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Warrantless searches. No right to remain silent. This could be you! That is all. [h/t SS]

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  1. I think a protective amendment is well due. What the cop says about his firearms license reflects well here. Once you license, and restrict, and make the process of owning a firearm as difficult as the antis can possibly make it, there is no right. A right is absolute. Under no circumstances should a right be restricted except for those who have already broken the law (criminals convicted for violent crime, violent domestic abuse, rape, etc).

    • Unfortunately federal law states even grasping someone by the arm or even literally laying a finger on them constitutes a domestic assault and you lose your rights for life.

      • That’s why I specified violent. As in, where the victim received serious injuries and was not determined to have started the fight.
        I would also like to see reform for how someone can get a felony. These days, the felony is a blanket restriction of rights that treats everyone like a violent criminal, even if their crimes are completely non-violent (fishing in a restricted area, taking your SBR to the range 5 miles from your house across a state border, etc. The list goes on forever)

      • Even yelling at your spouse or even denying them money is “abuse”…This is what you get when Femnazis and the anti lock forces…We have to slash and burn them all..

    • But we are there. The only difference is the context. Look at what happened to Cliven Bundy. If you have a low spot in your backyard, the EPA can declare it a “wetland” and charge you with a felony if you try to put a deck on it.

  2. The commentator at the end hit the nail on the head: at the core, this is not a firearm issue, but a civil rights issue.

    …. and, as in a prior article a TTAG commentator wittingly remarked, if the US devolves to this point the government agents would soon be learning the practical application of the 2A.

    • Unfortunately, the commentator didn’t make it clear enough. I wish he’d emphasized that there are no exemptions to civil rights written into the charter for firearms owners. Which makes a firearms law no different in how it should be subordinate to charter rights than laws about anything else. So if a law about firearms can deny citizens charter rights, so can laws about any other activity. That means that the charter rights have no real force of law. To put it another way, Canadians don’t really have rights at all. That’s what they should have explained on the show.

      This is similar to the old Soviet Union’s “constitution.” Under it, citizens had all sorts of civil rights, it was considered a model even for the U.S. and in many ways it could have been. But the Soviet government simply ignored all those rights, decreeing whatever laws it wished. Finally the politburo stopped referring to the constitution and it – disappeared.

      • I like the points ya guys are making, for I am glad that the commentators did at least touch upon the point about it being a civil rights issue, because honestly I was anticipating the commentators to try and defend this police state nonsense like many would do in our own country. But I guess it goes to show even if a majority in Canada was duped into supporting such laws, it doesn’t mean folks can simply dismiss all Canadians as supporting this fascist nonsense.

    • Canada has a constitution, unfortunately it is only a couple of decades old. “Modern” thinking when into it, so “old fashioned” ideas like the right to own a firearm was not included.

      • Yes, I know about Canada’s ‘constitution’. In Canada you have no right to freedom of speech and no right to bear arms or even to act in self defense without a weapon. In practice there is no constitution in Canada.

        Of course, if we’re not careful there won’t be one in America either before long.

  3. No right to remain silent? Man, people have been trying to get me to shut up since I was 2. Put me in an interrogation room with a cop and see if he don’t need therapy when it’s over.

  4. Just like here big brother is watching, always watching. The only difference is here we have the Second Amendment. It is no wonder so many people don’t trust the government….the more power they have, the more corrupt they will become

      • My guess is that whatever happened here occurred in the far Canadian North, maybe in the Yukon, during a raging Whiteout in the dead of winter, and the audio people were all killed by the cold and thus couldn’t make a recording of the sound to tell us what was happening during the storm. All I see is a blank white wall of snow. Silent snow. I work in Prudhoe Bay, and I’ve never seen it that bad!

        That, or the video just doesn’t play right.

  5. Just to show how absurd canada is, I had to turn over a can of mace at the border before they would let us come in to their wonderful country. When I exited the suburban at the border patrol station they had 4 officers (whatever they call them) come to each door of our car. They just kept asking, “where are the guns and weapons?”….. They didn’t make any effort to search the car but just because I had mace they assumed I brought a gun to their lovely crime free country, I didn’t.
    For what It’s worth, At 4 A.M. that evening my friends and I saw a montreal cop beat the hell out of two guys that were fighting, he used a collapsible baton…..I guess there is crime in canada that warrants the carrying of a weapon.

