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Not content with unilaterally banning so-called assault weapons in the Bay State (never mind the resulting blowback she’s gotten, even from those her own party) Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has two new targets in her hoplophobic sights; Remington and GLOCK.

As the Boston Globe reports,

“Attorney General Maura Healey has launched a sweeping investigation into possible safety problems involving guns manufactured by at least two major companies, Remington and Glock, according to lawsuits filed by both firms, which are fighting Healey’s efforts. The lawsuits reveal that this year, Healey invoked her powers under the state’s consumer protection law to demand that both companies turn over a wide range of documents, including safety-related complaints from customers and the companies’ responses.

The AG’s made what her PR flack calls “a simple request for consumer complaints and related information.” Uh huh. In response, the companies have sued her in an effort to stop the harassment. They argue “that she is abusing her authority by casting a broad net for documents, including those related to accidental discharges, past lawsuits, legal settlements, and product recalls.”

In going after GLOCK, she’s investigating a company (under color of the state’s consumer protections laws) that’s prohibited from selling its products to Massachusetts consumers.

Glocks can be sold only to law enforcement officers in Massachusetts, because consumer sales are banned under state law. As such, Glock argues, Healey is misusing her investigative powers “for the ulterior purpose of harassing an out-of-state company that does not engage in in-state consumer sales.”

As for Remington, the AG is trying to bury them in paperwork.

Remington Arms Co., based in Madison, N.C., contends Healey’s investigation is “unreasonable and excessively burdensome” because she is seeking product files from every state and country, even though fewer than 1 percent of the files relate to Massachusetts customers.

Because Healey’s office “has provided virtually no information concerning the subject or object of its investigation, one cannot imagine what possible relevance product service files from Hawaii or Manitoba, Canada, could have on the AG’s investigation in Massachusetts,” Remington states in its lawsuit, filed Monday.

Oh wait. Maybe we can. She’s using the almost unlimited investigatory power of her office to harass two producers of legal consumer goods she finds distasteful and politically convenient to attack.

Healey’s obviously made the political calculation that in deep blue Massachusetts, any downside of going after gun owners and manufacturers is more than outweighed by the benefits she’ll accrue among the state’s ultra-liberal voting base. The sad part is, she’s probably right.


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    • Yup. Stop the carve outs for the police on everything gun related, and force them to stand with the rest of the citizenry on this since the cops have made it clear that most of them are good little doggies and will do as they are told instead of doing what is right, as long as they get special permission for their toys.

      • Good luck. I’ve been a proponent of this and suggested it multiple, multiple times in the past, but the truth is that government and LE agency contracts are too lucrative and honestly the only reason why some gun companies exist.

        Colt, FN, HK, Beretta, etc. would all be in a different boat if they didn’t have the multi-million gov contracts that are paid for by the taxpayers.

        So we get to pay so they can have stuff that we “can’t” have and not only that but then they get to use them to use force on citizens here and innocents abroad with near impugnity. So F’d up…

        • You fellas need to remember that liberal Massachusetts citizens are the folks who re-elected Teddy Kennedy to the Senate FIVE times after his cowardly murder of Mary Jo Kopechne. They are as worthless as it gets.

    • Even better idea…. have every gun manufacturer RECALL every firearm sold to every MA governmant agency; and then refuse to sell any new ones to state agencies or LEOs. When that carpet-muncher’s security detail is disarmed; maybe she’ll get the hint…..

        • Uhhh, because the only thing she hates more than guns, are men?? Or, maybe its the other way around; she hates GUNS more than men….. Either way, that scumbag (D) lawyer can kiss my OSFWG ass…. and if youre a gun-grabbing troll; then the same directive apllies to you as well….

        • Your response to Illinois fails to address what is a fairly forthright question. You address her sexual relationships as if they have bearing on her abusive tactics as regards these two companies. You then suggest that she hates men more than guns (or guns more than men), which still has no relationship to this, unless you are suggesting her investigation is not spurred by hoplophobia, but rather misandry. Of course some evidence of that allegation is also needed.

