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With the success of shows like Sons of Guns, Discovery Channel has decided to shoot another series based on a slightly more photogenic family of gunsmiths. What the show lacks in (apparent) cultural diversity it makes up for in… Wait a second… Does this press release actually say the mother has a pistol in her BOOT?! That sounds uncomfortable. Make the jump for the whole thing, and click here for a sneak peek at Episode 1


The Wyatts are your typical suburban family… who just happened to own one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world. Rich Wyatt and his wife Renee own Gunsmoke, located outside Denver, Colorado, where they buy, sell and trade guns – from hand canons to hunting rifles.  And if you don’t see what you want, they’ll build one for you – from nothing more than a block of metal.  Gunsmoke has the largest and most experienced group of gunsmiths in the state.  When the Wyatts aren’t building or selling guns, they’re shooting them.  No gun leaves their shop without being test fired by the family first.  They – and the one-of-a-kind and historic guns they make and sell – are featured in the all-new series AMERICAN GUNS, premiering Monday, October 10th at 10PM ET/PT.

The Wyatt family takes their guns very seriously.  For 18 years they have owned Gunsmoke, turning the small business into a firearms enterprise.  Rich is a master firearms trainer and former police officer with more than 22 years experience in law enforcement.  He is one of only six people in the world certified by Colonel Jeff Cooper, a master firearms instructor and one of the 20th century’s foremost experts on the use and history of small arms.  And Rich is an extremely talented gunsmith.  Give him a block of steel and he’ll create art.

Renee is the matriarch of the Wyatt clan. She runs the household and the business.  And she doesn’t go anywhere without her pistol in her boot.  Kurt, 21, is the son of Rich and Renee.  He qualified as a pistol expert at the age of 13 and is a gifted engraver, doing all of the engraving jobs that come through Gunsmoke.  He hopes to one day own the shop his father has built up.  Daughter Paige is a 16-year-old high school senior and works in the shop summers and nights/weekends.  But don’t let her looks fool you.  She knows more about guns than most men who walk into the shop.  And before you know it, you’ll be buying one from her.

Guns to be featured in the premiere season of AMERICAN GUNS include:

Knuckle Duster – This gun, built in the late 1800’s, was both brass knuckles AND a firearm.  It was used for ‘close combat’ because it was small and easily concealable.  It’s no surprise it was the weapon of choice for many card cheats, thugs and prostitutes at the turn of the century.  When a customer brings one in that can’t be repaired, Rich does what he does best – builds him an exact replica from scratch.

‘Colt’ Single Action Army – This is THE quintessential gun of the American west, carried by outlaws like Jesse James and lawmen like Wyatt Earp. Rich builds a one-of-a-kind Single Action Army from scratch for, proving the widespread appeal of the weapon, a Baptist preacher who wants a specialized and extremely fast six-shooter to help him win Cowboy Action Shooting competitions.

Hand Cannon – Before there were handguns, there were cannons.  The Hand Cannon is the first cannon that could be held in a soldier’s hands and fired.  Some argue that this is THE first firearm, the predecessor to everything we today know of as “guns.”  Rich and his team build one from scratch for Rich’s friend Gary, an explosives fanatic who owns every type firearm built to blow things up…except this one.

Adaptive Hunting Rifle – A young Colorado man lost most of the use of his right arm when his Humvee struck an IED while on patrol in Iraq.  As a right-handed shooter, his injuries have made it difficult for him to hunt with his father, the thing that will make him feel normal again. Rich boldly steps up to the challenge to build this American hero a rifle that adapts perfectly to his physical limitations and helps him feel whole again.

AMERICAN GUNS is produced for Discovery Channel by Gurney Productions, where Scott Gurney and Deirdre Gurney are executive producers.  For Discovery Channel, Anna Geddes is executive producer.

A show about gunsmiths could be cool. My idea would be more like “American Woodshop” with guns, an old salt teaching his tips and tricks while repairing or making works of art. Heck, this time they recruited an ACTUAL gunsmith instead of someone who does horrible things to AK clones and abuses his only ‘smith. Some of these episode descriptions sound like they might come close, as long as Discovery doesn’t try to inject too much “reality” into the show that is. Given their track record, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely.

