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This eveningĀ I wax poetic on the joys of taking new shooters to the range, the beauty of time spent ’round the fire and under the stars with friends, and the ways in which testing guns can go wrong. Listen along as I discuss the failure seen in the photo above, and why cheap silencers aren’t necessarily good silencers.

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  1. Tyler just out of question did you bother to break in the CZ pistol without the suppressor before canning it up and filling it full of debris? Sometimes I have found especially in tight fitting Pistols that if you break them in without a suppressor first it loosens them up enough to wear when you put the suppressor on and shoot that extra debris Finds Its but I agree with you 500 rounds for a suppressed weapon way into those newly-opened channels in the slide and the grip frame. But I agree 500 rounds seems a little short before you should have had complete failures to function in my opinion. Keep up the good work on the podcast brother.

    • I shot about 100 rounds through it without a can to check function and accuracy before I went crazy with the can.

    • I shot about 100 rounds without a can to establish a baseline of reliability and accuracy.

  2. Tyler,
    I also have a CZ-75B Suppressor Ready pistol, our serial numbers are real close. Any way, I have been using an AAC Illusion and out of my last fifty rounds, I had three stoppages, all failures to feed, similar to yours in the picture. I was using truncated, 124 grain American Eagle subsonic. I also experienced a 12″ low, 4″ left point of impact change at 25 yards. AAC replaced all of the baffles, but my point of impact change with the can is about the same. The gun shoots point aim, point of impact at 25 yards without the can. I have never experienced that kind of impact change with my limited experience with suppressors. I might put some adjustable sights on the gun. Well, that’s my two cents worth.

    Semper Fi,
    Tracey Leavell

  3. Good stuff as usual Tyler.
    Although the cat being raped was a disturbing sound…hope the dog is OK.

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