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The Metal Molle courtesy ExtremeBeam

ExtremeBeam, makers of the 290 lumen XT-8 series of flashlights, introduces The Metal Molle (above). The device transforms the XT-8 into a hands-free angled light with up to 720 feet of projection and three flexible usage settings. It is machined from solid bar-stock aluminum [kudos for not using the ubiquitous “billet” aluminum terminology] and has a limited lifetime warranty that even covers destruction. $29.95 direct from ExtremeBeam for The Metal Molle, right around $100 when combined with your choice of XT-8 flashlight.

The NSSF put out an email blast today saying they learned that the recently launched ATF e-Form system will be going dark due to the government shutdown, so submissions of Forms 1-6 will be back to the standard paper method. In reality, this doesn’t amount to much of a change for the end user since, as the NFA Branch was already in shutdown mode, there wasn’t any processing going on, whatever the method. FBI NICS remains open.

A Tuscaloosa, Alabama man learned the meaning of “not drop-safe” over the weekend, when his .25-caliber gun fell from his hip and fired a shot into his leg while he was grocery shopping at Winn-Dixie Saturday night. (This is why you should shop at Publix.) Police say the bullet traveled up his leg and lodged in his hip. They also say the gun was being carried in a holster at the time, though it’s unclear whether the gun fell out of the holster or the whole package fell and hit the ground together.

South Park is doing its take on Zimmerman/Martin tomorrow night. (Cue the sneering “Does anyone even watch that anymore?” comments. I do. It usually makes me laugh. The sneering comments almost never do. I prefer to laugh. But I digress.) Cartman spends the whole show chasing down Token, who he views as a threat to all humanity. (Token is the show’s only black character, for those of you unfamiliar.) Watch it or don’t as it suits you, or just click over to the YouTube comment section and thank the deity of your choice that you’re not one of those poor, hate-filled bastards.

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  1. I’ll await my judgement of SP until after I watch it – they sometimes burn the same leftist morons that are the majority of their viewers. However I’m not going to hold my breath…

    • They usually seem to do a pretty equitable job of poking fun at the worst of both sides within the same episode, sometimes within the same breath.

    • Satire is lost on some people, others lap it up. It has always amazed me the number of people who tune into The Daily Show to watch the news before they turn to another news channel.

  2. I will propose Ruger makes the next 10/22 top loading with a fixed 10 round magazine……..we can call it the California Compliant 10/22………sigh…

  3. 10/22 design, well there goes the “no purchase necessary” clause, I don’t own a 10/22 I had one for about 20 min as a kid. Just say mine was a POS. I don’t watch south park but I respect how they make fun of everything and every one equally.

  4. As far as I am aware, the creators of south park are libertarian not liberal. I have a feeling they will poke fun at both sides of the trayvon/zimmerman issue. They usually do that. I really hope they don’t take a blatant Trayvon side.

  5. +1 on South Park taking no prisoners.

    I can say that I’ve seen every episode at least a few times. They ALWAYS attack BOTH sides, with very little bias.

    If they break protocol, I will be very surprised and upset. Not that they s*** all over us, but that they weren’t true to the show and themselves.

  6. Wow antis unite check out the comment section on the other promo titled you want a rifle they are set to full gun hate.

  7. Lately some of the South Park that’s been coming out hasn’t been as good as the stuff they’ve done in the past. It used to be one of my favorite shows, but now about half the episodes they put out are kinda terrible.

    If you disagree, go watch the “I Shouldn’t Have Gone Zip-Lining” episode, and look me in the face and tell me that they didn’t pull that one right out of the toilet.

    • The zip lining one was pretty bad, but Cartman’s indigestion was almost worth my 30 minutes. They made the SNL mistake of taking something that would be funny for a minute or two and stretching it out for a half an hour. By the end it becomes more irritating than funny.

  8. I guess the moral of the story is if you’re going to carry a firearm that’s not drop safe, make sure it’s a very, very weak caliber.

    • Insert derisive comment about more popular ammunition from a snarky 10mm fan here? I’m afraid I’m at a loss, I just don’t feel smug about my caliber choice, because it works for me and I’m not everyone.

      • Well I’ve never been shot in the face 11 times with a .22lr but I’m guessing it wouldn’t tickle.

        • I’d use my MkII defensively in a pinch. It’s light, easy to handle, and if it’s available, I’d run with it. Vastly prefer my Glock 29. Or a 12 gauge.

  9. I think I’ve maybe missed an episode of South Park since 1997, so I will be watching. Also, I still watch TV the old fashioned way, when the show comes on. My predictions are:

    Hopefully Cartman fails to buy a firearm legally, or, if he does, they make a point of it happening in some farcical way.

    An extended exaggeration of the “open season on Black Americans” hyperbole.

    Stan and/or Kyle learn(s) something.

  10. Token already threw a beat down on Eric many seasons ago. Let it go Eric, you can only make it worse.

  11. I’m not sure where the billet terminology comes from. Actually, as a metallurgical engineer, to me the term “bar stock” implies a higher degree of reduction than does “billet”, something that should impart better mechanical properties.

    • It was a reference to a conversation that’s gone on here before about all the companies that say they make things out of “billet aluminum” because that sounds cool/technical/tactical, when they’re really using bar stock (but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool). Most facilities don’t have the facilities to use full-sized billets, since the smallest ones Alcoa distributes are cylinders 6″ in diameter x 18″ long. Not to mention all the waste that would come from machining square parts from cylindrical stock.

  12. There is still Winn-Dixies around? Wow, that is almost as shocking learning South Park is still on the air.

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