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“Police say the man was looking for his son when someone threw a lit firework near him,” reports. “When he tried to find out who threw it, he was attacked and suffered a concussion . . . A crowd reportedly gathered around the man and began verbally assaulting him before the physical altercation began, police said.” Well that’s putting it mildly. According to other reports, some 200 teenagers cheered on the attackers as they brutally beat their 48-year-old victim. You can hear the mob baying for blood in the video above. If an unnamed teen hadn’t stepped in to stop the beat down, chances are the father would have been killed. And here’s the thing . . .

In a world where people fear only the police, and not each other, this kind of “mob justice” can and does erupt. It happened to the Jews during Kristallnacht. It happened to African-Americans lynched by racists. It happened to passers-by during the LA riots. And it happened in Illinois at Hinkley Park.

The common theme: the victims were disarmed. Literally. Not to put too fine a point on it, an armed society is a polite society. A disarmed society is, well, there it is. That’s not the America I love. You?

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  1. Citizens of Chicago call your alderman at once. Firecrackers are causing teens to commit bullying, mayhem and general bad behavior when they are assured the victims are defenseless. I’m pretty sure the fireworks are being brought in from Indiana, Alabama and Wisconsin and maybe some place else. You need more laws banning fireworks!
    People don’t piss other people off. Fireworks do!

    • Or in this case it favors those that swarm innocent people. They have strength in their numbers but none of them on their own are strong. Pathetic, thrill-seeking little idiots running around like Alex and his droogs.

      • Psychologially weak, you don’t even have to hurt them. Just make them think you will hurt them and show them you can kill them easily. That’s how I ended up calming a situation down with only a pocket knife (5 cm blade) even though there were 3 guys (two who were stronger than me).

      • Hey, isn’t that the essence of Democracy? The biggest mob gets to beat up on whomever they want to? That’s why America is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, right?

  2. Sad to say but this is exactly what the people of Chicago deserve. Keep taking a boot to the teeth citizens of Chicago, keep voting against yourself.

  3. Didnt a similar situation happen very recently in Missouri? I might be mistaken but I recall TTAG running a article on it.

    I will say this, there is a reason why i legally keep a rifle in my vehicle, as well as a m&p 9 pro series with a surefire x300. I understand thatany of wont keep firearms in your vehicle do to the potential for break ins and thats okay. I live in a relatively rural area but we still have a little bit of crime.

    • Guns can be secured within a car… With the right case welded, bolted, or cable tied to the car frame someone’s gonna have a hard time stealing anything.

    • If I may ask, how do you secure the rifle in your vehicle? I’ve considered keeping a rifle, too, but unlike you, I live and work in more densely populated areas where a break in is a greater probability.

      I’ve considered some of the ceiling racks which, because of the slight concavity of the truck ceiling and the tinted windows, might not be all that visible to a passerby. Still, I don’t like the idea of someone breaking in and getting their hands on my rifle.

      So for now, in addition to my G26 and my backup pistol, I keep a couple of extra 9mm 33rd mags in the glove compartment. At least it gives me something approximating a rifle’s firepower in terms of capacity, albeit not a rifle’s other factors, if I’m ever at ground zero of a violent mob.

      • I’ve been thinking about getting some sort of heavy-gauge, mechanical gun safe bolted to the interior of my car. V-Line seems to make a good long gun safe.

        • Sounds like a good idea but how heavy are they? My vehicle likes her premium like Ron Burgundy likes his gin.

  4. The punks are animals and deserve any beat-downs they get in the pen. As for Chicago, LA, NYC and other liberal utopia’s, you get the government that you vote for.

    • I don’t see how that is going to create anything other than meaner more ruthless thugs. Running them ten miles a day on the other hand . . . . .

    • “You” don’t get the government you vote for. That is the problem. If I got the government I voted for, I’d be living in a free society. Not some useless hellhole, suited, and destined, for little more than extermination by Islamists with nukes.

  5. I didn’t see anything about how many of the crowd of 200 were the attackers, only that a crowd of 200 cheered them on.
    I’m not so sure a gun would have helped him against a large bunch of attackers (if that’s what it was).
    With that many people in your face a a gun might have been used against him.
    Don’t get me wrong, I support carry 100% but we need to get more facts. If it was only 4 or 5 guys, Then the gun may be OK. If he had shot any of them before they actually attacked, or came at him with a weapon that could cause serious injury. he would be in big trouble. Without more facts it’s foolish to make judgement.

