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Connecticut Against Gun Violence (courtesy

I used a CAGV (Connecticut Against Gun Violence) PSA in our Question of the Day, and linked to the org’s agenda. I’m republishing it here because it’s important to recognize a simple fact: the forces of civilian disarmament are all in. Before Sandy Hook, it was all about being for the Second Amendment, but. Now it’s ram through as much gun control legislation as possible. Yes, the possibilities are narrowing on the national level; unless there’s another horrific attack in the next few months, the chances of a federal assault weapons ban are lower than the chances I’ll link this sentence to a non-Israeli model. (See what I did there?) Meanwhile, the lights are going out up and down New England. NY’s ban on in-state transfer is de facto confiscation. Is CT next? Send those emails, make those calls and watch this space. And make the jump to get your dander up . . .

The Nation Is Calling Out For Connecticut To Lead By Passing Strong, Smart Gun Violence Prevention Legislation

Please pass legislation that:

1. Strengthens our assault weapons ban with a focus on improving current list and strengthening functionality features; apply “one military feature” test to definition of assault weapons. Bans possession and sale with no grandfathering.

2. Bans large capacity ammunition magazines of more than 7 rounds. No grandfathering.

3. Requires universal background checks on ALL sales and transfers, including long guns.

4. Requires registration of handguns with annual renewal. Require annual fee and annual background check for all guns owned; stipulation that they are still in the possession of original purchaser or transferee; explanation for any gun still not being in their possession. Require safety inspection every three years. Charge fee on initial registration and renewal.

5. Make gun owners liable for negligent storage if any person gains access to firearms and injures himself or another person or causes damage to property. The violation would be a Class D felony

6. Requires permit/license to purchase and carry all guns, including long guns, and to purchase ammunition

7. Prohibits sales of guns or ammunition via internet to CT residents.

8. Restricts handgun sales to one gun/month.

Other issues recommended by others and supported by CAG

 50% tax on ammunition sales. Finished ammunition, not components.

 Graded permits based on level of training and proficiency (recommended by gun

owners and NRA members).

 Liability insurance required for gun owners (most popular with the public).

 Microstamping of bullet casings

 A truly comprehensive bill that will stop these massacres (most consistent plea from the public)


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  1. “A truly comprehensive bill that will stop these massacres.”

    Ah yes. Our magic bullet has arrived. Pass something that outlaws eeeeevil guns, and all guns, everywhere, will cease to exist. And this miracle legislation will of course be obeyed by everyone, criminal and citizen alike, in the same vein as the Gun Free Zone.

    • Exactly. As if ink on paper or 1s and 0s on the interwebs can stop someone who is insane from doing insane things. The stupidity hurts, but then again reality is a destination unknown for these people.

      #5 is clearly there because of Newton, but again, the above point renders those 1s and 0s ineffective and useless.

      Chicagoland Idiocy, Mayhem and Stupidity:

    • On the one hand, they admit that legislative efforts to eliminate violence have failed. On the other, they are blind to the failure of laws to eliminate violence.

    • If anybody believes in this crap and tries to pass or enforce it, they are commie traitors who should be destroyed for the good of the Republic.

    • Notice that is the last suggestion, and in the list of suggestions from elsewhere. What better proof can there be that they realize none of the others have anything to do with stopping the massacres? It’s their Biden moment.

  2. Yeah this is scary. Time to send more money to the CCDL guys. My gut tells me it’s a lost cause and these hearings we are having here in CT are a total joke. But hopefully I am wrong.

    • Not that I’m against sending them money. I’m not. But it seems to me tossing more money is about as effective as making guns illegal. It’s not a magic bullet. It doesn’t seem cost-effective. I’m at a loss, really. I wish I didn’t feel this way, but I do.

  3. If all these proposed rules had been law at the time of the shooting in “COMMIENECTICUT” it wouldn’t have stopped that nutcase from killing all those people. Criminals will always do as they please and they don’t care about any dumb ass law these fools pass. Now if the principal or one of the other teachers had a gun they might have still gotten shot, but at least they would have had a fighting chance. Bad guys love gun free killing zones and no one’s ever been able to control evil people and they never will.

  4. It shows you got your work cut out for you RF. It also shows how dumb and zombie like New Englanders are since you keep electing these fascists who want these attacks on freedom. Im puzzled how dumb your neighbors are to blindly elect the same pigs every election. The main thing to is to be ready for court battles since CT may ban gun ownership this was thrown out in DC vs McDonald so a court fight is the final fight to see what happens in the fascist NE.

  5. Can we get a lawsuit going against all of these anti-gun groups for false advertising? They all say that they’re against “gun violence” but what they really promote is being against gun ownership.

    • they are only taking guns from the good people and leaving it wide open for the bad guys to just do as they will…this is a law many of you all will regret…i have more respect for the town in michigan who are warning the bad guys that their citizens are armed…it is not the guns that are doing the wrongs…it is the wrong people who have them…

  6. “Make gun owners liable for negligent storage if any person gains access to firearms and injures himself or another person or causes damage to property. The violation would be a Class D felony.”

