California dance club lunar new year Shooting
A police officer walks near a scene where a shooting took place in Monterey Park, Calif., (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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By Andrew Dalton, AP

A gunman killed 10 people and wounded 10 others at a Los Angeles-area ballroom dance club following a Lunar New Year celebration, setting off a manhunt for the suspect in the fifth mass killing in the U.S. this month.

Capt. Andrew Meyer of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said Sunday that the wounded were taken to hospitals and their conditions range from stable to critical. He said the 10 people died at the scene in the city of Monterey Park.

Meyer said people were “pouring out of the location screaming” when officers arrived at around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. He said officers then went into the ballroom and found victims as firefighters treated the wounded.

Meyer gave no description of the male suspect or the weapon he used, or why police gave no information on the shooting for hours while the shooter remained on the run. He also said police were investigating another incident in the nearby city of Alhambra to see whether it was connected.

Meyer said it’s too early in the investigation to know if the gunman knew anyone at the ballroom or if whether it was a hate crime.

The Lunar New Year celebration had attracted thousands.

Monterey Park is a city of about 60,000 people that sits at the eastern edge of Los Angeles. The majority of its residents are Asian immigrants or their descendants, most of them Chinese. The dance studio in downtown Monterey Park is just a few blocks from city hall on its main thoroughfare of Garvey Avenue, which is dotted with strip malls that are full of small businesses whose signs are in both English and Chinese. Cantonese and Mandarin are both widely spoken, Chinese holidays are celebrated, and Chinese films are screened in the city.

Two police vehicles are seen near a building where a shooting occurred in Monterey Park, Calif., Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023. Ten people were killed in a shooting late Saturday in a city east of Los Angeles following a Lunar New Year celebration that attracted thousands, police said. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Seung Won Choi, who owns the Clam House seafood barbecue restaurant across the street from where the shooting happened, told The Los Angeles Times that three people rushed into his business and told him to lock the door.

The people said to Choi that there was a shooter with a gun who had multiple rounds of ammunition on him.

Wong Wei, who lives nearby, told The Los Angeles Times that his friend was in a bathroom at the dance club that night when the shooting started. When she came out, he said, she saw a gunman and three bodies.

The friend then fled to Wei’s home at around 11 p.m., he said, adding that his friends told him that the shooter appeared to fire indiscriminately with a long gun.

The celebration in Monterey Park is one of the largest Lunar New Year events in Southern California. Two days of festivities were planned but officials canceled Sunday’s events following the shooting.

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  1. Sounds like a turf war. A “stop and go” where the Shooter is driven to the selected location and then driven out after the actions are done.

    • “Sounds like a turf war.”

      That’s not the way the Asian ‘Triads’ operate.

      They keep their ‘business disputes’ well out of the public eye…

    • My local news reported the police are looking for an Asian Male. That mostly rules out hate crime. My guess is gang related activity.

      Would this go away if Gov Newsome told the criminals to obey the law?

      • News here is reporting a 50 or 60 year old male, so that rules out a Triad attack, since they usually leave the ‘enforcing’ to the younger members…

        • Could be a “domestic incident” according to later news articles.

          Can’t people keep their private business private?

  2. This is the distraction the Biden admin needs from their most recent in classified documents found, 6 more.
    I am sure MSM will be pushing this for days to come, and ignoring the Biden mis-handling classified documents scandal.
    Unless the shooter is not a white, straight male.
    Then both might get ignored by MSM.

    • “I am sure MSM will be pushing this for days to come, and ignoring the Biden mis-handling classified documents scandal.”

      There’s some current speculation that the leak of the investigation is aimed at Biden by the ‘Ruling Class’ to ‘encourage’ him to retire and not run again.

      And that story has some plausibility to it. We benefit greatly, because it makes going after Trump a whole lot more difficult now…

        • Well once all the conspiracies started being proven true it made it a lot easier to come up with connections in new events.

          Gates publicly advocated chem trails to fight global warming, his polio vax reignited polio in Africa, the frogs really are turning gay, the MRNA gene alteration shots are causing clots, cancer, and cardiomyopathy, elections really are rigged, so forth and so on.

          A lot of people said right from the start that Biden would be outed after the midterms. Kamel Toe can serve the rest of his term and then two more if the Dems steal two elections for her.

          It has also been pointed out that while they are finding more classified documents in Biden’s colon, he and Trudeau, and Obrador met in Mexico and signed a new North American Union document full of communist ideology like anti climate change crap, diversity equity inclusion bullshit.

