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The security cam video from the attack a female soldier at Paris’s Orly airport shows that she was caught by surprise when terrorist Ziyed Ben Belgacem dropped his shopping bag and grabbed her from behind. The harrowing part . . .

is that it took nearly three minutes for her fellow soldiers to eliminate the threat. Could they/should they have repositioned themselves quickly and more effectively? Rushed the bad guy? Peut-etre.

Reports indicate that Mssr. Belgacem did NOT have a weapon at the female soldier’s throat. Nor did he manage to remove the soldier’s weapon (most likely thanks to a retention device). With or without a lethal weapon at her throat, you’d expect a trained soldier to be able to break a stranglehold, n’est-ce pas?

I’d certainly hope that YOU can. Even a couple of Krav Maga classes will steer you — and the bad guy — in the right direction. Which is to say FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!

Maybe the scariest bit — for me — is the fact that bystanders seem lost in a daze when the attack begins. As if there’s one attacker, he’s occupied so those not involved are free to just amble away. Never mind that bomb thing the last time an airport was attacked.

Get off le X!

What else do you see?

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  1. It’s extremely difficult to remain at trip wire alert for long periods of time. How many hours/days/weeks/months had that soldier been at that post? With people moving all about and nothing more than crying babies happening?

    This was a command failure. Spot checks. Mix up postings. Realistic training. And if you’re using soldiers, why only one per post? Why not two with a roving team to keep checking up on them?

    Are their weapons chambered? Even loaded?

  2. Do not allow Kebab/3rd world immigration.

    If you have, remove Kabaed/3rd worlders before they displace/replace you disarm you via the law and then genocide you.

    Kebab away apply directly to the Kabab

  3. I’m sorry, but did we actually expect the FRENCH to do something that required them to not be French-like? I.e. Grow a pair.

    • Show them how it is done big boy! FYI they shoot and kill the slugs in most cases (Air France hijacked in the 90s, Merah, Charlie Hebdo, guy with a machete near the louvre museum….). Other than having less crazy mohammedans and less problems, what do we do better than them exactly? How do we have a bigger pair when we have the Second, and they have nothing. The ongoing contest of know it all and phony warriors is impressive on this website.

      • Well, we do have the FBI, who surveils enough people to find some who are either disaffected, or mentally ill, to the point that the FBI can contact them, feed their problem, offer aid, even weapons and explosives, then claim to have caught another homegrown terrorist.
        If that’s not growing a pair, I don’t know what is. [/sarc][/humor]

    • I used to make fun of the French until we elected BHO.
      After that, I really couldn’t keep throwing rocks at glass houses.

    • You talk about the people that came to help you during the independance war ? 😉

      Talking seriously, our political class has no balls since Napoleon, exception made of De Gaulle.
      And a huge part of the people is as useless as them… You can’t imagine how hard it is to see your beloved country going into its own ruin because of the weakness of the rulers and people…

        • From my point of view, the USA situation seems a little less depressing than the France’s one…
          – Your politicians doesn’t try to explain that the USA do not have its own culture : ours do
          – Your country is independant : France isn’t (EU is king)
          – Your new president (as “bizarre” as he seems from the other side of the atlantic ocean) seems to love his country and its people : our (Hollande) clearly don’t and the next one (probably Macron as he’s the one pushed by medias) will be the same.

          I think we have many things in common, but you, proud American People, had the balls to elect a man that was not the favourite and was not the puppet of the internationalists. I wish the French people wakes up one day before it’s too late.

          • I would agree with you about Tump. That said, he is one man. The entire world to include the media “elites” (I used that word sarcastically) and the D.C. establishment hate the man and will do anything they can to ensure he fails. In fact, I believe when push comes to shove, they will try and kill him.

            But America has a metastasizing cancer. The coasts are largely gone…with much of the interior urban metropolis’ gone as well. Sure, there are pockets of resistance. And there will be a fight one day, bank on it. It will be then that we see how American will go…hopefully, she will not go easily into that dark night.

            I’ve known that there are good Frenchmen left. Of that, I have no doubt. I pray for you and yours. I pray you get the chance to take back your country and turn up the heat, hard, and without remorse on the Leftwads.

        • How great it is to have a chat with someone like you sir !

          I totally agree with the risk of D. Trump being shot because he’s not in the mould.

          And indeed, big cities and the most pleasureful places are the first to be plagued with this illness of loosing faith, patriotism and love of our culture. It’s the same here, with the entire west of the country (the coasts of Atlantic) and all big cities. Maybe when you live in a too nice environment, you finish to lose the force to defend ? Or maybe ignoring what’s going on around you is a way to continue to live peacefully (“Heureux sont les simples d’esprit”)…

          • My own personal belief that the reason this country is largely going down the tubes, despite the disruption of this process by Mr. Trump, is that we have had it too good, for too long. The younger generation is soft…it is eat up with it’s self importance and comfort. It has never worked hard, been hungry or had to fight for it’s existence, much less it’s freedom. It has been lied to repeatedly by those that were charged with “educating” them. Rather than educate, they brainwashed. Clearly, there are people within this generation that has largely been co-opted by the Left and Statists that do have a handle on things. And my hat is off to them. But they are a minority…

    • The French have plenty of courage. They were literally decimated in WWI. They just don’t plan too well. A Maginot Line (Segment) doesn’t work if you go around…

      • I think the Etat Major back then was thinking “with honor”, just like when armies were in line, face to face, and one side was “picked” to shoot first.
        In 1870’s to 1940’s, the enemy was the germans, so, in case of a new war with the germans, you defend the frontier between France and Germany.
        Hitler and his generals were using strategy and ruse where french generals were using old ideas of war. And it led where it led.

