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Jeremy S. for TTAG
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You probably woke up thinking that today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Nope…not around these parts.

This being the 9th month and the 19th day, we want to wish a happy 9mm Day to those who shoot 9x19mm, 9mm Luger, 9mm parabellum, 9mmP, 9mm NATO, 9×19, simply 9mm, or even the dreaded .9mm that’s favored by so many in the media.

Whatever you want to call the round, have yourself a good one. And good luck finding more.

Most of these photos are from TTAG’s Instagram page, which you should totally follow.

9mm ammunition ammo cartridges

fmj range ammunition ammo

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    • Yeah, the software used for the TTAG forum is very limiting. There’s a far better option, called “Simple Machines”. Users could like to their photos online, all sorts of options.

  1. Avast Ye! Batton down the hatches matey. Me harties, a storm be coming and scuttlebutt is a mutiny is on hand to take the old salts booty of that 9 by 19.

    All hands Hoay!

  2. I literally have a box of .40S&W sitting next to me right here at my desk. Taking the .40 (my handgun is literally a Smith & Wesson, so I just call the gun a .40S&W) to the range to let it stretch its legs. I typically train with 9mm, but decided to give the .40 some love this time.

    • Hmm. Weird. This was supposed to appear below @Vhyrus’ comment, which has also completely disappeared. Upon refresh of the page, more than half of the comments above are all gone. TTAG’s going wonky today…

      • …and upon another refresh, more are gone. There are now (as I post this one) only two above my original instead of the twenty or so. I wonder why TTAG is (assumedly) removing them? I didn’t see anything that violated policy.


      • “Hmm. Weird. This was supposed to appear below @Vhyrus’ comment, which has also completely disappeared.”

        Damn shame, haven’t seen the ‘V’-Man in a long-assed time around these parts.

        TTAG started acting weird last night, and it’s still happening today…

  3. Ok…. people who “train” instead of “practice” like a 9mm and a 9mm needs a participation prize and a special day to feel good about itself…. my .45 Colts and .44 Magnums never needed that.

    • That’s because .45 and .44 can’t be translated into a date to represent them like 9/19 can. It’s OK, you don’t need to be jelly about it. We all have our own weird thing. You get the whole Trump .45 reference.

      Jeez, for such a big bullet you .45 guys sure are insecure.

    • Okay, when the balloon goes up in November and the Markists are burning, looting, killing, and otherwise committing all sorts of treasonist acts, and we find one of them shot dead by a 9mm and one by a .44 Mag, let’s see which one is more deader. ‘Cuz that matters, I guess.

      Caliber wars get tiring.

      • Wow…did I actually just type “Markists”? Oiy. Marxists

        (smiles sheepishly, shuffles off stage left)

        • Let’s carpool to the store to get some BBQ fixin’s for dinner.

          * Toyota Tacoma = truck that gets you there
          * Ford F350 dually = bigger truck that gets you there

          They both do the job and get you there. The bigger one doesn’t necessarily get you moar there.

          You must be in a bad mood today, since you’re calling people denigrating names because they don’t share your same opinion. Do you need a hug, bro?

  4. ARRrrr got plenty o the 9×19 stuff tho the larder be short o the 300 Blackout fodder fer that little beast. The chandler has a bit in his stores, but ‘e wants far more than this old sea dog will part with!

  5. Coincidence but I’m just sitting down from cleaning out my storage closet where all the gun stuff is kept. Just a walk-in of the master bedroom. Found a 1,000 round case of Blazer Aluminum 9mm FMJ I’d forgotten about. Buried under a pile of rifle cases, behind a stack of those green plastic ammo boxes Cabela’s sells.

    Probably been sitting there ten or more years ago.

    Well, okay, problem easily solved!

  6. A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel attached to his crotch. The bartender looks at the steering wheel and asks, “Doesn’t that bother you?”

    The pirate responds, “Ahrrr, it’s driving me nuts!”

    Thank you! Thank you! I’m here all week. Try the veal!

    • What did the gay pirate say?
      I’ll split me booty with ya!

      How do you get 4 gay pirates to sit on the same stool?
      Turn it upside down.

