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There’s something to be said for standardization. If everyone trains with and shoots predominately the same guns (“This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine…”), everybody knows the equipment they use up and down, backward and forward and can pick up someone else’s gear and keep going without missing a beat. It also makes supply and maintenance a helluva lot easier. That’s apparently not the approach the Kenyan Defense Forces take. The UK’s indispensable Daily Mail has a compendium of photos from the Kenyan response to the Islamo-fascist siege that’s still going on at a Nairobi shopping mall. From AK pistols and MP5s to SCARs and ARs, the KDF apparently deploys pretty much whatever they can get their hands on . . .

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    • The uniform is not standard coz it was a multu-agency operation. The security personnel in the pictures is drawn from the military, regular police, anti-terror police, SWAT and other units. That’s the same reason the weapons are not standard

    • Your are as naive as the author of the story. This is not just the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) we have the police and the Para-military police as well. May be you are telling us that the US Army should standardize its uniforms with the Federal police and the Coast guards. Lets start there then send a blue print of the same to Kenya’s armed formation for replication.

    • I don’t blame you for being ignorant but you have no reason to display your stupidity and arrogance.These are different units pictured here, we have the Army,Police,GSU,AP,Special forces…or just because they are Africans you assume were just a Banana republic where we don’t have specialized units?Just like other civilized countries different units put on different uniforms so next time before you comment take time to do a little bit more research and get your “facts” right.

    • The pictures on here are from different security entities. Kenya police, a paramilitary unit (GSU) and the Kenya defense forces (KDF). Hence the variety.

    • Hi-power, not a CZ. That seems to be the only standardized weapon in the entire country. From military to local police in pictures have all been seen carrying Hi-powers, most likely old FNs. Even saw a MKII from a reuters photo.

  1. I’m actually a bit amazed at how many of these photos show good trigger discipline – got to love the one w/the guy w/a pistol in the foreground with lots of rifle carriers hiding back behind.

    • “… got to love the one w/the guy w/a pistol in the foreground with lots of rifle carriers hiding back behind.”

      I noticed that as well. My brain saw the picture and said, “Wait … what???”

      I makes me think all the dudes with rifles are just there for show … more security theater.

    • But the guy with the pistol has the best “mall camo” out of all of them… so maybe it was a wise choice.

    • It could be that he was an officer and his troops are behind him.

      Some officers like to set an example for their men – that they lead from the front, not from behind.

  2. It is hard not to respect these guys. They’re clearly winging it to some degree on training/organization but they make up for it with brass balls the size of boulders and nice kit.

    It’s hard to believe Obama could be descended from such a nation of bad ass mofos. It is in fact so hard to believe, that I don’t believe it! I think those guys who say he is descended from CP-USA rabble rouser Frank Marshall Davis might be right.

    • probably. they’re the only ones with newer uniforms, newer helmets, and the only ones not wearing surplus Chinese web gear/mag pouches.

      • Also note the trigger discipline and aim control on all photos with SCARs. These are clearly pros.

        (also, they know how to properly mount EOTech!)

      • KDF predominantly uses HK G3A3’s, they are in the process of phasing them out for AR though (for army at least). The FN SCAR guys are army rangers, not the cream of the local spec ops community (goes to 40th battalion). The multitude of AK guys are Police Para-Military troops. The civy clad guys with SMG’s and black BP and Helmets are the police special ops team, Recce Unit. The numerous pistol armed guys are civilans and CID guys who were in the building during the raid.

    • the Kenyan army and police uses AKs and H&K G3s, the guys with the MP5s are Navy and the guys with the SCARs are the paramilitary/special forces.
      Most of the pistol shooters are civilians and private security that were there helping the hostages before the KDF arrived.