      • “A Maginot Line (Segment) doesn’t work if you go around…”
        True, but politics (as usual) plays a large part here.
        The Germans were able to simply go around the Line because France didn’t want to piss off its neighbors to the North by building the Line there, and make the implicit point that those countries couldn’t defend themselves.
        Sort of why it’s so difficult to build a wall on our own southern border. How dare we insult Mexico?

  4. I’m not a fan of that rear-naked escape. There are others that are far simpler, faster, don’t require nearly as much strength in your core and will knock out or kill (if executed on a hard surface) the person who grabbed you before they know what happened because the escape smashes their head into the ground. Yet others simply get them off you but make significantly more space.

    Yeah, the soldier screwed and screwed up kinda big. That said, if Mssr. Terrorist actually knew what he was doing she’d have been pretty well screwed in just a couple of seconds. If someone knows what they’re doing, really locks in a rear naked and controls you while doing it, you’re generally fucked.

    • Yeah, that wasn’t a defense against the rear naked choke, it was a defense against an attempted rear naked choke. Without a weapon, there is no reliable defense against a rear naked choke done by someone who knows how to sink it in. There are no eyes to hit, there is no groin to strike. For many years I had one instructor after another challenge me on that, and most ended unconscious in front of their students. If their arm is tucked in under your chin, their head is down and they are pressed and locked in tightly, unless you can employ a gun or a knife, you are taking a nap.
      You have to get to them before it’s locked in.

  5. That was really, really sorry. It appears that since the populace is (supposedly) disarmed, actual training is considered a waste of money. There was zero apparent, here. Does anyone have a doubt that if the nutbar had a pocket pistol and fired one shot, the two backup cops would have dropped their “military grade” weapons and headed for the border?

  6. I sure hope all those bystanders who cleared out before an unarmed terrorist are proud of their heroism.

    • And those completely untrained/w-children/old women/old men/regular folk would have known this guy was unarmed how? And with the possibility of explosives present as evidenced by other attacks, if I’m on vacation(in a place that I can’t be armed – I know, shouldn’t be there) with the wife and this goes down, we’re beatin’ feet as well.

      • Sure, there were absolutely no men in their prime there, right? How do they know he was unarmed? Because otherwise he surely would have availed himself of his weapon, explosives, whatever. He wasn’t the one taken by surprise.

        Exactly how much training do you think it takes to go 2 or more versus one without weapons?

    • They’re behaving like New Yorkers during the Kitty Genovese murder, back in the early 1960’s.

      • The story you heard about the Kitty Genovese murder was a boldfaced lie by a reporter who made it up completely — which he admitted many years later.

        • Yep, “fake news” has a long history and nearly always involves “journalists” as author, accomplice or dupe.

  7. Supposedly they do patrol in pairs but yet her partner got ahead of her. There’s no audio, but based on the total lack of reaction from everybody else, I don’t think she was screaming or yelling for help. That and her total inability to fight off the bad guy indicates to me that she wasn’t ready for this. Even if she was trained, it didn’t help.

    I can’t fault her. Some people respond when battle is joined. Some don’t. Everybody responds differently.

  8. It goes without saying that you cannot possibly see all possible approaching attackers at all times. The best you can do is hope that you have the instinct or skills to immediately throw-off your attacker.

    The only way to really keep the upper hand for this sort of thing is to travel in groups of four or more with at least one person watching your backside at all times. Unfortunately, that isn’t realistic. Sometimes, evil wins the battle. Hopefully, good wins the war.

    • “Sometimes, evil wins the battle. Hopefully, good wins the war.”

      I believe​ this to be inevitable. The question is how many of our progeny must suffer for our mistakes.

  9. The only problem i see is affirmative action says little people can be whatever they want to be. Reality says something different.

  10. It is verboten to speak, but the feminization of the military (in France, and here too) has not yielded the finest results. Just remember all the way back to the sad sack Jessica Lynch crew. I want my daughter to have the freedom to fight off any threats to herself domestically, but I don’t see how it aids the civilization to to pretend a 110 lb woman is the best defense against the barbarians from abroad. But these days few give thought to the societal and civilizational dominoes they topple.

    • I have a much bigger problem with women serving in combat roles or serving on bases in foreign countries: foreign enemies who capture our women service members will have ZERO reservations about raping captured female soldiers SEVERAL DOZEN TIMES A DAY … probably until the woman dies from direct or indirect effects of raping her repeatedly. Do we really want to send our women into that potential scenario?