          No tin foil hat needed anymore. This shit is real.

      • Let’s see…It’s a given the perp had a weapon. Victims apparently had no weapons and were obviously defenseless. Nothing out of the ordinary when Gun Control leaves fearless bad guys and tyrants holding the weapons and defenseless victims swimming in their own blood and guts. Even though Gun Control is behind a huge part of such carnage it won’t be long before knee jerk democRat buffoons tell us again what we need is more Gun Control. It’s sick and getting sicker.

      • “We benefit greatly, because it makes going after Trump a whole lot more difficult now…”

        I know it is popular to accept the theory that the string-pullers want to get rid of Biden, but they must also have a means of getting rid of Harris, as well. Theory is that even Repub voters would would support Biden in the primaries, just to prevent Harris from ascending to the throne.

        • to get rid of Harris is easy, they have her shot in a most extreme manner with a semiauto gun so they can push for more gun control.

    • Our white identity is under attack. I feel you brother. It ain’t a race thing with me but it is funny how white people are under attack with these false flags to push the narrative or when it’s real the media hides it because it’s alway a POC. This shooting will dominate the news cycle

      • “Our white identity is under attack.”

        What’s this ‘our’ shit, you racist scum? 🙁

        • It is, sadly, the left who push the war on traditional European, Judeo-Christian, male, etc…structures and identity. And they do so shamelessly through media, entertainment, school systems, political spheres. What’s left is a self loathing husk, dependent on “the State/Big Gov” (and this includes ALL races). What this does is forge an “us vs them/divide and conquer” mentality where hatred predictably fills the void. They (Communist/Socialists) must be utterly destroyed at all costs.

        • The Democrat’s genocidal campaign to erase the White race and it’s superior “Western” (read: Judeo/Christian) culture must cease.

      • “I thought the whole state was gun free”

        Wrong, get outside of the major urban areas like LA and San Fran, and it’s pretty much shall-issue…

      • They are certainly dragging their feet in response to Bruen, and in a dance club more likely than not that serves alcohol, likely to remain gun free until Clarence Thomas pimp hand slaps Newsom’s shitty Commie Toupee right off his head.

        • “They are certainly dragging their feet in response to Bruen,…”

          No different than the way the Leftist Scum ™ dragged their feet after Blacks got their rights…

  3. Doesn’t matter if it was Chinese gangs, blm, a crazy white dude……’ll STILL be the gun’s fault!

      • The L.A. County Sheriff’s office is saying they have conflicting reports, but right now they are looking for unidentified Asian male, between 30 and 50 years old.

    • Antifa insurrection in Atlanta tonight over a new police training facility… also according to the media (your link)…..

      Gasp! an insurrection by ANTIFA …. with explosives too. The exream radical armed violent left-wing ‘adopted army’ of the Democrats…. nah, dacian and Miner49 say it doesn’t exist.

      • dacian has claimed to be a member. He wouldn’t lie, would he?

        As for miner. He’s going to say whatever soros pays him to say.

        • Dacian does overstate his role in the organization. Most likely the barracks’ entertainment on banjo night.

      • others were shot and killed by ANTIFA in this insurrection. its all basically one big mass murder attempt by ANTIFA aside from the fires they created and the damage they did.

        nahhh…. can’t be ’cause according to dacian and Miner49 the only ones responsible for mass murder are multiple millions of law abiding gun owners who have done nothing wrong. plus according to dacian and Miner49 the only way someone can injure others is with a gun even though a lot of the ANTIFA are using other weapons to do it.

        wait.. what.. dacian and Miner49er are also far left wing and endorse such actions by ANTIFA by excusing them as a myth. ok, these are ‘mostly peaceful’ insurectionist then.

      • and how ironic… the exream radical armed violent left-wing ‘adopted army’ of the Democrats called ANTIFA just actually became the number one most serious ‘domestic terrorism’ threat to the country.

      • Miner49er will be along to try to excuse the actual armed ANTIFA insurrection and mass murder attempt by screeching “BUT TRUMPPPPPPPP……!”

  4. The only thing that I see that is shocking is that the police there are still driving Crown Vics when the last one rolled off the assembly line in 2012.

    • They are body on frame and damn near indestructible. Para transit company I drove for used them and vans and short busses. We got a lot of worn out surplus cop cars at auction. Use them as runners and as parts. Our mechs could pull an engine and tranny in no time and have ‘new’ ones installed.