  3. Wondering if this has anything to do with the decline in the number of soviet bloc weapons that were in circulation. Back in the 90’s and 2000’s an AK in Africa could go for as little as the price of a chicken, but since Russia rebuilt, the numbers of AKs that would go “missing” from armories have all but disappeared. Still plentiful and not too badly priced, AKs are still the choice of revolutionaries and militias, but organized govts in places like Kenya don’t have the massive tax dollars other nations enjoy. Making M-4s and AK-108s out of the price range of many nations who would flirt with communism in the 80s to get weapons shipments from Russia. I think we’ll see more of this in international news as nations buy bulk obsolete or surplus weapons from wherever they can get them.

  4. The truly wonderful thing about the Kenyan mall killings is that they clearly demonstrate (again!) the amazing effectiveness of Gun Free Zones! In fact, Kenya itself is a Gun Free Zone – for civilians (not including police, military, bodyguards of the rich and influential, and Muslim terrorists.)

    But, you know, what is important is that Gun Free Zones make progressives FEEL safer. I am sure that every potential mall shopper in Kenya will feel very safe when the blood is cleaned off the “Gun Free Zone” signs.

  5. My understanding is that it’s not just KDF soldiers working the mall situation. It’s a mix of multiple jurisdictions of police, the KDF and other agencies. I highly encourage everyone to follow the links to the full article at the Daily Mail. It’s full of local PD getting people the hell out of that mall. No tactical gear, no bulletproof vests, not even cargo pants.

    If the Nat’l Guard, the FBI, your local PD and the visiting RCMP stormed a mall, just how standardized do you think the pictures would appear?

    • To my relatively untrained eye, they’d look pretty darn standardized. Half the police already look like the military, and they’re all using AR-pattern rifles these days. Different pistols, I guess, but that’s a rather esoteric detail in the larger picture.

      As for what’s going on in the Kenya situation, I just hope they’re effective. A lot of innocent lives at stake here.

    • This. There are multiple units in the area, which explains why some have AKs, some have FAL’s and others have SCARs. I believe the units using the SCARs are specialized and working with the Israeli’s.

      • There are atleast 5,000 units in the GSU branch (red berets). 2000 are highly trained in israel. The guys wearing the casuals belong to the recce squad. There are the AP (Administration Police) (black berets). The Mosad refused to step into the mall because they said the “recce squad was enough” since they trained them. The KDF are the ones carrying the SCARs rifles.

    • Whaddya wanna bet nobody told one of their first-responding tac teams to stand down because it was out of their jurisdiction?

    • Believe so. Fixed stock & drum rear irons. With the wide-body/non vented fore end (note lateral bipod recesses). Pic #5 likely A3 as well, with vented fore end.

      • Well it looks like the HK and FN sales guys have been busy in this place πŸ™‚ Including some surprising SCARs floating around.

        One note I would point out is the difference between this scene and the Mumbai attack from a couple of years ago. The Indians had vintage crap like bolt Enfields etc. Reports were that they didn’t even have ammo for them. These Kenyan guys seem to have some pretty nifty gear. Good on them !

        • The Indians with the Lee Enfields were police. Their routine uniform patrol guys rarely carry a firearm. When a bad situation arises they have to get to an armory and load out.

          The Indian army uses modern assualt rifles like everyone else.

  6. Don’t see any MP5s in the above snaps… definitely G3s and FALs however. Heavily used versions, it appears.

    Why in the world would you need anything else? Standardize ‘down’ to the Right Arm of the Free World if you cannot afford ‘up’.

    (G3/FAL aficionado)

      • Angle’s odd, but fairly certain that’s a G3. Wide/short box mag and angular well. Barrel’s a bit long, and that style flash hider on an MP is uncommon.

        • Pretty sure you’re right, and just the angle makes it look shorter w/ a small ejection port, etc. Looking at his support hand it’s almost certainly a thick box mag, not a skinny 9mm mag.

      • if you go to the link to the daily mail in the 1st paragraph there are alot more pictures. In one there is a blurry MP-5. and at least 1 glock,1 beretta and some other pistols that look like CZ-75s or maybe browning HPs. kinda hard to make out in some photos

  7. There’s another, more important thing going on here. The Kenyans, while they may not be well equipped, are going into the Mall.

    Meanwhile, back in the good old USA, something different happened.

