OMG! People Got New Guns! ARs Even! For Christmas! OMG!

Dammit, the secret’s out. The Atlantic has discovered that (shhhhhhh!) there are large swaths of the country out there — whole states apparently — where people actually give each other guns. Military-style rifles even. As gifts. For Christmas! But hold on, that’s not the worst part. The worst part is . . . these people (if you can really call them people) are actually proud of their new instruments of death. I know! As author Rebecca Greenfield notes in horror, “the AR-15 is a popular rifle of choice these days both for consumers and murderers.” Still . . .

Some of these pathetic bitter clingers, after unwrapping their Bushmasters with the same amount of glee Ralphie did when he found the Red Ryder tucked back in the corner, then posed for pics and posted them for all the world to see. The brazenness! And after Newtown! Have they no shame?

Despite her obvious revulsion, though, Greenfield ends with a note of hope for the future:

Gun control didn’t stop these people from getting what they want for Christmas—at least not this year.


  1. avatar Paul W says:

    I didn’t 🙁 I feel gypped.

    1. avatar Jeff O. says:


      Why do I never get an AR-15 under the tree? …probably because I never asked for one…

      I did get some standard capacity AR magazines and cool argyle socks, though.

      1. avatar RKBA says:

        By “Standard Capacity”, you mean 30 rd., right?

        1. avatar Jeff O. says:


      2. avatar Daniel says:

        because…. Santa loved the AR-15, he kept it for himself. but he forgot the magazine he left under your trees.

    2. avatar Kaliope says:

      I didn’t either, but I don’t feel bad. 1944 Nagant Revolver sittin’ right next to me, and a brand new gunsafe in the office!

      But still, I wouldn’t be postin’ pictures of scary black rifles. But some would also call me paranoid.

      1. avatar Mike in NC says:

        I believe there is an exception for posing for photos with recent gifts if the following conditions are met:

        1. Big, broad smiles are visible;
        B. Christmas tree, birthday decorations, or other festive decorations are present; and
        iii. There is no attempt to appear “tacticool”.

      2. avatar Ralph says:

        1944 Nagant Revolver sittin’ right next to me

        You fiend! I collect WW2 firearms and would love a Nagant, but (i) dealers in MA can’t sell them because they don’t meet the AGs “consumer safety” regulations, and (ii) I can’t buy one from out of state under my C&R license. So the only way I can get a Nagant is in a face to face transaction with an owner in MA and believe me, they ain’t sellin’.

        1. avatar Greg Camp says:

          I love mine. It’s old, cranky, and came as is with no paperwork–kinda like me.

      3. avatar mike0101 says:

        You got a Nagant revolver!!! Nice. I would love to add one to my collection. I received a S&W model 27-2 and it is beautiful. Unfortunately up hear in the frozen north my wife is not licensed so I had to pick it up. Kind of ruined the surprise.

        1. avatar David W. says:

          I got a Remingtion 870, my Dad got a S&W Model 10, and my brother got a Ruger LC9 with laser max laser on it.

          I also got Monster Hunter International and ended up staying away all night reading most of it.

        2. avatar Kaliope says:

          That sucks, the surprise is almost better than the gun itself!

          I feel bad for those in Massachusetts. I would hate that state. And, if I lived there, would be very tempted to start a revolution.

          This little gun is amazing though. I collect old firearms in general, and this is my third-oldest. My Spanish Cavalry Mauser is the oldest, at 108 years (made in 1904) followed by my 1942 Mosin-Nagant 91/30.

  2. avatar Steve says:

    shit, me too….

  3. avatar My name is Bob says:

    They make good gifts! The fact that it gets anti-gunners’ panties in a wad makes them GREAT gifts!

  4. avatar Sanchanim says:

    [email protected] all of them!!! I didn’t get one!!! WWaaaahhh!!! 🙁
    Ok well got that out of my system..
    Glad some people had a very Merry Christmas, and I bet not one of them shot their eye out!!

  5. avatar Saul Feldstein says:

    Posting pics holding black rifles on the internet is probably not the wisest choice nowadays.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      Don’t worry too much. I had a scene where I blew up a pound of tannerite with an AR-15 in 6.8 SPC – on my wedding video! The still photo is my avatar. Being reasonable is the best defense against the unreasonable. Sure, I lock my doors, guns are in safes, and I have a big dog. Still gotta live life, drink scotch, ride motorcycles, and pursue happiness.

      (For the record, I don’t drink the scotch prior to riding the motorcycle.)

  6. avatar Lance says:

    Lucky people hope all TTAG get a AR soon. RF get us some free samples!!

  7. avatar stateisevil says:

    The HORROR!

  8. avatar Paul W says:

    My christmas was 4 pairs underwear, 2 pairs jeans and 2 new tires for my car. Useful but BORING. I miss having fun with presents.