      I’m in the bay area. Most of the cops I see here, local and Hi-way, drive the Ford suv’s. Still see a black and white Crown Vic on occasion.

    • @officer bill

      Lol on the crown vics, good point.

      I think the vic profile will break on lines hard for us to see. Arvn vet making one last statement is one thought.

      One thing for sure, he was quite familiar with both venues.

  5. It happened in Commifornia with its Draconian gun laws , but It will be blamed on the white male in the South and our “gun culture”..

  6. you mean one of the gun control capitals of the US had a shooting?? maybe they ought to call pritzer in Illinois and show him how gun control works for them. they are stupid fools, all they want to do is control everybody.

  7. Had to be an old white guy….
    Yosemite Sam with his two revolvers banging away while saying ” dance! “

    • “Hopping on the dance floor” just took on a whole new meaning in the “Year of the Rabbit”.

    • Yup, stopping every Chy-Knees food deliveryman on a bike should be a top priority.

  8. Was this Los Angeles, indiana? Los Angeles, Wyoming? Los Angeles, South Carolina? I KNOW it can be Los Angeles California, they have rEaLLie mOre bETteR gUn lAwS 2 sToP tHiS.

    • It’s the “Year of the Rabbit” she’s “hopping” into bed with Eric Swallowsall and “reproducing” …. like …… A RABBIT!

    • Were I interested in these kinds of places, I still wouldn’t be there simply because they are usually 51% businesses. I could not legally carry. I can’t completely avoid certain things but as it’s best to be armed as often as possible, go-go’s are a no-go. Saves a bunch of money that way too.

    • Surely ‘people ar alloed to go wherthey will and legally can go without the risk of being shot by some nutter with a grudge.
      Have you any idea of how these incidents are seen by the rest of the civilised world?? And the acceptance of them by the general public?

      • There is NO WHERE you can go without the risk of being shot (by something). There are places with less risk and areas of greater risk. But there is ALWAYS a chance regardless of where you are. It’s even possible if you leave the planet. This is NOT about any concept of the ‘civilized’ world one way or the other. Such things are just not a factor in this. You could go back three thousand years and it would be the same way. You may as well be asking if there is somewhere on Earth you can go to be free of natural disaster. If this is what your looking for, well, it does NOT exist.

      • @Albert L J Hall

        “Surely ‘people ar alloed to go wherthey will and legally can go without the risk of being shot by some nutter with a grudge.”

        Surely people in the U.K. are allowed to go where they will and legally can go without the risk of being stabbed/slashed by some nutter. Right? (people are stabbed or slashed by attackers with knives every day across the U.K.)

        Surely women in the U.K. are allowed to go where they will and legally can go without the risk of being sexually assaulted and raped or be a victim of domestic violence. Right? (33% of the female population in the U.K. is sexually assaulted and/or raped. 1 out of 4 females in the U.K. are or have been the victim of domestic violence. Preying on females in the U.K. has an almost ‘national sport’ status.)

        Don’t think the U.K. is a ‘civilized country’ because there is a gun ban. Neither the U.K. or any gun ban country is a ‘civilized country’ because they have a gun ban.

        Don’t think you are somehow safer because you have a gun ban.

        Fact, its not guns or any weapon.

        Fact, if evil people want to come to you they will come and inflict their harm with anything even if that ‘thing’ is hands.

        The problem is the basic human condition in that some have some sort of mental health illness and this brings about the evil people do. They will do it with their hands or anything else when they choose to visit their evil upon you and you have no way to know when or where or if that will happen for that sudden swift and violent moment.

        But make no mistake, its out there so don’t pretend like it isn’t because you have a gun ban, or lock your doors, or don’t go into ‘bad areas’ etc…. And if you happen to get lucky and it never happens to you that’s great but the thing is it doesn’t mean you were not targeted or that circumstances conspired such that they decided not to do it. Its pretty likely you have been targeted, you just didn’t know it – most people have been targeted. In the U.S. a person is targeted as a potential victim of a violent crime at least three times for every 8 hours they spend in public view and I’ll bet its about the same in the U.K. because its about the same in every country in the world with maybe the number of hours being different here and there. And that’s the point, its something you don’t really control but the bad guys do control it because they get to decide when and where and if. Its not paranoia to say that, its simply a fact that’s repeated over and over thousands of times daily in the U.S, and the U.K. and all over the world – its been repeated over and over every day in history – the bad guys get to control when and where and if.