    “According to a Capitol Police source, an officer with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Washington DC’s main municipal force, told the Capitol Cert officers they were the only police on the site equipped with long guns and requested their assistance in searching for the gunman.

    “When the Capitol Police team radioed in to their superiors, they were told by a watch commander to leave the scene, the BBC was told.”

    • Same sort of deal at Columbine.

      Remember, Ralph, the #1 rule of being a cop is that you have to go home at night. That’s what’s most important.

      • Yes, but in this case the cops wanted very much to go in and their fearless leader ordered them to stand down. Totally despicable.

        • @Mark Davis, I knew there was supposed to be a whitewash investigation but I was unaware that anything had been done. Do you have a link?

    • Saves on ammo cost if you have fewer NDs.

      Joking aside, they’ve gotta have some balls. They’re less equipped than most major metro PDs here but they’ll actually go *into* a shitstorm rather than just hold a perimeter.

  8. I would gladly take one of each, from the humble commie AKM underfolder, to the HK G3, and most definitely the SCARs with the Eotechs. I am willing to bet they all have fun switches as well. On a more serious note: Guns don’t kill, armed terrorists and mad men in gun free zones kill!

  9. At least they’ve got the eotech on right way forward. And those guys are used to chasing poachers through the bush, while trying to avoid becoming kitty treats. This is a vacation.

  10. While we’re all commenting on the guns, I’d hasten to remind everyone that this sort of attack is the next wave of franchise terrorism.

    • I agree. Read some of Dave Grossman’s writing. He really emphasizes that 21st century terrorists will focus on soft targets: schools, shopping malls. Or, as they’re better known, “Gun Free Zones”.

      • what you predicted in 2013 is happening now. Soft targets being targeted by terrorists

    • I’d just note that this looks very much like a test run for an attack in America. It was certainly not aimed at Kenya per se – I mean, this was a high end mall which guaranteed lots of ex-pats, plus a few elite Kenyans (rumor that the President lost a nephew). If they just wanted to kill Kenyans there were probably easier ways.

      I’d futher note that the AQ “affiliate” that pulled this off is known to have been doing extensive recruiting in one cold American city. A city which just happens to have America’s largest mall . . .

      • Rather crappy novel several years ago where a group of Somali’s in Minneapolis took over the Mall of America, Day saved by a Jarhead sniper who happened to be shooping in the Mall at the time. or something similar.

        Mall/sportstadium etc very predictible. Lib says must have paramil cops w/metal detectors at all such. Those with a brain would suggest armed law abiding citizens.

        • if I was a wanna-be terrorist looking to bust Murica’s bubbles (I’m not!) I would recruit a hundred or so lost souls and arm them all with guns stolen or bought in face to face sales (BYOG to keep costs down). Throw in some kitchen brewed ordnance. Then I would target the least likely places for active shooter sprees over several days. NYC? Nope. LA? Not a chance. I’d randomly pick distant places off the map that nobody ever heard of if they didn’t already live there. Then I’d have 4 man teams target little league games, PTA meetings, Sunday night church prayer meetings, and of course Wal-Mart, among others. No two targets the same. Worse, rather than in-for-the-duration suicide missions, these would be hit & run missions with escape and repeat hits in the next town. Keep going until out of ammo or the Police get lucky. This scenario would make 9/11 look like a hiccup for what it would do to the American psyche and economy. The plan is do-able and easier to pull off than foreigner Tangos think. In fact, somebody call Vegas and find out the odds of an attack like this on our soil. The payout can’t be much more than 1:1.

    • Looks like a carbine conversion. You can see the pistol’s ejection port inside the carbine kit’s frame.

      I see now that Dryw beat me to it. πŸ™‚

      • Not proud that I knew that. πŸ™‚

        The conversion is of… questionable effectiveness in my opinion. For the price (and tax stamp in the USofA) there are a slew of better options in most cases. Looks like the Kenyans put it to use however.

      • That’s what was throwing me off, it looked almost like some kind of bullpup because I thought the spare mag clipped in the back was where the action was…except the ejection port was right above the pistol grip. Looks like one of the silliest platforms I’ve seen in a while.