    Notice “any person.” No exception for some guy that breaks into your home. Any person.

    “50% tax on ammunition sales. Finished ammunition, not components.”

    To what end?

  7. Isn’t time we guard our children like we guard our money? Schools should be guarded like we guard banks; with armed security. No excuse is acceptable if we truly mean that we would do anything to protect our most precious of concerns. Place one guard in a control room at the main entrance to the grounds with video monitoring of the entire perimeter of the school. Have a secondary guard in a vehicle placed 1/2 way around the perimeter with radio communication. Any breech of the perimeter by any individual would be met with a quick response by the mobile unit, as police are called in simultaneously.

    • When do we get to see the surveillance videos from Sandy Hook? They show Lanza, and Lanza only, entering the school. RIGHT?

  8. “Graded permits based on level of training and proficiency (recommended by gun
    owners and NRA members).

    Did I miss a memo? Which gun owners and NRA members know WTF this means or recommends it? We need to call CAGV out on this sh!te.

    • If by “Graded” they mean “Shall Issue” as the lowest applicable “Grade” then yes this is supported by many gun owners (at least here in my Michigan home) with the next “Grade” being total exemption from gun free zones. The only remaining restriction being consumption of alcohol.

      I now reference the immortal words of Inigo Montoya “I do not think that means what you think it means”

      But twisting your opposition’s words to fit your definition is just another classic attack they use. We use it too to more logical effect.. But now we reference the whole “common sense is anything but common”

  9. We R So Fukt.

    I guess my Glock 36 will still be legal. I’m just hoping that cooler hers among the Dems realize that no grandfathering makes the constitutional challenge much easier.

  10. I’m in MA and the same crap is proposed here. They are pretty clear they want to “restrict gun ownership”. There is no mention in MA about illegal guns, criminals, etc. It is about lowering the number of legal guns.

  11. Hey if these laws had been passed they could’ve charged the Sandy Hook killer’s mom with a class D felony (post mortum of course). Now how’s THAT for a motivating prohibition?!

  12. I’m trying to figure out how this would have prevented what happened in Newton. I’ve got nothing. I guess they could charge Ms Lanza for failing to secure her guns, oh wait…

  13. “The Nation Is Calling Out For Connecticut To Lead By Passing Strong, Smart Gun Violence Prevention Legislation”

    I read the “Please pass legislation that:” but I couldn’t figure out who the author was. Sounded like Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin DaDa, Obama, or any one of history’s other nefarious actors.

  14. “50% tax on ammunition sales.”

    I wish that some pro-gun congress-critter would introduce 50% tax on some liberal pet cause. Let’s say a 50% tax on abortion.

    Not that I think there should be a 50% tax on abortion, but it would drive the liberals crazy, because there’s no rational reason for it. When the liberals begin howling that the only purpose of a 50% abortion tax is to infringe upon their rights, we could respond with “Yeah, and so?” and point out their hypocrisy.

    • No, no, no, no. All 24/7 news channels and newspapers (both print and on their online version) must pay a 5 cent tax per word up to the first 500 words. After 500 words, your article / story has now become a “high powered assault news piece” and you must pay a tax of 25 cents per word up to 1,000. After 1,000 words it has now been upgraded to a “news piece of war” and you must pay a $1.50 tax per word.

      Think of the thousands of dollars a single Piers Morgan episode would put towards paying off the national debt!

    • No make it 100,000%, payable to the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds to make up for the aborted future taxpayers.

      • SS and Medicare need to be phased out, not subsidized. They’re pyramid schemes that confiscate money from the young who are trying to pay the bills and build a life and transferring the money to those who already had a chance to work and save for the future.

        • Don’t disagree. Just pointing out that he left’s favorite rite is undermining their favorite wealth transfer programs.

    • what is the emergency? oh, the emotional emergency that will pass bills like this. get ’em in before anybody realizes they’re stupid. ok.

  15. “Graded permits based on level of training and proficiency”

    I love this one. Somehow I think that a large percentage
    of owners and CCW holders have a much higher level of
    training than CAGV will ever admit to. Probably to the point
    where CT would have to ban all permits so they can
    continue the “gun owners are untrained amateurs” meme.

    Of course it goes without saying that the average CCW holder
    probably has more training than the celebrities and political
    stooges who are packing.

  16. Awesome. The laws would clearly make it so expensive and complicated to own a gun that only the upper class could do so [legally]. Not unlike all of the laws to ban “saturday night specials,” ban gun ownership if you live in public housing (San Francisco lost a suit over this), charge $200 (that’s $3,600 in 1934 money!) for the privilege to have an NFA item, require expensive training/licensing/gun safes/insurance/trusts, etc. Sorry, but poor people have the same inalienable right to self defense as everyone else, including the elites. Too many of these laws specifically class out, well, classes of people. And/or they are so freaking complicated and convoluted that they’re functionally impossible to follow. Then, if you say the wrong thing to the ruling class, they can always find a legal reason to make an example of you.

    BTW making certain things illegal and adding “no grandfathering” IS confiscation. Making certain things totally illegal to transfer, even to family, IS confiscation — just a slow confiscation that happens at the end of the owner’s life.