        The only thing you can do is be prepared for that moment it happens to you.

        We recognize that its out there and choose to be prepared for that sudden, swift, violent moment by being armed with a firearm.

        You choose to hang around on the internet griping about your views of U.S. gun owners and things you know nothing about pretending you are safe and live in a ‘civilized country’ because you have a gun ban.

      • Albert L J Hall, For your edification there is no guarantee for anything in life. You are living proof of that. You lack basic common sense.

      • Albert you are observing a country (Capitalvania) in the throws of societal disintegration. The Far Right will scream “losses can never be too high” when it comes to rejecting any kind of sane gun control.

        Most of the U.S. citizens realize the gun problem in the U.S. has gotten way out of control. The U.S. has become a shooting gallery gunning down innocent people every day.

        What is worse is the Far Right has now been labeled by the FBI as the most dangerous groups of criminals and nut cases in the country. As you have already seen back on Jan 20th they tried to establish a 1 party Nazi dictatorship with Der Fuhrer Herr Drumpf as dictator for life in a one party system.

        This is already the 5th mass shooting this month in January. The insanity only gets worse week by week. Capitalvania is no longer safe anywhere large groups of people congregate, at concerts, dances, parades or even simply going to the grocery store or shopping mall. The insanity has become almost normal everyday carnage.

        Lack of affordable health care, low paying jobs, drug addiction, high divorce rate, child abuse at home, the Trump inspired racist hate against minorities, and the insanity of assault rifles and second hand pistols available to any nut case or criminal that wants one is tolerated by no other nation on earth.

        In the last 3 years there have been over 440 racist attacks on Asians by Trumpite racist fanatics and Herr Drumpf said mostly nothing.

        Of course in this case the man was Asian, and it looks like he attacked two dance halls and it appears he was a lone nut case badly in need of mental health care and someone that should never should have had access to a weapon. Here in the insane world of Capitalvania you can buy a second hand gun faster than you can by a fast food burger and fries with no questions asked except “give me the money and the gun is yours because I don’t give a damn how many people you kill with the gun”.

        The proliferation of weapons with no background checks has made the U.S. the most unsafe industrialized country in the world. More guns has made us less safe and an armed society is not a polite society, its a society gone completely berserk.

        As long as the gangster criminal Republicans are prostituted by the NRA the mass murder will only get worse as the criminal Republicans will refuse to do anything or spend any money to stop it. The NRA has an alleged criminal running it who in the past destroyed all democracy within the NRA and made himself dictator for life and spend millions of the NRA’s money on himself complete with an alleged mistress. He fits right in with the Republican scum in Congress, birds of a feather flock together.

        • …. and yet people risk illegally crossing the border to get into “Capitalvania ” by the thousands, EVERY DAY, escaping countries that ban civilian ownership of firearms. I’ll bet that the majority of them think the same as us, as in ” Geez, that dacian is an ignorant fuck, isn’t he? “

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. You sound like a Soviet propagandist. The gangsters are your ANTIFA and BLM thug stormtroopers. the ‘degeneration” in this country your Leftist buds coddling criminals. Heck the outgoing Leftist Governor in Oregon just commuted the sentences of all the convicts on death row. And you wonder why the DEMONcRAT run states have high crime rates?
          Yep, that Asian guy was in need of mental health care. Thanks to your Lefty DEMONcRAT buds back in the 70’s, closing all the State Mental institutions, you have them roaming the streets.
          The NRA has not perpetrated any mass murders as you allege. Nore has the NRA a criminal running the organization. But there is a criminal in the White House as we speak who has been playing fast and loose with classified material.
          Please, go to Venezuela or Cuba where you will be happier.

        • The “racist” attacks on orientals (though actually very few in number) have overwhelmingly been carried out by BLACKS.

        • I would completely agree that LA is disintegrating. LA is run by Democrats though. I”m not sure how you missed that.

        • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          quote———-Thanks to your Lefty DEMONcRAT buds back in the 70’s, closing all the State Mental institutions, you have them roaming the streets.———-quote

          Wrong Hill Jack it was President Reagan who closed the mental health facilities to save tax money.

          The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 (MHSA) was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health centers. In 1981 President Ronald Reagan, who had made major efforts during his Governorship to reduce funding and enlistment for California mental institutions, pushed a political effort through the U.S. Congress to repeal most of MHSA

          One again Walter the Beverly Hillbilly makes a complete fool of himself because he was too lazy to look it up.

