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We first heard of Guns Save Life a couple of years ago when they drove a truckload of old, broken guns up to a Chicago buyback and used the money they collected to fund their annual NRA summer camp for kids. Not everyone was thrilled with their effort, but the kids had a great time and learned safe gun handling skills. Now GSL is going back to the well. The central Illinois gun rights org is planning to repeat their success in an upcoming Windy City buyback. They’re “seeking members and friends between the ages of 18-30 to take advantage of this fine opportunity to visit the big city of Chicago to sell rusted trash in exchange for money to be used for training young people to shoot safely and responsibly.” Click here for the details. How many chances to you get to piss off a gun-grabber and help a kid learn to shoot in the same day?

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    • And what looks like a couple Mausers. Strip the actions off them and build custom rifles. Damn, I’ve always wanted a M1895 Nagant, too, to take apart and see how it works, if nothing else.

      Y’all might make more than buyback prices from some of those with a volunteer gunsmith and FFL.

      • I have an 1895 Nagant. They are not as complicated as you’d think, actually they are very simple considering their peculiar action.

        • I have this idea about taking a .460 mag case with a 250 grain lead slug loaded to .45 colt spec, and shoving the bullet back behind the case mouth, Nagant style. Build a suppressed revolver with a .45 caliber cartridge.

        • To do that you have to have a gas seal revolver first. The Nagant’s ammunition is only half of what makes the gas seal. The other half is the cylinder camming forward upon pulling the trigger.

  1. Okay, I may just have to take a trip up for this purpose, even though I generally avoid Chi-town. The opportunity to irritate them is simply too much.

    • If you do try not to leave an of your money in enemy territory (take a lunch and cooler etc).

  2. Buybacks are idiotic. It gives a tax deduction to whatever store/company that provides the cards & the anti group will claim X amount of lives saved. Plus they will all be assault weapons or other nonsensical claims. Last one that was held locally Costco gave them 100 $50 gift cards. Dumped my Costco membership next day.

    • I have 2 guns that really ARE dangerous, been keeping them 5+ years waiting for a buyback, just to stick it to the antis. But I don’t seem able to find any buybacks in TX. What’s a man to do? Too damn much trouble to mail them to an FFL in IL so these people can turn them in for their purposes.

      • Drop someone an Email, they may help hook that up for you. I’d be willing to wager that they’ve got an FFL somewhere in their organization.

  3. HA, love it. Though I agree with Retired LEO, the point is to put the lie to the claims that these things do a darn thing for anyone’s safety. Political statement, and kids get to shoot, and it pulls the curtain back. Brilliant.

  4. I still have an old rusty .22 someone was trying to rebuild that was pulled from the back of an abandoned storage unit. Just waiting for the next gun-buy back…

    • I have a small pile (arsenal LOL) of rusty firearms that I’m holding on to while waiting for a buy-back. Closest one to me in the last 3 years was a 2 hour drive away. I’m hoping for cash, but will take gift cards from Walmart or K-Mart or even a grocery store, because that would allow me to takes my saved money to a gunshop for goodies.

      • I’ve got a busted pellet gun with blown seals and a broken $14.99 Tasco scope just waiting for a buyback.

  5. Yes, those guns were beat up. The Krag (I’ve always wanted one) was a victim of a house fire many years ago and was rusted up tighter than… well, I’ll just leave that one alone.

    10 were pre-1898 barreled Mausers of some sort – again, rusted up. Several were held together with tape. One was a black powder shotgun that was so rusted they were able to break open the action (remember, it’s a rusted muzzle loader from a hundred years ago) on a door jam. Then they said it “wasn’t a gun” and as such weren’t going to pay us for it.

    That’s okay. They paid us twice for one gun (we tried to tell them they gave us one too many cards, but they insisted) and gave us $100 for a starter pistol. So don’t feel too bad for us.

    Yes, we’re looking to give Father Pfleger a black eye – right at his own church. Pfleger is the guy who said community members should “snuff out” gun shop owner John Riggio and the employees of his store just outside of Chicago city limits.

    This has the makings for some delicious irony.


    • … Out of curiosity, how many times have the Chicago PD shot someone for pointing a toy gun? If the number is greater than 10, I think you would have a valid precedent for turning over cap guns, rusted hunks of iron that kinda LOOK like guns, nerf guns, super soakers, and everything else to include pop-tarts chewed into the shape of a gun and pictures of guns.

    • Those Mausers are either Model 71 or 71/84 (if repeaters) and are amoung the best made military rifles of the pre-98 era. I hope to hell you guys saved and restored those old ladies, orat least saw them to a good home.

      I like the cut of your jib, young man. Carry on. 🙂

  6. @Larry in TX
    Find someone taking a gunsmithing course or learning metal work on a lathe or milling machine. If I was in TX or close I’d take them off your hands to use as cutaways for classes. BTW what are they?

  7. I have no problem with an organized sticking it to them. It’s the people that turn in things like a family heirloom bringback from WWI-WWII. Like the Singer 1911 turned in @ the last one here or the SKS w/dads bringback paperwork. I was able to get a judge to O.K. transfer & saved them from a torch. They were donated to a local veterans museum.

  8. I don’t know which is more frightening, the fact that some jackhole turned the barrel (or maybe just the front sight) on that Type 99 Arisaka completely upside down, or the fact that the rifle was reassembled thereafter as if nothing was wrong.

  9. I studied that photo at the top of the page and I don’t see a single shoulder thingy to pops up (LOL)

    • You have too squint really hard drink a pint of jagermeister & smoke a joint (where permitted by law) then you’ll see all sorts of thingy’s

  10. I have an old Mosin ( Minus the wood ) with a rusted out barrel, we have been using it as a poker for the fire pit….. how much yu think Rahm will give me for it?

  11. If memory serves, the year after we first did this, GSL brought in a few more to the buyback (I think it was general funding of the organization that time), but numerous volunteers were asked if they knew or associated with John Boch (GSL prez).

    So much for “no questions asked.” 😛

  12. How about buy some bulk metal pipes and hack together some $5 rifles, not at all polished… But functional to roughly work for at least a few low power rounds before disintegrating. So they couldn’t argue they are real guns.

    Then mass-produce a hundred or two and they will have to buy them back.

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