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In the fall, we saw FightLite’s Raider (“SCR Pistol”) at NASGW, and it generated a ton of interest. Also, a ton of questions about whether the little pirate pistol would be shootable or controllable. Or possibly even wrist-snapping. SHOT Show’s Industry Day on the Range answered these concerns as I put a few rounds downrange through the Raider plus a short belt of ammo, full-auto style, through FightLite’s MCR . . .

The Raider is a pussycat. In part because of the aggressively recoil-reducing muzzle brake but also because it’s a short-barrel 5.56. There just isn’t much recoil being generated in the first place.

The grip angle is obviously a bit on the heavily-raked side, but nothing GLOCK fans won’t happily adapt to.

My only real complaint about the SCR platform is how far forwards the magazine release ends up being in relation to your firing hand. Overall, though, I think it’s ready for swashbuckling ship-to-ship raids. Raiders are shipping in 5.56 now and will be available in 300 BLK soon.

FightLite MCR

FightLite’s MCR is sold either as a complete rifle or as an upper receiver for use on any standard AR-15 lower. It’s a full-on belt-fed 5.56 with a quick change barrel and hinge-open receiver top. Basically, it’s an M249 SAW scaled down to work as an AR-15 upper receiver.

I fired a short belt full-auto and it made me smile. It’s probably a good thing I can’t own the giggle switch-equipped version, though, as my ammo and barrel budget most definitely couldn’t keep up

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    • Hey Dan , how you doing, long time no see….. I wrecked my truck last year, tie rod end busted, smacked a tree, spun 180 went over a levee and landed upside down in a river, if I’d have had my seat belt on I’d have drowned

  1. I like belt fed, but it’s hard to see putting it on my wish list with starting msrp of $3820 for just the upper.

    I think I’d rather spend $3850 on a $600 AR and 10,000 rounds. But if you’ve got the cash to waste plus enough for ammo and belt links, why not?

  2. Usually I derate new stuff, condemn the 5.56 but that MCR gave me a hard on. Man I’d like to have the cash to buy that, even skip the select fire. I vote this the best firearm so far on TTGA.+p+1

  3. The problem with previous belt fed AR uppers was the lack of a quick change barrel, so this is a big improvement. If I had a few grand to spare for something useless, or if I was a hardcore prepper I would definitely get one of those.

  4. I saw the fightlite picture loaded with 300 aac , any projections on future barrel production?

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