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Hickok45 weighs-in on the post-Sandy Hook slaughter gun control jihad with a common sense just-plain-folks defense of the AR. To say the Internt marksman’s a bit long-winded on the topic is like saying Nutnfancy would be an ideal salesman for a gun buyer in a hurry. SPOILER ALERT! Those of you anticipating some of Hickok45’s legendary feats of marksmanship will be woefully disappointed. Teased, in fact. At 10:17 Hickok45 picks-up the AR. At 17:17 he puts it back down. At 18:36 he picks it up. At 22:22 he puts it down. At 29:27 he picks it up. At 29:32 he puts it down. At 30:09, yup, up she comes. At 30:17 down she goes. At 32:18, Hickok45 presses the flesh with his AR for the last time. At 32:38 he lays the gun to rest. At no point does Hickok45 fire the rifle. Too bad. I’d really like to see someone do a hands-on live-fire argument for the rifle. Nick? Ammo’s on me.

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  1. Much as I like Hickok45, I’m not able to listen to him pontificate for 33 minutes. Are there any cliff notes on this sucker?

        • And I would have listened to his many words if there had been a few shots fired. I realize that 5.56 ammo is hard to get these days, but a few shots to spice things up a little.

          Otherwise it’s just a lecture. A long lecture.

    • Heheh. Glad I wasn’t the only one 🙂 I usually love listening to him ramble, but this was about 20 minutes too much. He made his point pretty early on.

  2. I like some of Hickok45 vidz on the tube, but let’s be honest, for having a personal range in his backyard for a decade or more and being a 50+ year shooter he sure isn’t the best shot.
    But he is dead-on at this being a mental heath issue and not a gun one. Look at ALL the media mass shootings this year, in every case it was a mentally ill person who had a long record of mental heath issues with the exception of the mall shooter kid who had none, even though his friends said he changed socially in the last few weeks.
    We don’t have a gun problem. We have a suicide problem(50%+ cause of all gun deaths) gang problem(20% of all gun deaths) and let’s be honest, a black problem(from 1979-2009 almost 60% of all gun offenders and 50% of all gun victims were black).
    If we ever get to talking about the real problems we might find solutions, but as Hick says, there is no point to argue with the anti-gun folks as they have already made up their minds and logical talk will not change their minds.
    Every new gun law and possible ban will ONLY effect law-abiding gun owners.

    • and let’s be honest, a black problem(from 1979-2009 almost 60% of all gun offenders and 50% of all gun victims were black).

      yeah! let’s just disarm the blacks!!! (and I’m using SARCASM because that’s how I prefer to respond whenever I hear racist bullshit)

      • I’m not sure that quoting stats(that he believes to be accurate) is racist. As a white male, we own the nutso killer thing, why can’t the blacks own the robberys etc they commit? Randy

      • If we can assume that all men are created equal, which i believe we can; any differences must occur sometime after the point of creation. The argument that can then be made is that something in culture must be responsible for a disproportionately high rate of gun crime.
        The actual racist position would be to not call out persons on unacceptable behavior because of their color. To ignore obvious trends of poor behavior among certain groups is to concede that the members thereof are incapable of better.

    • Not many people can “bang a gong” at 80 yards reliably with any handgun and caliber you pick up for the first time.

  3. Gosh, Hickok45, I think you’re great….and you brought up some good points here….but this video is why I always prepare an outline before I give a persuasive speech.

    • I think some younger poster’s suffer from short attention disorder. They had to answer the phone once, and send two texts messages, check their E-mail, and still watch Hickok45. Man that is hard!
      Greg is very smart, and has been shooting longer then “Leghorn” has been alive.
      I am the same age as Hickok45 and he is right we have seen this before?
      My Father used to be able to buy Mil-sup rifles by mail. Great prices, etc…
      Then JFK was shot dead with a mail order Mil-sup. That all went away.
      These shootings pass, but the laws linger.

      So do what he says’ and write your Congressman. Don’t sit on your butt bitching.

      As for him not being very accurate. LOL!!!!!


  4. How can he say it’s not a gun issue and in the same breath mention that the mother allowing access to the guns was part of the problem? Do any of you see an inconsistency with that?

    • It’s the same as blaming Coke & McD for fat yet malnurished kids, while it’s obviously a parental issue.

      Like blaming my cologne for women throwing themselves at me, while it’s obviously my suave moustache.

  5. A bit long but he did get his point across. I enjoy all of his videos and he’s a Hell of a shot.
    This isn’t a gun issue. I don’t have numbers but i’m sure the government does about how many Americans own guns. Millions? What percent of those legal gun owners are commiting these mass murders? This is mentally ill people doing these horrible things or just plain evil people. The person who started the fire at his house and then shot the 2 firemen, was he right in the head? Who the Hell starts a fire where they live just to bait emergency responders and then kill them? Think about it.
    None of us want mass murders, mall shootings, firemen shot, etc. Hickok is right on the money.

  6. I’d fully accept anything he does in the future, is he was elected “Gun Culture” Representative or if he got a program deal with Discovery, I’ll follow and support Hickok45 wherever he goes.

  7. Hicok45. I really enjoy your gun reviews. Your post on Sandy Hook was right on the money. Your video S&W 500 verus the lawnmower was hillarious. but you could have just pulled the plug wire “HaHa”. Anyway keep up the good work. and your Right. “Life is Good”

  8. @ Lars. Have you ever heard of a black serial killer or any black man walking into a movie theater shooting innocent people or a college dorm shooting young adults or a post office shooting cause a walfare check is late or a school shooting little kids…. NO you haven’t and we have a black problem… WOW mental Heath really is the biggest problem in this country. Blacks own there fuckups why don’t Whites????

  9. Hickock45 is well spoken. His words describing the NRA and other groups as “imperfect” is poignant. I have my problems with them too as I’d prefer that they stick to just the second amendment during their political activism. Too often I’ve seen them take an anti-environmental stance and this works against gun owners.

    Even some Sierra Club types like guns but these folks don’t want to see the NRA endorse destructive legislation by catering to the ATV selling companies like Honda.

    Best that the NRA stick to it’s primary purpose. To do one thing well.

  10. I scan the gun reviews (pot luck) save for Hickok45, I watch his on purpose. Great vids, satire and man can he shoot. My top in Nam carried a hand made or modified 1911 never took the plastic gun out but what was impressive is he was deadly accurate with it. He had three rules 1) The state of mind to fire without hesitation 2) Shot placement 3) adequate pre loads to sustain yourself I carried 84 rounds into the bush he carried 100 for his .45 and always had some rounds left.

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