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From Hi-Point Firearms:

The state of Ohio and other states have organized complete business shutdowns due to Covid 19 situation. However, Ohio where Hi-Point is located is designated as a select or strategic business, therefore in Ohio, firearm manufacturing is exempted from closure.

The management of Hi-Point has chosen to voluntarily shut down and perform preventative work until April 6th. This also gives Hi-Point Employees time off to self-quarantine and be with their families.

MKS Supply, the exclusive marketer of Hi-Point is following this same program. MKS Supply will continue to monitor business orders for Hi-Points in stock but will have a reduced output until April 6.

Hi-Point 1095TS Carbine (image courtesy JWT for

So, what can gun owners do since even going to the range is a potential no-no? Well, now might be the time to sit down in front of the tele with some outdoor show on and do some firearms cleaning you have put off. We all know cleaning guns is the “best part of shooting”-huh? That’s why we do it all the time. But this really is a good time to get shooting gear well maintained and maybe even, and this takes courage for some of us, organize our shooting gear and shooting boxes for more convenience for when we get to go to the range.

Also, we expect to see some of the best-looking lawns in years across the country this coming spring as self-isolating people get out and garden in the fresh air during this pandemic.

We are all on a steep learning curve, but we will win this thing-Americans are winners, always have been! We the people will pull through this mess. So, from all of us at Hi-Point Firearms and MKS Supply, LLC, please use care, stay isolated, keep clean, enjoy the new adventure, and God bless.

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    • “Breathe deep the gathering gloom…. ”

      Hey, worked for The Moody Blues and is useful in so many socil situations!! 🙂

        • Great band guys…Seen em twice. Once with St Louis Symphony Orchestra. Thanks for the positive memory. Goin on the playlist.
          As for Hi Point. With it being near impossible to get a 4473 confirmed for purchase. And effects of the Chinese Virus. This may be a good time to step back. Take a breath. Get things cleaned and fixed. There may also be supply chain issues to address.

      • Fun fact: I saw The Moody Blues from the front row in 1984 with my wife at the time. She screamed insults at Heyward. Their keyboard dude Patrick Moraz was madly in lust with the wife. We went to an after party. Cocaine & shrimp flowed. The wife & Moraz had an impromptu concert at hotel piano lounge. She sang-he played…Schaumburg,ILL. Jethro Tull was way better😏

        • Well I’ll be damned. N here I thought everyone on TTAG was just OFWG’s doing old fat white guy things all their life.

      • ““Breathe deep the gathering gloom…. ””

        Score the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab’s version of that on gold CD, you won’t regret it.

        The MoFi ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ is also sweet…

  1. Tried several times to write an appropriate Hi-Point comment….every time it came across as overly snarcastic.

    Best of wishes and good health to their employees and their families.

    • Friends don’t let friends shoot ugly pistols. I do know one man who bought one, mostly because it was cheap, and he has never complained about it. Function, finish or accuracy, he actually likes it. To each their own. I suppose I should change out the word ‘cheap’ with ‘inexpensive’.

      • I didnt want to like HiPoint, but darn it they do just about anything any other gunm can do and a whole lot cheaper. My now girlfiend liked hers in .380 until I got her a Walther, however she’s more accurate with the HiPiont

  2. O no..what will we do, that’s right we still got kel tec 3 hrs south of me ..whew I was worrying for a minute..jus kidding I know a bunch of people who love there kel tecs don’t beez gettin all bristled up.

  3. “… Hi-Point has chosen to voluntarily shut down and perform preventative work… ”

    What sort of incident within their factory brought this about?

    What is this preventative work?

    • Well for example I went to get take out from a mid range restaurant and they started a renovation project inside. More or less probably stuff they wanted to do but didn’t want to disturb the business flow . Seem lots of local places are taking advantage of the closers to do some work they have always wanted to but never could justify the stoppage.

  4. affordable, reliable arms are what many people are scrambling for right now.
    maybe they’re sold out.
    maybe they finally ran out of yugos to melt down into zamak.

  5. Although my income puts me out of the target market for HiPoints, I believe they do provide something for those who can’t afford higher quality. I think all income ranges should have access to firearms and HiPoint serves this.

    • I’m not really in the market for a high point, but if I find a 10mm carbine in the wild I might have to take it home.

      • Me too Jeff…my lgs had a 10mm for $410 which is silly. Had a pistol which was crap.

      • Me 3. One of a several things that I’ll have an eye out for in the coming months, many of which will be used-but-hardly-fired.

  6. That’s a one week shutdown. They probably pulled up a scheduled preventative maintenance shutdown anyway so that’s not a bad thing. Could make a difference in whether or not you have to return your Yeet Cannon for service.

  7. A state that places manufacturing jobs as a strategic priority is a great state.

    New York State: hold my beer while I shut down Remington.

    • Double-ohs don’t need an FFL, ‘Q’ takes care of everything…

  8. I suspect the closed to do some work they had been putting off. They probably chose now because there may be a financial benefit because of the recently passed bill to assist businesses in the current pandemic.