        • @Katy

          I believe her reasons are due to BOTH Hoplophobia and Misandry…… As a true believer in the dominance of the “liberal” Democratic philosophy; she correlates the firearm industry and its consumers to knuckle-dragging simpletons that needs to be emasculated “by all and any means necessary”. She believes gun owners are conservative, patriarchal bigots, racists and homophobes; you on the left invented the term “ammosexual” as a derogatory term for white male heterosexual gun owners. I would bet you your favorite Starbucks latte that she uses that term behind closed doors (or when locked in the echo chamber known as Beacon Hill)…. I don’t need to provide evidence to you or any other commenter here regarding my opinions. This forum is neither a debate; nor a graduate dissertation…. That is my feeling on the subject, as well as my opinion. Now, do me a favor. Walk down the hall and tell Maura Healy to go FLAME DELETED herself…..

        • So, in a lot less words, n64456, you don’t know jack shit, but you feel like she must hate all men because she is gay and has done something politically you disagree with.

          That’s… totally logical and sane and not batshit.

          Way to make us all look good.

        • @Swarf
          “Feelings” are what the left has been using in their disarmament push for a generation now…… You can’t “shame me” for my opinions on what I believe is Healy’s reasoning for these actions… My comments will NOT change Healy’s mind in her nonstop attacks on the 2nd Amendment; nor will they change any other gun-grabbers mind….

          Interesting how you made the remark “…does something YOU disagree with politically”….. So, you agree with her actions?? Otherwise; wouldn’t you have said “…something WE here disagree with politically…”?? Hmmm, I believe we are seeing where your sympathies lie….

          So, back on topic…. Frankly; I could care less what they (or YOU) think of my comments. I personally don’t think that OC provocateurs help the pro 2A cause (and do more harm to this side’s reputation, but that’s MY opinion); but they are entitled to there opinions; as am I…. Go troll somewhere else (and you can walk down the hall; and go tell Hillary to FLAME DELETED herself as well)…

    • Damn right, all firearms manufacturers should boycott sales of any firearm to all LE Agencies in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts since doing business in the State amounts to a tacit “PLEASE SUE MY COMPANY” request.

    • Also, no parts for armorers and support calls from Massachusetts agencies are answered with “sorry, but we can’t provide support in your area anymore.”

      They’ll be able to get parts in the aftermarket, but not at the prices Glock was offering and the procurement process will be slower and less certain.

      They should then lay it out: Glock will go back to supporting the agencies the way they used to, but only if their products can be sold according to federal law. No magazine restrictions, no special rosters, no other special requirements. If not, then move on to someone else’s pistols.

    • And recall the weapons currently in service with MA officers. The harassment will last only as long as it takes for her protection detail to say a few choice words.

  1. As far as morons like this beotch are concerned, any gun that actually goes bang is defective and worthy of destroying an entire industry to keep us simple minded folk safe.

  2. Well, I’m sure the good Democrats of MA will turn in their property and get on the trains when required.

    I don’t know why she is waiting to declare herself queen.

  3. You would think if Attorney General Healey was really concerned about the consumer rights for ‘the good people of Massachusetts’ she would target for investigation the Smith & Wesson company since they are an in-state entity.

  4. I’m no big city lawyer. If we have any lawyers here, I’m curious what they think. But this seems like a bridge too far. These are companies with attorneys on staff that can afford to defend themselves. Obviously she’s doing this as a political stunt, but could this have any negative ramifications for Healey?

    • I doubt corporate lawyers scare her. She has been targeting oil companies like Exxon for years trying to force them to turn over documents related to climate change and the company’s response to this political sideshow.

      She has been abusing the powers of her office for years without repercussions.

      Frankly, this is just an extension of the Liberal Socialists practice of using the courts to force social change and punish political and economic opponents.

      • I believe most people are forgetting that Massachusetts governor’s office is in the care of “Republican/RINO Governor. Charlie ” The Barker ” Baker! He is another Demo-Erratic collaborator! I want to spead this far and wide. His political career needs to end, and his new career as a night manager at a Massachusetts Burger King Begins! No politcians in Massachusetts has ever “rolled back any of Massachusetts draconian gun laws..!” The best Massachusetts got was “Pepper and self-defense sprays deregulated !” And if that’s the best Massachusetts residents have to rely on…The same should be put to ballot for the police on all levels as well…Equal rights under the law…No special privileges for police!

    • This isn’t even a “fishing expedition” – it’s randomly tossing dynamite into the ocean just to be annoying.

      Fortunately, good corporate litigators know how to play the game too. It will cost Glock and Remmy, but they can stretch out the process and bury Healey and her staff in procedural paperwork.

      • While it may cost them a little, I suspect they will rely on in-house counsel to do this. And since those folks are already on salary, it just gives them something to do without costing the company any more than they already pay.