  11. They have just as much different gear and weapons as we all saw at the DC navy yard if you ask me. There’s multiple police and military agencies there so equipment runs the gamut of guns and gear just like you’d see in the states.

  12. We the USA can have every firearm and BDU the same, because we can afford it. Along with the best training in the world. Kenya is a very poor nation so they can not. More then likely these are their personal firearms.

    • FN FALs are standard-issue for Navy. H&K G3s are standard for Army and MP5s are Airforce. The KDF always deploys from all service branches in all scenarios – a standard practice intended to avoid power struggles. FN SCARs are for the elite special forces.
      The police and paramilitary units use a mix of AKs and G3s, their uniforms are not standardized. The special police units use M4s and ARs, and they mostly avoid uniforms, however, they always are fully-kitted.
      This attack was our 9/11 – we had never had an active-shooter scenario, there was no proper incident response strategy, and therefore the authorities chose a heavy-handed approach. The situation has improved drastically since, however. The latest attack in 2019 saw a better response and coordination, with fewer fatalities and a shorter duration of siege.
      There is more cooperation with allies in training and institutional building. Our key partners are: the US, UK, EU, Israel and Jordan.

  13. One reason you see lots of different equipment is so they won’t be dependent on any particular country for defense imports. Lot’s of countries do this.

  14. Snicker all you want over the variety of firearms, these men are mostly Kikuyu and Masai with great warrior traditions who incidentally also defeated the brits in the 50’s.

      • Im in the gsu Bravo coy, my response is we train to use any weapon to get the job done. sophisticated weapons on untrained hands are ineffective we as kenya have fought the al shabab using aks and g3 where elite forces from around the world with heavy sophisticated weapons have never dared to try. there is a government in somalia thanks to kenya and the Au

        • The deafening silence that followed your comment tells it all. Why all the firepower if you cant put it to use or better you let it slip into wrong hands as is with ISIS in Iraq/Syria? KUDOS KDF and All from Kenya and AU.

        • tell this idiots bruv…they’ve so conveniently forgotten about “blackhawk down” despite the huge difference in arms, technology and training. kenya has managed to do, with the little that we have, what the world’s best could not do!

  15. For those who think calling off the troops was a bad idea, I have a different take. You are a commander in Washington, this may well have been a feint to get them to commit so more damage could be done in the Capital area.

    Someone had to make a decision and though I think it cost lives it was probably the right one, although a smarter decision would have been to commit them, arm up every cop in the Washington area and start covering places. Tough decision to make either way.

    • The SWAT team that wanted insertion is a 4-man squad. I hardly think that having them in the building would have threatened the survival of the Nation.

      Not a tough call. An easy call.

    • I used to know of a small rural fire department that refused to commit more than one engine to a known structure fire, if the fire was outside of the town limits, “Just in case we get a structure fire here in town.” They never did get that second in-town structure fire, and they didn’t save many out of town either.

  16. Am I the only one amazed at how good the trigger discipline appears to be? Every photo shows guys with fingers properly indexed above the triggers…

    • And look at how many men are running into the zone without being kitted up in absurd star wars theatre outfits, like modern US SWAT teams.

  17. I bet the logistics with ammo is horrendous,it appears that they need 5.56/45 ,7.62/39 ,and7.62/51 hard to transport all that you need.Standardize on one or the others,but maybe they have a system worked out for ammo.As for their uniforms and gear it appears they bought out a flea market surplus sale.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • Each of the pictures you see are from different units that responded to the attack. That is why the uniform is different. Over 5 different units responded. This article talks about the Defence Forces. If it helps, they’re the ones in brown boots. The rest are police units

    • Kenya has an ordnance factory that produces all ammo for the police and military. It also sells the ammo to other regional countries

  18. Most men on military web sights think alot of troops are actually cops. The Kenyan military uses G-3s and sand we discussed and agreed that the most pics you see are NOT Kenyan Army but Police and SWAT and even Private security. Kenyan Army uses G-3s and some M-4s or Chinese copies of for Army units. The FAL and AKs are Kenyan Police and the SCAR users are elite Kenyan Police SWAT unit. The Type 56 AK users are private armed security guards All the Terrorist use Chinese AKs too.

