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If you were going to encourage a demographic segment to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, homeless people would probably be last group on your list. I’m not arguing the point. But I am pointing out that disarmed members of society face a higher level of criminal predation than armed Americans – whether the victims are tax-paying commuters or mentally ill homeless people. Proving that armed self-defense is a vital part of personal and social safety. OK, so, this is a bad one [via] . . .

Three New Mexico teenagers accused of beating to death two men who were sleeping in a vacant lot giggled as they delivered their blows, a survivor of the vicious attack told NBC News on Monday.

“They thought it was funny,” the victim, who goes by the nickname Skeets, said after he returned to the Albuquerque crime scene.

“They were giggling and laughing at us, mocking us, calling us homeless. I said, ‘I don’t know why you guys are bothering us. We didn’t do nothing to you guys.'”

He escaped after trying to lure the masked teens away from his two friends by running — they chased him, but eventually returned to the others on the lot, beating them beyond recognition.

“They were real cowards,” he said.

Alex Rios, 18, Nathaniel Carillo, 16 and Gilbert Tafoya, 15, were arrested shortly after the bodies were found and confessed — admitting they had been attacking the homeless for a year and had assaulted dozens in just the last few months, according to court papers.

What else needs saying? Maybe that the Albuquerque Police should spend part of their time defending the defenseless. Oh wait. That would be the same APD accused of assassinating a homeless man. The same department that’s shot 24 people to death in the last four years, now the subject of federal oversight.

Anyway, the callous beating death of two homeless men shows us what happens to a disarmed populace. Anyone who works to infringe upon Americans’ gun rights should imagine the terror of that night as unopposed teenagers turned thrill killers. And those that proceeded it. You may have a beautiful house, but this could still be you.

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  1. Take those three teens and run them through a wood chipper behind the county jail.

    Beating people for kicks? And beating people to death for fun and laughs?

    Yeah, feet first works for me.


    • That would be cruel and unusual punishment, as well as a complete waste. Just strap them to a gurney, gas them unconscious, then pull out all of their organs, bone marrow, and blood, to be delivered to the people who need them.
      Bonus: the people who need those, and the surgeons performing those operations, can bear witness to the execution, which would allow the organs to be installed while fresh.
      Everybody wins, except the sh!tbags, but who cares about them.

      • Can you even use the organs after gassing? Would be much more humane to surgically remove the organs, then unplug the life support machine and let nature run its course.

        *Crap, reading comp fail.

      • “Some men just need killin’.” — James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok

        And sometimes their crimes are so heinous, that the most appropriate punishment is ‘death by torture’. The only problem is finding an appropriate executioner.

    • “These violent delights have violent ends”, Shakespeare.

      The article cautions, referring to the homeless victims, that despite your current material comforts, this could be you. Well.

      I would caution further on the basis of your cruel vengeance fantasies, referring instead to the savage teen attackers, that despite your macabre amusement, this could be you.

      • So are you saying that it would be better to just shoot the thugs in the head and be done with it, or should we just show them the inside of a jail for the rest of their natural life? Sometimes a harsher lesson is needed than teaching someone how to live an a 9×9 cell.

        • And how do you define that “justice”? Many would still answer “an eye for an eye”. Take 20 minutes to beat them to death? Is that justice?

  2. I won’t say Albuquerque has a higher than average crime rate or that it has worse criminals, but I will say that the juvenile delinquents there seem to be of a much more dangerous breed than most other places. This is my opinion as someone who went to 4 different high schools in Albuquerque. The bad kids there… are REEALLLLY bad.

  3. I’ll risk moderation. I find it hard not to relate this to the invasion of Obama-grants into the nation. Rather than improve their countries of origin they will bring the US down to the uncivilized level of the slums they claim to be trying to escape.

    • I can promise you 100% these kids, and their parents, and probably their grandparents, were born in this country.

  4. “They say the most dangerous person on the planet is a teenage boy,” Berrill said, noting that the front lobes of their brains are under-developed while their hormones are raging. ”

    And here’s the legal defense from a forensic psychologist for the two “kids” who’s lawyers are going to try for counseling and probation. It’s always good to have some they’re-just-kids-who-didn’t-know-what-they-were-doing argument. That’s balderdsash. They did this because they wanted to. They should be tried as adults for capital murder, but they’ll probably walk. Next time they’ll just have to be more careful.

