IRL EDC's pocket dump
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IRL EDC’s pocket dump includes an Anker Premium Aluminum Portable Charger, Lipstick-Sized External Battery Power Bank. But no spare mag. Which makes me wonder . . .

Why would you worry more about your iPhone X running out of juice than your GLOCK 30 running out of ammo?

I know: GET OFF THE X!

Actually, we’re talking about a 10+1 .45 GLOCK brand GLOCK pistol whose short, stout mags are easy enough to pocket, and make a damn good sap besides.

Given the IRL’s F You keychain I have a feeling he would take my “Dude where’s your mag” criticism lightly. Hang on. Where’s his light?

I suppose IRL could use the Canon G16’s flash to blind an attacker trying to wrest his iPhone X from his hand. But if he has the X in his hand, he could use the smartphone’s flash instead — although it takes at least three steps to access it.

Hey, no one said this everyday carry thing was easy . . .

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  1. The G30 is a good CCW pistol. I used it for that purpose for quite awhile.

    As for the battery charger instead of a spare mag… well, I imagine you could do both pretty easily. In fact I know you can. That said, people have varying priorities and let’s be honest, which one are you more likely to use on a regular basis?

    • I have to admit that I usually use my phone more than my carry gun. The tripod perplexes me though.

    • A cell phone is arguably more likely to save a life than a gun, and I’ve had a dead phone battery far more often than I’ve run out of ammo…

  2. RF is clearly no sailor. It’s anchors aweigh not away. It means the anchor is now clear of the sea bottom but not aboard yet.

  3. A Camera, wtf a camera, is that to take a picture of your watch? Oh it’s a Cannon, okay got it

  4. To be fair the key chain thing says, “Fuck it” not “Fuck you”

    One is an aggressive statement, the other is more laissez-faire.

    That being said, yeah, why the extra battery for a phone that apparently has a really good battery life anyway? If we’re worried about capacity in the first place then it’s all the more funny when someone carries a 45.

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