    • Then thing about one person with a gun against an unarmed mob: Nobody wants to be the first Storm Trooper through the door.

    • I guess I’m a bad person, I personally would want the people trying to kill me to die as well. I don’t care if doesn’t help race relations or whatever, I will not just lay down and die. I’ll see just how many of them believe in their hate enough to keep moving forward against an armed would be victim.

      • I’m not against him having a gun, if it was me, I wouldn’t want to be unarmed. Lets get more facts, I guess I was thinking that if two dozen bad asses jumped me, I wouldn’t even have a chance to get off a shot. I would just hope that if he was carrying, he would have a double stacked extended mag.

        • From what I learned, mob dynamics rely on feral pack instincts wrapped in a sense of impunity. There is nothing like the threat of lethal force to force a mob to start thinking like humans again.

    • Like the man above said, the old cliche’ about “who wants to be the one to get shot” might be your only chance–but it’s better than no chance I guess. If it came to that.

    • In a crowd of hundreds, it may very well be only a half dozen or so who are actually inflicting injury. Whether it’s four or five, or twenty or two hundred, these kinds of things do happen quickly, but not instantaneously. There would be an escalating period for the defender to draw as the group turns menacing and advances, taunts, throws objects or wields improvised weapons as they threaten him.

      Not everyone would see your self-defense firearm upon presentation, so not everyone would flee from it immediately. However, everyone would hear that firearm once fired and would flee from it thereafter. The tragedy is that someone might be the first or second one to get shot when all they were doing was being in the wrong place at the wrong time when the mob attacked and the self defense shooting started.

      • Some of us have determined to never present/brandish. Drawandfire is a single word. Everyone will HEAR that, and many will notice the spray of blood, thinking the rest will continue to advance is real paranoia, you will find yourself completely alone in seconds. That is time to return home and wait for the police. Waiting for the mob to return armed is a bad plan.

    • The news article says three “teens” were arrested for the assault, and in the brief video it looks like there were only three trolls involved in the physical attack (the rest were just there for the entertainment). And apparently it only took one teen to step out from the crowd and stop it.

      You don’t have to shoot the whole mob. Heck, as this shows, nobody necessarily has to shoot anybody (although the victim would have been within his rights, and much better off, if he’d had the means). All you have to do is stop the one or two who are instigating the attack; 99% of them are just along for the ride, and as soon as the ride starts to look unhealthy, they’ll back off.

    • They will all run like hell as soon as they hear the shots, and somebody screams “Oh, s**t, he’s got a gun!”.

      When a firearm is brought to bear, by a good guy or a bad guy, the calculus changes and the behavior of the group changes accordingly.

  6. Read the link. This is Park Ridge, Illinois. Considered “safe” area. The lowlife scum are EVERYWHERE. This is why OFWG doesn’t go to fireworks anymore. I had a similar experience several years ago in South Holland,Illinois. Groups of out of control teen criminals. BTW Park Ridge is the stomping ground of Hildebeast…yuck

    • Ok. Where to begin? I grew up in South Holland and have lived in Park Ridge for the last 33 years. These aren’t comparable towns. Yes, this is Hillary Clintons home town (but also Harrison Fords). The ‘yuts’ who were arrested are students or graduates of Maine South High School, where Hillary graduated from. Park Ridge is NOT Chicago. We are a border suburb and many residents work in Chicago. But this isn’t an out of control town full of roving gangs. This incident has been a shock to most residents. For anyone here to think that this has anything to do with gun laws is delusional. This kind of behavior among teenagers is endemic throughout this country. And believe me, in this situation, guns would definitely not be the solution.
      I wasn’t at Hinkley when this happened. But I seriously doubt 200 people stood around and cheered. The people I’ve talked to who were there said that at first they had no idea what was going on. Then they basically went in to shock. This kind of stuff doesn’t (or at least didn’t) happen in Park Ridge.