    • My opinion at this stage is that any gun owner anywhere but especially in MA not vote for any democrat and vote for any other individual. We have the numbers to be huge voice if not at the end of the day, destroy the party.

      • I’m a MA lawyer and FFL too and when you have virtually unlimited resources at your disposal, like the AG does, you can harass any manufacturer you see fit. Her effort to bury those two in paper work will have the desired effect of making her look like she’s “doing something” to combat gun violence and endear her further to her base voters. The best Glock and Remington can get out of the deal is an injunction against producing mountains of irrelevant paperwork. If you read the article you’ll notice Maura citing folks who’ve had “accidental discharges”. Rather than admit their own negligence these people will blame Glock for producing unsafe pistols. Further, the bulk of citizen-owned Glocks in MA are cop turn-ins. We can’t sell new Glocks at retail but can sell used – usually for one to two hundred dollars more than can be had new in New Hampshire.

        This state’s messed up and God help us all if she’s our next governor.

        • Really! Sounds like just the guy to ask a question! Why in hell are Glock, Remington, or any other manufacturer returning her calls? Glock doesn’t even do business in the state? All correspondence from this goon should proceed direct to the crapper!

        • Because when a party initiates an action in a court of law the respondent is legally bound to do just that, respond. If no answer is given the court can rule that any allegations in the complaint are deemed admitted. Courts don’t always do this but the two companies’ legal counsel were wise to respond and, in this instance, ferociously push back against the AG. Again, the AG will probably back down but her political posturing will likely be considered a success.

        • If my business did zero business in a state and I received demands from the AG of that state, the demand letter would fly into the circular filing cabinet faster than a plea for donations to stop global warming. I don’t care if I had attorneys on retainer looking for something to do or not. If you have standing to sue me then bring it to a court in my jurisdiction. Otherwise f-off.

        • Don’t forget! RINO Governor. Charlie ” The Barker ” Baker is at the helm! He was the on board with the other Massachusetts Demo-Erratics to deprive all Massachusetts citizens of “Due process ” through the “So-called, No fly, No buy : Secret government terrorists watchlists!” Unfortunately, a lot of folks viewing these articles are not New Englanders, and have no idea the difficulty of securing an FID / LTC. Which of course varies from local police department to city police department across Massachusetts. A State filled with high taxes, crime, Political, and police corruption. Most of these viewers come from “Free-states ” with indifferent waiting periods, or instant check POS. Non-New Englanders don’t realize that Massachusetts is a “soft-sell authoritarian state.” The US Constitutional-Bill of Rights is put on hold in Massachusetts!

    • It’s a government-driven version of SLAPP, focused on the Second Amendment, instead of the First (

      The actions don’t need to succeed legally to fulfill their purpose. They just need to be costly and burdensome. That’s it. Enough of these, going on for long enough, costing enough money, and a manufacturer might say screw it, what needs to happen to make it stop?

      Of course, that’s when they’re really screwed, because the floodgates will crash open at that point, and there will be no closing them.

  5. After repeated rebuffs in the legislative and executive branches of many states and federally, the US anti-gun movement has taken a different tack: it is no longer fighting a regulatory battle, they are pursuing an economic war on the gun industry by substantially increasing the costs of manufacturing, distributing, purchasing, and owning ammunition and firearms to the point that the Second Amendment will be moot: the cost escalation will drive out manufacturers, sellers, and buyers. If she is successful, more states will follow. Her actions should be prohibited under existing law and as infringing on the Second Amendment. The Constitution should trump a state consumer law ruse to drive out firearms commerce. Congress needs to act.

    • Daniel Lord,

      I agree with your commentary and analysis.

      I have a different suggestion for the firearms industry: ignore the requests/subpoenas from the likes of Massachusetts Attorney General. Obummer and Holder had no qualms ignoring Congressional subpoenas. Turn-about is fair play.

      • ^^^THIS. Non-f*king-compliance. It’s time to stop pretending that these made-up people in made-up positions of power passing made-up decrees have any basis in reality.

        I’ll say it:

        • Don’t be obnoxious. Just *lose* the request, see how long it takes for them to send another, tell them you already responded, why are they asking again, then ignore the second request, when the third arrives, respond that the guy in charge of that department doesn’t work here any more, we’ll let you know when he’s replaced, and on and on, play their own game. By the time you’ve spent $100 on stamps, they’ll be into the millions trying to get information they have no use for. Keep no records of any communication, if a return receipt is requested, tell delivery no one has authority, take it back, if receipt is not requested, throw it in the trash and IGNORE it!