        • “you are observing a country (Capitalvania) in the throws of societal disintegration.”

          Gloats a left wing subversive

        • “the mass murder will only get worse as the criminal Republicans”

          Nobody does mass murder like commies do it. But first they disarm the citizens.

        • “in the last 3 years there have been over 440 racist attacks on Asians by Trumpite racist fanatics and Herr Drumpf said mostly nothing.”

          well, that’s not really true and the rest of your rant is even more out of context and confirmation bias false BS.

          But while on the subject of race related crime that you bought up…..over 80% of violent criminal attacks on Black people are comitted by Black’s and Black’s comitt over 65% of crime in the country and comitt murder at a rate (now greater than) three times that of Whites – and Joe and his delusional band of democrats ignore it… then there is the number one domestic terrorism threat currently which is ANTIFA who’s failed and violent attempt at armed insurrection and mass murder was ended… you aimed to be an ANTIFA member.

        • Whoopise, i’m sorry dacian. I need to credit you properly completely so a correction…

          “…you aimed to be an ANTIFA member.”

          should have been “…you CLAIMED to be an ANTIFA member.”

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, So frickin’ What? It seems that you are talking about ONE STATE, California. Under the US Constitution Health Care is the responsibility of the State or the individual. It seems that it was the DEMONcRAT controlled LEGISLATURE of CALIFORNIA that passed the law which cut the mental health funding. Under our system of government it is the LEGISLATURE that passes budgets not the Governor. Seems you just love to twist the facts to fit your agenda. For your edification Reagan was president in 1981 not the Governor of California. It also seems that Wiki is a left leaning (at best) source and is subject to editing, by anyone regardless of the facts.
          It seems you Lefties opted to close state run mental facilities as you claimed it was an infringement on their “civil rights”. My, how you conveniently forgot to mention that. Hence we have a homeless problem among the mentally ill, wandering the streets of our cities and towns.

        • to Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          Your reading comprehension is at the 5th grade level. Let me spell this out for you.

          Reagan threw out the mentally ill onto the streets of California when he was governor.

          When President Jimmy Carter became president he passed a congressional bill that increased money for the care of the mentally ill.

          Later when the Great Satan Reagan became president he destroyed Jimmy Carter’s Federal aid to the mentally ill and also shut down mental institutions across the U.S.

          Now Mr. high school drop out I cannot make this statement on a more basic level.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Let me spell it out for you. Reagan did no such thing except in your beady little ,mind. The DEMONcRATS in the California State Legislature did the deed and you are in denial as usual. Your brain activity is about the same as usual. A ZERO. Your great man, the Peanut Man, passed a bill that had no Constitutional basis. Apparently either you have never read the Constitution or you are illiterate. I’ll bet a combination of both.
          A President has NO power to shut down a State facility, dummy. Did your parents use you are a bouncing ball as a baby? You bring pathetic a whole brand new meaning.

      • “…to go wherthey will and legally can go without the risk of being shot by some nutter with a grudge.”

        No, the same way you don’t have a ‘right’ to not get hit by a drunk driver. Drunks at the wheel are a part of the driving ‘experience’, whether or not a stupid fuckwit like yourself likes it, or not.

        Sod off, wanker. The adults are talking… 🙁

      • Oncegreatbritain resigned from the “civilized world” when you started importing the refugees from your 3rd world colonies (IE decades ago)

      • Mao’s victims don’t exist anymore, and I am sure Chicoms are shocked by this event. Ditto the Russians…

  9. Considering this is TTAG and not NY times, don’t use their gun control vocabulary: “gunman”, “shooter” where “attacker”, “criminal”, “man” would work just as well.
    Also, the fact that multiple people saw him and there is no description yet shows he’s a protected class (not that it matters but if it was white and bearded TTAG would report the white nationalist gunman).

    • In this case we must use the Lib Media/Democrat’s favorite ie. “racist” because only a “racist” would massacre Asians well unless the perp was “black” which we all know is impossible because blacks can’t be “racist” and they never commit “hate crimes” against Asians. (sarc)

    • New term will be coined ie. “White Oriental” just like they did with “black Latino” George Zimmerman calling him a “White Hispanic”.

  10. Police are saying its unclear what type of weapon he used but they do not believe an ‘assault weapon’ was involved.

    Police in the nearby city of Alhambra were also investigating an incident that happened at a dance studio in Alhambra and thought it might be connected to the Monterey Park incident.