  19. Is it just me or has taken a really long time to resolve? admittedly, I’m a couple of thousand miles away, safety camped out at my desk, but how many days has this been going on now?

    • The reason I believe we’re going to see more of these types of attacks in the future is how long they take to sort out.

      Look at the Russian movie theatre attack, 2002.. Beslan, 2004, the attack on the hotel in Mumbai in 2008. None of these were resolved quickly. All of these had a very large loss of life.

      There’s a clear pattern here, and people should be thinking very hard about what is going to happen here in the US when, not if, they bring this tactic on-shore. The casualties will likely be in the hundreds. In Mumbai, there were hundreds killed, and hundreds more injured. In the Russian movie theatre attack in 2002, the response probably killed more people than the initial attack.

      These kinds of attacks make it very hard for a centralized command/control to gain control over the situation. Reports come flooding in from all directions, some of them from the responders, some from the victims, along with possible threats from the terr’s, intel from various agencies and governments. Chaos reigns supreme. The responders don’t know who or what to believe, the situation is highly fluid. In the end, it comes down to the guys who have the ‘nads to enter the situation and make the terr’s pay with their lives who have to make strategic situational assessments – if they have the luxury of time to do so.

      The response is almost always going to endanger the innocents, perhaps even cause a whole lot more of them to be killed. The media will be hanging on every little bit of misinformation that comes out of the scene, and will be attuned to the terr group’s demands and statements in a way that no group could afford to buy with PR or advertising in the entire world. The longer that the situation goes on, the more media saturation that happens – which is the point of the terrorists. Terrorists need the media – terrorists aren’t average thugs and “ordinary decent criminals.” Terrorists, unlike criminals, have political agendas. That’s why they pull these stunts – to gain PR, which in turn allows them to increase recruiting, donations, etc.

      A terr group that wanted to be really clever about such an attack in the US would pick a place, time and target to maximize the prissy jurisdictional slap-fight that would ensue, and they’d design it to happen during the week when the media is in fully-staffed mode, and when Congress is in session so that the pompous blowhards can bellow into the C-Span microphones for full effect.

      Were I put in charge of managing one of these situations, the first thing I’d do is cut off all media access, and if that required arresting journalists at gun point, then I’d do it. Deal with the legal claims later. Media coverage is to terrorists what oxygen is to fire. Remove it, make the terrorists die in anonymity, and suddenly their reason for existing comes up a bit short.

      • Interestingly enough, this is actually China’s policy. The anti’s loved pointing to how the Chinese knife attack that happened at the same time as Newtown had no deaths, but I do not believe they would be fond of the real reason why China does not have as many of these spree killings as the US.

  20. I think it’s been declared over now. As for the ragtag army, etc., I suppose they do the best they can within budget limits.

  21. My family and I lived in Nairobi for three years and shopped at the Westgate mall dozens of times. There are several different elements of the Kenyan security forces and yes, they do carry a variety of arms, sometimes within the same force. Most of the big shopping areas would have paramilitary police who generally carried the same G3 rifles as the bulk of the army. Some would have MP5s and I even saw the occasional Sterling. When armed the regular beat cops usually carried folding stock AKs. Sidearms of any sort were rare. We did see elite troops with tricked out M4s at VIP events.
    Some of the best troops in the country are in the Kenyan Wildlife Service. Most of them carry older auto rifles but I did see some with new generation Kalashnikovs.

    • True about the Wildlife Service. If those Somalian scum had messed with an Elephant, it would have been over in 5 minutes.

