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Reports are coming in that a shooting has taken place in Viernheim, Germany. Between 20 and 50 people are reportedly wounded, though according to The Guardian this initial number may have been from tear gas instead of bullets. From The Guardian: “A masked man with a gun and ammunition belt opened fire in a cinema complex in the small western German town of Viernheim, near Frankfurt and barricaded himself inside, German media have reported.” More news as this story develops.

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  1. That can’t be true, weren’t we told that these things don’t happen in other countries?

    • …BUT, when it does the GUNS are always at fault!

      Que the world “leaders” backpedaling on what I am going to guess is just another religion of peace moment…

      • Apparently not religiously motivated, just some crazy. Like most mass shooting events. Nothing to see here, move along. and turn in all your guns before leaving.

    • “Remember kids: This NEVER happens in other developed nations.”

      And if you like you doctor, you can keep your doctor, and I promise I won’t CRUDE COMMENT PRO-ACTIVELY DELETED in your mouth…

    • Whenever that’s said they always follow up with (dumb voice) “well it doesn’t happen as often”.

      As if that makes a difference.

  2. I thought we were the only country with these problems? At least that’s what our liar in chief said…

  3. Don’t worry, it can’t be a mass shooting, they have strict gun-control there.

    Vat, too soon?


  4. The 25 wounded seem in fact to entirely be casualties of irritant gas. The “shots fired” apparently came out of a blank gun. As far as one can tell, no mass shooting has taken place. (German tabloid “Bild” just reported this.)

  5. I lived in Germany a few decades ago. Back then, they had some of the most restrictive guns laws imaginable. Being a USAF SP, someone who worked with host nation police forces rather often, I thought Germany was much more violent than the US. I have heard Germany tightened up those laws quite a bit over the years. So, according to the Progressives in our society, countries like Germany represent a shining example of the benefits of gun control. They can take their shining example and shove it.

    • “they [Germany] had some of the most restrictive guns laws imaginable”

      Not really unless you are comparing them to Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, etc.. I’ve been to Germany five times for work in the gun industry while attending Europe’s version of Shot Show called IWA. AR-15 type rifles, semi-auto G3s from many manufacturers (not just HK), and many other MSRs as well as handguns are available and common within their gun community. Although there is no concealed carry, and target shooting on private property is not allowed (even if you own hundreds of acres), people in CA and and NY wish they could own what Germans can.

      • Maybe we (still*) have semiauto rifles, but we have a centralized registry of all firearms (if they want to get your guns, they know exactly what you have and where), cannot carry them at all (Germany is strictly “no issue” even though there are carry permits available for a few select politicians and people in special occupations like bodyguards) and (the worst) we need to show “good reason” for even acquiring and possessing any gun at all. The amount of work, time and money you have to put into the available pathways (member of an approved sports shooters association, passing the hunter’s exam or becoming an officially recognized collector) are extraordinary. So people in NJ or NY might be worse off when it comes to how their semi-autos look, but at least they don’t have to build their private life around the local shooting club (or the local hunters club for that matter).

        *Brussels is now energetically working on a full-fledged semi-auto ban throughout the EU with lots of help from bureaucrats from the various member states.

        • I am very aware about their regulations and hoops that German gun owners have to jump through as well as their almost impossible CCW, and EU proposed ban but its good that you brought up other details. I was talking about what guns that Germans can own and although NY, NJ, and CA gun owners do not have to belong to a gun club, etc. to own a gun, they can never own the configurations of MSRs that the Germans can. The reason for my post is to enlighten those who follow some conservative and liberal talk show hosts who keep saying that almost all guns are banned everywhere in the world except in the USA which is not true. Also, the government of the Czech Republic, where you can carry concealed and own MSRs, “hi-cap” magazines, etc., is fighting the EU ban.

      • There was a German citizen and TTAG reader who wrote an article here, last year some time, outlining that country’s gun regulations. It seemed a pretty harsh legal environment.

        If I ran a country at one of history’s bloodiest crossroads, I sure wouldn’t limit the peaceful citizenry’s right to keep and bear arms. Then again, neither would I if I ran just a hundred square mile sovereign speck of land in the middle of the Pacific.

      • So, it’s not a “ban”; you just can’t get one.

        BUT the kinds of guns you may be able to get, if you say the right pretty-please, and not carry – some of those are federally restricted in the U S.

        I get it. The German citizen’s unicorn guns are awesome.

        /It’s not personal…

        So, your assertion sounded like “no, they’re not restricted in Germany.”, then whan you got push-back, it shifted from who can get them & how hard it is, to types of guns.

