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Self-selecting surveys on specialist websites usually “reveal” exactly what you expect them to reveal. Ask viewers at if they support their character’s return to store shelves and DVD and you can bet the answer would be largely positive. Ask the average person and they’d say huh? By the same token, if you ask the firearms-crazed (in a good way) readers at if they think that a 9mm cartridge has enough bullet to stop the bad guys (offering them $225 Insight Technology X2l Subcompact Laser/Light MTV-100-A1 to share with the group) and it’s ba-da-ba-ba-BA. “Overwhelmingly, the responses said the 9mm was a suitable handgun defense round,”’s content administrator Scott Freigh reports. Given that 9mm is the most popular handgun round, well, they would say that wouldn’t they? Freigh will tally the total later. For now, he’s slightly puzzled. “Oddly, however, many of the pro-9 voters said they carried 40s and 45s.” The devil’s in the word “suitable.” (Hint: suitable for whom? When it comes to self-defense rounds, there’s kill and there’s overkill. A lot of gun slingers would rather be oversafe than sorry.

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  1. Valid points, particularly about many of the voters using a calibre that starts in the numeral 4.

    Gun magazines are tend to endlessly rehash the same material, usually by a small number of writers, and do not want to offend any possible advertisers. That is not what I (or judging by their circulation numbers) or many other people want to read.

    Your eclectic approach to firearms news is IMHO vastly superior and I hope it is succesful.

    Best wishes


    PS Extremely minor quibble to quote Schock Mercanary's, Rule 37: There is no "overkill." There is only "open fire" and "time to reload."


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