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From reader Joe:

I’d just like to start by saying I’m a big fan of the site, I’ve been a reader for a while and you guys do awesome reviews and I love showing the defensive gun use of the day to people I know who say guns cost more lives than they save. Anyways I first heard about the documentary Assaulted on TTAG about 3 weeks ago. They now have 35 hours or so left to get the $60,000 they need for the film and they have about $13,000 left to gather. They did $10,000 yesterday and one last push will probably get the film made. I’m sure you guys agree the gun control situation in California is nothing short of completely unconstitutional, and so I’m writing you in hope that you can pimp the film on TTAG one last time to help with the final push to get it financed. Just so you know I’m not involved with the project in an extent besides being a donor, just a concerned citizen.

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  1. Add me to the contribution list!

    Check out the trailer under the link from the “you may also like” section. I hope they make this project. I’m totally ok with media blaming “special interest groups” if CAs gun laws get some fixin’.

  2. I’m in!

    I’m kinda sad that there is less than 1,000 backers for this. With the amount of people who read TTAG I’m we can change that though! Go in for 5 bucks and skip going out for lunch one time this week!

  3. It’s a pointless exercise. The Dems have a majority in the Legislature, and they just don’t care about your Second Amendment rights. In fact, they are vociferally antagonistic to those rights. It is now illegal in this stte to openly carry an unloaded or loaded weapon, long gun or handgun, unless you are in an unincorporated area or going to/from hunting. All weapons must be placed in a locked container to transport them from your door to the car and the car to the range. The bullet button ban failed, but Yee has vvowed to bring it up next legislative season–and the aim, as Portantino expressly stated, was to ban all blacks rifles from the state (because they have concluded that no one has a valid purpose in possessing a “military style” rifle). The political battle is lost; the only battle to be won is in the courts. No movie is going to change that, because no movie will persuade anti-gunners that guns are evil, scary, and unnecessary.

    • Mark N – I agree that a movie is not going to change a thing in this state
      Generally the coastal areas (LA/San Fran)vote liberal, rest of state mostly votes conservative
      The only way to change the balance of power is for every voter in the “mostly” part show up and vote the libs out
      Wishfull thinking, hope not

      • Save your pennies and move. Once their whole damn system comes crashing down and the people wake up it might be a nice place to live again. Until then, flee to freer greener pastures.

        • Why should I move? I live in a “shall issue for self defense” county! Then again, how could I move? I am still underwater after the real estate crash.

  4. This would be one of those accidentally amusing headlines:

    I read it as the “Help Get Assaulted Project” is over the top. (Actually, “Help Get Assaulted” is a great name for an anti-2A project. Isn’t that the motto of all no-gun-zones?)

    (My all-time fave was on a clothing donation drive: “Help Scouts Blind Kids.”)

    Silly-mode off, I wish these guys luck. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    • You will not see anything some more people donate. I don’t even live in CA and want to see it made. I originally donated $10 and have since bumped it to $50.

      It may not change politics in CA but it will give the whole gun rights community some more good information to reference against the anti-gun crowd.

      Seriously, $10 * 1300 TTAG viewers and we should see a good film made

  5. I just backed it for $10. You should all think about doing the same. California is the forefront for anti-gun laws. If you can beat the anti-gunners in CA, then they will be beat everywhere else (with the exception of IL).

  6. They need a paypal or direct donation option. I refuse to use Amazon due to my CC info being leaked from them and costing me a lot of money.


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