    The Alhambra incident happened 17 minutes after the Monterey Park incident. In the Alhambra incident an Asian man entered a dance studio with a gun and several people wrestled the gun away from him and he fled the scene. A white cargo van witnesses spotted at the Alhambra incident is a “vehicle of interest” in the Monterey Park incident investigation.

  11. If there was a white guy with an AR it will be a hate crime and on the news 24/7 for the next week or two. If it was a black guy with an AR it won’t be a hate crime and the news will be over by Monday.

  12. Why am I not surprised??
    Why am I not surprised aboutbthe lack of details about bthe other FIVE mass shooting’s this month?
    And STLL the resistance to better and enforceable GUN CONTROLS

    • Albert L J Hall, the best gun control is a two hand hold on my GLOCK Mod22. How are all those stabbings, rapes, etc, in good Ole Britain? What’s next in your control agenda? Ban knives?

  13. “He had multiple rounds of ammunition on him”

    Someone get these guys a detective badge.

    But it appears to be asian on asian.
    No story here…

  14. Yep, white van.

    The Alhambra incident happened 17 minutes after the Monterey Park incident. In the Alhambra incident an Asian man entered a dance studio with a gun and several people wrestled the gun away from him and he fled the scene. A white cargo van witnesses spotted at the Alhambra incident is a “vehicle of interest” in the Monterey Park incident investigation.

    Looks like they found the white van and the shooter, standoff for a bit, standoff is over. The white van is trapped between what looks like two ‘armored’ type swat vehicles (see video below).

      • Its the same guy, an Asian male, that tried to do it at the dance club in the Alhambra incident that happened 17 minutes after the Monterey Park incident. Several people wrestled the gun away from him in the Alhambra incident.

    • ANNNND he’s apparently deceased. Killed himself they say. Asian fella. Looked over 50 to me(Whut do I know?) Gunz will be blamed. Ho hum🙄

      • “Gunz will be blamed.”

        Wow. Such limited understanding of the world around you. Of course guns; can’t kill people with a gun, if you don’t have a gun. But the real cause of both the mass shooting, and the apparent suicide of the asian suspect, is Donald Trump. Trump drove/drives people to hate themselves so much, they take it out on their ethnic group, and themselves. All those mean tweets, and holding open-ended press conferences (after ending the daily press briefs), all that unfair criticism of real Americans (anyone other than Trump and Trumperettes), all the anger at people coming across the southern border in record numbers, and all the nean tweets. That’s where the root cause of this latest massacre of thousands of peaceful party-goers lies.

        Free Love!
        Free Beer!
        Free Willie!
        Viva Zapata!
        Viva Max!

        • Willie eats the current icon, the Great White. It is, in fact, no contest.

          They might put a hold on Willie.

  15. The Anti-Asian hate exhibited by Asians is troubling. Lol! This is already being blamed on Whites and of course AR15s even though the shooter was “yellow” and used a handgun.

    The Chy-Knees New Year really came in with a “bang”, the “Year of the Rabbit” has people of that community “hopping”.

    • That was a Delmont 88 It had the 330 V8 We had a 1967 F-85 with the 330 V8 when I was high school. That was a fun ass car. It had the 2 speed power glide and drum brakes in the front that faded faster than Bidens brain.

      • Thumbs up.

        Drunken ham- handed rapist/vehicular manslaughterer/murderer Ted’s car actually belonged to his “doting” mother Rose Kennedy.

        We ere/are a MOPAR family. Though I had a ’68 Scout I’m a Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge (now Jeep) man myself, first a ’73 Satellite Sebring Plus (in ’82) next a ’72 Satellite Sebring ’83-’86 (loved that body & bumpers), and the last one a ’73 Roadrunner w/Hurst pistol grip 4spd manual. Mom loved the big blocks, her 383 cu in her Town & Country wagon then her ’74 Newport Custom Brougham w/the 440 cu in. Dad was a Dodge van guy until he passed.

  16. Obviously; the assailant didn’t use a politically incorrect, semiautomatic rifle, handgun or shotgun because the police and the media have not publicly identified the weapon.

  17. @Bootaire
    “Willie eats the current icon, the Great White. It is, in fact, no contest. They might put a hold on Willie.”


    Someone call the lawyers.

  18. This is an equity advancement, Asian/ Pacific Islanders have been under represented in the area of mass murders. Now they are finally enjoying the culture of the Democrats.

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