    • A question, is it racist to increase the cost of a constitutionally protected right?

      A couple of examples:-

      – The requirement for voters to show government issued ID (even a cheap state ID card) to be able to vote seems to have been struck down as ‘racist’ because it means the poorest citizens have to spend a few bucks

      – Here in Texas, OC is now ok for LTC carriers but there is no requirement for a retention holster for OC’ers. Apparently (and I am open to correction!!) it was deemed that the extra cost of a retention holster was unfair to low income folks

      It seems that one of the tactics being employed by the gun grabbing elite is to force up the price of firearms & ammunition, it could be argued that this unfairly means that the lowest income people are being denied their right to effective self defense.

    • Paraphrasing: “The only thing government accomplishes by excessive taxation or over-regulation is to make it economically reasonable for pirates, bootleggers and smugglers to accept the risks involved in meeting the public demand for that commodity.” – Adam Smith – “The Wealth of Nations”

  6. Two reasons. She just got stuffed by courts on the climate change fishing expedition against Exxon etal. The purpose here is to drift net all of these files to pass any info on to anti-gun orgs. Trying to make some boba fides for a Federal appointment if Hillary wins.

      • Given the fact that tar and feathering cause massive 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over the subject’s body, it would be more humane to just put a bullet in the back of her head.

        • I had no idea that tarring someone meant applying heated tar. For whatever reasons, I pictured a sticky, thick petroleum goo at room temperature that would take days/weeks to wear off.

          Actually, I just researched “tarring and feathering” on Wikipedia. The article there claims that colonists would have used pine tar (pine sap) which did not involve burning the victim.

        • I was thinking more the wild west period where people were a lot more brutal. Pine tar is very hard to get to flow.

        • “The article there claims that colonists would have used pine tar (pine sap) which did not involve burning the victim”

          Then they were doing it wrong! If the target survives, even pine sap will burn if you apply enough fire to it, and the feathers will help light it.

  7. This one is trying to out do Kane. It shouldn’t be that hard for some legal minds with a bent toward investigating to look into Healy’s political enemies and find some good garden variety malfeasance and corruption on her part.

  8. Oh look, a petty tyrant trying out her tyrant friendly powers. If she isn’t “with Her” after the election, I am sure the wonderful subjects of MA will want to keep her in the AG position. Damn I am glad I don’t live in that state anymore.

  9. Agree with uncommon sense, ignore, ignore and ignore some more…..seems to work with the other side so why not for us? No attorney general anywhere should ever use their power for political gain, (how innocent a thought).
    Anything for a choice appointment to “Hillary Ban the Artillery’s” staff, right?

  10. Massachusetts government run amok! I’m utterly ashamed to be a New Englander! Our Forefathers are rolling in their graves! To Kevin’s reply @: “This what Authoritarianism looks like !” And She’ll be flanked by the “soon-to-be-goosestepping” Massachusetts state police, along with their Stasi pals on the city, and local levels! Yup, their not afraid of the Massachusetts citizenry.There’s no accountability, or repercussions for their infringements. The local, state police, and the Massachusetts Firearms record bureau have full control over a MA citizens 2nd amendment rights—“*Sorry, privileges according to the local police departments. Wouldn’t want to be charged with a political thought crime…!*” Along with this comes the old adage…”Absolute power, corrupts absolutely! “

  11. An Easy way to fuck state gov’t’s when they pull this shit is to ban selling guns to their LEO’s. If more Big companies do this then it’ll make them jump Too bad they have no balls to do this, They need the money too bad.

  12. The FBI, after exhaustive testing, just approved Glock for issue to Special Agents. Now it will be interesting to hear if the AG and her merry little band think that they know more about pistol safety than the Bureau. What a bunch of clowns.

  13. I agree 100 percent with comments about companies need to stop selling to government. If they are truly gun enthusiast, I believe they will do it. They need to do it at this point. From Clinton to the atf, its been a none stop abuse of power and over reaching any chance they get to screw with the gun industry. This needs to stop!

    I hope glock and Remington win. Remington was already at the mercy of a judge who shouldn’t be serving in the whole Bushmaster lawsuit.

    The Dems don’t even hide their nazi ways anymore.

  14. A fairly common sci-fi theme for the past 2-3 decades has been big corporations running roughshod over, or completely free from, government.