    • I had a similar experience at the border when I was only about 9. My parents and I were going on vacation in Penticton, BC and at the border crossing, they kept asking us where we had hidden the guns, did we know that carrying guns across the border was illegal, where is my mom’s mace. They pulled car off to their special processing area and tore apart all of our stuff, our luggage, looking for guns that we didn’t have. Eventually we were free to go, they left all our stuff in piles on the ground. It left quite an impression on me.

      You think we ever vacationed in Canada again?

    • There was a time when the US guards at the Canadian border were the biggest ball-busters in the universe, and the Canadians were extremely nice. Has it flipped, or are all the guards ball-busters on both sides?

      • A very good friend of mine works in Canada’s CBSA (border services agency). He suggests that Canada has become increasingly “less friendly” to Americans as a result of a) dopers thinking pot/hash/etc is legal here or they can bring their medicinal marijuana, and b) Americans who believe they can carry their guns here.

        The other factor? Our border guards just recently started carrying guns, so there is an increase in the “civilian vs. police” attitude.

      • Returning from Canada last year. U.S. guards scanned our passports then told us to pull over, fill out a Customs declaration, and we waited over an hour to be cleared to enter our own country. Vehicle was not searched, we were told only one out of 300 are stopped this way.

        Wife & I are both: retired military, lifetime NRA, CCW holders, registered Republicans.


  6. A few years back a friend of mine who came to this country legally, with a green card with permanent status, went to Canada for a visit with her American citizen husband.
    She got into Canada OK, but coming back into the US, they didn’t want to let her in without an American passport which she obviously didn’t have since she was not yet an American citizen. Took a lot of hassle to get her back in.

  7. Please pin this. Very useful for when you are talking to someone who doesn’t believe the cops are going to go all Stasi when you give them these powers.

  8. Has nothing to do with firearms. This is what the leftist scum would like here on EVERY issue. If you disagree with the STATE you pay dearly. If you attract the attention of a government worker who has nothing much else to do, your life can be ruined. And it won’t stop with that worker. This is an institution, a corporate entity. As the cop says to the gun owner up in Canada, you will be on their radar ALWAYS. Until the day you die. Then if they like, they just might select your family members for similar treatment into the next generation.

    • For those young folks who have gone thru the miserable public education process in America, please read about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Read his books about life in the Soviet Union. It will prepare you for what is coming.

      • Yes, he wrote Gulag Archipelago

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        • Thank you for this. I never read the book. I will read it now, and pass it along to my kids. We homeschool.

  9. As bad as this is, it came at the best possible time. The Conservative government is looking at reforming some of the firearms laws this fall. What happened here could push them to go further than what has currently been announced. I heard a rumor that they were also examining storage requirements, so I hope that goes as well.

  10. All I see is a blank white box for this topic. Can someone create a link to click on to go see the video or whatever it is?

      • It works now. Don’t know why.

        Umm.. Now that I have watched it, and read all the intelligent comments above, all I have to say is… Why do people stay in Canada? Seriously… why. do. people. stay. in. Canada?

        My question is not necessarily gun related. Like the commentator at the end said, its less a gun issue and more of a civil rights issue. If civil rights are stripped from Canadians that easily, why remain?

  11. -Warrant-less searches
    -No right to keep/bear arms
    -No right to remain silent – forced to self incriminate
    -Threats and harassment from law enforcement/government officials

    The only thing they are missing is an LEO doing a jujitsu hip throw while wearing a military BDU and helmet. Said action followed by the LEO putting his knee into the guys hands while shouting “STOP RESISTING – STOP RESISTING,” followed by a baton, bones breaking, and a taser just for fun.

    Finally, a phone search and a webcam smash.

    It’s legal to own the firearms in question, but it is also legal for LE to harass the hell out of you just because they don’t like it (New-age gun control).