History Channel’s unofficial title used to be “The WWII Channel” at my house. I think these days Discovery has earned the nickname “Harebrained Gunsmith Channel.”

EDIT FOR NOTE: Any sexual comments about the 16 year old daughter will be deleted. You have been warned, you creepy bastards.

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  1. History Channel’s unofficial title used to be “The Hitler Channel” at my house. If History wants to become the Official Gun Channel, all I can say is bravo. Oh, wait. Bravo’s a different brand.

  2. “Daughter Paige Wyatt” is only 16? Repost this article in another year or two, when she is legal, and THEN we can have a discussion about how interesting this show might be.

  3. More useless drama I am sure. The problem with these shows seems to be after the pilot and newness wears off they are left with very little to show. It’s hard to keep it real when the reality is nothing new happens in a person’s life warranting filling a 1 hour show every week.

    I am glad these are “pro-gun” shows since the alternative is obvious, but firearms owners still get made out to be a bunch of kooks in need of more regulations.

    • No, no…they won’t be labeled as “kooks”. That label usually only gets applied to ugly people.

      This is an attractive family, with the mom and daughter appearing to be smoking hot.

      They could act 15 shades of crazy, but because they are good looking, the terms “kooks” will never be used. I refer to this phenomanon as, “The Kardashian Effect”

      To be honest, only Kim Kardashian is hot. The other two sisters are fugly (the youngest looking like Frankenstein”). But Kim is hot enough to counter act your natural desire to lable them as “kooks”; Fame whores yes…but “kooks”? No.

      • I gave up my TV set a few years ago (and my computer is not set-up for TV/cabel channels) so I won’t be watching the show. I do admire the mother’s ability to defy gravity.

        • Looks like the mom and daughter have spent some time in Gunsmoke’s gun RACK department.

          (Hopefully this doesn’t qualify as a creepy bastard comment)

        • “my computer is not set-up for TV/cabel channels”

          One word: bittorrent. All the TV you want for free! =)

      • Until her marriage and pregnancy – I found Kourtney to be the most attractive one (at least to look at, which is all that matters).

  4. Maybe it’ll be more in line with Mounted in Alaska, which is a fairly interesting show about a taxidermy shop sans excess drama lama of typical reality show fare. The producers seem interested in showcasing the actual work going on at Knight’s Taxidermy.

    • which is a fairly interesting show about a taxidermy shop sans excess drama lama of typical reality show fare

      And, as a result, I doubt it’s long for this earth.

      If Unitas vs. Namath or Earnhardt vs. Gordon or Ali vs. Frazier/Foreman/everyone taught us anything at all, it’s drama sells. The fact that guns can a) attract TV producers and b) do so without a whiff of equal time for “responsible gun safety laws” means we’re not only winning, we’ve won. The only question is, how much do we want to rack up the score on the Bradys?

      • Dirty Jobs, is a popular show that’s run for more than three seasons without producer induced drama. Same is true for some of the Travel Channel’s more popular shows Bizzare Foods and No Reservations. Granted these examples have some other unique and compelling elements. OR maybe the producers are just better…

        • I think it is Mike Rowe and his down-home, “I’d like to sit and have a beer with him”, personality – and his humor.

        • Mike Rowe and his producer have managed to find a new adventure each week, not easy but they did it. Compare that to the lack of originality on other shows. The formula used on Dirty Jobs is really working well, and yes the success is tied to Mike’s presentation skills. He started as a Host on QVC, probably his first dirty job ever.

  5. Instead of “reality” these types of shows really need to be labeled “Dysfunctional Attention Whores Engage In Phony Dramatics For The Camera” shows, because that’s all they are. Discovery’s own “American Chopper” seems to have set the standards by which all such programs are now judged.

    The artificial “drama” in such programs has to be amped up because who would watch a show about normal people going about their lives normally? Nobody needs TV for that.

  6. Looking at the photo of the family holding guns I can’t help but think modern day Beverly Hillbillies. Is Paige’s middle name Ellie May? Watching the Beverly Hillbillies when I was a young boy I had such a crush on her.

  7. Good grief! How about “The Half-Naked Truth About American Guns” as an alternative title? I wouldn’t let my daughter walk around the house dressed like that, forget about appearing on national television. “Typical suburban family?” WTH is the matter with people?

