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“White America discusses the Constitutional issue of [gun] ownership, while no one speaks for the consequences of our racial carnage.” What a disgustingly racist remark. Gun rights advocates fight for the rights of all Americans. Lest we forget, southern racists created America’s first gun control laws. They depended on it. Without gun control, they couldn’t have raped, tortured, disenfranchised and murdered blacks. Today’s gun control laws continue to leave African Americans—in specific—defenseless against the vicious criminals that prey upon their communities. Not to put too fine a point on it, gun control is racism. Click here to watch Constitutionalist, OFWG and NRA Prez Dave Keene trace the racist roots of gun control and speak to the consequences of African Americans’ racial carnage.

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  1. Congratulations Harry Belafonte. You get to join Jim Carrey on my FOAD list.

    -Sent by a biracial gun owning veteran.

  2. I like Harry Belafonte’s music, and appreciate his contributions to the 60s Civil Rights Movement, but yeah… in this case, Mr. Belafonte’s anger is misplaced.

    The “racial carnage” in the African American community has the result of generational poverty, lack of quality education, the war on drugs, gangs, and the destruction of the Black family, including (but not limited to) the pervasive issue of fatherless-ness. Another African American activist, Geoffrey Canada (who’s not exactly a friend of 2A rights either) points these out as the big problems that inner city communities need to address.

    Cue token “Day O” / “Banana Boat” jokes…

  3. Mr. Belafonte’s comment about “the consequences of our racial carnage” may refer to black-on-black crime in places like Chicago and Los Angeles, not white-on-black crime.

    But, even if it does, disarming law-abiding citizens — of any race or ethnicity — is not the solution.

    • Actually, he makes a good point: “The question is, where is the raised voice of black America? Why are we mute? Where are our leaders?” Too bad they won’t raise their voices against the urban black sub-culture that’s actually conducting the wholesale slaughter of their children!

      Sorry Harry, but if you want to divide us by skin color, then open your eyes to the color of the killers. Cause it ain’t me, my friends, my family, or my community that wish you harm.

  4. I’m not racist, and I’m getting real fucking tired of asshats like this telling me I am. Keep telling me that, maybe I’ll start to believe it. If you’re white, you’re racist, it’s that simple. Fuck him and all those like him. They are the problem, fucking shit disturbers.

  5. Harry Jus’ Luv him some Commie Dictators having swapped spit with a number of Sabel Skinned Soviets.
    PLZ note the American flag in the BG

    • Well, if we’re voting I’ll take MrColoinNoir. He seems to have a better grasp on reality than harry.


          Racist White Tea Party Members not allowed, unless you are a do0-do0 good earner that is willing, much like the proverbial fool to be easily parted with your hard earned bread.

          Now, they say here & often that gun ownership is not a racial issue, yet there they are the Black Owners waaaaaaaay ahead of and pulling further from that childish notion.

  6. He doesn’t speak for me or my family. My mother used a gun to defend my life from an attacker when I was a toddler and my property in the violent city of Detroit has been defended with guns on many occasions. I get the feeling that the majority of Black people like myself are heavily in favor of being armed. Those of us who know our history refuse to be disarmed.

  7. Belafonte is one of the most racists hacks in this country.

    The election of Obama proves that whites generally are not racists but blacks generally are. He’s one of the pack leaders of racism.

    • “The election of Obama proves that whites generally are not racists but blacks generally are. He’s one of the pack leaders of racism.”

      So because Barack Obama is president of the United States and Mr. Belafonte is getting it wrong, you’re gonna declare the majority of a community to be racist? ‘Cause that’s your quote up there, “blacks generally are” (racist).

      Nice… because making BROAD ASSUMPTIONS about a group of people is never racist. Yep.

      • Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

        More than 95% of blacks voted for Obama. This is primarily because of his skin color and the odd fact that his father is descended from the people that probably sold slaves to the United States slave market.

        In any other group of people from a non-political segment of society, the percent voting for one party or another is more likely to be between 40 and 60 percent.

        The only reason they could be voting alike is because they are predominantly racists.

        On the other hand, the percentage of whites voting for Obama is within the 40-60% range. This shows that white Americans generally are not voting based on skin color and thus are not voting as racists.

        • You are jumping to conclusions. Assuming your figures are correct, you still don’t know the reason why any particular person votes for a candidate. If you think 50% of white people voting for Obama makes them not-racist, then you haven’t thought it out clearly. You don’t think that there are white people who voted for him solely because he is black? I’ll bet there are, and that is a perverse racism itself. Also, claiming that 95% of blacks voted for Obama because he is black is really just a reflection on how you think – your mind can’t accept the fact that a black person can rationally weigh the issues and make their own decision. Included in those issues could be the belief that the american system has at times stacked the deck against the black population of this country, and it isn’t racist to vote for a candidate if the messaging claims that the deck will be reshuffled.

