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So…there’s a Diamondback in this pocket dump and a Menovade S.T.U.B., the latter of which is certainly a unique tanto blade. It’s the hammer I can’t stop staring at, though. Is this meant to be a statement about the fact that more people are killed by hammers annually than by rifles? Is this gun owner a carpenter? It’s a ball peen hammer, too, which is somehow more intriguing than a claw hammer would have been.

I guess it’s hammer time (cue 90s music and parachute pants).

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  1. Probably an old Patch Holder biker,or a Z Nation cast member (Doc, anyone?).
    Never hurts to have a multi use tool handy.

  2. I smiled.
    An old associate of mine was an investigator for an insurance company in NY.
    He couldn’t get a permit so he carried a ball peen hammer in his jacket inside pocket.

  3. Ok, it may sound like a dumb question…..but what is the deal with “Field Notes”?

    I try to minimize the stuff I carry….”field Notes” seems weird or am I missing something?

    just askin

    • No, that’d be the bottle opener on the wallet; I bet cops just love seeing that during a pull-over on a no-refusal weekend.

  4. I’m not usually the one to criticize people’s carry gear. But this package is gayer than a bag of dicks. Diamond back gun? Absolute junk. That knife is useless and even the hammer, that is more the type of hammer you use to drive a pin on a gunsmithing project. Not bash someone’s skull in. My friggen word. This guy probably has a man bun and wears skinny jeans 🤦‍♂️

    • Looks like a 12oz ball peen. Such a tool has been used as an effective weapon by bikers for a long, long time.

      It certainly will cave your skull in. It’s a very, very effective item for seriously bashing the fuck out of someone and it’s totally legal to carry even if you’re a convicted felon.

      Underestimating the devastating nature of that thing is a risk you take at your own peril. It will put the hurt on you right quick.

    • Maybe he’s a small person. Around 5 feet tall or so. I keep wondering with some of these pocket dumps who these gargantuan people are who can carry a full size, a knife, a giant smartphone, a young child and a hatchet in their pockets.

  5. Looks to me like a jewelers hammer.

    Maybe 4oz.

    Not much of a weapon in my book.

    Maybe more reliable tha the DB9 though.

    • LOL that’s a good point. I didn’t think about the small size of everything else.

      His EDC says it’s his “grandfather’s hammer”.

      Still, even a 2oz hammer will direct force quite well. Getting smacked with it will cause some damage, potentially serious damage if you attack someone with it right. Against an unarmed person it’s going to be a decent weapon that will cause serious pain and is capable of breaking bone pretty easily.

      Don’t think that’s the case? Consider a sap. A largish leather sap of close to a foot in length has a total weight of around 10 to 11 ounces. Only a fraction of that is metal (Usually 3-5 oz depending on design). Yet the weapon will most certainly break bones and seriously fuck people up in other ways. Shots to the head can easily be lethal. The same is true of smaller saps with overall weights of around 8oz. Oh, and we’re not talking about the versions with spring-steel to make them “whip”. Just a leather bag with some lead in it.

      At close quarters a sap, a hammer or even one of those collectible mini-baseball bats are vicious weapons. They need not be very heavy because you can move the lighter ones more quickly to make up for the lack of mass.

      A few ounces of metal on the end of a lever makes a damn dangerous weapon. If you don’t believe that this is true then take a small hammer and whack yourself fairly hard on the shin with it. Now imagine if you were angry or scared, hit as hard as you could and smacked someone with it repeatedly.

      • +1 on the souvenir cubs world series mini bat. my work truck is a gfz so necessity, etc. and the company gave them to us…

        • I witnessed a group of youths brawling on a strip mall parking lot. Other than fists and feet the only weapon I saw in use was one of those mini bats. The young man on the recieving end of the bat needed immediate medical care. He was very messed up.

          The fellow swinging the bat got very heavy charges leveled against him and even after the usual plea deal he went away to the pen.

      • That little hammer will break ribs in short order.

        Having recently re-broken some ribs, that will take the fight out you quite effectively…

  6. The God Thor used a hammer, Supposedly the hero Ajax, but Sampson must of been the poor one of the bunch because he used a HiPoint

  7. Ah, yes, the Diamondback DB9. Nothing like carrying a counterfeit Kahr that can’t handle +P ammunition.

    Diamondback paid a settlement to Kahr for patent infringement. The DB9/DB380 are particularly poor firearms. Why buy one of those when a Kahr doesn’t cost much more?

  8. The bottle opener, can’t forget the bottle opener.

    These pocket dumps are becoming more and more stupid.

    My pocket dump (depending on the day):

    M&P Shield 9 – standard mag
    1 reload


    P238 (standard mag)
    2 reloads


  9. What ever floats your boat. Could live in one of our police states. If stopped why lose $$$ on stuff you most likely won’t ever see again. Do like the leather wallet. Does she/he/it carry Mexican?

  10. If you live in a slave state there are alternatives when you’re not allowed to have a gun. Or a knife. I would not laugh. Its not just hammers. There are alternatives if you want to learn how to use them. The military is already teaching soldiers how to use ANYTHING as a weapon.
    The second amendment uses the word ARMS not guns.

    Fighting with your “medical Device” 39 minutes long

    Self-Defense with an Umbrella? 12 minutes long

    • Thanks for posting the “medical device” video. I need a cane to get around, and I can vouch for the fact that it is okay to carry a cane onto an aircraft, both domestic and international (at least as far as Hong Kong and the Philippines are concerned). I was surprised that nail clippers would be confiscated, but my 3 foot long steel cane was no problem.

      • I’m just trying to get information out to people who might never have heard it before. May be it can help someone.

  11. Blackjack’s are illegal in some places. You know the certain COMMIE run states. A ball-peen hammer has allways been a great teaching tool. For up close & personal lesson’s that is.

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