      • Thanks for making my point. South Holland didn’t “used to suck either”. Now it’s 80-90% black or hispanic. Most of the nice white Dutch Reformed folks have moved to Indiana. Whatever is happening in Park Ridge is happening everywhere. It is what it is. Be armed. Be vigilante. From an OFWG married to a beautiful black woman( for 25 years ).

      • The attack was ended by one unarmed teen. If the man was on his own the balance of power could only have been changed by a weapon. Given the response of the attackers to a single person intervening I assume a weapon of any sort would have a similar effect. I for one wouldn’t want to depend on a Good Samaritan to help out, considering the fact that here about one half of one percent of the observers were willing to help.

  7. “When he tried to find out who threw it, he was attacked…”

    I would be willing to bet money that means he was running around talk sh*t.

    • Well, that must mean he deserved to get beaten half to death. Because after all, we can’t have people talking, can we?

      • I’m restraining judgement on this one until I hear all the facts.

        The fact is, he might have deserved to be beaten half to death. For all we knew he was going from person to person, punching them, and slapping their women.

        I am not making a judgment call simply on the ages of those involved. I’ve witnessed some really unpleasant people who desperately needed an ass beating.

        • You’re assuming you might hear that, unarmed, he physically attacked a mob of 200 people while looking for his son? That is a lot of assuming.

        • @LarryinTX No, I’m not /assuming/ anything. Hence why I am not turning on the outrage.

          How do you know this guy wasn’t drunk and innapropriately touching children while looking for his son? How do you know he wasn’t trying to stab people with an HIV infected needle while looking for his son? How do you know he didn’t piss in someone’s face?

          Sorry – I am not jumping on the hysteria bandwagon ever again after the whole Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman mismanaged reporting FUBAR.

          I know the status quo around here is to shake our heads and cluck our tongues at how society is going down the tubes, especially in stories where younger people are attacking older people…

          But I have yet to see or hear of anyone get beaten that badly in public (other than racially/sexually motivated attacks) unless the person who got beat up made some seriously bad choices.

          @Chip A beating is never legally justified, but I’d argued it morally is.

          Case in point:

  8. Hasn’t Chicago always been ruled by mob. If I get things thrown @ me I back out & re-assess plain stupid going into the
    mob. Especially unarmed.

    • Chicago used to be run by The Mob, not a mob. The Mob are kind of law and order guys when it comes to normal crime. Neighborhoods with a lot of “made” guys were always safe to walk in at any time of the night or day.

      • Chicago under The Mob was a lot like NYC under The Mob. There were things you could do and things you didn’t dare to do. Something like this would have earned the punks a beating, and their fathers a roughing up for being bad parents. No counselling needed, because everyone knew by the next sunset. The message was clear: Straighten up or we’ll be back. It seemed to have worked then.

  9. Honestly, this is the nicest and most ambiguous “200 person mob attack” I’ve ever watched, and I’ve watched quite a few. I am certainly not making excuses for anyone involved, more commenting on the (satirically overblown?) video title. That was a 2-4 person attack within a generally ruly crowd. No idea what happened before the video, but let’s see what we can see:

    First frame 0:11 yellow/khaki man is flailing or maybe swinging at someone and is being held from behind. He’s thrown on the ground by 0:13 seconds, punched and kicked (ineffectively, for the most part) by two or maybe three guys for 6-7 seconds. Others pull them off and he is standing and adjusting his shorts by 0:24. Once he is up and the fight is over, he pushes a guy again (could be considered re-entering combat, very bad for a self-defense claim) and luckily for him, someone gets between them at the very end of the video. One assumes that after that, the crowd calmed down and the cops were able to find the guys who fought him.

    Very different from most mob attack videos one sees. I see no reason to believe he “would have been killed”. As soon as people saw what was going on, most moved in to break it up.

    Again, no idea what happened before the video (was he threatening anyone? just asking kids politely? if the latter, why would they start fighting him?), but considering what you can actually see, this would have been a horrible time to pull a gun out. It would have been a horrible situation for the gun rights community if he had shot in any direction in that crowd. And it may turn out there is more to the story than the short ruckus shown on the news clip.