          In short, g is right. Your line of reasoning is racist itself.

        • While it’s an indisputable fact that the majority of blacks voted for President Obama, it’s quite a leap of faith to say it’s just because he’s black. You’re making a broad assumption based upon race, in this case, blacks only vote for black people!

          Try reading about 1948 and explaining to everybody why Harry S. Truman, a man who was WHITE, received the majority of the black vote (77 percent). Perhaps it was because he gave executive orders to de-segregate the American military and remove racial bias in Federal hiring?

          In fact the vast majority of blacks have identified with the Democratic party since ’48. The crushing failure of the GOP to win more of black community’s support should bother members of that party. You could validly argue that the black community has blindly followed the Democratic party, but they haven’t voted Democratic just because every Democratic candidate is “black.”

          Did some black people vote for Obama just because he was the candidate of the Dems? Probably.

          Did some black people vote for Obama because black people are more likely to be Christian rather than Mormon? Probably.

          Did some black people vote for Obama because he got numerous endorsements from celebrities popular with the black community? Probably.

          Did some black people from Chicago vote for Obama just because Obama is from Chicago (which has a fairly large black community)? Probably.

          Did some black people vote for Obama because they PERCEIVED Obama’s platform on healthcare, abortion, education, and immigration were better than Romney’s? Probably.

          Did some people vote for Obama just because he’s black? Probably… but to claim that’s the ONLY reason African Americans voted for him would require that you have the magic ability to look directly into everyone’s mind and see their motivation. I KNEW IT! EVERY BLACK MIND HAS BEEN COLONIZED BY OBAMA!

          Reality is a bit more complex, and your assumptions about the motives of black voters leading to the conclusion “the election of Obama proves that whites generally are not racists but blacks generally are” is a terrible simplification, if not a racist comment. As if black voters themselves are incapable of voting for a Republican, or Libertarian or Constitutional or any other party’s candidate.

          I’m embarrassed to see a fellow gun owner write what you wrote because it feeds into the mass media stereotype that gun owners are racist, ignorant jerks.

          Oh, and before you make an assumption about me too… I’m not black.

        • G, I’m not the racist. I’m just identifying the ones that are. When a group of people vote monolithically based on race, that is the very definition of racism.

  8. Or you could play the race card against him and ask why the race that is responsible for the most crime wants to disarm others – to make for easier victims perhaps?

    I’m well aware that’s not the case, I’m simply saying if you wanted to play by his rules, it’s a good response.

      • So you’re denying that most crimes are committed by blacks and that blacks are normally huge supporters of disarming citizens?

        • I’m saying that it’s a horrible response because only a horrible person would generate or use such a response.

        • So you’re saying that using two unrelated unpleasant facts to play his own game is “horrible”? If only you expressed such outrage at people like Belafonte and Obama.

        • din: I hear you saying you dislike those arguments, but I don’t hear you disagreeing with them on a logical basis.

  9. “no one speaks for the consequences of our racial carnage.”
    Since the percentage of gun ownership among Americans who happen to be white is far higher than among Americans who happen to be black; and both perpetrators and victims of homicides are disproportionately Americans who happen to be black; Mr. Belefonte is essentially saying that Americans who happen to be black are unable to control themselves and as such, must have the government do so for them; An argument which is patently absurd!
    The whole thing highlights the Pygmalion Effect pretty well, in my opinion. The higher the expectations are set for a group, the better that group will perform, while the lower, the worse so. George W. Bush touched on the theme when he spoke of “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

    • What? This is entertaining! Ever since the sideshows quit hiring geeks to bite the heads off chickens, guys like Belafonte are the only non-reality TV means we have to watch lunatics denigrate themselves for attention.

  10. I took my CC class with Blacks Hispanics Whites, old young etc. Crime is not racist, too bad old harry is, Randy

  11. While I agree, Harry has some misplaced attitudes towards firearms, I do have to give him credit in some areas.

    First he is acutely aware that the “racial carnage” is in fact true. Much of the “gun” deaths in this country are black on black crimes. He blames the gun or gun laws, or something other than the character and ideals of the individuals holding the gun.

    He seems to touch upon although not fully formed the thought that poor, out of work, black men are commuting crimes on other blacks. African American unemployment in this country is vastly higher than whites.

    He also touches upon the racism. While he was gentle in his approach, the basic concept is, Black people are dying at a fantastic rate, but no one cares, 20 rich white kids die and the sky is falling. No one in public would state it this way, but face it under the surface, everyone knows darn well that it is true.

    If 15 black kids were killed by a gang banger in Chicago it would be a tragedy, but the national debate a fervor of the current citizen disarmament would have never materialized.

    He asks about moral compass, and this is dead on true. The children of today in the black community have lost their way. They kill their own over drugs, money, and the easy way out. This is true, but instead of blaming family values, or the fact that the modern black family is a broken one, he passes over it.