    • notice how pushed up the mom is too? this family is ready for the Discovery channel limelight. this show seems like a combination of American restoration with sons of guns and a non threatening WASPy physical appearance.

      “He is one of only six people in the world certified by Colonel Jeff Cooper”

      this alone will drive people to this show, regardless about how boring this show might be. How about a show on a firearms training academy, or on a competitive shooting league, individual or team (Female perhaps)? it does not seem like the will have a weekly series of explosions to draw viewership like sons of guns, (or TS).

      “Adaptive Hunting Rifle ”
      didn’t sons of guns put something like this on an atv already?

    • EDIT FOR NOTE: Any sexual comments about the 16 year old daughter will be deleted. You have been warned, you creepy bastards.

      So they dress their daughter up like a whore and we pretend not to notice. Sounds like a winner.

  8. I have friends who don’t own a firearm and love “Sons of Guns”. After watching the show for a while, they want to buy and AR. Drama or not, TV shows will expose people to the greatness of owning a firearm….It also helps to have a good looking female modeling the gun throughout the show.

  9. Reality TV at its best!

    Naw, I don’t think so.

    It has all the elements of a one season interest, at least as far as the products manufactured are concerned. It is the soap opera which keeps interest.

    I mean really.

    I just bought a 1860 Army reproduction. I could care less of watching somebody make another out of a solid piece of metal. That is something for the Science Channel of How it’s Made.

    Thirty years of manufacturing, I’ve seen, been involved with really cool things made. Limited interest, for a TV audience.

    I tease the Wifey about her addition to “Days of Our Lives.”

    No different than any number of reality shows.

    You name it.

    Have to say.

    Favorite show, DIRTY JOBS, stands alone.

  10. It appears that Paige is prepared to shoot Dad in the foot, if he doesn’t do it himself first. Which you just KNOW he will.

  11. Sex sells and so does the unusual. Hollywood and the mass media have for years portrayed and stereotyped the typical gun loving (and survivalist) family as a bunch of illiterate and unattractive red-necks. Among the American crowd that follows pop-culture, the latest styles, and what’s hot to-do this year, maybe gun ownership has been out for so long that it’s now coming back full-cycle into style?

  12. It’s a good thing you told us her age before everyone starts posting. I’m not trying to side with something that mikeb might say, but that photo is inapropiate for a 16 year old. I would never allow my sixteen year old to be shown like that, and this photo is really pushing the limits. TTAC is right on target with his comment, because that’s what I thought.

    • That’s how basically any attractive 16 year old dresses – and has for a good decade or more. Why are Americans so afraid of seeing skin? Comments like that are one of the biggest hindrances to gun rights – the fact that (for good reason) people associate guns with Bible-thumping oppressive patriarch types.

  13. 1. Love the Chinese AK poster. Now, that’s funny.

    2. Rich Wyatt is sorta well known around the gun biz, and not in a wholly positive way. I am a little surprised that the TV people didn’t take a look under his fingernails. Or maybe they did and decided that his style of “colorful” would make good television. I understand these programs like to use people who are prone to drama. Huh.

    3. How does a God-fearing all-American dad put his own 16 year-old daughter on national television in camel-toe shorts and a pushup bra? I understand that reality-show pseudo-stardom and the opportunity to make a few bucks must have a powerful pull, but your own daughter? Eeew.

  14. 16 will get you 20. Her parents should have better taste, manners and a sense of modesty than to allow their underage daughter to be exploited in such a manner by either themselves or (more likely) the producers of the show. What won’t shallow people do for a fast buck? Now I’ve got to say that I like a pretty girl just as much as the next fella, but I’ve really got to object when I see people tarting up jail-bait to sell whatever it is they’re selling. There’s no excuse or justification for that kind of crap.

  15. From reading local gun forums who broke news of this show months ago, all I’ve heard is nothing but bad things about Gunsmoke. Like not little shit, but borderline scam/theft, bad repairs, etc.

  16. Sure Mom is a hottie, and the daughter looks sort of like a ” prostitot “, but I did notice in the above photo that they ALL are carrying one of my favorite types of guns…..lever action carbines / rifles. As I haven’t had a TV in a few years, and I’ve only seen a few episodes of S.O.G’s — I sort of doubt I’ll see much of this show either.

