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Yes, That’s Britney Spears With A Gun. In Her Pants.

I can’t think of too many more frightening phrases in the English language than ‘Britney Spears with a gun.’ Unless it’s ‘Lindsay Lohan with a gun.’ But fear not. That isn’t an opportunistic paparazzi snap taken somewhere on the streets of New York. No, the future Responsible Parenting Hall of Fame nominee is filming a music video in which she knocks over a convenience store. It’s unfortunate that the production budget wouldn’t accommodate an IWB holster, but the music biz isn’t what it used to be. Here’s hoping her thong doesn’t inhibit a quick draw requiring extra takes that will only upset the director. Let’s also hope there aren’t even blanks in that gun or her bikini-sporting days could be over.


  1. avatar Pete says:

    OOOH, she even has her FINGER on the TRIGGER while she is inserting/extracting the gun from her nice tight, tummy-hugging pants!! We can hardly wait for the follow-up report from Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Bunch! “Britney Spears gets hot-wax bikini trim from blank!” Or maybe “Britney Blows Hole in Her Tummy”!

    Darwin Award potential, here. Too bad the video didn’t include the store owner or clerk pulling out a handgun and blowing her away – that would have served as a “powerful lesson to the chirren about the dangers of crime”.

  2. avatar taurus609 says:

    Haven’t you seen the photos of her exits from automobiles, she don’t wear no stinking underwear!

  3. avatar GS650G says:

    That’s not the first hot thing she’s pulled from here pants I bet.

  4. avatar Bat sh*t crazy says:

    How many youngsters are gonna see her doing this and think it’s an acceptable way to handle a gun? I’m with Pete, Darwin material if I ever saw it. All she’s missing is a smoke and a shoeless visit to the truckstop restroom. Oh, and a pair of hair clippers…..

  5. avatar Coyote Gray says:

    How does she still have a career?

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      She has a career because she still has a booty to shake. It certainly isn’t her wonderful voice.

  6. avatar Aharon says:

    I hope that is not the Ruger SP101 my favorite handgun. Her lack of morals and good values so disgust me that I wouldn’t even want to hold the revolver she had down her pants.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      I’d be more concerned about her lack of hygiene.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        Yup, that too. Otherwise, I can think of a few classy actresses I admire that if they had pulled a gun from….oh never mind since this isn’t the place for that kind of comment.

  7. avatar GS650G says:

    Let’s hope they tell her which end to hold. If it isn’t shaped like a microphone she might get confused a bit about what to do.

    1. avatar Travis Leibold says:

      hahaha…..”microphone”… giggity….

  8. avatar Braden Lynch says:

    Hmm…Britney Spears knocking over a convenience store (in a music video, phew).

    This sounds awfully close to what she might do in real life. Well, it’s a big stretch for her acting talents, yup…(sarcasm – one of my many free services that I provide).

  9. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    maybe like lindsey she’s shoplifting the gun…..

  10. avatar Tim says:

    I have studied the picture – can someone please tell me where the gun is?

  11. avatar cmd says:

    It used to bug me that Hollywierd gets gun handling so wrong. It really bugged me. Then I realized the thugs out there only have film to learn how to carry a gun. That increases my chances of survival if I should every find my self in a situation. So teach your friends and family the right way and let the idiots and thug wannabes learn from from movies and TV.

  12. avatar Rignerd says:

    Looks like she’s trying to shoot a tick off her hoodiddy. Hope there’s less than 6 of them, she might try to reload it.

  13. avatar Crotalus says:

    *Ahem* EEK! Thank you.

    Maybe it’s time for you anti-gun freaks to strap on some balls.

  14. avatar Ocie says:

    Thanks Gal.
    Stand up for our
    2nd amendment!

  15. avatar tim says:

    so she lied on the forms? is there not a question about drug and alcohol problems?

  16. avatar Josef says:

    Superb material! I have already been trying to find something similar to this for a time now. Many thanks!

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