      What did the gay pirate name his boat?
      Bottoms up.

      Whats pickup line does a gay pirate use at the bar?
      Can I push your stool in?

      How can you tell your on a gay pirate ship?
      There’s seamen on the poop deck.

      I’ll see myself out now.

  7. A special day for 9mm. Just when I thought I had seen it all. Don’t get me wrong, I own several nice 9mms. I bought the pistols, not the caliber.

    • Texican, I agree, but what are you going to do with these guys that think 9mm is some kind of death ray? Bigger, deeper holes are the answer when the question is handguns.

      • Don’t necessarily need moar bigger, moar deeper holes. Just holes that don’t close up in case your first shot doesn’t immediately send the attacker to Sheol. Bleed-out can be your friend.

        Pretty much any .30-cal bullet or larger will do the trick.

        • Haz, .30+ only works with rifles. Read my comment again. If handguns are the question, bigger deeper holes are the answer. Or, something like that. BTW. I like .30 rifle bullets
          They work.

        • I don’t listen to recommendations on ammunition from city people who sound like they’ve never even hunted a bunny wabbit.

        • RGP, neither do I listen to people who sound like they ever had to use a firearm other than on a range. I first carried a firearm on my Grandpa’s farm in Mississippi when I was about 6 y.o.a. Grew up in the least populated county in Florida. Walked out my front door and across the dirt road in front of the house to go hunting. Paid to carry a firearm most of my adult life. Despise those that, “Never did it. But I read about it in a book.” Not there is anything wrong with a book. I love books.

        • @RGP / Gadsden

          Whoa…settle down, fellas. No “range prince” here.

          I’ve been shooting guns for decades. Been to 100+ hours of professional intructor-led training, plus more hours at the range/desert than I can count. I’ve trained numerous other shooters. I’ve also hunted and taken home my fair share. No need to start with the caliber wars and the “I don’t listen to people who [basically don’t share my own opinion]…” comments.

          Shoot whatever makes you happy. Just don’t shoot in my direction.

        • Hey, “I Haz”….. do you realize how fkn dumb it makes you seem when you can’t even spell HAS correctly?….. Let me guess, you’re black….?
          If so, my criticism still stands because it really does your race no good to run around purposely misspelling the English language…. makes you all look retarded actually…..js

        • I have a pistol that shoots 30 caliber, it’s fast for a pistol but doesn’t kill an armadillo with body shots any better then a nine millimeter, which means it’s a two shot deal. Seems everything I’ve shot with a nine unless a head shot was a two shot deal, even sometimes if it’s big enough it takes two shots to the head.

        • @Whack

          I’ve explicitly referred to myself numerous times on TTAG as a white guy, so nice try but no cigar.

          Have a nice day, Hail.

    • “I totally missed makarov day.”

      It’s the same day as 7.62×39 day, ‘May Day’ :

      “In 1889, May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers’ Day by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago.”

  8. got 1500 from midway usa in the last 2 weeks in 2 batches
    40 cents a round
    first batch of federal ordered tuesday showed up friday
    second batch of winchester ordered wednesday showed up monday
    just gotta watch ammoseek like a hawk is all
    and be fast and already have an account
    i missed out on a deal for 37 cents a round for 1000 because it took me 90 seconds to set up an account

    • “got 1500 from midway usa in the last 2 weeks in 2 batches
      40 cents a round”

      I got in just under the wire, 26 cents per round, shipped.

      After last night’s news, I bet it it’s gonna be 75 cents per round for a long-assed time…

  9. What is this 9mm of which you speak?

    Note for the record (we are keeping a record, aren’t we?) that .40cal is in ample supply.

      • Nah. Even at the range it’s 40 cents a round for 40 cal, and it’s cheaper at the gun store and a lot cheaper than 9mm, which is as scarce as unicorn farts.

  10. Just finished cleaning my Shield and P89. Put a hundred rounds thru each one. Beautiful day at the range 65 degrees full sun with a light breeze. Couldn’t ask for a better day or reason to be at the range. RBG is DEAD … Long Live the Republic.

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