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GlockStore has just released the first sub-compact, 80% pistol frame to the market. Finish the SS80 not-yet-a-firearm at home to turn it into a functional tool. Well, after filling it with GLOCK 43 parts . . .

Locking block and rails are inserts that you’ll pin into the frame after drilling the appropriate holes and creating space inside the receiver.

GlockStore was also showing off their +4 round magazine extension for the G43, which brings capacity up to 10+1.

EDIT: a previous version of this post stated that another manufacturer was making these frames for GlockStore’s exclusive use. This is not the case, and the other manufacturer has confirmed to TTAG that they had no part in designing or manufacturing these GlockStore SS80 frames.

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  1. That’s pretty cool, but I’d have to take a dremel to that spur on the wonky trigger guard.
    Also, a Glock 43 slide costs $400 by itself on Glockstore, so you’re not saving any money here.

    • I also think this is the first aftermarket frame I have seen with the same grip angle. They usually make that a normal grip angle as part of its selling point.

    • I realize these are exclusive to GlockStore but was told that Polymer80 is the manufacturer. I’ll reach out to my contact at Polymer80 and ask, then update the article as needed.

      • Confirmed with Polymer80 that they had and have nothing to do with these frames (like, for real, too, not just “we’re under an agreement not to say” kind of thing). Apologies for the bad information there. The original press release included mention of Polymer80 and a person who shall not be named (not Voldemort) mentioned it at SHOT. Hopefully P80 isn’t going to become the Xerox or Kleenex of the polymer 80% world.

  2. Yeah these are not made by Polymer80. I believe these are made by Glockstore themselves. Polymer80 is soon to release their Glock 26 80% lower though. It’s true you’re not not saving any money but this is the only way for people in California to have a Glock 43 unless you want to pay $900 from a private seller. I’m also looking forward to the P320 80% lower from Ghost Guns. I’ve been wanting a P320 but I’m not going to pay $1000 for one just because it’s off roster.

  3. I can remember when there used to be “parts kits” for sale on the Internet that included everything except for the serial numbered receiver. They were from handguns seized by the police, who had the registered receiver destroyed and then sold the unregistered “parts” to private individuals who then re-sold them. IDK whether they would only sell the parts to ffl’s or not, but anyone could purchase them in the secondary market. They usually weren’t all that expensive. Of course, for most people there was no easy or cheap way to get the receiver, back then.

    Now that we can make our own completed receiver from an “80%” kit buying all the other parts pushes the total price above that of a “store bought” new gun. Or do I just not know where to find the cheap parts kits?

    • This isn’t about money. This is primarily a California product, created by a California company for California gun owners. For out of staters who don’t want a serial number, yes, it costs more than factory made. But then there’s no 4473, either.

    • “Now that we can make our own completed receiver from an “80%” kit buying all the other parts pushes the total price above that of a “store bought” new gun. Or do I just not know where to find the cheap parts kits?”

      If you want a 100% stock Glock then this is not going to be cheaper. However, if you think you’ll end up upgrading your stock Glock’s trigger or barrel…or would eand up paying someone to modify the stock Glock’s frame for an undercut trigger, the removal of finger groves, or the addition of an extended beavertail, then the 80% route will likely be cheaper.

  4. Glockstore has confirmed in other forums (TFB from mid January) that this is 100% in house and NOT work done by Polymer80

  5. Sheesh. You’re designing the thing– why not make it take Kel-Tec P11 mags? It need not be more than 2mm thicker, and suddenly it’s 12+1. Same as a Glock 26, but dramatically smaller.

    • Then you’d need Kel-Tec parts, and we all know how easy it is to get anything from Kel-Tec.

  6. I get that this is for CA people, but finding the parts to complete a G43 right now is so pricey, it would literally be cheaper to buy a G43 and toss the frame, not even sell it at below market price ($75 recently), just toss it. It would be nice if there were slide options from more Glock aftermarket parts manufacturers already. I’m interested in this, but I may as well buy a G43 instead.

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