  17. “He is one of only six people in the world certified by Colonel Jeff Cooper”

    Wait, the same Cooper who founded GunSite? In all his years of running the place, he seriously only certified six people? So, who were the other five, and why is smoke coming out of my B.S. meter? Certified in what?

  18. 1 of 6 people certified to teach the Colonels original pure form doctorine. Rich taught at Gunsite along side the master Col. Cooper untill the buzzard, Buzz Mills ran everyone without a capitalists eye out the door. Except the cooper family of course. This much is easily proved, the Col. Was burried in a Gunsmoke (Rich Wyatts store) instructor shirt and is probably rolling around because of all the ka ka stamped with the gunsite logo these days (not all bad…just mostly). Richs instructor crudentials are all but B.S.. he runs a buisness, call up and ask for yourself, if you know what your talking about its prety easy to devistate a bullsh**er in a debate. As for his daughter……ya, she’s 16, not cool. I’m curious to see what they bring to the table, I’ve done a little digging and Rich is certainly opinionated, like forementioned, maybe a planned move by discovery; but it is a little insane, if you’ve read some of the blogs on this guy you’d be shocked too, wich got me thinking…it looks like the shop is doing allright, good enough to get on national tv at least, so if that’s the case, how could this guy get away with being a crook? Some of the stuff he’s accused of would put a compay out of buisness in this economy. I mean established in ’93? Pleanty of gunshops have come and gone in the metro area in that time….I don’t know, makes me wonder. I’m curious, ill be tuning in

  19. Yeah right! Ill bet if that poor kid wore that into her school shed be sent home. Fact is this probably is that whole, kardashian effect. I mean look at reality tv, that’s not a title, its a genre, the reality portion is….questionable at best. These production company’s that put the show together are probably all but putting the clothes on for her. Its disgusting if you think about it, its exploitation of a LITTLE GIRL, put out for all you creeps making tit*y comments about a kid. They’re counting on contraversy, and it seems to be working, possible ties to choosing the venue they did?mmm probs. I just hope its like sons of guns, a show, worth watching that just takes the gun world one step further into the light that shows its not all toothless hillbillys shootin’ beer cans. Judging from the comercials and what I believe to be truth from what ive read on the world wide web, it has potential, the guy knows guns, at least if half this stuf is true he does, they have a real family dynamic, and an actual crew of smiths. Let’s just hope they don’t shame us gun guys…and gals

  20. “Daughter Paige is a 16-year-old high school senior But don’t let her looks fool you. She knows more about guns than most men who walk into the shop. And before you know it, you’ll be buying one from her.” I found this funny she might know a lot about guns but its her looks that sell the guns, walk into the gun store and see her dress like that you brought a gun before you know it.

    • It’s called marketing….she isn’t bringing guys to a back room to sell guns. If I go into a restaurant, I don’t want some fat slob waitress when I can have a cute waitress. Everyone here sounds like they own a church or something. It’s funny at first then kinda makes me irritated as the comments made are suggesting just because she is cute they use her to sell guns. If she was a fat slobby looking heffer, she wouldn’t sell any guns. Then again we wouldn’t be talking about her as she most definitely would not be on TV. It’s a business that obviously has done well enough to be recruited to a series. It’s called entertainment.

  21. So who put the !!!!16!!!! year old in thoes clothes and then asked everyone NOT to say anything about it???!!!! WTF is in your mind discovery channel? Not only will I and my family not watch this show, I will let all the people I know about how your channel likes to dress !!!!!!!KIDS!!!!!! I know, find a mirror and SLAP YOURSELF STUPIDS!!!!

    • Move to Iran then….your comments are in line with some religious cult. Praise Jesus…Man is the master…Wear a sheet over your face and walk behind me. Just move and don’t speak publicly again. That would be your present to the world…don’t speak.

    • Gunsmoke is an over-priced shop run by unscrupulous tools.

      No one in the Denver area who knows anything about guns does business with them. Gunsmoke relies on dragging in fresh, gun-ignorant marks that they can talk into guns at 110% MRSP and “training” full of BS from disgraced ex-cop Wyatt.

      So of course they were eager to sign up when Discovery came trolling for a gun shop “reality” show. What better way to bring in fresh suckers than weekly cable TV advertising, complete with a scantily-clad 16 year old girl?

