Chicago: 400 Gun Deaths in 2012. And Counting.

I also blame unemployment for Chicago’s soaring homicide rate. Somebody’s got to do something. And Ceasefire’s taxpayer-funded “violence interrupters” (a.k.a., unaccountable ex-cons) are just the folks to do it. Or not.


  1. avatar CarlosT says:

    Wait, what? I thought guns didn’t exist in Chicago.

    1. avatar Kelly in GA says:

      Yeah, they have a magic spell around the city that makes guns disapparate at the city limits. It also makes the city look run down to keep out the muggles, just like at Hogwarts. Oh, wait, it really is that ugly? Never mind.

      Boy, I’m really showing my (lack of) age, huh?

      1. avatar Steven says:

        I visit this domed city every once in awhile. Can’t say it’s 100% proof cause I’m still concerned about being on that southwest side of the city. I’d feel better if I could carry around town.

        1. avatar Anon in CT says:

          Maybe the problem is that everyone in Chicago is irritated by being trapped in that damned dome all day?

        2. avatar TheConnectSean says:

          @Anon CT. Is Connecticut feeling trapped in that damned dome all day?

    2. avatar agb253 says:

      The supreme court found Chicago gun control unconstitutional in July 2010. “I thought there were no guns in Chicago.” What are you talking about? Of course you can have a gun in Chicago, both legally and illegally.

  2. avatar Joseph says:

    Who cares how many gang bangers shoot each other in Chicago, New York, or anywhere else. They are doing the world a favor. Give ’em more ammo.

    1. avatar Heath R says:

      its not the shooting of each other that is the problem, its the stray shots that hits innocent bystanders who cant afford to leave and prohibited from defending themselves

      1. avatar matt says:

        There are very few “innocent” people in the neighborhoods where the majority of shootings take place. Even if they aren’t criminals, they created criminals by failing to properly raise their children. I’m with Joseph, lets do arms air drops in to Englewood so they can ethnically cleanse each other.

        1. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

          You really are an a$$hole. How would you classify this 7yo child killed via thug bullet:

          I don’t care what color/race she is. This is the defintion of innocent.

        2. avatar GS650G says:

          seek help matt/

        3. avatar TheConnectSean says:

          So are we gonna do this arms drop in Connecticut too Matt?

  3. avatar JoshinGA says:

    Not to be crass, but is this really a shocker to anyone?

  4. avatar jwm says:

    Just accept the fact that the badguys are going to be armed. Quit impeding the good guys that want to be armed and set a high burden of proof when someone with a clean background shoots someone with a “history” so the good guy isn’t ground down by the system.

  5. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    Are there any decent stats on how many of the casualties (dead or injured) are innocent victims of criminals, and how many casualties were suspicious characters (aka previously convicted criminals or known gang members) themselves?

    Seems to me that rationalizing the gun laws in IL would have a very direct and comprehensible impact on preventing innocent-victim casualties… But less so when it comes to criminal-on-criminal violence.

  6. avatar RIGHT! says:

    Professional? Like the NYPD?
    I am miles above them in professionalism

  7. avatar CarlosT says:

    I’m on the fence about this comment. It’s pretty standard anti-gun stuff, but I’m wondering if the last line is a setup, just waiting for one of us to come in with a Lee Paige punchline.

  8. avatar Will says:



    1. avatar Aharon says:

      Try Calms Forte. It’s Homeopathic non-habit forming/dependency pills that are 100% natural.

    2. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:


  9. avatar Aharon says:

    Sure, unemployment affects gang and criminal activity well usually. Despite the unemployment spike since 2008, crime and violent crime nationwide has not increased. Actually, crime is down in many categories especially violence crime nationwide. Why Chicago? It is not PC yet the city has two large populations of people from racial/ethnic groups that have a very high criminal-activity history. One reason is that many males from the black and Hispanic culture often have a belief in the utter despondency of their lives. America is far more focused on shattering some supposedly unfair glass ceiling for women than on being concerned with the glass floor that many tens of millions of men have fallen through being unskilled, uneducated, in prison, or living on the street.

  10. avatar Joe says:

    More gun buy backs please. Obviously, they worked so well, but there are still some guns out there. We need a gun buy back every day. If it saves just one life, it will be worth it.

  11. avatar plumbump says:

    Wait, gun deaths? Those poor guns, dying left and right… We must do SOMETHING!

  12. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

    I blame the criminals who actually do the crimes, number one, and I blame you gun-rights activists, number two.

    You are the ones responsible for the ease with which these young violent boys get their guns. And gun availability is one of the major factors involved in the messy business.

    1. avatar DerryM says:

      Would you explain how you see that mechanism works since us gun-rights activists obey the gun laws (even the ones we don’t like)?

      The guns used by these ‘young violent boy’s are being illegally smuggled into Chicago along with the illegal drugs…you know, Criminal Enterprise, one source shopping for all your gang banger needs…Drugs, Guns and Whores at deeply discounted prices…

    2. avatar Chas says:

      Well, Mikey, we blame you for lying about the effectiveness of gun control.


      So there.


    3. avatar GS650G says:

      wow, i didn’t know we were handing cute young boys in Chicago guns. I guess now I know.

    4. avatar jwm says:

      This blood is actually on your hands Mikey. This level of violence doesn’t happen in the areas where it’s easy for citizens to exercise their civil rights and go armed. It’s primarily in places like Chicago. You know, the places that have strict gun laws like you push for.

      And since this violence is happening in poor inner city areas populated by mostly non whites this shows once again the racism that you gun grabbers are steeped in.

  13. avatar DerryM says:

    Tell me again how banning firearms to the non-criminal Citizen stops gun-involved violence and how the Chicago Police are doing a good job…I must have missed something.

  14. avatar jimf says:

    The last stat I heard on the radio this week was that 1/4 t0 1/3 of the deaths were gang members…so, I don’t count them as victims…more of a self-inflicted death.

  15. avatar GS650G says:

    Long time coming.

  16. avatar Ralph says:

    I’m so happy that the Second City is actually first in something.

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