American Guns: A Few More Pictures and Funny Caption Contest

It seems that Discovery Channel has released a few more photos of the Wyatt family ahead of their big TV debut next week. Since the last time we said anything about this we’ve heard a little bit more about some less than logical store policies, and the reason for giving these guys a TV show is becoming increasingly clear. Well, that and the jailbait daughter. In my opinion there’s only one thing left to do: post the pictures and try to come up with funny captions. Make sure to indicate which picture you’re poking fun at, the pictures are numbered in the order they appear in this post.

All I’m going to mention is how utterly miserable their son looks in all of these photos.

Picture #2:

Picture #3:

Picture #4:

Picture #5:

Picture #6:

Picture #7:

All photos are (C) Discovery Channel, used with permission.

Note: The only “prize” for this competition is the laughter you get from reading everyone else’s comments. If you want actual gubbins stay tuned for a later post.