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This pocket dump features a SIG P239 with custom grips, a titanium pen, and a Rebel Vape DNA and a SQuape Emotion RTA. He also has a couple mags pictured; its always good to see spare mag carry. Although it’s common to see people claiming it’s ridiculous to carry a spare mag because you’re so unlikely to need it, here’s the thing: you don’t know whether or not you’ll need it. Not to mention you carry a gun you’re unlikely to ever need, right? But you carry it because you might one day need it.

So…do you carry a spare mag?

The owner of this pocket dump didn’t include name, just listed himself as a 35-year-old male.

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  1. If I’m not carrying a spare mag, I’m carrying a second gun.

    Not likely ever to say, “I wish I had had less ammo” … and for the few ounces it is, why not?

    • I might not say I wish I had less ammo, but I have often in the past wished I had less stuff to hang off my belt every day. The chance of me needing to use my gun is very small. The chance of needing more than the 7 rounds I have in it (or the mag catastrophically malfunctioning) is another very small chance on top of that. At a certain point you have have to stop planning on anomalous events for the sake of convenience. If I plan my life around chances like that I would never get in a car.

    • This – so hard. I love carrying a dainty snubby loaded up with .38 +P as a BUG in a jacket or pocket instead of another mag.

        • Truth.
          I for one have an affinity for a good scotch or bourbon, though it doesn’t eat up any pocket space! Lol! That’s for end of the day, at home.
          Still, point is, many people would question that vice of mine. We all have them and who are we to judge someone else’s.

  2. When I carried a 9mm P239, I added nice stocks from Hogue. It made it look a bit classier.

    It seems that this guy is left-handed.

  3. I’m a never smoker….well, except for some of that wacky weed back in the late 70s and early 80s, but who my age can say they didn’t? Not many if they are being truthful and yes, I did inhale.
    But all that stopped and then I went for my pilots license and having a clear head was far more important.

    But cigarettes? Never, not even one. And now this vaping, I gotta say, people sucking on those things sitting in cars at red lights and such look RETARDED. Oh excuse me, if you vape, you look like a retard.

    • Many people with vape boxes used them to quit smoking actual tobacco products. How it looks is secondary at best to them. What they care about is not inhaling a bunch of tar and other shit that comes along with actual smoke.

      Further, a great many people have found that vape boxes helped them kick the nicotine habit for good by offering them the ability to “step down” from real smoke to vapor and then slow reduce the nicotine levels until they were able to completely quit.

      Retarded looking? Only if you think actual smoking makes people look cool. I know A LOT of people that vape and not a single one of them just started up vaping. They’re all former smokers.

      • A lot of high schools kids vape. It contains some potentially carcinogen substances, and others with unknown effects at this time. Can it be worse than smoking cigarettes? I doubt it, but it is still something suspicious enough to stay away from it as much as possible..
        I do not smoke. Smoking does not look cool imo, except maybe grandpa who knows how to smoke a good cigar. I have smoked cigarettes in the past, I have never felt addicted to this ritual or to the substances, not even close. I will never understand how so many folks are so badly addicted they need patches, vape, etc and that without the guarantee of successfully quitting tobacco.

    • A man purse, some loose change, a few crumpled bucks, a prepaid Visa (allowance from Mom/dad), loyalty cards from every local coffee shop, travel size skin moisturizer, a few firecrackers and the keys to a Subaru.

  4. Are those things still exploding in people’s pockets? Some funny exploding vape pen videos on the internet. Just don’t put em in same pocket as any live ammo I suppose.

  5. Looking for the mandatory pocket watch with straps for attaching to your wrist was kind of like looking for where’s Waldo in this EDC. I found it, yay

    • Nope. This P239 is a 9mm. Note the slide serrations only go up half of the slide. The .357 Sig or .40 models have slide serrations that go up the entire side of the slide.

      Sad to see the P239 discontinued.

  6. I had a P239. Traded it for my Kahr P9 when the P9 was new to the market. Carrying the P9 was so much easier than the P239 that I carried much more often. P239 was a good shooter but a bit inefficient as a carry pistol. For what the P239 weighted, I could carry the P9 and a spare mag.

    I always carry a spare mag. Even if I’m only carrying my pocket Kahr CW380, I carry a spare magazine.

  7. Here’s the thing, there are a couple of common malfunctions that require the operator to strip the mag in order to clear the firearm. Failure to extract, for example. Gun fires, extractor fails to pick up spent casing, slide reciprocates, picks up live round from magazine, and…… stoppage. In order to correct this you’re gonna need to yank the mag, and rack the slide, at least two or three times. Much easier to just drop that mag, clear it, insert fresh mag, and get back in the fight, than it is to do all that while trying to hold on to your only magazine.thats why if I’m carrying a semi auto, I’m always carrying at least one extra mag.


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