  9. avatar jwm says:

    To all you gun grabbers out there. Neener, neener, neener! 300+ million guns and rising dailey. That’s a genie you’ll never get back in the bottle.

  10. avatar Casey T says:

    I personally didn’t get any gun stuff for Christmas 🙁 though I wish I had.

  11. avatar KCK says:

    It’s great to be your own Santa.

    I got what I wanted.
    Just sayn’

    Without sayn’

  12. avatar Thomas Paine says:

    good thing i’m an AK/HK guy. You AR guys are getting a bad rap.

    1. avatar Dracon1201 says:

      H&K and I are BFFs, and my Yugo M72 can join in on occasion.

  13. avatar Sammy says:

    I heard on the news retail was down this holiday season. I guess they are not counting guns in their figures cause I saw reports of stores selling the walls bare. Bud’s is out, Impact is out, And Gun Broker prices are farther out of sight than Santa. I’m in retail gifts and jewelry and had a down year. I think weapons were the gifts most given this year. And as far as ammo goes, all I could find in 5.56 last night, at a price I’d pay, was once fired brass cartridges. Hell I saw a box of 20 factory cartridges going for $25.00 before shipping! I’m used to getting L/C in factory sealed 30mm cans at 33.7 cents delivered.

    On the bright side I did get a Ruger Charger from that trigger happy Santa (hands off A2) Clause

    1. avatar Rob says:

      I had a friend tell me that that a buddy of his that works for a custom AR build shop received 1.2 million dollars in order within a two day span.

      How is shutting this down good for the economy?

  14. avatar DisThunder says:

    I love it! Christmas trees, people in pajamas (cute little lady as well), good trigger discipline, and big ol’ smiles.
    This almost makes up for seeing the bare walls at Impact today.

  15. avatar Taurus609 says:

    I was at Cabela’s Friday and the line for firearms checkout was around 40 deep, with at least fifty waiting for their numbers to be called. On the back wall they had three ARs left, two new and one used, with a sign reading last of inventory. Glad I bought my Sig AR two months ago, and some ammo!

  16. avatar JSIII says:

    My wife got me a west german P226 cpo and I got myaelf a ppq for xmas. Sadly no evil black rifles around to buy 🙁

  17. avatar Wacky Hermit says:

    And would you believe that there are people (if you can call them that) who would actually put a .22 RIFLE under the tree for their KIDS??? OMG!!!

    1. avatar Sammy says:

      We should print their names and addresses in the paper,…….. under “Parents of the Year” I think 2012 will be remembered as The Year Of The Gun.

  18. avatar Roll says:

    Not much in the way of christmas presents for me this year, I am holding out until PSA has their dissipator upper in stock. I will jump on that.

  19. avatar Pulatso says:

    I gave a standard capacity AR mag to my father-in-law as a stocking stuffer. Luckily I did that shopping in August.

  20. avatar Coyote Gray says:

    My 12 year old daughter received her platinum pink, M&P AR15-22 with 2 extended mags, and I got the last AR lower with a YHM short upper, configured as a “pistol”, from my local gun shop. In other words, it will be an SBR as soon as I am done caressing it, purchase the suppressor and I am willing to lose it for several months as my gun shop gets the stock on and submits my class III paperwork. Honestly, I wasn’t even in a rush to get another 5.56 rifle until the threat of losing them became real. Glad I have it now.

  21. avatar Frodo says:

    I received a bit of ammo for each firearm I own.
    My .380 PPK/S is a little late for Christmas but better late then never.

  22. avatar Jay Dunn says:

    I got a new o/u 12 ga. trap gun, five nice new 30-round real metal magazines for my AK, and 2(two) cases of 7.62×39 to take to the gun club come Feb. or March. Can’t figure out how my wife always knows just what I want.

  23. avatar Anon in Ct says:

    “the AR-15 is a popular rifle of choice these days both for consumers and murderers.”

    “leftist cant is a popular dogma of choice for both journalists and genocidal dictators”

    1. avatar Gregolas says:

      Dead on, Anon in CT!

  24. avatar Guy22 says:

    Didn’t get a Daughter a Black Death Ray this year.
    Got her a Ruger SR22.
    She does like my Black Death Ray in 22lr! (S&W15/22). So maybe next year if you can still buy them!!!

  25. avatar DrDave says:

    Glad to say I was a day ahead of the panic buying. Hell, I probably caused some of it with my Christmas buying spree. Two 6920s; with sequential SNs no less, under my tree. There’s nothing says Christmas morning more than a thick coat of cosmolene on my hands! Add an FN SLP 12 gauge in the stocking for good measure. I’ll be asking Santa for some sanity and respect for my inalienable rights for next year. I am NOT a criminal! Don’t treat me like one.

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