  5. Laughing while murdering. Hilarious. I believe we should lower the age level of juvenile crime to 12 or so. Do adult crime-do adult time. Like the “kids” from a few days ago in Park Ridge Illinois who a beat a man at fireworks. This New Mexico crime should be a death penalty case. But it won’t be.

    • Depends on the state. A surprising majority of the states in the US have pretty low age levels or even no age level for being tried as an adult. As it should be. The problem is they rarely ever do as you suggested and give them a true adult sentence. If under 18 The state prosecutors often look at the situation and then decide whether to try as a juvenile or adult. That’s BS. It should be just as you said, commit the crime of an adult, get the punishment of an adult.

  6. I’m not one of those people who believe that homeless people are harmless. In fact, I’ve dealt with a multitude of their crimes. Many in the LA area aren’t just homeless, but criminals at large. Don’t think that many if them won’t commit crimes against you or take advantage of anyone else if hey get the chance.

    Someone in my family was just sexually assaulted by a homeless man, and a volunteer I worked with was robbed by a different homeless man. I’ve fought plenty of homeless people with drug and psych issues. Frankly the world would be better off without most of them stealing and littering all over the landscape. Maybe that’s painting with a broad brush but I don’t think anyone here wants homeless people living in filth on the sidewalk next to your house.

    With that being said, beating them to death for kicks is a macabre thrill that should carry the full penalty of law.

    • According to a study my father in law conducted many years ago, the majority of homeless people have mental health and substance abuse issues, both of which, under current law, disqualify them from owning firearms. Many are felons, also under a firearms disability. Plus they live in a violent subculture society where fights, thefts, and other personal and property crimes are rampant, but rarely reported.

      My community of 100,000 has a rampant problem with the homeless and the issues they bring, including their meth addictions, psychiatric disorders, massive numbers of property crimes and vandalism, and more “accidental” fires in unoccupied buildings than you can shake a stick at. After the federal court compelled the State to release 35,000 “nonviolent” offenders, large numbers of whom sere sent here, the town is full of homeless people, and crime has soared. Most of them live back in canyons that are essentially inaccessible to vehicles, where there is no running water, no sewers or toilets, no trash pickup, and of course, no emergency services. That said, if someone is killed–and that has happened here where we average three murders a year–the police have no hesitation in tracking down the offenders and the courts gleefully send them to prison for long terms.

      With all of this said, I don’t see firearms as a solution to the violence against homeless issue. What disturbs me more is the sociopathology of these youths , black and white, who believe that attacking and beating the defenseless is fun. the knock out game, mob rampages, and these crimes by our youth are intolerable. How is it that these kids were raised to care so little?

      • “How is it that these kids were raised to care so little?”

        We let the libs strip even the barest bones of Judeo-Christian morality out of our schools decades ago ( they will barely allow the 10 Commandments to be taught as part of a required “philosophy” or “comparative religion” class), and we let Hollywierd and NYC fill the kids then-empty heads and souls with 30-50 hours a week of BS TV and video games where aimless violence is rewarded.

        And no I am not interested in getting into a debate with some paulistinians about the merits of GTA/COD VI, but for those who think that media doesn’t have influence on behavior, perhaps you can explain the TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS SPENT ON ADVERTISING every year…

  7. “Maybe the Albuquerque Police should spend part of their time defending the defenseless.”

    This is the same website that constantly talks about how police are responsive and can’t protect everyone, right? They found the bad guys. It would have been great if an officer happened across the scene but ultimately we all are responsible for ourselves on an individual basis.

    • They found the bad guys.

      …after failing to find them (or even attempting to) after the previous 50+ attacks. There’s your gubmint right there.

      The Police….protecting and serving….the shit out of you.

  8. I hear you brotherhood. And I live south of Chicago. Way more of our share of youthful criminals. Hey I’m over 60 now but did my share of stupid crap & drugs. You didn’t hear of the level of violence we have now. And we had RACE riots in high school. Nobody got killed. And 40 some years later black & white talk to each other. There is no political will ( or WIN ) to do what needs to be done.

  9. If a target of these teens were armed, he would’be been made white or “white hispanic” by the media, and the attackers were portrayed as poor helpless trayvons. So I’m afraid it may be already too late for talking about defenceless population.

  10. I may be mistaken, but I think the actual body count is 41 not 24 dead by APD in the last four years.


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