  22. I do contract work for an American company that builds ranges in east Africa: Djibouti, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya are some of the recent stops. Then we set up the training curriculum for the internal defense forces. What you saw in Kenya is the KDF saying :”Everyone on the payroll with a bang stick, report to Westgate Mall. Time now.” The jenky AKs are used by low rent private security and Forest Rangers (the guys in overcoats). At the high end is a new “special force” the US/Brit SOF types have been training/equipping for 5 years now. They’re the guys with the shiny SCARs. Are they up to OUR standard? Hell no, but they train well and they’re getting there. If you’ve paid attention to the combat in the Horn, the KDF has done an effective job against al Shabab in southern Somalia. They are good at classic infantry combat, but CQB is a new thing. One thing the Kenyan DF has recently learned is the process of After Action Reports. AARs are a critical tool for improvement that all of us who’ve worn the green suit know all too well. I suspect “commonality of caliber” will be on the “improve” list. If you comb through enough pix, you see the white guys in safari vests with 9mm Baby Eagles. (Wink wink) Mazel’ Tov!

  23. As a US ex military special forces, I have trained KDF soldiers. These guys are good. They are very well trained and disciplined. I will fight along side them at anytime. They need to continue pounding Al Shabab from the air, sea and land. If they dont we might have to fight them in US soil.

  24. What’s utterly shocking to me (warning – sarcasm ahead), since we’ve seen so many civilian responders, is that none of them were shot by each other or the authorities by mistake.

  25. The guns are different because they are different units reporting to different ministries with different raising dates and budgets.

    Top to bottom the pics are the following

    1) KDF Para Cdo.
    2) GSU
    3) KDF Para Cdo
    4) GSU
    5) KDF Para Cdo
    6) 40 Ranger Special Forces
    7) GSU
    8) GSU (Recce)
    9) KDF Para Cdo
    10) GSU (Recce) in plainclothes, and one guy in Camo Jacket is GSU
    11) Plainclothesman with handgun is CID/Flying Squad, but people behind him are KDF Para Cdo.
    12) 40 Ranger Spl. Forces.

    You have to cut the Kenyans some slack – I bet good money no other nation’s special forces would be able to deal with a similar situation.

    It was a shitty situation – that’s all.

  26. @tj, I second you on that. That’s why we need to have concealed carry in all the states. Most of the people who were rescued were rescued by armed civilians and plain clothes policemen. Armed responsible civilians can be of great help in such situations. I can only imagine what would have happened if mot of the people in that mall had concealed weapons.

  27. its comforting to read all this facts or maybe fiction bt kenya isnt a poor country though we have our own special forces well trained and the equipment is there we jst dnt like to show it off they can match up to any other army in the world so im safe to say they did a good job on the westgate mall siege u can ask me i was on ground during the attack

  28. Given the situation and the allocation of money from the national government towards the nation security, we are doing well.
    Kenya is a developing nation and can not afford the likes of weapons pple are talking about, the priorities are different from developed nations.
    Kenya for quite sometime dint have any known enemies until Osama was born. so to them weapons were not a priority.

  29. The ignorant comments on this post are appalling. Some of the commentators have concluded all the photos show members of the same force – the army.

    The photos above depict various types of guns and uniforms simply because those who wield them are drawn from various forces, and units. The FN Scar rifles belongs to the elite commandos of the army. However, the rest of the military largely uses the G3 and M4 ARs. The rest of the intervening men depicted in the photos are either mainstream administration police or, as they are more commonly called, APs (known to don combat fatigues), regular police and undercover CIDs, whose typical guns are AK-47s.

  30. You guys need to be much much brighter than this to be honest. Just because it is an African country does not mean the security forces can wear whatever uniforms they like. I know this because I’m Kenyan. Kenyan Administration Police, Regular Police, General Service Unit, Special Forces and the Kenya Defence Forces)(army) all responded to the attack and they all wear different uniforms and use different guns!!!

