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It must be tough being a writer for The Trace. While there’s plenty of biased firearms-related research to help perpetuate the Bloomberg-funded website’s civilian disarmament agenda, writers must constantly bump into what we like to call “the truth.” And the truth is that the facts don’t support gun control. Here’s an example . . .

I know, every life is precious. But we’re talking about 200 firearms-related, hate-crime-tagged incidents in two years, in a country that’s home to 324 million documented Americans. Let’s call it 100 incidents per year. That’s three times less than .000001 percent of the population.

And note: thirty-one of those incidents are weapons law violations. No violence involved.

Despite the obvious point of the article — hate crime is bad, guns are bad, hate crimes with guns are really bad — even The Trace’s Francesca Mirabile couldn’t escape the fact that guns and hate crime isn’t really a thing. Or at least not a big thing.

The Trace’s analysis of the FBI’s incident-based reporting data found that in most cases the attack didn’t result in any injury. Of 207 hate crimes committed with a gun in a three-year span, 107 left victims physically unharmed and 25 caused minor injuries. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any harm done: the psychological damage resulting from being threatened with a gun can be devastating.

The double negative leading to the link leads us to a summary of a book called The Global Gun Epidemic: From Saturday Night Specials to AK-47s — not text, personal testimony or scientific evidence quantifying the psychological damage created by firearms-related hate crimes.

You’ve got to admire/detest The Trace’s single-minded dedication to their disarmament promoting craft. Overcoming the fact that their not-quite-hidden mission depends on a tissue of lies requires terrific logical leaps and serious spin.

One can only hope that whatever traffic the site generates consists of people with critical thinking facilities. What are the odds?

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  1. “I know: every life is precious.”

    Actually not the case and every year in Texas a number of ‘non-precious’ lives are judiciously terminated for their crimes.

    • Even those lives are precious. That they made decisions that led to their particular end can and should be viewed as a tragedy. Whatever potential they had to better themselves and benefit society was callously thrown away by their own hand.

      • Eh.. I used to believe that. Now not so much.

        The more time you spend around people, you realize that mankind is pretty insignificant, and a single man much less so. People die all the time, but only when they die in a way that impacts our feelings do we start proclaiming that every life is precious. In reality, its our feelings that we hold as “precious”, not human life.

        Living creatures die, many for no reason whatsoever. Dying because you tried to rape/murder/rob someone else is doing the species a significant favor.

  2. There are 400 to 500 rapes every DAY in the US.
    The Trace wants persons threatened with rape to Puke, Shit Their Pants or Lay Back and Relax, instead of being armed and actively resisting.
    Sounds like a bad plan in my opinion..

    • Or one could argue that they should actually be spending their efforts to outlaw penises.

      The math for that idea is way more supportive than the gun ban idea.

  3. “That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any harm done: the psychological damage resulting from being threatened with a gun can be devastating.”

    Except when the person holding that gun is a misguided urban youth of an “oppressed group”…. amiriiiight? ?

  4. I notice it’s damn near impossible to comment on the “articles” on the Trace website. Wonder why?

  5. What? No breakdown of how many of these victims were CHILDREN? How can the gun-grabbers justify this crap without mentioning “It’s for the children”?

    • Uhhhh…. You do realize that a squib is a pyrotechnic that is used to simulate a gun shot wound, right?

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