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Christie Hefner (courtesy

“Yes, last year we hit a record number of murders from guns [in Chicago]. And this year we are already outpacing last year’s numbers. Now, there are contributing factors that are not under anybody’s control and may seem odd, but it is factually true. One of them is actually the weather. There is a dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer. And we are having this climate change effect that is driving that.” – Christie Hefner in Center for American Progress’ Christie Hefner: Climate change a factor in Chicago’s murder rate [via]

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  1. Holy Sh!t!

    Now climate change is responsible for gun violence?

    Now I’ve heard everything.

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

    • “Liberalism is a mental disease.”

      Unfortunately there is no cure, because there is no cure for STUPID.

  2. She’s wrong, wrong, WRONG! Everyone knows that ice cream is responsible for increased murders. The homicide rate goes up in summer when ice cream sales go up, so eating ice cream must drive people to kill each other. We need to BAN BLUEBELL!

  3. Sheesh!! This woman typifies so much that is wrong with our so-called “elites”. Heaven help them if their bubble ever bursts.

  4. There’s also a statistically significant increase in the number of other crimes during full moons. This has been observed for a long time hence the term “lunatics”. Luna, of course, being a name for the moon.

  5. What’s next? “high capacity” mags and big gulps cause global warming. Or maybe global warming the real cause of Sandy Hook shooting, congress mandates everyone drive a Prius. They all must be banned to save the future for our children.

    But seriously when will they learn the difference between correlation and causation.

  6. Recent reports suggest that the imperceptible increase in global temperatures that will somehow melt all the ice on earth and spell doom for the human race is in fact caused by the sun. So, if warmer temperatures lead to to more gun violence and warmer temperatures are caused by the sun, then one can quickly deduce that the sun can be blamed for Chicago’s crime rate. I can see it now; “But your Honor, the sun made me kill that man.” To which the judge will reply, “then how come everyone isn’t dead in Texas and Florida?” Oh right, people can defend themselves there. I guess that armed self defense offsets the effects of global warming. See, I’m being socially and environmentally conscious by carrying a gun.

  7. In general she’s correct – “dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer”. The warmer and nicer the weather the more violence there tends to be. It’s probably as simple as if it’s cold and snowy, gang bangers stay inside and aren’t hanging out in front of the local currency exchange or liquor store.

    2012’s dataset says there’s a pretty good correlation between the two. We had a very warm March which resulted in a deadly 50+ vs half that for March 2011. If I had a data set containing the number of shootings, the correlation would likely be much closer. The reason being, the guys are horrible shots. If they all went through a training course or two, the kill rate would easily double.

    Chicagoland Idiocy, Mayhem and Stupidity:

  8. I live in Chicago and what she says is half true… When it is warmer we see an increase in ALL violence. However our gun laws make it extremely difficult to own a firearm in the city – for whatever the reason. I keep mine locked up outside the city limits which creates a whole host of problems.

  9. Maybe if the Obama economy could actually produce some jobs, and the decades-long exclusively Democrat “leadership” of Chicago could enforce the law as written instead of climbing into bed with, and then emulating, the gang-bangers and other thugs who run Chicago’s streets, then it would not be murder city. But no, governing is too hard, so let’s blame the weather and a bunch of inanimate objects for all of our troubles.

  10. The answer is obvious: lock everyone up 23 hours a day and only permit supervised recreation for the one hour they are not locked up.

    If it can save just one life.

  11. Let’s all just gloss over the fact that temperatures have been
    lowering for the past few years. It’s actually cooler than it
    was 6 years ago. So if true, how is the murder rate in
    Chicago, or anywhere, going up? But then again how does
    Ms. Hefner explain the differences in murder rates between
    northern states and southern states?

  12. According to Gary McCarthy, the weather has no effect on gun violence in the city…Although he is a moron, it sounds legit…-cough cough-.

  13. I have nothing of substance offer to this conversation (but then, neither does she, apparently), so I’m just going to say that she has really yellow teeth. Get that woman some Crest Whitening, stat!

    • You’ve been exposed to the MSM where everyone has artificially glaringly whitened teeth. Her teeth are perfectly normal and acceptable. (OK, OK, mine are worse, so maybe I’m sensitive, but I think pressure for white teeth is ridiculous. Call me a hippy, it’s probably true.)

  14. According to Accuweather the average temperature in Chicago last month was 28 degrees which is indeed 3 degrees warmer than the average January. (I would generally consider that a good thing.) I believe the murder total for January ended up at 44 which is slightly higher than the monthly average last year. I wonder if CH has ever compared the murder rates in Chicago with those of Tampa, Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc. The carnage must be awful in those cities.

  15. Irrespective of the fallacy of man caused global warming, numerous studies have shown very little causation to crime and temp.

  16. If global warming is contributing to the increase in gun violence in Chicago then why is the rest of the USA experiencing an overall decrease in gun violence? How come so many people in political, social, business, and scientific leadership positions are so loonie?

    The Chicagoland winter 0f 1979 (snowier and colder than normal) was the worst that I ever experienced in my 25 years of living in the area. Peoples’ tempers and stress level contributed to the murder rate which skyrocketed for that era. I guess Global Cooling increases the murder rate too (sarcasm off).

  17. “There is a dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer. “

    Anyone who has seen Predator and Predator 2 knows why.

  18. I’ve seen more intelligent looking faces on a holloween pumpkin. It looks like a pictoral of the war between lucid thought & a daffy duck cartoon, guess which one is winning, Randy

  19. Christie Hefner, a charter member of the Lucky Sperm Club, is very obviously a freakin’ genius! Hey, Christie, show us your b00bs and we’ll take you seriously.

  20. I’m sure the Chicago machine understands the difference between correlation and causation but she has a point. If we could only plunge into an ice age then the murder rate in Chicago would go down.

  21. Christie Hefner is so stupid that she once told the SEC that she didn’t know that her husband William Marovitz (an Ill-Annoy State Senator, no less) was involved in insider trading in Playboy shares while she ran the company. They then settled with the SEC. At about this time, her husband approached a politician in Jamaica to lobby for permission to build casinos on the island (Jamaica is one Caribbean location that proscribes gambling) and he left a suitcase full of confidential documentation behind in a public place, exposing the very suspicious interests on whose behalf he was doing the lobbying to anyone who might want to investigate him and his backers. Wait a while and you will see the clown hammered by some other law enforcement agency with one more pious bleat from old Christie saying that she didn’t know what her husband was up to . . .

    I love how this monumentally stupid woman ended up making insane comments on the Nothing But Crap television network, on behalf of the far-left outfit that she represents. We do need as much humor as we can get in this gun-grab process. And, when an anti gunner makes herself the butt of jokes, gun owners stand to gain in the bargain.

  22. And the nut ball environmentalist join in with there fascist allies!! “Ban cars with ARs” will be her quote!

  23. Well since Climate Change is a global phenomena, we should be seeing the same rise in murder rates everywhere, right? Dumba$$es!

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