  10. Talk about coincidences; I just now finished watching, for the first time, The Ox-Bow Incident on Youtube. Apropos to RF’s point, at the end the son of the lynch-mob ringleader tells him, “I could have stopped you with a gun, the way any animal can be stopped…” Doesn’t really look like quite the same situation here, but the general point still holds.

  11. I can almost hear the antis saying now “See? You don’t need your stupid and dangerous death machines. Even if there isn’t a police officer around, you can always count on your fellow citizens to step in and help protect you.” Well.

    First off, there never seem to be any police around when this kind of thing goes down. That is, of course, unless you’re talking about those occasions when the POLICE are the ones bringing the mob mentality and beat down, but I digress.

    Second, if I can’t carry a police officer around with me to prevent this kind of thing, then it isn’t too likely that I could carry a random teenager around with me, either, to serve that same purpose. Besides, this incident aside, how effective could you reliably expect one random teenager to be in the face of a mob of two hundred or so savages?

    All things considered, I think I’d rather cling to my guns and religion….and my standard capacity magazines…..rather than place all my faith in my fellow man, which, by a ratio of 200:1 seems more inclined to kill me than to protect me. That’s just me.

  12. I take blood thinners. I am told that over 1% of people my age, 48, have the ailment I have that requires blood thinners. If I were to be savagely attacked like this, I would likely bleed to death. Some people act like an assault like this is no big deal, that it is just a few cuts and bruises. Except for work, I am almost always armed.

  13. It happened in South Africa, after people crossed the border a few thousand a day. S. Africa was prevented by the International Community and the U.N. in “anti-apartheid” efforts to prevent the border crossings. Then the illegal aliens marched in the streets of S. Africa with banners that read “One Settler [referring to the indigenous white people (100+ year descendants of the Dutch people who populated the lower-tip of Africa)], One Bullet”. Then the illegal immigrants took over the S. African gov’t (again as anti-apartheid “progressiveness”). Then those new government ‘electees’ called for the ‘return’ of the indigenous people’s farms to the illegal aliens. Then the white farmers were randomly killed for their farms.

  14. Oh yeah chuckb…Harrison Ford is buddies with the Clintons. Extreme leftwing environmental wacko & MOST IMPORTANTLY anti gun and has called for MORE gun control. And Hildebeast & he are buddies. That’s my final point on a day old post.

    • Exactly where did I imply that Clinton or Ford were/are buddies? I used the word ‘but’ to imply that not every alumni of Park Ridge is a Clinton class scumbag.
      Oh. And from my point of view, South Holland always sucked. I went to the Dutch First Reformed Church in South Holland. Don’t try to lecture me on ‘nice’ white Dutch folk. My last name is Broeker. A nice white Dutch name. I know these people.

  15. A little self hatred huh chuck? My point about Ford stands. None of us get to choose our parents or hometown. My dad was a racist from Kankakee Illinois. When you grow up you either move on or become bitter. BTW I’ve also lived in Chicago, Mount Prospect and Desplaines. As well as the southern suburbs. I’ll take your Dutch folks over the almost anybody. I KNOW these people. NO PROBLEMS when me, my beautiful black wife and 2 caramel colored sons went to Faith Reformed church in South Holland. Never went back when they moved( fled?) to Indiana. Once again do a tiny bit of checking when you annoint Harrison Ford. He is NOT a friend to gun owners.

  16. This is in response to those interested in how i secure my rifle in the cab of my truck. First amd foremost i would like to say ive tried many solutions before settling on this one. I currently drive a 2014 Tundra and the primary reason i chose this vehicle was the storage capacity of the cab.

    I currently pack my rifle behind the back seat so that all i have to do to access it is fold down the seat and unlock the forearm. Basically i made a gun rack for the AR that allows me to attatch the rack directly to the frame of the seats, this reaulted in the adjustability of the seats being diminshed substantially but at age 33 w/ no kids the backseat doesnt normally have alot of people back there. Any ways, the firearm in and of itself is secured via cable locks to the rack, while its not perfect it will eventually be replaced with a more sturdy solution.

    As for the M&P i typically tuck it between the consand the seat so i can draw it from the seated position w/ minimal effort. I opted to not have to keep it in the console because of the longer barrel. When im not in the vehicle it gets cable locked underneath the driver seat.


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