      Rich Wyatt is a vile pimp.

  22. Colorado’s Balloon Boy Family! That’s who the Colorado Wyatts remind me of. Remember Balloon Boy? His parents called 911 claiming that he had been taken aloft in a new balloon design invented by the family. It was a hoax. They were media attention whores. It costs the taxpayers lots of money in Emergency Services responding and inconvenience as the FAA even closed down Denver Airport.

  23. I know these people. I have sold and purchased many guns with these folks. The gunsmith department is one of the best around. The people at Gunsmoke are smart, professional, friendly and honest. The fact that they look great in the promo is just a plus. Gun owners are not toothless hillbillies as the anti’s would have people believe. Watch the show, then make your own opinion. For my part, I look forward to the series.

    • You are either a unicorn or a dude who works in the store pretending to be a happy customer. This shop has one of the worst reputations possible, probably the worst reputation in the state of CO. A basic knowledge of google will get you all the results you need on that one.

      I filmed with them for an episode of this show, sold them a gun and bought a gun from them. This show has the potential to outdo Sons of Guns. And by outdo, I mean more fake, more idiotic, more boring and more fabricated drama.

      I got a really creepy feeling from Rich when I was doing business with him. And I felt like he was a dishonest businessman.

      This show is going to suck.

      And GODDAMN, I had no idea she was 16 when I was talking to her. There is something in the water in Wheatridge, CO.

      • Discovery seems to pick the “winners” that’s for sure. Why not an innovative shop like Wilson Combat or Magpul? Oh, wait, they don’t need to be compared to OCC after the first few episodes air.

  24. Why does every show throw a 16yr old daughter in tight jeans and crop-top out there holding a gun. And then put out a disclaimer saying “don’t talk about the daughter”. After that initial tease, her gun knowledge won’t matter, she’s just meat now.

  25. Good job Discovery making up more stuff so you can get a show.. Rich is not Kurt’s father.. his father lives in Connecticut, where Kurt spent the majority of his adolescence because Renee is crazy. He just moved back 3 years ago. Renee has nothing to do with the shop, before this show was an idea she was never there. I’m so excited to watch this make believe family.. Rich is a great guy, every one else in the family are scumbags

  26. And with the crazy shit Paige has done/been through you would think her mother would take better care of her.. oh wait, that’s right, Renee would rather count her cash then give two craps about her kids. BTW, hillbillies they are not. Rich is loaded and Kurt and Paige are spoiled brats

  27. I’m hoping this show will have a better premise than Sons of Guns. I’m tired of that show with their rediculous scrapped AK’s and Saiga shotguns. There’s no quality or creativism. They stole their ‘box’ gun from Magpul and the ‘master key’ has been around for ages. They peice together their guns and then weld crap to them with $20 scopes and Tapco products. This new show seems to have hope so I am excited. If I see them head space a barrel by eyeballing it, just like in SOG, I’m turning it off. Hopefully the daughter won’t be as lazy and stupid as in SOG either. Listening to her say, “daddy” 20 times an episode and making awkward moaning noises as she speaks with that mouse mouth gives me the creeps. Maybe Discovery realized that SOG is garbage and they are trying to phase it out, I SURE HOPE SO. Please let this series actually be about quality and not crap Frankenguns

  28. I want to thank you for kicking the second Amendment back to the stone ages. Your show lacks gun saftey, class and is true white trash in It’s content. Your show also has a heavy smell of preduduce as well. I watched the episode were you said that Harley owners would love nothing more than to see a crotch rocket (Japanese motercycle) get shot up for there amusement. I don’t recall a show were the Japanese wanted to shoot up a Harley, and then you throw in a 15 16 or 17 year old girl as your selling point. Shame on you, shame on you. American Guns!!!. I’ve been a member of the NRA for over 30 years and after watching one show of your shows I think I wasted my money. I wish you the worst of luck andI will give you three or four shows before you are yanked. Timbob…

  29. Gabe. You should be behind bars for your last thoughts. You should have to register as a sex offender every month. Do all of you come from the south?.

  30. I’m of to Son’s of gun’s next. I thought I would start from the worst first and make my way up, even though all of you are doing harm to the second amendment. Shame on all of you. Timbob..

  31. Dress a 16 year old girl in as little clothes as possible, then ask that no sexual comments be made about her. Makes sense to me.