  12. We have a similar thing in the Czech Republic when it comes to owners of full-auto firearms. But it still doesn’t go as far as allowing the officers warrant-less access – the owner must allow inspection of full-auto firearms *safe keeping* and risks fine or loosing the license, however the cops can’t force their way in. And since not allowing inspection is misdemeanor and not a crime, don’t think the cops would ever get any judge to issue a warrant, at least not until eventual revocation of license (which can also be fought at court). This duty to allow inspection of safe keeping is actually the main reason why most Czech gun owners stick to semi-autos.

    Needless to say most cops in the Czech Republic are avidly pro-gun, so the general atmosphere is very different. And of course, the inspection is always announced in advance.

      • Well I guess this may be true about Canada, but in US the government has no business checking your *safe keeping* of firearms notwithstanding if they are full-auto or not? Or am I wrong?

        Also, I guess that the main difference with Canada is the purpose of the check. The Czechs check whether the owner has the firearm within a certified safe/room, i.e. so that it can’t be stolen easily. The Canadian purpose of “home firearm inspection” eludes me.

  13. “Democracy can hardly be expected to flourish in societies where political and economic power is being progressively concentrated and centralized. But the progress of technology has led and is still leading to just such a concentration and centralization of power.”
    ―Aldous Huxley, 1958

    This guy died in 1963 and he realized what was going on back then. I know we are not a democracy, claim to be a republic but are really an oligarchy.

    The time will come when we will all have to chose.

    I’d put money on the NSA, CIA, FBI, DS or some other government agency already having our names, addresses, gun ownership, ammo purchases etc. The next terrorist attack will warrant much more than the Patriot Act. Read about doublespeak on Wikipedia or George Orwell’s “1984”. Patriot Act is exactly doublespeak. We are already there folks.

    We were leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, we need another war thus the Ukraine, Africa or China, pick your choice. Why are we encouraging the Japanese to rearm and rework their constitution so they can now be aggressive instead of defensive? Why are we arming Africa? We are the largest arms supplier in the world yet we want civilian ownership of small arms banished???????

    It’s all about money and property. We have in America concentration of wealth and power never seen before. Wait until cars are completely computerized, no Postal Workers, no Fed Ex workers, no UPS workers, no long haul truckers. You already know many other examples. I guess they can all work at Arby’s. Our leadership is corrupt, some fool runs for public office and tells it like it is and NO ONE votes for the fool. It’s our fault for voting the way we do, amongst other things.

    I read somewhere that from start (picking, butchering, etc) to finish (you just bought it) our food supply chain is on average 49 days. That gives someone some real control. . . . . . . . you don’t think every credit card purchase is monitored and tracked by some alphabet federal government agency? or that this site is monitored by computers and algorithms and if something is seen as a problems goes t some government contractor (who needs to find the enemy to get another contract).

    So there were these goat herders in Afghanistan in the mountains. Course they had AK’s and goats. In the evening they gathered and killed a goat to eat with a roaring fire. A CIA, DHS, NSA or other alphabet government contractor gets a note from his boss. “We’ve got too many short range air to ground missiles and the government is thinking of cutting our IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity) contract, you might be laid off. Find a cell of Al Qaeda Commanders and take them out.”

    Next day in the NY Times is an article about the destruction of 4 or 5 top Al Qaeda Commanders via a short range air to ground missile. All the f***ing guys were trying to do was roast a goat!

    I know, I’m nuts!

  14. This is what happens when you allow a “reasonable discussion on gun laws” and seek to “protect the rights of gun owners with the interest of public safety”.

    Congratulations Canada, the Nazis would be proud of you!

  15. This is disgusting to see what happens to a people who have been neutered or emasculated for the sake of their security.
    In a way they lose their own self respect and respect as a nation.
    They allowed this to happen.
    They were not taken captive and beaten into submission.
    They did this on their own.

  16. Canada is a socialist country. The difference between socialism and communism is that communism enslaves the people at gunpoint, whereas in socialism, the people enslave themselves by vote. We dodged that bullet ourselves, THIS election year. Next time…who knows?


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