    • Yep, there’s a lot of bean counters with smoking calculators right about now, checking the numbers. My brother and I will keep our business going as long as we are allowed/able.

  9. I don’t have a dog in this fight. Never liked Hi-Points, never owned one. The only reason I’m expressing concern is for the employees’ welfare. Hope they’re able to get back to work next week, and the furlough isn’t extended like it’s been for many Californians.

  10. Slam on Hi Point all you like. It is like slamming on VW in the 60s. There was a huge market and the product met the market. A vehicle that got you where you needed to go, that was cheap and used very little fuel – and they also could be hot rodded! What is not to love?

    • While the Hi-Point may look ugly, I hear they work reliably which is certainly a good point for them. I would class them as “inexpensive” because “cheap” also means flimsy and unreliable. A Hi Point could be used as a club and still function afterwards.

      • You heard right. They are ugly, don’t exactly feel good in the hand, heavy, suck to take apart and reassemble, and their triggers suck….really suck. But I owned 3 of the pistols and 2 of the carbines. They didn’t blow up in my hand, which is something the snobs like to say though they never shot one. And the only time I had reliability issues was when I used a Promag for the C9. Despite the negatives I stated, I somehow find them fun to shoot, probably due to the fact you can get one for a little more than a Benjamin. Even less in some cases, at least prior to the China virus. And they are accurate.

        Had an RSO literally laugh in my face and berate me in front of other customers for bringing a Hi Point to the range once. I told him he wouldn’t laugh if we had a contest and I beat him while he used that Glock 19 on his hip. He took me up on the challenge, sort of. 25 feet, standing, two hands, 30 shots. I went first. Guess I just happened to be “on” on that particular day since I put most in the 10 ring, nothing outside the 9 ring. Before taking a shot the RSO said he had to go back to man the front desk. That was over a year ago and the RSO still has yet to take his turn. After that “challenge”, every time he saw me shoot the Hi Point he’d use a much friendlier tone than the first time he saw me with it.

  11. I do not want a Hi-Point but I’ve nothing against them. Considered buying one of their carbines for a while but went with the Ruger model instead.

    On the other hand I’ve heard positive things about Hi-Point. Excellent customer service response for example, I have only heard good stories on that score. The rest is obvious, their cheap guns fill a need for some people.

    Nothing bad in any of that.

    Hope their one week stop is just taking advantage of current circumstances to do early preventative maintenance on the machinery.

    Or maybe to rip open the HVAC and install UV-C lighting to kill viruses.

    Yeah, that’d be a good idea.

    Sure hope they aren’t having to disinfect the factory due to a YEET CANNON contracting COVID-19…..

      • Bryco, Lorcin, Raven, Phoenix, Jimenez…

        What did I miss?

        First gun store I worked for in the 80s bought them in bulk (by the case) for like 35 bucks each. One had a broken firing pin, the ‘manufacturer’ sent an envelope with 10 in it.

        Utter crap, but very popular in that ‘hood’…

        • I had a Raven 25 ACP back in the early 80’s. Reliable as heck. It went *bang* every time. I got rid of it after I shot at a stump and the bullet bounced back and raised a welt on my thigh.

        • .25 acp HAH! Bought a Beretta Jetfire for the lady in 1966, she was going to school in a rough area, big selling point was no need to rack the slide, just pop up the barrel and slip one in or out. All real fine, I set a soda can on a fence post and emptied the gun from 6 feet, without scaring the can. .22 LR would have been better. But I pointed out that she could stick it in somebody’s ribs and dissuade him from rape and pillage several times, and when he stopped he’d probably just run away with “minor injuries”. Finally sold that POS around 25 years later at a gunshow for 4x what I paid for it. Felt bad, but took the $$ anyway.

          • If you ever shoot a bad guy with either a .22LR or .25ACP….and they happen to find out about it….they may be really, really pissed. 🙂 🙂 Yeah, either cartridge is able to kill an attacker, you just have to work much harder to let them know they have been killed.

    • Jimenez got themselves in to legal trouble. They allegedly sold some firearms to a defunct FFL and got sued for it, as part of a lawsuit. They declared bankruptcy earlier this year.
      No telling if the current plant manager or one of the ex wives of a Jennings family relative will magically come up with the funds to buy all of the tools and equipment, and start production under a new name again.

  12. Many employees are concerned with dragging C19 home. Since uncle sugar is giving away free money the smart man closes shop, gets rid of inventory, gets a nice gov checkm to boot. Op.

    • A nice government check? You mean an extra $1200 back from the taxes he or she already paid to the government?

      $1200 that was yours, was refunded to you but that you’ll probably have to pay taxes on twice doesn’t really seem like a very good deal to me.

        • What part of anything I said suggests that I think the government has a giant pile of cash for this?

        • Hell no, they threw mine in their dumpster fire with yours. They’re just printing more benjis that my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will have to pay for.