  32. I thought SOG was pretty bad, but wow. This is like the bastard child of Pawn Stars, SOG and some soap opera love triangle.I found it funny when the CNC guy butchered 2 cylinders (I am guessing not enough cutting fluid) and when the tatted up biker chick could barely handle the recoil on a revolver and asked for something bigger, smh. Pink/Purple stock on a butchered McMillen .50, what were they thinking???

  33. How can Paige be 16 and a senior in high school, shouldn’t she be 18? Anyway, after watching the first show, I feel like the whole show is based upon her sex appeal. The show was not that good, and Sons of Guns is way better, IMO.

  34. What kind of family lets their young girl dress like that? She’s 17 now, but I believe she was 16 when the show was taped. Sex sells and creates ratings, but a 16 year old? I guess this show was created for pedophiles and perverts. I won’t even talk about the mom’s bolt-ons that are always hanging out.

    • Go to the mall for 20 minutes and “check out” the girls there. She looks no different than any of them wandering aimlessly in their short skirts and tight shirts. At least this girl posses a set of skills–shooting and sales–which will benefit her in the long-run.

  35. I guess you’re not much out, because thats what teens look these days.
    And in most countrys in the world the age of consent is 16.

  36. Rich Wyatt is someone you would want on your side in a foxhole. A true friend in a battle to preserve our freedoms as Americans. He knows guns better than anyone in town. He has a great show! Thank you Gurney Productions and Discovery for bringing to the audience all the valuable information Rich has to share! Would like to see more safety tips his strong suit.

  37. The guy is as crooked as they come, was held in jail for contempt of court and is an all around jerk. Now he has a tv show? What a load of garbage…

    • Did you ever wonder how a X cop gets $20000.00 to throw out just to buy guns?Cash non the less.Most business do not work with cash as the IRS will not allow deductions for cash sales or buys.Ummm

      • That is a dumb remark. all you need is a receipt. 20k is chump change . small gun business will have 200k in funds cash and credit. My shop makes 5k a day after cost. 2 employees. not too hard if you have a brain.

  38. Rich Wyatt didn’t retire from Law Enforcement he was forced to resign. He was a corrupt cop and he is a slimy merchant.

    • I would really like some background on Wyatt’s supposed law enforcement experience. He’s made various statements to the effect that he was a retired “Chief of Police” but the best that I can find is that he (maybe) was a cop in Alma, CO. Can you fill in the blanks?

      • From what my Uncle and dad told me. Alma is like a 4 or five guy Dept so he was never the Chief. Shit, he was never a cop in Alma. He was a Reserve SGT who they made the Dept armorer in Auroua (sp) then some Dept weapons (Mostly older DRMO guns) went missing. Thier was a CBI and BATFE investagation. He resigned and they never had enough to charge him. I believe he lost his FFL though. and his first wife held his at his orginally shop. I have heard from retired CO LEO’s that his current wife holds his current FFL. As the BATFE won’t renew his. I have also heard his bound book at his first shop was a huge mess.

  39. I enjoyed the program. I don’t care if he was a chief or not, just as long as they are not from washington, dc. That’s slimy. I just like to see them shoot. The women folk are not hard to look at either.

    • mom is hott…. the son is an amazing engraver, and dau is way cute, love how shes not afraid to shoot any of the guns. but, isnt she a bit young to be carrying??

  40. So after watching a few episodes I was was pretty pleased. They’re safe, have fun, build some neat stuff and the producers don’t get to out of hand with the drama. All in all it makes gun shops look friendly and IMO shines a positive light for the shooting community.

    • LOL, Safe huh? You mean like blowing up a piano with Tannerite and having shrapnel inches away from a “customer” safe? Shooting black powder indoor safe? Spraying DuraCote and NOT wearing a proper respirator safe? DuraCote in an unventilated area with no respirator is hell on the lungs. IMO, As scripted as this is, they make gun owners look like jackasses, have sub-par overpriced product and even worse reputation with the shooting community.