    He formed his message to ask that “something must be done” with out direct demands, but given the zoomed in focus on the man who said Obama was our lord and savior, or the other one who told America to wake the F up and vote for Obama it is pretty clear on how they wanted the message to be received.

    I think many, maybe Harry remember the idea that the blacks had armed themselves for protection. Given the social shift in their ideals from one of “never again” ideology which we had with MLK to we are victims come help us maybe even Harry has drunken the cool aid. It is sad because it shows the level that the black community as a whole has fallen.

    If you decide that you are no longer responsible for your own safety, or the ability to rise up from the situation, and need someone to pull you from your ills you are in fact truly lost.

    • It’s true that there is a lot of racial carnage, to use his words, but the problem is that he’s using the unoriginal and unhelpful approach of scapegoating guns when there’s really so much more to it, like unemployment, poverty, drugs, gangs, and an ineffective education system. I agree 100% with you on broken families, no moral compass, etc.; the fact is, things like this create a very harmful cycle.

      MLK rooted for civil rights and the constitution; however it seems modern “civil rights activists” seem to only prefer certain parts of the Bill of Rights. Just look at ACLU, who still believes the 2nd amendment is collective and not individual (despite D.C. vs. Keller).

      That site further continues to ask “what firearms are protected by the Second Amendment, what regulations (short of an outright ban) may be upheld, and how that determination will be made.”

      Those bastards really don’t understand “shall not be infringed.”

  12. I know that the majority of educated law abiding American citizens of all ethnicity are not racist.

    That said, I know that the main stream media, to include news, Hollywood, etc, give preferential coverage to issues that affect those of caucasian decent. The wealthier, the more coverage.

    Hundreds of ethnic US citizen children have died from violence throughout 2012 with nary a word from the media, but 20 white children, most who are blond and/or blue eyed, die in one incident and the media portrays a perception of the whole of America clamoring for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment due to an epidemic of gun violence.

    Harry Belafonte certainly has a skewed view due to preconceptions originating from his African American ethnicity and experiences growing up as such, but the end conclusion, if focused on the mainstream media, is not far from the truth.

  13. Mr. Farago, if this is the first time you’ve noticed that Belafonte is a racist sleazebag, you haven’t been paying attention for the past 20+ years.

  14. Lest we forget, southern racists created America’s first gun control laws. They depended on it. Without gun control, they couldn’t have raped, tortured, disenfranchised and murdered blacks.
    It would have been easy without gun control due to sheer numbers.

    • Today’s gun control laws continue to leave African Americans—in specific—defenseless against the vicious criminals that prey upon their communities. The sooner American blacks wake-up to this fact and work with The People of the Gun to defend and extend their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms the safer we’ll all be.

      American blacks are people of the gun, who do you think is doing are the drive bys and who the criminals in their communities are. Damn RF it seems as if you never leave your wealthy neighborhood and go in to the ghetto. How about you do some volunteer work in the hood and see for yourself instead of counting the money in the trust fund your parents set up for you.

  15. Good good. Especially liked the “racial carnage” term and the slap in the face of weirdo’s who buy into the Gangster rap culture while wringing hands about gun ownership futures.

  16. As ever, those groups who should be most pro-gun value their precious victim culture over all else. Personal responsibility and freedom are difficult to uphold, and those without the fortitude and intelligence to do so become statists and gun-grabbers. Throw in an excuse to remain a helpless victim, which is so much easier than taking responsibility for one’s life, and you have this.

  17. The origins of gun control have nothing to do with it. What old Harry said is all correct. In your typical way you exaggerated it into a call for civilian disarmament. He did not say that.

    • hey man, you guys say ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high capacity’ magazines and ‘dead children’.
      We call it ‘disarmament’.
      see what we did there?

      • That “proponents of civilian disarmament” conjures up total bans and confiscations of guns from all civilians. That’s why Robert coined the expression – to exaggerate what is really happening.

        As always, I wonder if you guys have such a good argument, why do you have to lie and exaggerate.

        • Have you read Feinstein’s attempt at a bill? The “banned features” segment will pretty much ban everything except double barreled shotguns. It won’t pass, however it does make their agenda blatantly clear.

        • And the terms “assault weapon” and “high capacity magazine clip” and “designed to kill hundreds of people quickly” are neutral debate terms that carry no emotional freight, I suppose?

          Pot, meet kettle.

        • Anyone who attempt to remove any of the peoples inalienable right to “armament” is a proponent of “disarmament”. Is that to difficult for you to understand? English really isn’t that tough a language.

          • It’ embarrassing when you write a sentence like, ” Is that to difficult for you to understand?” and then chide me about finding English too difficult. And you even had 5 minutes to edit it, or whatever the timer is on that edit function.