    Given this harassment seems to be part of a larger pattern – e.g. the recent EU ruling against Apple, and before that Google – I have to wonder how long before companies just start ignoring the local governments … especially in states / countries where they don’t have a big physical presence. Someone up-thread already suggested they do that, I believe, in this case.

  15. A civilian can’t buy a Glock in MA? Wow, that alone would be reason for me not to live there. MA is worse than Kalifornia, which is amazing.

    • Not only that. But your local “maybe, not so friendly ” police department is in full control over a Massachusetts residents 2nd amendment rights *(privileges, according to local pd.)* You can’t even purchase any kind of firearm or ammo without a FID card *(for longarms / low-capacity. And ammo. Card, and state approved transaction pin# issued by the state.)* , or an LTC *(pistol /might issue-maybe. Strict local PD scrutiny. Suitability clauses, constitutional waivers, restrictions, prohibitions, etc./ for high-capacity, self-defense, etc. Needs based on someone else’s decision. All permit cards are required to purchase. SEE GOAL.ORG)* but first…You have to take a “safety course ” at firearms safety course certified by the Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police. Once you have received certification. You may go to your local pd and ask for an application for on of the cards. Once you filled out and submit your application to a not so friendly pd dispatcher. You will be asked to make an appointment with the local pd’s licensing officer. Then you will go through a game of 20 questions, fingerprinting, and a “non-MA legislature approved/police created Firearms computer record system. ” Then “your constitutional rights ” are sent to the Office of the colonel of Massachusetts State Police, and to the Massachusetts Firearms record bureau like a chain letter. You are told by the local pd. If your proved, you will receive your card by mail….at some period. …Or a Letter of Denial….And you may get restrictions from the chief of police….If you get your Permit at all…***NONE OF THIS is in accordance with the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights! ***

  16. Over the top NAZI – SS – Bullshit. Why you don’t suppose the would use company records to harass / confiscate guns from customers whos names are in company files. ?? – It’s a workaround to any ‘ No Database ” laws !!!

  17. Just do like Hitlary and lose all of your files that you stored on your bathroom server… Done! Works for tax payer funded crooks like rotten klinton then why not a private business?

  18. No glocks in MA??? What the hell!

    Just keep your finger off the trigger.

    Unless you pull the trigger, the gun will not fire.

    This is yet more proof that gun control is an incremental agenda to ban ALL guns.

  19. A point that’s obvious to us, but not many sitting on the fence about gun control, is that there is no endpoint. Democrats and politicians who “respect the 2nd Amendment, but…” never say they want X gun control and no more. They don’t ever say that MA and CA have gone too far, because there’s “always more work to be done.” It’s not ever just about background checks or assault weapon bans. The next stages are May issue / No issue CCW, handgun safety rosters, and magazine capacity limits. Having achieved that, the next round is ammo bans and ever expanding lists of firearms that taxpayers aren’t allowed to own. The latter stages are anything that involves financial damage to gun owners and gun companies. I think we are all aware what happens in the next couple of stages.

  20. WOW,,, its so sad that the state of Mass is in this crap with this lady,,,,,,,, oh should i call her a lady,,,,
    dam iam so glad i got out of there when i did, i love to move back but , i have to many toys that are tolly illeagl for Mass, hope things go well

  21. Firearm manufacturers are, after all, profit-driven enterprises. In order to get them to agree to do the LEO recall, and suspend future sales to MA LEO they will need to be subjected to wider, persistent pressure. This could be accomplished if 2A and pro gun rights organizations in all 50 states demand meetings with reps of the affected companies, and ultimately with the CEOs, demanding the suspensions noted above until MA agrees to shut down their harrassments, and allow in-state sales of their products. From our side our position would be that we will withdraw our money from these companies by not purchasing their products until they move on MA. That will constitute a countervailing pressure on their profits, and one that should exceed their MA dollars by orders of magnitude. It’s all about the power, and we have both power and leverage to our advantage. The only question is whether we have the resolve to do some heavy lifting. It’s time to sieze the initiative.

  22. When will these gun companies start to stand up FOR America. Stop selling firearms in states that dont allow their citizens to own those same firearms.

    Make the cops buy saturday night specials and things will soon change.

  23. Can we see her fishing license, please?

    Oh, wait. She’s an AG, an anti-gunner, and of the party that’s “on the right side of history” (Just ask them – ed.) That’s all the license she needs.


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