      And before anyone poo-poos that notion, remember that foreign enemies have done horrific, unspeakable things to captured male soldiers. To think that foreign enemies would somehow be nice to our women is not based in reality.

  11. Our internet warriors will show you all how the job is done! would have done this, and that, the people are running away I would have known that the guy was unarmed and I would have stabbed him with my pencil…. “Funny” thing is you almost never see the internet warriors when we have a shooting in a school, mall, nightclub and so on. They must be busy on the internet, trashing police officers, the French, you name it. The fact that you go to the range and carry really doesn’t mean that you have a bigger pair than the French, so chill out ladies.

  12. Hi all ! A French TTAG reader here 🙂
    Just so you know, the soldiers of the SENTINEL operation (military watching streets, airports and many public sites) are not always “pure” soldiers. They’re often only reservists that had a 2 weeks military training. And these 2 weeks training goes from sports to learn how to use a weapon. I have the upmost respect for these Citizen who engage in these shifts, but believing they are Commando-grade soldiers is a mistake.
    And just so you remember, French citizens do need a hunting/shooting license to get a weapon. And the weapons authorized are only manual carbines/rifles. To get a handgun (any handgun…) or a semi-auto carbine/rifle, you’ll need at least 6 months of shooting practicing, getting an authorization from the shooting federation, then get the authorization from the Préfecture (the representant of the State in each Départements)… And even if you get these authorization (after about 1 year), you just have the right to possess a weapon and shoot it at the range. You can’t carry it on you. So every people around the “terrorist” was unarmed. Indeed, there could have been a hero to help this poor soldier but knowing the past (Bataclan, bombing @ Stade de France, shootings @ Charlie Hebdo) I think it’s just human to run 🙂

    • And things like this are one of the reasons so many Czechs are growing to hate the EU.

      Do I understand why the bystanders are leaving? I absolutely do. Leaving is most likely the best option when you don’t know what the attacker is armed with but do know you’re not armed yourself. Like you wrote, leaving such a situation is simply human.

      That being said, the situation you describe is yet another proof of the fact that going after law-abiding citizens not only solves nothing, it actually makes the situation worse. You’ve got nearly all regular folks disarmed so they can’t really defend themselves or anyone else. You’ve got military-style guards creating security theater for over a year now and how many attacks have they stopped? You’ve had how many terrorist attacks with legal guns? And yet your politicians are trying to disarm as many people as they can get away with?

      I’m not saying you’re responsible for all that. But I’m telling you that people of the gun here in the Czech Republic have no wish of becoming as helpless as most French have become. What you wrote is an explanation of why things happened the way they did but there’s no *solution* to the problem of the next crazy who will attack somewhere else.

      We’re a nation that has shall-issue concealed carry permits for semi-auto military style rifles. Some people even have (may-issue) permits for full-auto firearms. And we’ve had ZERO terrorist attacks with such legally owned weapons. Our laws for converting full-auto firearms are better than anything the EU has ever bothered to come up with, meaning it is easier to build a new full-auto gun than to modify a converted semi-auto back into a full-auto one. This country is (metaphorically) full of 30-round magazines that no EU directive can ever hope to trace if the owners refuse to hand them in – I’ve seen a *bookshop* sell some – and they’ve never caused any real problems and there’s no proof that limiting magazine capacity has noticeable impact on the numbers of gun deaths. Yet the EU keeps trying to limit our rights, telling us we’ll be safer that way. We’re one of top ten safest countries in the world, what more do they want?!? /rant


      Any hope French citizens will realize that the changes their gun laws need should be those that make guns available to common law-abiding citizens?

      • Amen to that !
        You know, I agree totally with you. All French aren’t wuss that love Europe, immigration, and hate patriotism and guns 🙂

        You’re totally right about disarming honest people is a bad idea. The people should be able to defend itself ! Beside, like you said, no terrorist attack was done with legally owned guns…
        But you’re forgetting one aspect of this prohibition : it’s SOOOO much more secure for the government to disarm the people and be sure they will not finish how they finished in 1789… In my opinion, that’s the real reason we’re not able to carry a gun nor easily buy one.

        Concerning the SENTINEL operation, it stopped the Attack at the Louvre museum, but only because the soldiers were the one attacked. The worst example of the effectiveness of the SENTINEL operation was the Bataclan Attack where soldier were standing right in front of the theater, and were denied to attack the terrorists. Policemen asked them to help and it was denied too. Policemen (who had only handguns) then asked the soliders to give them their FAMAS and it was also denied. That’s really shamefull.

        When Trump said that an attack like the Bataclan’s one could be really harder to achieve in the US because of citizens that carry guns would have replicated, he was mocked by our political class… But he was just right !

        I hope the Czech citizens will keep their rights, and, if the Europe try and try to remove them, that you’ll quit this monstreous Europe that doesn’t give a sh*t about its people.

  13. Lets keep hiring undersized male and female officers which increases the likelihood they either have to shoot a suspect because they are physically incapable of countering them or become a victim themselves. Yes it’s France’s version of EEOC/Affirmative Action that contributed to this attack and the fact the female officer wasn’t positioned somewhere where an attacker wasn’t able to jump her from behind.

    Always Watch Your Six (6)!

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