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Ghost Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

A mechanical engineer located somewhere in the United States submitted this pocket dump that includes a Ghost Tactical 1911. sells a wide variety of build parts for everything from ARs to GLOCKs to 1911s.

The owner of this particular build put a threaded barrel on his 1911 which makes me wonder if he has a suppressor in his collection. Granted, a suppressor isn’t exactly doable for daily carry but it’s awesome for hunting and shooting in general.

Who here has a growing suppressor collection? What’s your preferred brand?

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  1. When I go to Wolff’s Gu n Springs, my screen line load up( not computer literate) just goes a little ways and starts over, and over and over???? What’s up with that, are they out of business or something, ?

  2. SiCo and TBAC for mufflers.

    I’d like to explore some of what Dead Air has to offer as well but every time I get the hankerin’ to do that SiCo comes out with something just a smidgen cooler (IMHO).

  3. Personally, when I’m out shooting I like for myself and others to hear it go bang. If I needed to off a skunk or something in the backyard I use my .22 LR with RWS 40 gr HP subsonics, not much more noise than a pellet gun. No problem with others spending scratch on suppressors, just keeps me one step further from ATF and others who hate us already.

    I also worry about the unintended consequences of suppressors. I believe now in Sweden one must have one to hunt. There’s be an easy way to add red tape and cost to American gun owners- you want to shoot? You must use a suppressor.

    • One area where the UK is more sensible than the US: mufflers on rifles are considered good manners, like mufflers on cars. You aren’t forced to use them in most cases, but they’re available to purchase over the counter and your neighbors think you’re an arse if you don’t use them.


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