TTAG is part of the GunUp ad network. Without GunUp, we wouldn’t be able to provide our readers with content. Last year, Dan Hall and Caleb Giddings began preparing a software system to sell guns through websites within the GunUp network, sharing the profits with its members. They’ve recently launched the system and unlike plenty of retailers they have guns! They currently have M&P 15-22s in stock, along with Masterpiece MPA57SSTs, a few POF 415Ps and even a couple of AKs in 5.45x39mm. Get ’em while they’re legal and please use this link. We recommend GunUp without hesitation, and remind readers that the firearms are available on a first-come first-served basis. We will delete this post when all the guns are sold. Thank you for supporting TTAG and exercising your Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.


  1. Obama and Difi gun sales people of the year!
    It may be FUD, although I don’t think so.
    Now if we can just fix broken families, faith, and mental health we might have a fighting chance.


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