  41. Just when I thought you wouldn’t see a show worse than those clowns down in La these guys come on. Don’t know which show is worse ? Anybody that has done any work on guns and looks close at their work can see they are butchers

  42. Overall I enjoy watching the show. I wish they would just film a program that was about the guns & the Gunsmithing without all the “family drama” reality show BS but I guess thats what some people want on their TV. At least this gun shop employs actual Gunsmiths & not hacks who know how to put silencers on POS Segas & AK’s. I giggle at the comments some of you left on here; “look at this website & read all the negative comments about their work”. Have any of you (or them for that matter) even stepped foot in Gunsmoke? Any retard can log on & leave a comment about anything in the world & it doesnt mean it has any validity whatsoever. I know from personal experience that Gunsmoke is the real deal; why? Because I’ve bought stuff there! I didnt read some comment left by some nameless retard on a website & took it for gospel! I actually do know Rich & a couple of the smiths at Gunsmoke (Brian was my best friend during & after high school) & they are known for quality work throughout the shooting community both here in Colorado & elsewhere in the states.
    Anyway screw the haters…..I’ll keep watching until I dont want to anymore.

    • Saigas are far from POS, as close as you will get to a true Russian AK in the States and damn good bang for the buck. While I would not have anything done at Red Jacket unless Flem was doing the work, I would not have anything done at Gunsmoke period. I admit, have not (and will not) use their services, but their reputation is less then stellar and precedes them. While some reviewers are disgruntled customers and “nameless retards” as you put it, that doesn’t account for everyone. Basically, I don’t need to taste a turd, I’ll give the majority opinion the benefit of the doubt, if that makes sense.

      “they are known for quality work throughout the shooting community both here in Colorado & elsewhere in the states.” Examples?? If you look up Wilson Combat for instance, there are rants and raves about how great their services and products are. Not so much with Gunsmoke.

      PS. “Any retard can log on & leave a comment about anything in the world & it doesnt mean it has any validity whatsoever.” exactly, but it goes both ways……

  43. I think both gun shows are entertaining. I do think that using a helicopter and caring a bag of money is overkill, but the woman on the show are a great added touch to the program.

  44. can’t leave this message on the discover site. Must be censoring feedbacks. What a dumb show. Can’t wait for the “mother-daughter bikini shooting” scene. Also, who would pay $12,000 for a USED 50 cal.? Seems phony as their boobs. Two words — pimp & thief.

    • Man, that abortion of a 1911 they silver plated looked horrid. Don’t even get me started on the grips, you can almost see the epoxy holding in the diamonds, smh. A “gunsmith” that didn’t know that plating would affect slide to frame fit??? This is a good watch if you want to know what not to do with your firearms.

      The “non-redneck cannon” made out of an oxygen tank, I will refrain from comment as well. And have they not heard of remote detonation while testing that POS?? Good example of “Safety first” Gunsmoke style…..

  45. I personally had had a pistol worked on at Gusmoke and kinda got screwed. after getting a quote the frame replacement for a 1911 and was going to pass on the repair (cost to value), agreed to go with it. then after I paid for it was then told oh by the way the safety’s are failing but they are sorta working for now. I will never go there again. Wasn’t real impressed with the place and the especially the service. They also make it look alot larger and more inventory then they have. But such is TV. I honestly turned off the the first episode. I also know a lady who they were going to hire to be a crazy blond wanting a gun. She is hot but all this is put on.

  46. They aren’t his kids. Thier his step-kids, he suckered the bimbo with bolt-ons and her moron kids with the promise of fame and cheap breast implants. Thier real dad is some where in New England. Also he needed a new ditz to hold an FFL. Because after his run-in’s with law enforcement, the BATFE wasn’t going to be giving Wyatt’s dumbass another one.

  47. Rich is a flashy over the top and out of control SOB. If you want to go to a “Real” Gunsmith go to .T.J’s or Kelly’s sports. These men are professionals and will do the job right every time. Kelly for example has 39 years of experience as a gun smith and unlike Rich’s BS background. Kelly has experience and service that can’t be beat. And if you want to buy guns from someone in the city of Denver don’t buy in to Gunsmoke’s crap go to Tom and Joe’s there service is great and does not have all flash BS to go along with it. And you will feel great after buying a gun at Tommy’s place. Where as at Gunsmoke you’ll feel railroaded by this to bit shitty hack. Take my advice forget Gunsmoke its a bullshit operation run by flash wannebes not professionals. Rich and his “team” if you can call them that are not worth your time or hard earned money.