            Your inalienable rights are subject to restrictions. We’re just haggling about where to draw the line.

    • Banning magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds is definitely a form of disarmament. This would render certain types of firearms so utterly useless and incompatible with its intended design that it would be useless and pointless to own one.

      The whole point of standard capacity 30 round magazines is to enable an individual to defend themselves from multiple attackers. The AR-15 has light felt recoil to enable people of small stature or people with disabilities to easily aim and hit the aggressor without collateral damage. Putting a 10 round cap on magazines puts lawful people at a disadvantage, effectively disarming them in a laundry list of scenarios that can and do happen on a daily basis. Waking up in the middle of the night to a home invasion and scrambling and fumbling about to find a bunch of 10 round magazines is impractical and does NOTHING but inhibit the ability of innocent law-abiding people to defend themselves effectively.

      I’m sick of hearing “nobody’s coming for your guns”. It’s a cop-out. If you’re coming after the magazines, you’re limiting the capabilities and destroying the point of owning one, effectively discouraging purchases and diluting their presence for future generations. It IS disarmament so stop being disingenuous and admit it. I’m a liberal so I know how liberals think. You can’t fool me.

      • ” a form of disarmament” is not the same as the inflammatory, “civilian disarmament.” If you guys had the solid argument you keep saying you have you wouldn’t have to resort to tricky shit like that.

        • It is civilian disarmament. I don’t see these same restrictions being applied to military or law enforcement organizations. Whenever someone starts screwing with the second amendment that should be a little tripwire to warn you that something fishy is going on. Disarmament is disarmament as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t matter what flavor it comes in. All are egregious and unconstitutional and I won’t stand for it.

        • Wasn’t there a Feinstein interview way back when where she was quoted, in paraphrase, “If I had the votes, I’d take them all away today, right now.”

          Didn’t reports come from NYS that the original bill they passed had some heavy confiscation language in it?

          Nobody has to make up anything. We just keep trying to knock the lipstick off the pig.

        • Yes, Kelly in GA, she said that in 1994 on 60 MINUTES. There should be a video on YouTube somewhere.

  18. My intro to black civil rights and guns was an early one. I was born in 69 in North Carolina so the civil rights era was still fresh and some scars were still raw.

    My dad’s best friend was a black man (I say black because he said black all his life) and I spent the vast majority of my time while not in school or while my dad wasn’t at work at Pon’s house. Now Pon was a giant of a man (think Shaquille O’Neill) but he always carried a gun. I was always a curios and inquisitive tike and was never shy about asking questions, so I naturally wanted to know why such a big man needed a gun when he could whoop anyone. The response was something like this “baby, (that’s what he called me always) if someone comes after my big ass they going to have a gun, this big rabbit needs to shoot back.”

    That sort of sticks with you when you get older, learn the real history and think of the ramifications for someone you love dearly and who had a ton of influence on your life.

    I don’t know it first hand but I do know it second hand. Gun civil rights= black civil rights.

  19. Poor whitey hating, shit for brains Harry, he is in the full throes of dementia.

  20. Okay Harry… so (tragically) blacks with guns are killing black people so your solution is to disarm everyone. How about just disarming blacks? Hold on… it’s not a rural problem; so let’s just disarm blacks in major urban areas…. hold on, oh yeah that’s working.

    • Well, look on the bright side, a non threatening low-sec funny farm or two can be set up in Detroit and the Blacks wont have to worry about throwing a civil rights march to arm the nutters seeing as they choose to live in that state of Ill-sick-noise whatwith communities bound by strict gun control laws – no matter how functional the enforcement is, its the thought that counts (and the voices in the head have a wide and varied set of opinions as they days go by)

      Perhaps they will complain about the men in White coats with oversized butterfly nets though, when or if the loonies escape. It’ll be like the Klan all over again….

      Oh wait, THEY DONT CARE.

  21. I see more normal Black people join us to own arms. Yet they let there community talk heads be these dumb brown nosing brainless idiots. I feel Blacks are waking up BUT they need to dump there idiot talking heads in Hollywood and in the fascists democratic party.

  22. I think that racist idiot is afflicted with dementia.He has far outlived any usefullness to the human race. He’s another one who is so irrelevant that he does not even register on the relevancy scale.

  23. Who the heck is Harry Belafonte? What has he ever accomplished, in that we should pay any attention to him? I vote we all ignore this babbling Alzheimers Poster Boy and quit giving him free press.

  24. All these things Harry Belafonte is now stating probably because his idol Hillary lost the Presidential election makes me wonder if he relates the lyrics of his following song to himself:

    “Jackass will jump and bray, let him bray, let him bray …..”

    Maybe he has just woken up from a nasty hangover after drinking all that Jamaican rum and finally realized “Daylight has come and he must take his Banana boat back home” to Jamaica!

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