        Maybe honest loose wording. Maybe just more of the relentless, programmed anti- propaganda, astroturfed as an “honest discussion.”

        This attempted cultural engineering on the sly is so pervasive, however, that even honest sloppy wording will get clarified.

        Not least because even honest sloppy wording will get picked up and repeated as evidence by the bull-horn advocates. So, we can’t let even honest imprecision pass.

        So, dear correspondent, if it was just casual wording … sorry, dude. Not personal. No harm intended.

        If it was astroturfed propaganda or meme regurgitation … caught you. We’re on to your act. Come along for an honest “conversation” any time. This propaganda by stealth, we’re on to, and not letting the crap weasels slide any more.

    • As a student of history, I favor “No Guns for Germans.” Whenever they had them in the past, it didn’t work out well for the world.

      • A lot of Germans ran around America with guns which turned out well..
        I suppose we could knock the German mercenaries, but they actually were a great source of reinforcements for George Washington and his pals. Just ask some of my ancestors.

        • I’ll discuss the virtue of armed Germans (not German-Americans — they’re cool) with France, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the former Yugoslavia, Greece, the Channel Islands, the former Czechoslovakia, Russia, and don’t get me started on WW1, the Franco-Prussian War, the Austro-Prussian War and the German wars in Africa.

  6. This is all the NRA and Republicans fault! If we would vote to suspended due process here in the states this would not happen!

    If Germany only had…

    1. A firearms licencing system
    2. Universal background checks
    3. Bans on whole categories of firearms
    4. Ammunition limits
    5. Bans on license to carry
    6. Gun free zones

    Oh wait… Germany has all these things? Nevermind.

  7. Yah mein herr-all the NRA’s fault. If only (insert joke HERE). Shooter reported to be dead…

  8. Unpossible. I’m sure Germany’s gun violence is so the US’s fault with lax gun laws. And stuff.

  9. The more I am reading about this story the more I think it is not as it sounds. I am not 100% at this point, but it sounds like he’s carrying a tear gas gun. I would not be too quick to wave the bloody shirt for our side or we may get hoisted by our own petard.

  10. Literally just saw a movie in that theater over the weekend. Not far away is a huge US military community.

    • Viernheim is close to Mannheim, not Frankfurt. Some body use a map of Germany, instead of just using a lsarge German city.

  11. Sounds more like a mentally ill person looking for suicide by cop than an aloha snackbar incident. Oh and their security forces entered the building and killed the fvcker, unlike our sit around and wait for three hours Orlando response.

  12. I call it fake… obviously! According to Democrats, it’s well known that mass shooting only happen in the US.

    • Simple, they saw the US forces that were stationed in country over the years also carried rifles with empty magazines while on guard duty.

        • Because usually only the sergeant of the guard carries a loaded weapon. Not many gate guards carry loaded weapons on military installations.

      • the picture has no relation to the event. this cop is a BFE+ operator at a press presentation of the new unit. therefore empty mags

    • Easy.
      Look of the picture. By the way the cars are parked behind him and the quality of the shot, I’d say it was some kind of information event, where the equipment of the police was shown.
      You don’t carry ammo there. Easy as that.

  13. The guy with the (possibly empty) G36 has some glowsticks even. I guess for when you gotta be Dancecentrum at 22:00uhr for das techno-rave.

    • Chemlights…aka glow sticks for you ravers, are used to mark locations, cleared areas, danger areas, obstacles etc. Thank you for the comment though, it’s fun too laugh at all the “experts” on hear.

      Like Mr. Germans have better gun laws than NY. He knows, he visited Germany 5 times. German gun laws are ridiculously prohibitive. Limiting numbers, like 2 handguns, mandatory monthly range times, and expensive licensing.

      Or the US Guards don’t carry ammo. Maybe in 1980 during the Cold “war”. Rush a gate or US Soldier at the gate nowadays an see how that works out for you. Remind him his gun isn’t loaded.

      Good luck out there. Life is tough, it’s tougher when your ignorant.

  14. Story went from 25 injured or killed to 1 shot fired , person in custody. per faux newz. ( Uber – Hype ) LoL.

  15. Thats the point i carry “illegal” here for my defense.
    Better up to 3 years as getting dead ore invalid.
    It s dangerous place white big increase in violence crime after the eu/eudssr open the borders and any peace of shit/”human” can go arround here and get social care of arround 1000 euros white medicare inside from germany

    • That, my friend, is a prime example of Irish Democracy. Basically, when a government restricts a previously-legal activity, people tend to do what’s best for themselves anyways.

    • Oh go smooch my arse.
      If you were truly American you’d know that the risk of death is the price of freedom.

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