    Basically the officers in jungle green and hats are the administration police
    The ones with grew helmets are the General Service Unit
    Those in civilian clad with bullet proof and helmet are Special forces
    The brown boots are the KENYA DEFENCE FORCES; they’re the ones with FN Scar
    The regular police are not here but in other pictures you will see them in light blue shirts

    Pardon my lack of security and military jargon but at least I have a clue of what i am talking about

    • Mike, you are absolutely right.. My hat is off to you. I was here training you guys, The Range Strike Force, the Pathfinders and worked with the 20th Para… You guys did a great Job, not your fault you have some piss poor leadership… GREAT JOB…

  31. Let me tell the real story, I was here in Kenya when it went down. The problem was not the KDF, it was the LEADERSHIP, you had too many chiefs and not enough INDIANS, sound familiar??? Everyone wanted to be in charge and on one knew WTF to do. Notice they kept saying, “on the 3d and final day of the Siege!!!” We killed 3 terrorist, but never showed any bodies??? Then, “on the 4th and final day of the Siege!!!” We killed 4 terrorist!!!! Helllllo, they never held the hostages to debrief them, they let them and the TERRORIST go…. The real guy in charge (he knows who he is) need to be hung up by his Huevos. He wouldn’t except help from anyone…. Though it was offered,. He waited to long to react and got all those civilians killed.,… I was part of the team that trained the Ranger Strike Force, and they are some hard dudes. Same for training the 5th Kenyan Rifles that went in to Somalia and kicked a$$. There is too much carp from all you wannabes and don’t really know what is going on, since you watch the news from your cooshie living rooms… Come out to the real world or shut the FU.,… Sorry if you take offense, but if the shoe fits put it the FO….

  32. THE AUTHOR MUST DO HIS HOMEWORK. learn something about KDF which include the army, Air force and special forces(i exclude the Navy- they were not present), the police winch include the AP, GSU, Regular police and the RECCE company.

  33. So when other nations are in problems americans celebrate!!! you have all the technology and weaponry, why did you suffer shaming defeate in 1991 Somalia? Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, just to name a few.
    The 9/11 served you right I guess, the recent church shootings coupled with a number of police shootings and radicalisation of youths portrays how a gun-full environment addresses insecurity issues.

  34. Look at it’s flag,Kenya used spear..and shield and arrow back in 63 and snatched back freedom from degrading(seems still) oppressor.

  35. Most of the army’s first responders were newbies from a Kenya military training facility that’s why you could see some navy event who are based in Mombasa the nearest army base was along thika superhighway and it was have taken a unit atleast two hours to get to the Westgate mall considering they had to go through Nairobi yes the president lost a nephew and yes the terrorist were undercover in the mall assessing the security and stockpiling weapons mostly ammunition

  36. The guys in the Hamvees above with SCARs are the Army Rangers & Special Forces based in Gilgil and Langata barracks. These are mostly special forces and foreign trained divisions.
    The guys with G3 from Germany are policemen from border patrol and APs for Administrative Security.
    The guys with M16 A2 also known as M4 are the majority army guys from Gilgil barracks who are not necessarily special forces.
    The guys in civilian with black helmets and m16 are known as GSU and are a police paramilitary unit for urban warfare
    The AK 47 is only used by regular policemen. The Uniform is very different. The APs wear dark combat uniforms because most are used to do border patrols, bandit chase, cattle rustling.

  37. These white boys are so dumb….it don’t necessarily matter what type of gun it is….an AK 47 from the cold war can just as savagely tear your body apart as a German G36 assault rifle….ask the dead Yankees in Iraq and Afghanistan….but you know white boys…what we Africans lack in big guns in war….we make up for with big guns in bed…yup a black guy is probably fucking your wife…

  38. I hope this comment passes. Ohh well! I’ve just read all the comments and time for some unmentioned facts:
    -the mall owner was wait for it(drumroll!) Frank Lowy,”An Israeli with the same name had an interesting relationship with Larry Silverstein properties. Yes,the one and only Silverstein who owned the World Trade Complex and managed to double his insurance payout.”

    Time to grow up and see through the false flags.

  39. We don’t manufacture guns in Kenya. That’s why the guns look different. Thats why Cska pistol, a barreta, ak or m16 may feature prominently in the pictutes. We represent everyone. In Kenya, we only make bullets and other ordinances. As for the uniform, there is a mixture of General Service Unit, Regular Police, Recce Squad, Military and Para Military Units.

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