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Georgia gun owner Kimberly Wright was involved in a road rage incident in August 2021 where an aggressive driver followed her to a Walmart parking lot and attempted to attack her with a hammer. When Wright, who had a permit to carry and was also a member of U.S. LawShield, removed her firearm from her purse, the assailant fled the scene. Matt Kilgo, an Independent Program Attorney for U.S. LawShield, answered Wright’s call following the incident, and with her attorney’s guidance, she spoke with the police and an arrest warrant was issued for the driver who attacked her.

The suspect was subsequently arrested, charged and indicted for ag­gravated assault with a deadly weapon, but not before filing a warrant request against Wright for allegedly starting the confrontation and point­ing a pistol at her. Kilgo was successful in defending the member from the suspect’s accusation, however, and the warrant request was dismissed. Wright’s attacker pleaded “not guilty” to the charge of aggravated assault and, at the time of this writing, is still awaiting trial. For Wright’s part, this was a clear case of the advantages of having some type of personal protection insurance that will cover you legally should you find yourself in a defensive legal jam.

—Brad Fitzpatrick


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  1. Well, now that SB2 is enforceable law here in CA thanks to the Ninth bending to Newsom’s will, my carry policy underwriter has informed me that they can only defend me in court if I am following current law during a DGU. Any challenge to the law must come from an attorney group licensed and willing to perform the task, such as Michel & Associates.

    Until the law is enjoined, I may now only carry on my own property, in my own vehicle, and at my own church (we’re going to post the required “guns allowed here” signage). The Ninth will likely rule that SB2 is unconstitutional due to both Bruen standards and SCOTUS’ slapdown of NY’s own attempt to circumvent it, but will delay until after November’s election because Newsom won’t want a major defeat in his lap while he’s running for President.

    There is little justice in today’s world. Everything involving legislators, lawyers, and courts has to do with politics.

    • Yes, Newsome will be the demoncrat nominee. He will ride in to save the party at or after the convention in August.

      • “Yes, Newsome will be the demoncrat nominee“

        Yep, I believe your assessment is correct.

        Joe Biden will be the Judas goat, and all their time, effort and money spent on the Hunter Biden BS will have been wasted.

    • Might as well ask for your money back. Look into Attorneys On Retainer. Carry “insurance” is a scam like most insurance.

      • Actually, most insurance is pretty good as long as you purchase all the “Extra” coverage that takes care of 99% of claims.
        Basic policies usually cover nothing concerning the most likely needs.

  2. I live in Georgia and that’s not how it works. It does read like an ad. Careful with the CCW insurance. Companies like USCCA drop you if you commit a crime. They would not have covered the above case. They pocket the money and “Denied” in time of need.

  3. How it Works:
    Get enough people buying gunm insurance until the gunm insurance companies have the finances to lobby Congress to get mandatory gunm insurance.
    License Registration and Insurance please,
    it’s only a right if you’ve got the jingle.
    $$$$In God We Trust$$$$
    In man we do not.

  4. WELL… I think we all can see what Dan and LKB were talking about, regarding what we can look forward to. A whole lot less “let’s test this Sig P320 and see if it really does fire when dropped”, and a whole lot more “US Law Shield / Texas Law Shield” self-promo stories.

    Oh well. Was fun while it lasted, and it lasted a long time; I guess I’ll head over to Dan’s new site when it’s running.

    • This might be the case, but it’s only been a week since Dan’s departure. TTAG will be reshuffling its staff and sourcing contributors. Until a new “stable” of writers is established, it may be unavoidable to see more sponsored articles out of necessity to keep the site afloat.

      I’ll give this half a year. If the quality of the site deteriorates and doesn’t recover, it may finally – after years here – be time to move on.

      What’s needed is a statement from the new management, to inform us of the site’s Mission Statement, staff, and path forward.

  5. That’s some real, hard-hitting writing there. A stark contrast between that and Boch’s piece on the Indiana road rage case earlier today. With video.

    I’m with “I Haz”… Dan’s gone. I’m waiting for guidance from management on potential changes and plans for the future.

    If this story is any indicator, I’m worried. TTAG’s been a regular daily stop of mine for ten plus years.

  6. Hey guys, thanks for the comments and yeah, it’s a piece I had in the well from another project that didn’t get used. Sorry if it came off as promotional. Wasn’t meant to be. But we’re getting the reviews, new gear, more news, etc. pulling altogether and should be hitting on all cylinders quickly. Transition is always a pain and not everyone will always be happy, but we have no plans on pulling back on the topics you come to this site for and actually hope to start having more of it. In the meantime, let us know what you want to see more of and we’ll do our best to deliver. Thanks.

    • More caliber wars and AK stuff.
      I’m about AR15 tech overloaded..
      Btw if you bend the trigger return spring on a mini14 you can reduce the trigger pull a bunch.
      I’d also like to see how many different cartridges will work in one gunm.
      So far Im giving the break open 410 single shot top honors.
      Oh , you probably can’t do that kinda stuff just like publishing your favorite reload recipes.
      Just because it ain’t high brass dont mean you can’t hot load a low brass shotgunm shell.
      And some playboy possum bunny pictures would be nice
      Those are hard to find,
      I’ve just about worn out my 2016 Hilary Cliton Limited Addition Swimsuit .Collection.
      A scantily furred playboy possum bunny holding an AK with mag pouch magazine reloads.

    • IF you can afford the insurance, then you don’t need it as you are not at risk of that incident.

  7. This is the second article I have read here about a woman who was “involved in a road rage incident,” was followed to a parking lot, and pulled her gun. I don’t know what happened earlier in her story, but IMO one should avoid such incidents, especially when carrying.

    I’m not a woman, but I carry everywhere I can. When I’m on the road, I remember the Three Cs: be Careful, Calm and Cind. 🙂

    The best defensive gun use is the one that didn’t happen.

  8. I thought US Law and Shield (then Texas Law and Shield) represented George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida?

  9. Back in 2012 I got my Private Investigator’s license. After working a few surveillance cases, I decided that I may need some sort of protection against having to use my weapon (which was a grey area at the time, as PI’s can qualify for a “blue” card which is like a conceal carry permit, but used on the job and it grants you a little more leeway with where you can carry)
    Back then, options were few and far in between. I ultimately joined the USCCA. (United States Concealed Carry Association) I’ve been a member for over a decade now. And they send stories like these out in each magazine they product. (you get a free magazine sub with membership) You read a few of the cases they’ve dealt with, and you wonder how anyone could carry without some sort of coverage these days. It is sad but true that many times, the person forced to defend themselves is dragged through the system in court. While I am a member of USCCA, I would highly encourage anyone who carries to consider coverage of any provider. Mine extends to my immediate family as well. I’ve carried a weapon since the day I turned 21 some 23 years ago. In those 23 years I’ve had cause to unholster twice. Both times the sight alone ended the incident, much to my relief. You can never be to covered these days from the idiocy of our court system and political idiots.

    Fortunately for the lady in this story, she was in GA. I am as well, as it is about as friendly a state as you’ll get for firearms. It may seem trivial, but that $15 a month (or whatever it costs these days) isn’t even a drop in the bucket of the potential legal costs associated with a deadly force use incident.

  10. USCCA Insurance will also void coverage if you have any measurable amount to drink,like wine at dinner hours before. if you get a traffic ticket with the armed defense incident they will not cover a cent of your costs.It is a disgusting industry for sure.

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