        • Exactly, Wood! Y’all can quit worrying about the waste of your tax dollars, none will be involved. This is all about the printing press, with results which we will learn about as it happens, ‘cuz nobody knows yet.

    • The gov is helping businesses that close because of the plague, not just the laborers laid off.,,,, And what a joke the money anyway,, to stimulate economy, Stay at home if you don’t you’ll die., Here’s some money , run out and buy?

      • The “stimulus” money is cash flow. Politicians/government love cash flow. The more the better because it allows them more opportunity to skim, scam, squander, buy votes via free shit, gain power and control over the Little Peeps.

  13. The cheekslap from the old style stock on my 4095 is a great way to shake off the cobwebs in the morning.

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually like it (or I wouldn’t have owned it for more than a decade) but it’s the only gun I’ve ever shot that after a couple hundred rounds you don’t want to shoot anymore because your cheek stings.

  14. I don’t want gun manufacturers closed due to government action but I applaud them for thinking of their employees. And let’s be honest… there aren’t many government contracts for yeet cannons.

  15. Know how you can tell a friend from a good friend from a great friend?
    A friend will come any time of day or night to bail you out of jail after a “here hold my beer and watch this” moment.
    A good friend will be sitting in jail with you exclaiming, “Wow, wasn’t that a hoot” as he calls his hot girl friend and her even hotter sister to bail both of you out of jail any time of the day or night.
    A great friend does not let a friend buy or shoot a Hi Point.

    • For those who are looking to get ‘into’ guns either as a hobby or to carry one, hi-points don’t make much sense. When you take ammo and holsters into account, the savings between a hi-point and something like an M&P really isn’t that significant. But for those people who want something to defend their house because they’ve realized that the police aren’t necessarily coming and they want ‘a gun’ and a box of ammo… this’ll do. They are safe and effective.

      They’re just fine as a nightstand gun.

      • Absolutely, not. Financially challenged or not, one should not make a bad choice that well may cost them or loved one’s their life. Friends care enough to want friends to be safe. Great friends don’t let friends buy or shoot Hi Points. Making a bad choice to bet one’s life on a Hi Point probably also explains poor decision skills that have resulted in one being financially challenged. Cause and effect correlation. Have a little self respect. Might even positively impact one’s financial condition.

        • You obviously don’t know much about the product.

          Ugly and cheap but Hi-Points are like a Timex. Fuck, the guy from Demolition Ranch literally couldn’t get one to stop working even when he used another gun to shoot the Hi-Point all it did was jam the Hi-Point temporarily.

          • Strych9, saw a woman on the street today that defined “ugly and cheap.” But, I won’t choose her either. Dogs and guns people choose says a lot about that person. I don’t care to be aligned with “ugly or cheap”….in wine, women, dogs, cars, guns…..or watches. I don’t know much about poverty either…..except how not to learn about it personally. I can’t find anyone with history of making good financial choices that has ever, ever chosen a Hi Point. One just can not get that drunk. Maybe it’s just the crowd I run in. Dad always said, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.” A corollary…. Show me your guns and I’ll show you your friends, wine, women, dogs, cars, finances. No Hi Points in my circles. Thanks for proving my point. I rest my case. Just having fun exploding heads.

        • If you want to be snobby about the looks of the gun you aren’t alone but being snobby about OTHER people’s guns… well, it sure sounds like you’re “that guy”.

          No one wants to be around “that guy.”

          • There are 7 billion people in the world. Can’t be friends with all of them. I choose my friends and firearms wisely. You must shoot a Hi Point. You didn’t make the cut.

        • Oh blow me. Some of the best friends you can have are poor. Money doesn’t make a person.

        • So let’s hope you never run out of money, because soon after you’ll also run out of “friends.”

  16. I tried posting this twice only to have it disappear, so this time I am leaving out the article link to see if that makes a difference. Do a search for the following title to find the American Rifleman article in question:
    Hi-Point Firearms And The Man Behind Them
    by C. Rodney James – Wednesday, March 30, 2016
    – – – Excerpt – – –
    Deeb became fascinated with the science of forensic firearm examination, which is how, as an examiner, I met him. “I included design elements in my guns to be of specific use to the forensic community, beginning in 1994,” said Deeb. “We now start with a particular number for each model of pistol. Rifles start with letters that are easily identifiable.” Beyond this, Deeb uses uncommon rifling patterns and makes breech faces that leave readily identifiable markings on fired cartridge cases. He began doing workshops for firearm examiners at the Ass’n of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE) annual training seminar and became a Technical Advisor to AFTE in 2002. Currently, he conducts about 20 tours of his plant a year for firearm examiners.
    – – – – – –
    So America’s lowest cost budget firearms are specifically designed to aid forensics examiners in matching firearms to crime scenes. And they do it all without raising costs, and with no need for restrictive and/or unconstitutional laws or infringements.

    God Bless America.

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