment no matter how I dress.

  4. I conceal a shotgun in a box of roses. I don’t mind carrying it wherever I go, and fresh roses aren’t that expensive although I am considering putting plastic flowers.

  5. IWB Crossbreed(s) .380 & single stack 9mm. Craft Holsters OWB cross-draw for 9mm. This EDC above is, to me, very practical. Nice

  6. Nice USP compact 9mm stainless, good to see vs the regular single stack 9 striker guns.

    Guessing with the patent pending and extractor color this is one of the original stainless guns and not the more recent reissue a couple of years back?

    Funny, rocking a wooden cellphone with that polymer and stainless pistol plus leather. Well, not everyone is matchy matchy.

  7. Cool holster, nice gun, wow eyetalian leather, the knifes a POS break blade. WHERES MY POCKET WATCH WITH COMPLETE WITH STRAPS FOR ATTACHING TO YOUR WRIST? the guy must be some kinda loser, hello come in.

  8. LAG tactical holsters are the best holsters. Better then any other holsters. Trust me. They are the best. Everyone knows. If you disagree, you hate america. Make Carrying Great Again!


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