  48. I know this maybe off topic but thier is a internet rumour floating around that those other window lickers at Red Jacket just got thier FFL revoked. I’m no fan of the governments gun running crew but I knew that some ambitous junior BATF 1811 (Special Agent) types were probably watching both these shows and taking notes. Some Senior SA at the New Orelans BATF field office is probably looking for a promation to SAIC. I more then willing to bet with his checkered past with the BATF that the Denver field office has a team of Agents assigned to watch American Guns. Espically since his bimbo wife is supposidly the FFL holder.

    • I like you don’t wish the rath of the BATFE on anyone, but come on. I wouldn’t let those southern hicks work on my daisey BB gun! Their big claim to fame came from bolting on accessories to Saiga 12’s – hardly gunsmithing! The old man is a pure a-hole and the rest of the tatto gang is pathetic. Should have called the show something like – “Slinging gun blue tattos” or similar.

    • The Internet is FULL of rumors. Look at how many rumors/lies abound passed out by the anti-guns in their effort do disarm law abiding citizens. (We already know law breakers will ignore the laws.)

      How many quotes are attributed to someone who never said anything remotely similar? How many attribute the wrong person? how many are just made up?

      If I see positive evidence that supports the rumor, then I can start to believe it.

      Meanwhile we already know parts of these shows are scripted at worst, suggested role-play at best.

  49. I watched the second season premiere last night. Wow, what a horrible show. Let’s see—they made a “punt gun” out of a piece of stainless steel tubing, a fence post, an M2 spade handle, slapped an Ed Hardyesque paint job on it(with automotive paint, surely not durable enough for the job) and charged someone 10 grand.

    They built a 1911 for a soldier for three grand, and the owner had the audacity to have his 18 year old daughter practice PAINTING the slide. Really? For that kind of money I get a painted slide?

    Rich Wyatt goes on and on about how much he respects our servicemen—-but I don’t see his son enlisting. No, his son is more than content to “play army”, running around the woods with his AR, but he’s 21 and made no effort to enlist. Neither will the spoiled bimbo daughter.

    The Wyatts just seem like cheesy douchebags. The mom and dad give off a “swinger” vibe, the son, while a decent engraver, seems awfully full of himself, and the daughter comes off as a mindless bimbo—with a PINK DOG. WTF?

  50. Really….who writes these articles? “What the show lacks in (apparent) cultural diversity”, what exactly does that mean? So like there should be affirmative action casting the show? They live in Colorado…not Detroit. You watch any show regarding weapons and everyone has an opinion I guess. This site appears to have an endless supply of weapons Yet you watch it for what ever reason. It’s not a college course…it’s entertainment…and tries to be as correct as possible in most cases. Damn…the content here focuses on silicone boobs, exploitation of Paige and the frame shots of Kurt without a smile. This comment section could provide a psychologist ample material for many years of study. Kinda sad considering most of those that post here I assume own weapons, and kinda scares me at the same time. Perhaps the weapons purchase laws should be more strict as I believe there should be at least a cut off for those that are just ignorant.

  51. I regularly watch this weekly “drivel” just to see how many stupid people there are in the world who would fall for Wyatt’s crap. (“I just can’t build you a rifle for under 12K”). Paige is just a flashier version of Stephanie from SOG who I wouldn’t let sell me a box of ammo, let alone recommend a gun. All of them running around flashing their .45’s on their hip…..oooooh I’m SO impressed….NOT! I’ve had .45’s built by some of the best names in the country, and Rich Wyatt isn’t one of them.

  52. I never have seen somebody take advantage of people with a straight face like Rich.It seems like every one that is selling or trading firearm,there stuff is almost worthless but the guns you sell are so over priced I would laugh at you.You do have a line of BS and excuses,your approach is borderline criminal.If what I have read about your step children are true you should be ashamed.

  53. Not sure why they sporterized the Krag Jogenson rifle. They told the idiot the value would go away. The option he was not given was to sell it for 2000 all day and buy a sporter for 400 all day. Make 1600 and get what he wants? How about selling the stock for big bucks and buying a sporter to paint black. Show was hard to watch.

    • If those are real customers, they have to be some of the most gullible people on the planet. His pricing is totally outrageous and anybody with half a brain should be able to see that.


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