    AND… I’m very conflicted about this photo on multiple levels, but I think I like it?

  17. The wife and I moved to CT a two years ago for work, due to the shenanigans proposed after sandy hook (and the fucking high taxes), we are looking to move back to the Midwest ASAP! Our license plate says “Constitution State”, we always chuckle and say bullshit!

  18. Maybe it’s finally time for a common sense ban on killing people for no reason. Someone ought to pass a law against killing people, so these tragic shootings are stopped once and for all. We could even make it a felony.

    Not sure what to call it, but if it saves even one life, right?

    • We could try, but SCOTUS would probably find it an unconstitutional infringement on those whose pursuit of happiness includes murder and mayhem.

  19. Why do so many of the anti-gun proposals all include “blah blah common sense blah”?

    If it really was Common why are they having to work so hard to get the changes (bans) they want?

    • Common sense, strong and effective – it’s simply arrogance that they think they have all the answers. It’s also a clever trick. When you oppose such measures, they can counter, “Why are you against a common sense gun law? Why are you against strong, and effect gun laws that will prevent gun violence?” One has to argue from the start that these are just their opinions, that there is nothing smart or effective in what they propose.

  20. What? No one came up with “All gun owners must allow a non-tax-paying family on full government assistance to live in their home, and must provide them a vehicle and meal allowance, at the rate of one family (up to 11 people) per firearm”?
    These people just aren’t thinking bold enough.

  21. “A truly comprehensive bill that will stop these massacres.”

    Where is any measure to deal with the mental defects that actually commit these acts?

    This is pathetic.

    • Yep. It’s called BANNING Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitor pharmaceuticals (SSRIs); the inserts WARN of side effects like sudden, unpredictable, violent behavior.

      Why do you think they PRESCRIBE so many of them? SO THEY CAN GET OUR GUNS, STUPID.

    • +100

      You could not be more correct Ralf, it is bad enough that the City of Bridgeport consider itself just an extension of NYC. No different than those massholes who have invaded Maine including the guy who was elected to the Maine state senate and then put in a proposal to split main and call the southern portion “The State of Northern Massachusetts ”

      To bad Raid does not make a spray or trap for these people

  22. Passage of this would, without a doubt, cement the moral right of true Americans to immediately remove the government officials that supported this, by any means necessary.

    They’re attempting to turn you into a slave. They’re taking away your natural rights. What are you going to do about it?

    • Many of us are fighting, many more need to get off the couch!

      We out numbered the anti-gun crowd 5 to 1 at the hearings, but we need to do more. Since ammo is no place to found, how about donating to those orgs that are fighting this BS in various states.

      • No, we outnumbered them 10 to 1, but that’s not good enough for the Democrat-Media complex.

        We need to OUT VOTE them 10 to 1. No more “I can’t support Romney because he’s squishy on immigration”.

        Either vote for the candidate that is least supportive of restricting your rights, work at the primary level to get better candidates or run for office.

  23. “A truly comprehensive bill that will stop these massacres (most consistent plea from the public)”

    — and a naive one at that. Even Biden says more gun laws can’t guarantee that a massacre won’t happen…

  24. RF, what is it with you and models anyway? It’s like a cat transfixed by a dangling shiny object… Now for the serious stuff:

    Dear CT (and any other state that seeks to infringe our rights),
    You’ve made it clear that you disagree with one of the most basic tenets of our country’s constitution. If you feel so strongly about this, I think the time has come for you to secede from the union. Then you will be free to write any sort of constitution you wish. I don’t live in your state but these infringements you are attempting to pass into law affect more than just your state’s citizens. We live in a very mobile society and this gawd-awful mish-mash of gun laws are so disjointed and confusing as to essentially prohibit law abiding citizens from exercising this essential right while traveling. We’ve had enough. If you want to prohibit guns in your state then get out. Form your own country and piss off. But stop infringing on our rights.

  25. Connecticut Constitution Article I, Section 15
    Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.

  26. If the 50% tax on ammo passes, all ammo manufacturers should lower the price to 1¢ per box. Attached to each box should be a “donation” form already filled in with appropriate amount to be “donated” to the manufacturer.

  27. murders do to legal gun owners represent less than 2%. A little greater than Lightning strikes! Its all about disarming the the public to prevent civil disobedience against our goverment. There will be rioting when our country can no longer pay its bills! Entitlements will be strapped due to no means of funding them. When those people no longer get these entitlements the will become very angry!!! It’s happening other places around our globe. Open your Eyes.

  28. It will be Out – Out War Against Tyranny to protect Freedoms and Rights Promised under the US Constitution !


  29. Why not just make Murder illegal, that should stop all the killing? Wait…… it already is illegal, I guess those laws don’t really work.

  30. Only an idiot would write these posts. Why is the second amendment the only right you need a permit to exercise? We should have those who speak against a constitutional right require permits to spout their ignorance. Fact: gun ownership is a right. Fact: Connecticut gun owners who refuse to comply with an illegal law are patriots, not outlaws.


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